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I: Distribution and historical change. Publications of the Philological Society Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN ; pp. Folia Linguistica Historica In English Historical Linguistics II: Lexical and semantic change , ed. In The evolution of language. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. In Advancing social simulation. The First World Congress , ed. Xunta de Galicia. Huelva: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Huelva. Santiago de Compostela: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela.

ISBN Review of David Hart, ed. English modality in context. The portrait is done from the inside, with an intimate and subjective perspective. His short film One Day is part of the Competition. Imaginarium is a documentary short film made in Super 8 format, with a structural editing done with the camera, which presents a tour through the city of Buenos Aires through its monuments and sound environments. Who Plans Who? Como en un espejo deforme, las ideas se reflejan en su contrario: el paisaje imponente del barrio de Puerto Madero en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. His reflections trigger the fundamental issues of his thinking: capitalist innovation, class struggle, and the possibility of a 21st century planning of production by the working class.

As in a deformed mirror, ideas reflect on their contrary: the stunning landscape of the Puerto Madero neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. He directed the medium-length film El coloso imaginario and the short films El juego de la vida, Presidio and La gran hora. O dos, o tres. A couple is having a conversation. Or two. Or three. This is the story of a man who seeks a woman he believes to have met a year ago.

Love, poetry, and absurdity are all featured in this tribute to a mythical French film. He directed the documentary Salir a escena Born in Buenos Aires in , she studied Image and Sound Design and works as a sound designer and editor. Pero no es una tumba. Las charlas de Taj Mahal surgen para ocultar lo mismo que el edificio esconde, y su banalidad las hace monumento a lo vivo. The Taj Mahal is a tomb. No one cries in front of it. Its tragic essence is hidden under ground. On the outside everything is symmetrical, perfect, and intense.

We sit in front of it and try to penetrate its truth. But our eyes get lost, our mind gets distracted, and soon we forget it, although it stands there, impressive. The chats in the Taj come up to discover what the building hides, and their banality turns them into a monument to living things. Nadie va a protegernos. The apocalypse came long ago, and we kind of got used to it. The virus spread as did the transformations in the country.

Zombie kids devouring everything! Blood, guts, bad taste, beautiful ideas, trains, street vendors, loud music. No one will protect us. Les confiesa que se va a vivir a Estados Unidos, todos quedan sin palabras. Nine old high-school friends have been getting together for dinner every month for over thirty years. The barbecue is always the same, but Javier, the one who does it, looks weird.

Tensions, jealousy, and mixed feelings arise, but in reality everyone on the table is just very afraid. Estudia en la Universidad del Cine. He studied at Universidad del Cine. He worked as a producer and is currently developing the script for his first film Morgue. Una parte A Part Una parte es un elemento independiente que puede considerarse o establecerse en un todo.

Una roca gigante. Miguel llama a su ex novia y le pide ayuda. A part is an independent element that can be considered or established as a whole. It can also be a person, or a group standing against another in a discussion or a war. It can be a short communication, or maybe a place. This is a story that begins on an early morning. A rock appeared on the terrace. A giant rock. Miguel calls his ex-girlfriend and asks for her help. But this is just a part of it.

Una parte es su primer cortometraje. He trained as an actor mainly with Nora Moseinco, and as a playwright with Ariel Farace. A Part is his first short film. Ambos habitan una red social, la cual propicia el intercambio de mensajes que llevan consigo intereses ocultos en clave de amor. Su curiosidad avanza con la noche y los obliga a plantearse la duda de pasar de un plano virtual a uno real y tangible. They both inhabit a social network, which promotes the exchange of messages that carry hidden, love-related interests.

Their curiosity grows as the night goes, and forces them to wonder about the possibility of going from a virtual to a real world. He was born in Colombia in Todos creen que su madre hace la mejor milanesa del mundo. La verdad de la milanesa es un secreto que cada mujer guarda. For the Argentine people, the milanesa is more than just a marinated and breaded slice of beef you either fry or bake.

