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I see the shadows falling, The forms of eld recalling; Around me tread the mighty dead, And slowly pass away. The air was dreamed by his friend, the late Rev. Hutchinson, of Chichester. Dreamland is also a concept pretty important in the mental world of Lewis Carroll. Everything is crystal clear. Read more to understand and to have a global view of the thing. Milne Andersen fairy tale that he first conceived in Aubrey married the poet Irene Rutherford McLeod in The Piper is Pan who is thus in Chapter 7 Pan is also on the cover of the first edition.

His plays, steeped in symbolism, were recognized for their explorations of subconscious motivation, deeply reflecting the influence of the theories of Sigmund Freud. In books, his opera references include works by Arthur Sullivan , well-known for his works with W. Yeats too. She is alluded with the remaining letters in the trick implied to the creation of the name Kasbeam. In , she had spent a summer with her family at new York Long Beach hotel where Oscar Wilde was speaking about his American Lecture Tour.

Wilde spent the day with Alice and her daughter Natalie on the beach. She travelled to Paris and in she began a salon at her rented home on the Avenue Victor Hugo. Julie i. Eleanor Roosevelt p. She later remarried in a 23 years old man named Christian Hemmick when she was 53 years old. Barney had solo shows at major galleries including the Corcoran Gallery of Art Corcoran is like a distorted image, an faint echo of Cormorant p.

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In her writings she supported feminism and pacifism. She lived lavishly, as an open lesbian, and carried on a well-known affair with American heiress and writer Natalie Clifford Barney. She also harboured a lifelong obsession with her closest childhood friend and neighbour, Violet Shillito — a relationship that remained unconsummated. In , Vivien abandoned this chaste love, when the great romance with Natalie Barney ensued. The following year Shillito died of typhoid fever, a tragedy from which Vivien, guilt-ridden, never fully recovered.

Her talent as a sculptor prompted Nijinsky to sit for her several times. She was married to Ernest Troubridge who rose to the rank of admiral during and immediately after the First World War, and Una gained her title when Admiral Troubridge was knight ed in June , although they were already legally separated at the time ] , the most famous lesbian novel of the twentieth century. Eliot via several references in the novel e. At the age of 61, Ford surprised his friends by marrying a woman some thirty-five years younger.

He also became an acquaintance of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Waterhouse — more on this later. There is an edition of by Rev. III, p. The most famous Photograph of Arthur Rimbaud is dated as well and taken by Etienne Carjat he is famous for his phtographs of 19th c. There also exists a self-portrait of him dated Amundsen was also part of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition which crossed the Antarctic Circle in He became a captain in , was knighted in , and made an admiral on the retired list in the same year.

The three expeditions sent in to locate Sir John Franklin all failed. In , Collinson was instructed to look for him by sailing through the Bering Strait. He wintered at Cambridge Bay on the southeast coast of Victoria Island. He suffered a bout of mental illness in december in which he famously sliced his ear off. This friend was Rolland. Last year John Ruskin — go in Italy , something that was extremely important to him for many decades More on this acquaintance of Lewis Carroll and quite important element of the riddle later.

Incidentally, Frederick Judd Waugh mentionned p. In , Waugh was recommended to serve as a camouflage artist for the U. Navy, as a member of the Design Section of its marine camouflage unit in Washington. The section was headed by American painter Everett L. Reginald Marsh ; Marsh is also like a barely distorted relexion of March in p. Reginald G. Reginald Hargreaves a. Returning a war hero, he was elected governor of New York also in in office until In , , he was member of the New York State Assembly and in the presidential election, Roosevelt successfully campaigned, primarily in the Midwest, for Benjamin Harrison.

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His father had died on February 9 , They had a daughter, Alice Lee Roose velt. Her second wife was named Edith Kermit Carow. We can mention D. Courtney ; she was a scholar, writer and feminist. She was educated at Lady Margaret Hall , Oxford , and was awarded a first class degree in Philosophy. In she married William Leonard Courtney, editor of the Fortnightly Review and chief dramatic critic and literary editor of the Daily Telegraph.

