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Dozwil : Edition Signathur, Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, Berlin : Rowohlt, Wer verkaufte die DDR? Woodbridge, Suffolk : The Boydell Press, Berlin : Galiani, Reinbek : Rowohlt, Berlin : Edition Tiamat, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Temple University Press, Nothstine, Carole Blair, Gary A. New York : St. Boulder : Westview Press, Leiden ; Boston : Brill Rodopi, New York : Fordham University Press, Berlin : Ch. Bachmann Verlag, Niederle und Christian Teissl.

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Perchtoldsdorf : Plattform, London ; New York : Seagull Books, Peter Weibel und Holger Jost. Berlin : Alexander Verlag, Manchester : Manchester University Press, New York : Routledge, Beloit, Wis. Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink, [] Recours. Fischer, Rosi Song. Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, Cambridge, England : Cambridge University Press, Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cover, Chris Pincock.

New York : W. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, Germanic Studies. About the author. Related next previous. Look, this great mass of fat and ugly humours was precious to a man once, and meant ecstasy and home. Come, now look at the scars upon this breast. Do you feel the rosary of small soft knots? Feel it, no fear. The flesh yields and is numb.

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No one has so much blood. They had to cut a child from this one, from her cancerous womb. They let them sleep. All day, all night. They take a little nourishment. Their backs are sore. You see the flies. Sometimes the sisters wash them. As one washes benches. And flesh is leveled down to earth. The fire Burns out. And sap prepares to flow.

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Earth calls. Es wird nirgends so viel geschrien. Es wird nirgends Schmerzen und Leid so ganz und gar nicht wie hier beachtet, weil hier eben immer was schreit.

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Verstehn Sie, ja? Sie sind nicht da, um auszuruhn. Es kommt nicht selbst. Urin und Stuhlgang salben es ein. Nowhere else is there so much screaming. Nowhere else is suffering and pain something one so completely ignores because here something always screams.

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  • Bear down! You did not come here to have fun. Push even if you evacuate! You are not here to get a rest. It does not come by itself. You have to press! From eleven beds of tears and blood sobbing greets it as a salute. A choir rises from only two eyes to bear jubilation to the skies. Through this little hunk of flesh here all will pass in time: delight and gall. And once it dies rattling and meets its doom, others will fill the twelve beds in this room. Das Cello trinkt rasch mal. Die Trommel liest den Kriminalroman zu Ende. Junger Kropf ist Sattelnase gut.

    Bartflechte kauft Nelken. Doppelkinn zu erweichen. B-moll: die He, Gigi! Kanaanitisch braun. Ein Duft kommt mit. Kaum Duft. Eine Fettleibigkeit trippelt hinterher. The cello has a quick drink. The flute belches throughout three beats: his tasty evening snack. The drum reads on to the end of the thriller. Green teeth, pimples on his face, waves to conjunctivitis.

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    Grease in his hair talks to open mouth with swollen tonsils, faith hope and charity round his neck. Young gointer is sweet on saddle-nose. He stands her three half pints. Sycosis buys carnations to mollify double chin. B flat minor: sonata op. Hey, Gigi! The door dissolves: a woman. Desert dried out. Canaanite brown. Full of caves. A scent comes with her.

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    Hardly scent. A paunched obesity waddles after her. Braun wie Kognak. Braun wie Laub. Fleisch, das nackt ging. In Sichel-Sehnsucht: Wie weit der Sommer ist! Vorletzter Tag des neuenten Monats schon! Stoppel und letzte Mandel echzt in uns. Und dann wieder dies Bei-sich-selbst-Sein! Diese Stummheiten! Dies Getriebenwerden! Eine Frau ist etwas mit Geruch. Stirb hin.

    Du, ich falle! Brown as cognac. Brown as leaves. Malayan yellow. Express train Berlin-Trelleborg and the Baltic Sea resorts. Flesh, that went naked. Tanned to the very lips by the sea. Deeply ripe, for Grecian pleasure. And yearning for the scythe: how long the summer seems! Almost the end of the ninth month already! Stubble and the last almond thirst in us. Unfoldings, the blood, the weariness, The nearness of dahlias confuses us. Man-brown hurls itself upon woman-brown: A woman is something for a night.

    And if it was good, for the next night too! Oh, and then again this being by oneself! These silences! This letting oneself drift! A woman is something with fragrance. In her the south, shepherd and sea. On every slope a pleasure lies. Oh, this feverish sweet Last fragrance blown from the gardens.

    Die weichen Schauer. Der Strumpf am Spann ist da. Doch, wo er endet, ist weit von mir. Ein armer Hirnhund, schwer mit Gott behangen. Ich bin der Stirn so satt. Ich will wandern. Blutlos die Wege. Schatten und Sintflut.

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    Lascivious shivers. Early bloom. As if From war furred skins it wafted from the woods. A red swarms up. The great strong blood ascends. Through all of Spring the alien woman walks. The stocking, stretched, is there. But where it ends is far from me. I sob upon the threshold: sultry luxuriance, alien moistures teeming. O how her mouth squanders the sultry air!

    You brain of roses, sea-blood, goddess-twilight, you bed of earth, how coolly from your hips your stride flows out, the glide that is in your walking. Dark: underneath her garments now it lives: White animal only, loosed, and silent scent. A wretched braindog, laden down with God.

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    • My forehead wearies me. O that a frame of clustered blooms would gently take its place, to swell in unison and stream and shudder. So lax, adrift. So tired. I long to wander.