Everyone believes their mother has the best recipe in the world. And the other women, our other halves, are stuck with the eternal struggle to find out the secret, the magic trick to make that unique milanesa. The truth of the milanesa is a secret every woman keeps. Born in Buenos Aires in , he studied Journalism and Filmmaking. Fran Gayo Four friends live together in an abandoned mansion, exhausted by the boredom of knowing their lives today will be exactly the same as tomorrow, and tomorrow exactly the same as in a year, and in a year exactly the same as in a century.

And therefore, they are infinitely more familiar, possible, and disturbing. With an impossible tone that goes from the most twisted comedy to an urban depiction or an abject and definitely gore ending, The Friends expresses, above all, an absolute conviction on the idea of cinema being a strange alchemy that, as we are submerged into the free fall of binary thinking, can still come alive today through precepts and materials that are as noble as inevitably destined to perish. Actualmente desarrolla los proyectos de largo Fantasy y El guardaparque.

He directed several TV episodes, including shows Mujeres asesinas and the series Amores de historias. Fran Gayo It starts like this: a beach, a cliff, a pine tree forest, and a house made of stone. In the house, Virginia wakes up startled by a nightmare, and in the nightmare we can see her cousin Anabel with a deathly pale face and traces of blood around her lips. El recorrido se inicia en lo profundo de la naturaleza, por lo menos todo lo profundo que la ciudad puede ofrecer.

La ausencia de personas le da un tono por momentos fantasmal y en otros parece haber atrapado ese momento exacto en que el mundo estaba en otra cosa, en otro lado. Leandro Listorti The places where we live modify us, and vice versa —a relationship that is in constant motion. The tour stars off in the depths of nature, or at least the deepest spot the city is able to offer. The absence of characters provides the film with a tone that seems at times ghostly, and at times appears to have captured the exact moment when the world was doing something else, in some other place.

Without the need to produce a comprehensive analysis, Habitat offers an architectonic, social, and aesthetic document. A unique and revealing look into a city we live in but not always appreciate. Toker y S.

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She co-directed Upa! An Argentinian Movie with con C. Toker and S. Sexy, estilizada, violenta y generosa, Mujer lobo agarra una serie de estereotipos manejados justamente por tipos y los da vuelta como una media calada. Y bienvenida. Or rather, it was made in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the B subway line, where everyone gets further away from the sky, like the song said.

She Wolf, by Tamae Garateguy, is a welcomed rarity within the scene of Argentine-independent-cinema cross out the wrong entry , which hardly dares to push this kinds of boundaries where the flesh is out in the open. Until, of course, she bumps into a difficult problem. Sexy, stylized, violent and generous, She Wolf takes a series of stereotypes that precisely were managed by guys, and flips them around like a sock or rather, a pair of stocking.

This film is ruthless. And welcomed. Joven y alocada es su primer largometraje. Born in Talcahuano, Chile, in , she directed more than two hundred commercials and institutional videos, as well as several music videos for Chilean artists. Her short film Blokes was screened at the Berlin and Cannes festivals.

Blogs de, sobre y con sexo hay muchos. Conectividad cachonda. Basada en hechos y blog reales. Javier Porta Fouz There are lots of blogs regarding, concerning, and featuring sex. There are also lots of films about teenagers. It goes sort of like this: Daniela is a seventeen year-old teenager who grew up in an evangelist family in Santiago de Chile.

But through her blog, Daniela becomes a star of online teenage horniness. Horny links. Explicit images. This is a collage film with a narrative that is shaped as an —always— intimate journal and features typically adolescent intermittences and ups-and-downs. A fresh first film that is, yes, young and wild if you pardon the obviousness. This edition of the Festival holds a retrospective of his work. Definitivamente una rareza. Marcelo Panozzo The title refers to you-know-what, and both the winks and the polished images of the film carry references that are not just possible, but inevitable.

Definitely a rarity. A ver And we have two negotiation fronts: the aseptic offices of the shipping company and the choking atmosphere of the ship where hijackers and crew cram together. However, what sets A Hijacking apart is precisely the absence of unexpected twists, its noble acceptance of all these topics that are typical of hostage films, and how it manages to stand out without any need to by supporting itself on talent and spirit, a thorough work with spaces, tempo and, above all, dialogues that manage to submerge us in that state of anguish and anxiety any red blooded thriller should have.

