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As such, Gramsci argued, they glossed over historically grown phenomena embedded in the particularity of linguistic di- versity. Gramsci does not entirely disqualify universality-building discursiv- ity. Marxist philosophy. Gramsci knew how language learning was a constitutive aspect of the Marxist philosophical project.

Marx and Marxist philosophy relected in and of itself a deep commitment to language learning, to deconstructing the language of capital.

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Boothman and F. Ives and R. Lacorte eds. Boothman trans. Gramsci, Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks, p. Lan- guage learning was in other words an incubator of worldliness, the quintessen- tial locus of philosophical relection that either underwrites a given social situa- tion or makes discursive space for the emergence of a new world view. Togliatti knew that the Italian let had not been immune to this so-called Maoist turn, and he used all his political power as party leader to stop the bleeding. Togliatti was intent on using the pub- lication of the Quaderni to embed the eforts of the Communist International in the Italian political and cultural tradition, in other words to use Gramsci to further the political ambitions of the Italian Communist Party.

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In the late s, he and his deputy editor Felice Platone began to re-arrange the text thematically, and omitted any references or passages that could be ofensive to either the Soviet authorities or the Italian communist establishment. Gundle, Between Hollywood and Moscow. See also R. Drake, Apostles and Agitators. Daniele ed. Scritti e discorsi , M. Ciliberto and G.

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Vacca eds. Aga Rossi and V. Zaslavsky, Stalin and Togliatti. Togliatti had, perhaps unwillingly, been caught up in the continuous skirmishes between the Soviets and the Chinese Communist Party in the wake of the Sino-Soviet Split. And perhaps most strikingly, Togliatti had written Gramsci into this very story. Agosti, Palmiro Togliatti.

Bocca, Palmiro Togliatti, Mondadori, Milano , p. Togliatti, X Congresso del partito comunista italiano dicembre Atti e risoluzioni, Editori Riuniti, Roma , p. Penned by the Chinese politburo, Divergenze was allegedly edited and inalized by Chairman Mao himself43, which underscored its central importance to the Chinese authorities even more. Luthi, he Sino-Soviet Split. B Du Bois, who had a personal copy in his library in Ghana. He was convinced that a soter tone, a stron- ger emphasis on democratization eforts, and direct collaboration with colonial nations that had recently become independent would be more beneicial for the Communist International as a whole.

Attempts needed to made, Togliatti argued throughout his political testament, to keep recently decolonized nations out of the Chinese sphere of inluence. It was here that Gramsci once more became a central discursive tool for To- gliatti. As critics like Carlo Spagnolo did not fail to notice, the Yalta Memoran- dum had strong Gramscian undertones.

In what are perhaps the most 47 For an exhaustive discussion of the Associazione Italia-Cina as an example of extraparliamen- tary Maoist organization in post-Divergenze Italy, see S. Meneguzzi Rostagni and G. Samarini eds. Togliatti, On Gramsci and Other Writings, p. Spagnolo, Sul Memoriale di Yalta. Togliatti e la crisi del movimento comu- nista internazionale, Carocci, Roma , p. See also L. Vasconi, I cinesi.

Togliatti seemed to be laying the groundwork here for what eventually would become the historical compromise of the PCI with the Democristiani in the s. Deep down, as Vacca shows in his book, in his later years Togliatti knew that he had efectively cre- ated a Gramsci that never existed in an efort to further his political ambitions.

Togliatti had rewritten Gramsci and inscribed him in the Stalinist logic of the Italian Communist Party as Togliatti had envisioned it. Now, in his political testament, he once again returned to Gramsci, only this time reading him more closely, less ideologically. Like his contemporaneous 51 See G.

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If Pasolini, who was murdered in , only ever completed two of his planned series of ive ilms on the decolonizing world, his notebooks of the time give us an idea of the scope and the magnitude of the project. It was this disillusioned Pasolini who in the s set course for the decolonizing world. Badiou, in P. Pasolini, Saint Paul. A Screenplay, E. Castelli trans. Pasolini, Appunti per un poema sul Terzo Mondo, in W. Siti ed. II, pp.

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Pasolini e Leiris, percorsi antropologici, Libreria universitaria, Padova , L. Caminati, Orientalismo eretico. See N. Naldini, Pasolini. Una vita, Einaudi, Torino , p. When Pasolini read Gramsci and elabo- rated his reading in what is still considered his poetic masterpiece, he had just been expelled from the Italian Communist Party on questionable allegations of sexual encounters with minors, forced to abandon his Academiuta di lenga furlana — a research institute and school dedicated to the study of the Friulian dialect that he had founded in the Northern town of Casarsa della Delizia — and was living with his mother Susanna in Rome.

It carries all the grayness of the world, the close of a decade where we saw our keen, naive attempts to remake life end up among the ruins and a sodden, sterile silence… […] you outlined the ideal that sheds its light upon this silence […] Only here you see, on foreign ground, may you rest, still the outcast [ancora coninato] A Bilingual Edition, S. Sartarelli trans. Disillusioned by a party that had expelled him for his sexuality and that was still subscribing to a Stalinist ideology, Pasolini thought of Gramsci as a kindred, isolated, but critical spirit Pasolini continued to deine himself as a coninato, as a heretic on the fringes of Italian society broadly speaking and the Italian let in particular.

Pasolini, Le ceneri di Gramsci, in W. I, pp. Poesio, Il conino fasci- sta. Renga, Screening Conino. Un autore irrisolto e il suo laboratorio, Carocci, Roma , p. Rendall trans. What is perhaps less known is that Pasolini also made direct interventions in the Maoist intellectual and political debates that were taking Italy by storm in the wake of the publication of Divergenze. Already in Il Pci ai giovani!!

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Pa- solini had directly addressed Maoist and workerist factions within the Italian extraparliamentary let. Among the cities listed here, Pisa was perhaps the most active hotbed of Maoism in Italy at the time. Pasolini, while an important reference, was increasingly seen as the grumpy grandfather of the movement, as an inherent part of the generation they were rebelling against.

Cazzullo, I ragazzi che volevano fare rivoluzi- one. Sicilia- no, Pasolini.

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A Biography, John Shepley trans. It was nevertheless a real and prolonged one. It was conceived as a road movie travelling from the South to the North of Italy, from the Bagnoli steelworks in Naples, to the marble quarries of La Spezia. In , Adriano Sofri was arrested for the mur- der of the man who arrested Pinelli, Luigi Calabresi. Gradiva Editions. November Second edition. A Tired Angel. New York: Gradiva Editions. September Ancillary material: web site program; workbook; lab audio manual; assessment package. Development of a video connected with the textbook. Land of Time. Edited by Irene Marchegiani.

Preface by Dante Della Terza. New York: Chelsea Editions, Intermediate Italian textbook for college students. Blood Autunm. Autunno di sangue , by Daniela Gioseffi. Translated 10 poems from English to Italian. La vita in cerchio. Rome: Stango, Selected poetry by Irene Marchegiani. Promises of Love. New York: Gradiva Publications, Charles Jernigan and Irene Marchegiani Jones. New York: Italica Press, The Poetics of Place: Florence Imagined.

Preface by Irene Marchegiani Jones. Florence: Olschki, Angels of Youth.

Xenos Books, Montreal: Guernica, Heath and Co. Co-author Prof. Francesca Italiano, University of Southern California.