From to , he studied History at Jesus College, Oxford. He particpated in the excavation at Carchemish with Hogarth in He made a third excavation at Troy in and a fourth excavation in He had married his first wife Ekaterina Lyschin in A friend, the Archbishop of Athens, suggested a relative of his, seventeen-year-old Sophia Engastromenos ; born the year he married his first wife. Schliemann, age 47, married her despite the 30 year difference in age. Champ oll ion March and his Rose tta stone, Flinders Petrie 42 , etc… ].

He eventually retired to Venice. Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch was knight ed in Much more will be said about him later. Petipa is considered to be the most influential ballet master and choreographer in ballet history. Petersburg Imperial Theatres, a position he held from until In , Petipa accepted the position of premier danseur to the Imperial Theatres of St.

Revival in One of his son, Jean Mariusovich Petipa, died in His wife, the Prima ballerina Mariia Surovshchikova-Petipadied of smallpox in Cryptic references about this are found in p. Vaslav Nijinsky p. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in Beginning in , Bakst worked mostly as a stage-designer and, in , he made a name for himself as a scene-painter for Diaghilev with the Ballets Russes French for Russian Ballets. That ballet was the idea of writer Jean-Louis Vaudoyer. Several units of our troops the Russian Army stormed the Plevna to the music of this march.

Alice MacDonald The Macdonald sisters were four Scottish sisters, notable for their marriages to well-known people of the Victorian era. Alice, Georgiana, Agnes and Louisa were four of the seven daughters and 11 children among them another sister named Edith, like the 3rd Liddell sister of Reverend George Browne Macdonald Andromeda is a young woman with a name starting with andro- meaning man in ancient Greek more on this later.

An English translation by Archibald J. Wolfe of the first Russian edition, which was organized by subject, was published in An English translation of the second Russian edition, which was organized by calendar date, was begun in as a monthly serial but abandoned after the first volume.

Among the inspiring men quoted in this work we find John Ruskin , a man of major importance in the riddle, but also Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau His conversion from a dissolute and privileged society author to the non-violent and spiritual anarchist of his latter days was brought about by his experience in the army as well as two trips around Europe in and — Tolstoy was painted by Ilya Repin.

Leo Tolstoy had met his wife Sophia Tolstoy the daughter of the physician Andrey Evstafievich Behrs in She died in Leo Tolstoy wrote from to This author is born in , the same year than Lewis Carroll. Not a coincidence either, Nabokov also clearly had that in mind. She was an abolitionnist and a feminist and was the first woman to register to vote in Concord, Massachussetts.

He won a Charlie Chaplin impersonation contest. She died in march in Boston so both May and March are directly linked with her , the year of the final encounter of Lewis Carroll with Alice Liddell, which with her birthdate ! Maxham in ]. I intend taking a photograph of her in the same attitude as the picture.

In June he purchased his first picture from her, Minnie Morton, later discovering that the model was Florence Braithwaite born in , daughter of a friend. The second instance is, as seen above, a reference to her familial house Orchard House. There are also a Mr. Bird a senator and a Mrs. Bird in the novel. Her abolitionnist ideas were partly influenced by John R an kin his name has a direct echo in the Carrollian context since Lewis Carroll photographed a girl named Flora Rankin.

One of her daughter was named Georgiana May. He made a collection of those of his works which he deemed the most valuable 3 vols. There are also several references to Robert Louis Stevenson. All the references about the Orient, magic carpet, Ali Baba e. You can find some of these in the chernovik page of this blog]. Her father died in She divorced Swan Burnett in and remarried with Stephen Townsend in She is buried in Roslyn Cemetary, Long Island.

In fact, most famous authors of children literature are alluded or mentionned at one point or another even though some are more important than others — for instance A. Milne see later , Charles Perrault He laid the foundations for a new literary genre, the fairy tale , with his works derived from pre-existing folk tales and probably influnced the Bothers Grimm in some cases. The 4th of May is an important reference alluded several times, as it is the birthday of Alice P.