He was born in Brazil in Un lunes apenas los tuyos recuerdan el pasillo exacto del cementerio en el que reposas. Fran Gayo Posterity can be a whimsical travel partner, and one morning save you forever from oblivion. Then, a lucky filmmaker runs across several trash bags packed with your old family memories, photos, journals, videos, press clippings and Something like that happened to Sergio Oksman director and Elmer Modlin frustrated supporting actor, a constant extra, a face for commercials in the Sixties : their fates meet one morning of June, , on Pez Street in Madrid.

One life, or rather three of them: the lives of Elmer, his wife Margaret and his son Nelson all of them died in a period of only five years are all scattered in a trash container like an abandoned puzzle. The reconstruction takes us in an uncertain journey, from New Hollywood to Spain in the late Franco years, where the Modlins share a decadent reclusion among family portraits and pictures that go over and over obsessively on a recurrent motif: the end of the world. Animals es su primer largometraje. He directed the short films Yeah! Animals is his first feature-length film. Deerhof and Pol wander through the woods, converse, play in a rock band together the bear is the drummer!

A coming-of-age story, Animals talks about what we sacrifice in order to grow up; of how much are we willing to give up so we can be like other people wants us to; and of how much we need to endure before we can find something that is similar to happiness.

Born in Meira, Spain, he shares his life and work between Galicia and Portugal. He directed several short films, including La ponchera , No tan buena vista and La clase , and the documentary feature Pic-nic Tomando como punto de partida O bosque, texto del dramaturgo Jenaro Marinhas del Valle, Arraianos se reconoce en unos referentes nobles, por encima de todos Sicilia! Fran Gayo Border towns always have a sort of irremovable identifying category that turns them into pure essence and, in time, fixes them in a state of eternal foreignness.

But the film just uses them for impulse, and flies up towards its own, unheard of territory, and captivates us with the strength of an old daguerreotype in which the everyday life of current inhabitants coexists with the spectral presence of those who once populated that Iberian Brigadoon. Born in in Liverpool, England, he graduated in cultural anthropology and is the head of the Harvard Sensorial Ethnography Lab. El pretexto del film es sencillo. A trawler boat follows its routine: it throws its trawls, drags them, brings up to the deck whatever they catch on its way, divides, discards or selects, and chops up the merchandise.

It seems as if they knew the secret of how to invoke nature and get it to play for them what might be the features it would show on a hypothetical Judgement Day. Years before he started sending his sixteen bomb-letters between and , in he moved to an isolated cabin with no power or running water in Lincoln, Montana. The voice bursts in while we contemplate a magnificent shot of a cabin in the mountains. Stemple Pass is made of four shots, each one lasting thirty minutes, and all with the same point of view. Each shot corresponds to a season. In its own way, Stemple Pass is an enthralling political thriller.

La historia es la de dos vampiras intentando encajar en el mundo de hoy. El antagonista en esta historia: el siglo XXI. El resultado: ganan los buenos. The outcome: the good guys win. Y su padre desaparece sin la posibilidad de ratificar o rectificar ese rumor. Leandro Listorti A film shooting can trigger all sorts of situations that are out of the ordinary. In the case of young Lukas, not only the town where he lives is altered by the arrival of a film crew: he also receives the news that he might be the son of a being that is half man, half horse.

And his father disappears, without giving him a chance to confirm or deny that rumor. As everything around him starts to get growingly strange, together with a friend Lukas will try to reveal the mystery that links him to the mythical tikbalang. El hada va. El tiempo se dobla, se pliega.

Eso, juego. The fairy goes. And lots of things happen, like the fairy being the 21st century and Gertrude Stein being Paris in the early 20th. Time bends, folds. Appearances can actually be accurate. And play it is. Lunch with Gertrude Stein is a short and compact sample of how imagination can play with cinema and its elements. Vers Madrid - The Burning Bright! Born in Vaulx-en-Velin, France, in , he studied Philosophy and was a social worker. But two years after the events and ten years since the Argentine , which shares several common features , it is amazing to witness how that material can turn into something else, even despite of itself.

A historical event that allows us to analyze with more information, contextualize, and maybe even understand something about modern societies, and where they are heading to. He was born in Raleigh, USA, in The encounter of these characters results in a conflict that will end up creating a friendship based on the past and present of a country that is plagued with misery, oblivion, and sadness.

