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Imagine wrapping the string of letters around a cylinder in such a way that all the letters can be displayed.

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Flatten the cylinder to reveal several rows with columns of equal length, except perhaps the last column, which might be shorter than all the rest. Now search for meaningful names in proximity to dates. A group of Israeli mathematicians did just this and claimed that when they searched for names in close proximity to birth or death dates as published in the Encyclopedia of Great Men in Israel they found many matches, for example, the date of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin was in close proximity to letters spelling out his name. Our referees were baffled: their prior beliefs made them think the Book of Genesis could not possibly contain meaningful references to modern-day individuals, yet when the authors carried out additional analyses and checks the effect persisted.

That is, the probability of getting the results they did was 16 out of one million or 1 out of 62, The authors state: "Randomization analysis shows that the effect is significant at the level of 0. As further evidence of the statistical significance of their results, the Israeli team analyzed the Hebrew version of the Book of Isaiah and the first 78, characters of a Hebrew translation of Tolstoy's War and Peace. They found many names in close proximity to birth or death dates, but the results were statistically insignificant.

The book of Genesis used in their study, the Koren version, has 78, characters. What does this all mean?

Bible Code

To some it means that the patterns in Genesis are intentional and that AG is the ultimate author of the code. Should we conclude that these statistics verify the claim that the Jews are the chosen people of AG, or that no more names should be added to list of Great Men in Israel unless they pass the ELS test? Unless other religions can duplicate such statistically improbable results, the mathematically minded supernaturalist might well consider them to be imposters.

Should we translate all the sacred books of all the religions of the world into Hebrew and see how many great men of Israel are encoded there? Can a computer really read the mind of AG?

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For on this theory AG dictated in his favorite language, Hebrew, a set of words that are more or less intelligible if taken at face value, containing stories of creation, floods, fratricide, wars, miracles, and so on, with many moral messages. But this Hebrew god chose his words carefully, encoding the Bible with prophecies and messages of absolutely no religious value.

Many, however, are not at a loss at all. Some Christian "creation scientists" claim the Bible Code provides scientific proof of AG's existence. If they are right, they should convert to Judaism.

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Doron Witztum can't do that, since he is already a Jew. But he has taken the work done on Genesis a bit further than his colleagues. Witztum went on Israeli television and claimed that the names of the sub-camps on a map of Auschwitz appeared remarkably close to the phrase "in Auschwitz.

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Was AG revealing in an odd way that the sub-camps of Auschwitz are in Auschwitz? Michael Drosnin has written a book based on the ELS study. He claims in The Bible Code that decoding the Bible leads to the discovery of prophecies and profound truths of a secular nature, not all of which are related to the Jews.

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Drosnin claims that the Bible is the only text in which these encoded phrases are found in a statistically significant pattern, and that the chance of this being a random phenomenon is unlikely. Not everybody agrees with the Drosnin hypothesis, including Harold Gans, a retired Defense Department cryptologist who corroborated the work of Witztum, Rips, and Rosenberg. Gans says that the.

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