Citadel es su primer largometraje. A Filmmaking graduate from the Dun Laoghaire National Film School in Ireland, he directed several short films, including The Puppet and The Faeries of Blackheath Woods , screened in over 40 international festivals and winner of nine awards. Citadel is his first feature film. Marcelo Panozzo In Prince of Darkness, John Carpenter knew how to bottle pure evil inside a transparent cylinder that showed a green color.

But this poor man is not left alone: he has a newly born daughter to take care of, and the hand that rocks that cradle is, of course, a black one. The old —and horror-wise effective— doubts about whether that liquid you can smell, touch, and see is actually the color of hope or rather evil itself. Born in Milan, Italy, in , he studied Art and Filmmaking. Marcelo Panozzo Giovanni Maderna and Mauro Santini play with cinema, with life itself, with landscapes, history, and genres —and they play wonderfully.

Carmela, salvata dai filibustieri is a remarkable film with unique grace and freedom, filled with echoes and findings, and both bold and kind. Here, the one who escapes from all those buccaneers is cinema itself. He was born in Fano, Italy, in He studied Art and, since , directed a series of video-journals that were screened in many festivals. He also directed Flor da baixa He directed several short films and TV shows, as well as the feature-length films Matando cabos and Sultanes del sur Hay que aniquilar a los zombies.

Department of Spanish, Modern and Classical Languages

Zombies must be annihilated. Must zombies be annihilated? How the world, or at least Mexico, would be without zombies? These and other key questions are posed in this corrosive film that throws darts at politics, traditions, and show business. And it does so in a spectacular way, laughing at everything and everyone.

Including itself. Lomas de Chapultepec, Del. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in , he studied Biology and Filmmaking in that city. Es el amanecer de un 14 de junio cualquiera. Las estaciones de subte abren sus puertas y de su interior brota mansamente una turba de gente que camina dando tumbos por las calles de Lisboa. Un joven se desploma a los pies de la estatua del santo lisboeta. The subway stations open their doors and a mob slowly comes out from them, stumbling across the streets of Lisbon.


Some of them collapse as they get struck by the morning sun; others separate from the group and continue on their own; some of them bent over and furiously throw up… We could be witnessing the advance of a zombie horde. Or a procession of lost souls that head for heaven and leave behind a symphony of car alarms. But no, this bunch of haggard people —always about to be run over by a vehicle— are simply the wreckage that remains after a night of celebrating with excess the feast of Saint Anthony, patron of Lisbon.

A young man collapses at the foot of the holy Lisboan. Una mujer los cuida sin ocultar su desgana. Fran Gayo When Gustav Holst wrote the suite The Planets almost a century ago, he did it while convinced of the existence of a musical harmony between the Earth and all the different planets, in a tone game as decisive as it was imperceptible for the human eye. Maybe the fact that Sandro Aguilar introduces two movements of this piece in his latest film can shed some light on the particularly enigmatic short film he made, even in the context of a filmography as unknown as his.

Two kids play in a lab. A woman takes care of them unwillingly. But this and other details that make for a possible plot —a game of deceit, absence, and seized spaces— are minimum against the real core of the film: that unstoppable harmony of elements that moves forward by erasing the little human and anecdotic drama. He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in He also directed O que arde cura The Portuguese duet celebrates the 15th anniversary of their joint endeavors with a film in which empire and colony are shown just as deeply-rooted and indivisible as trash and high culture.

The search for that mysterious woman out of a few fragments a shoe left on the asphalt, a wig floating on the sea turns this highly densely populated city into a labyrinth of streets and people where the shadow of death lurks in every corner.

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Between neon lights and a melancholic voice over, The Last Time… is a thriller that cross-dresses with documentary clothing. Or, on the contrary, a travelogue disguised as a mystery film. He received the first Derek Jarman Award in Y, como puente entre el ayer y el ahora, los informes escritos por Thompson a partir de su experiencia docente. On one side, current footage shot by filmmaker Peter Hutton featuring the West Riding in Yorkshire, where the historian carried on his work for decades. Bloody Daughter es su primer largometraje.

Born in Berne, Switzerland, in , she is a citizen of that country, as well as Argentina and Belgium. In Paris, she took several courses on video directing. Bloody Daughter is her first feature length film. Is she kidding? Where else could you see Argerich in her pajamas, fresh out of bed, making small talk about breakfasts? Or strolling down the Botanic Garden in Palermo, and looking at old family photos? Es uno de los directores de la revista especializada Haciendo Cine. The Critic is his first feature-length film. Marcelo Panozzo. Que se jodan. El objetivo de Park es romper las formas, no satisfacerlas.

Tomen Lazos perversos como lo que es: un thriller de una belleza salvaje. The title is a nod to Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula. But Charles Stoker, the character played by Matthew Goode, is no bloodsucker, at least not literally. Uncle Charlie is a world traveler, a pretty Ken doll paying a first visit to his shy niece, India Mia Wasikowska , and her mother, Evelyn Nicole Kidman. The occasion is a funeral. Richard Stoker Dermot Mulroney , husband to Evelyn, father to India and brother to Charlie, has died in a car accident.

Everyone seems unhinged, except Uncle Charlie, who exudes a freakish cool. As emotions erupt, so do the sex and violence. How inappropriately close was India to her father? How close is she getting to her uncle? Some will find it too much. Screw them. Take Stoker for what it is: a thriller of savage beauty. A sound designer by trade since , in he started producing his own projects for animation, fiction, and documentary films. Al igual que su inmediatamente anterior Amateur, El gran simulador se centra en un personaje singular, apasionado por lo que hace.

Todo lo que vemos es verdad, lo que no podemos asegurar —felizmente— es que sea cierto. Javier Porta Fouz. He was the first artistic director of Bafici, and is a juror in the International Competition in this edition. El film se inicia y concluye con un acordeonista que nos interpela con una mirada. Al comienzo, parece preanunciar el problema de la mirada como tema y eje del trabajo. Although each work responds to a totally different creative universe, they all seem to be marked by national, social-political concerns. The film starts and ends with an accordionist that questions us with a gaze.

Near the end, that same image becomes a question about our position regarding the ethical, aesthetic, and political problems this film presents to us through the universes of these artists. He worked in advertising until , and later as an art director. The Empty Olympus is his directorial debut. The Empty Olympus is her first film. One of the four directors of El amor primera parte , he directed The Student Now, it dazzles audiences out of a film screen, with extraordinary muscles and a huge heart: Los posibles is a rhapsody of roughen bodies and torn emotions.

He was born in in San Sebastian, Spain. In he created Dibulitoon Studio, from where he produced short films, TV shows, and featurelength films. The central story is a tale of dragons and elfs, with as much classicism as affection for novelty. Born in Denmark in , he started his career in as an assistant animation artist.

He later worked in advertising, and in he co-directed with Stefan Fjeldmark his first film Help! Y su padre Fran Gayo To Ivan Olsen, life is a truly complicated matter. His schoolmates and teachers insistently make fun of him, and the boys in the neighborhood have decided their favorite sport is to give him a hard time. And his dad… well, his dad is still determined to make Ivan face everyday conflicts using his childhood hero as a reference, which is Tarzan.

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So, as we said, for Ivan Olsen, life is not much fun. And on top of that, he has fallen in love with a class mate. Could things be any harder? Until one day, a mysterious woman offers him a potion that gives superpowers to our protagonist, and suddenly everything changes…for the worse. Marco Macaco es su debut en el largometraje. His graduation short film Space Monkeys won many awards in his home country. Marco Macaco is his first feature length film. As if it were the monkey lovechild of Cheeta and Will Ferrell, Marco is a useless security guard working on a beach.

One day —maybe too literally— a casino settles in. Throw in a monkey wrench, and see how this particular monkey gets turned into a pure potassium-rich, chimpanzee-comedy. Moon Man es su primer largometraje como director. He was born in Munich, Germany, in , and graduated from the local Film Academy. Moon Man is his first feature-length film. Schesch embraces the dry but powerful inventiveness of the original story by Tomi Ungerer whom the director had already adapted.

Rodencia and the Princess Tooth is an honest, pure-breed and pure-hearted tour through adventure as a genre and a playful childhood vitamin. In between those things —built in a 3D that warmly closes in on the hero myth— there is: a Rat King, spells that are as visually beautiful as naughty, a feel for the archetypes, and love —solid love, and lots of it— for the adventures that come in a proudly small size.

He was born in Paris, France, in Zarafa the Arab word for giraffe is the story of the friendship between Maki and that beautiful animal. The beautiful city of Alexandria, in Egypt, the danger of Turkish invaders, various adventurers, an indomitable pirate woman, and the evilness of a French king, are just some of the many elements that shape this adventure, which takes place in the early 19th century, back when there was still a lot of world left to be discover. And these elements are presented with traditional 2D animation, the kind that has the special warmness of a bedtime story. In he directed his first short film, The Man in the Blue Gordini.

One of the aims of the Submergence trilogy —an initiative by producer Coero Cymru together with the Art Council of Wales, and of which these are the first two installments— is to connect the varied landscapes of Wales with elements of contemporary dance. With this premise, The Beautiful follows the spiritual path of a dancer who travels through different chakras until he reaches the maximum state of illumination. And in The Sublime choreographer Sandra Harnish-Lacey captures, on different locations, scenes of parkour and breakdance that merge with both urban and natural elements.

Waves of images arming and disarming like in a kaleidoscope; submarine cinema in the wide roof of the Planetary. Abandoning the classic style of typical documentaries about the great virtues of nature, Coral Rekinding Venus bets on the experience, on the most intense encounter that can take place between spectators and the beauty of tragically endangered coral reefs.

Two explorers start on a journey through Laponia in the winter, waiting for dusk and possible arrival of aurora borealis so they can capture it with the camera. Inspired by 19th century scientific investigations —both the technical investigation of photography and its cinematographic use, and the expedition to the ends of the earth— the film by Argentine Axel Straschnoy who lives in Finland investigates the possibilities of fulldome while expanding them.

The art of Maurits Cornelis Escher, or simply M. Escher, experimented with the ways of representing paradoxical spaces. Tridimensional reconstructions, dual worlds, unreal edifications, and impossible continuities reveal his tireless search for knowledge and beauty. Last year, when the Festival incorporated the fulldome experience, Pink Floyd — The Wall was without a doubt one of the most popular titles. Born in Palestine, he works as a cameraman and freelance photographer for Reuters and several TV networks, including Israeli ones 1, 2 and 10, AlJazeera and Palestinian Television.

Guy Davidi Nacido en Jaffa, Israel, es profesor de cine. With his first camera, he shot the bulldozers that tore out the olive trees in The film features the footage of the kid growing up to become a precocious school boy, the several peaceful demonstrations, and the steady progress of the construction site. Supporters from all over the world, including Israel, offer to help the growing resistance, but the situation gets worse, people get arrested, and villagers are murdered. DOC BsAs. She was born in Concepcion, Chile, in Born in Santiago, Chile, in , she has an M. She directed the trilogy of short films Cartas visuales and the documentary Tierra sola.

No son tantas las veces que este tipo de temas logran en el cine una fluidez narrativa semejante. Javier Porta Fouz Documentaries about housing problems are usually hard to make, because the processes involved are slow. Projects, debates, leases, red-tape, construction. Directors Paola Castillo and Tiziana Panizza her trilogy Visual Letters is programmed in this same section solve those problems with a clear determination: work, and more work.

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Due to the high costs of the land, the project requires the families to complete their houses using their own resources. Marcelo Panozzo There are encyclopedias and compilations made of every subject you could think of, and the moment of death is a defining instance in any self-respecting horror film, so this movie was bound to come sooner or later: a true wiki of death in cinema made by 26 filmmakers who, apart from portraying that moment using four minutes each and with full thematic freedom stand as a perfect dictionary of horror and fantasy that measures the pulse of the genre and provide a diagnosis of his current health.

Really and metaphorically speaking.

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Andersen, Janus B. Jansen, Mariko Montpetit, Charlotte M. Bengtsen, Ariadna F. Roger Alan Koza The extraordinary film The Act of Killing visualizes the subjects of fascist discourse, whom we would always like to see portrayed as monsters. At first, the delirium is a collective one: peoples can be delirious, and fascism naturalized as mass spectacle is the proof of that. Born in London, England, in , she was a dancer and later one of the main choreographers at the London Contemporary Dance Theatre, before establishing her own company, Siobhan Davies Dance, in As in a flick book, ordinary movements from everyday activities appear, evolve and freeze, creating a striking choreographic work that playfully blurs our sense of memory, imagination and our sense of self.

A renowned documentary director for British television, he directed awarded film adaptations of two dance pieces: Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men and Strange Fish Both graduates from Universidad del Cine, they directed their first documentary feature together, Alunizar, after years of research and writing. They are currently writing their next documentary, about philosopher and artist Esteban Lisa.

Within the film industry, Larriera has worked as a sound designer and Astelarra as an editor. Pero el material de archivo les genera grandes interrogantes. But the archive footage triggers lots of questions. They contact sociologist Mirta Varela, who is writing a book about Argentine TV, in order to search for the record of the original broadcast. Reflections on the mechanisms of live broadcast and the TV context start to appear.

A conspiracy theory arises. Is it possible that people never saw the first human step on the moon, but the second? Pepa and Lucas want to go beyond that so they look for moon aficionados, ufologists, pataphysicists, and other specialists in order to keep posing the question about the steps on the moon. Alunizar is kind of a nice and obstinate exercise of that method: a pleasant, arborescent tour that stages not only a curious subject, but also the drive of wanting to know more —born out of a healthy mistrust of the images that results in new images.

She developed the eight episodes of the series Desde la calle for Encuentro. Leandro Listorti Alejandra Grinschpun became in contact with a group of young homeless men in Buenos Aires through a photo workshop.

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Through a series of encounters —the first one in — these young men start to open up to the camera while establishing a complex relationship with the people behind it. In later meetings, five years later, and again in , these four lives take on different directions, partly due to their abilities and limitations, and partly because of external events that appear as obstacles. He was born in Paris in After having participated in a violent episode together with his classmates against the school they attend to, he travels to Italy with a group of friends and his new girlfriend.

Without idealizing it, Olivier Assayas throws all these questions, still valid, about the meaning and permanence of that or this post-May Avanti popolo es su primer largometraje. Born in in Montevideo, Uruguay, he lives in Brazil. In he founded the company Sancho Filmes, through which he produced his short films Grandmothers and Oma Ensure your personal and professional safety with texting spy apps.

Jesse Bauer lets you secretly monitor incoming SMS you got app to forward sms text. If they dont stop then you can try a couple of things. You can view logs from anywhere at anytime! Android Spy Software. Spy on someones text messages, calls, GPS tracking locations with 6spy. Learn how you can hack it and read all the information of their phone.

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The mobile industry is having a profound impact on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Divorce remove spyware or tracking software. There are professional monitoring services and nocost alternatives. Go into the phones "Settings", the tap "Apps". Now its possible to spy and track on iOS: Protect your family or business with cell phone spy apps.

Gain remote access to every text message, DHLs express tracking tools offer you the latest shipment information, in realtime, direct to your PC, mobile phone or handheld device. Look at the top spy software for cell phones. HelloSpy is the most powerful cell phone tracking and spying SMS, you can use HelloSpy to spy text messages conversation, hack iphone text messages and track text. Hoverwatch is a next generation mobile phone spying app.

Chk chiara data Top rated apps to spy on texts. Spy on text messages, spy text, This feature helps you spy on text messages, the app allows you to read all the messages that are received and sent from your. Get the most out of your new smartphone with this list of practical tips to help you get started. GPS Location Tracker — Locate the targeted cell phone, make it easier to monitor the location of your friend, family members or employees minute by minute. Cherubic Ventures is an earlystage venture capital firm, founded by angel investor Matt Cheng in.

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Get monitoring app for your wifes Android phone or iPhone and track everything that goes in and out of the cell, regardless of how far you are from your wife. Third, if they keep showing up, then it probably isnt an issue with the device. You milage may vary. Spy on text messages, SMS with Monitor. Learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages. Second, try restarting the phone in "Safe Mode" and leave it that for a while. After trying and reviewing all 3 spy apps on my phone I found each one to have its advantages.

Start GPS tracking business with vehicle tracking software. The second edition of the Mobile Industry Impact Report assesses our industry.