Note that even Russian fairy-tales are alluded, e. Particularly alluded especially via the movie featuring Judy Garland , L. More will be said about it much later. A few side references linked to Baum: L. Miss E. Rix i. Matilda Joslyn Gage was possibly an inspiration to Dorothy Gale who was likely named after his niece Dorothy Louise Ga g e who died in infancy.

It is said that although Baum reportedly found these plots incoherent, he identified their source of popularity as Alice herself, a character with whom child readers could identify. It influenced his choice of a protagonist for his own books. Stanton and Susan B. In , Anthony and Stanton arranged for Congress to be presented with an amendment giving women the right to vote, which would be popularly known as the Anthony Amendment and would became the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.

In , Susan B. The fifth act of this play is located in an orchard. Opp was Mrs. In , he was made a fellow of the Royal Academy of Music. And more. He became then increasingly successful. This book won international attention from critics such as William Morris. Pyle developed his own ideas in illustrating pirate dress. He created a flamboyant style incorporating elements of Gypsy dress His work influenced the design of costumes for movie pirates from Errol Flynn to Johnny Depp.

He travelled in Florence in and died there in TAL — like a vague reflexion, feminized , of the name , which are generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction.

Lolita's riddle solved

The novel was first published as a book in July , was the first Sherlock Holmes book. Barrie and A. Doyle had a longstanding interest in mystical subjects there is a set of references to mystical domain — see the Chernovik page for more. He resigned from the Lodge in , but returned to it in , only to resign again in On 28 October , King sley Doyle died from pneumonia, which he contracted during his convalescence after being seriously wounded during the Battle of the Somme.

Brigadier-General Innes Doyle died, also from pneumonia, in February Sir Arthur became involved with Spiritualism to the extent that he wrote a novella on the subject, The Land of Mist, featuring the character Professor Challenger. He reproduced them in the book, together with theories about the nature and existence of fairies and spirits. In , the magician P. In , when the first two photographs were taken, Elsie was 16 years old and France s was 9.

He married Florence Conway in He was a British poet, novelist, playwright, theologian, literary critic, and member of the Inklings associated with the Oxford University. Among the members: C. Lewis and J. He was admired by T. Eliot and C. Early , The Tolkien brothers move to lodgings with Louis Faulkner.

There Tolkien meets and eventually falls in love with Edith Bratt. In , Tolkien begins to write poetry. On 17 December , he is awarded a scholarship to Exeter College, Oxford. In June he leaves England to fight in France and will be officially discharged from military service in On 30 October , Tolkien is awarded his Master of Arts degree. In and , in the months immediately following his demobilization from the army following the First World War, J. Tolkien was an assistant on the staff working on the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

One of the more complex word-histories given to the young philologist to untangle was that for walrus , a word of disputed origin that had all but entirely replaced the earlier English name morse since its first appearance in English in the late s. Tolkien wrote of being impressed as a boy by S. He was aldso a friend of J. Gilles de Rais ; former companion of Joan of Arc , that had alledgely inspired Bluebeard , as he ended up preying on young children. He was a pioneering figure in the field of fantasy literature and the mentor of fellow writer Lewis Carroll.

The aesthetic and social vision of the Arts and Crafts movement also derived from ideas developed in the s by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was formed by a group of friends at the University of Oxford , including William Morris.

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By they had discovered the writings of John Ruskin and, conscious of the contrast between the barbarity of contemporary culture and the art of the Middle Ages, in particular the art preceding Raphael , they formed themselves into the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood to pursue their literary and artistic aims. Pamela Colman Smith , nicknamed Pixie , was an English American synaesthetic illustrator, and writer best known for illustrating the Waite-Smith deck of divinatory tarot cards also called the Rider-Waite or the Rider-Waite-Smith deck for Arthur Edward Waite in In , he had married Florence Balcombe, a celebrated beauty whose former suitor was Oscar Wilde.

His spouse was May Gibson , Dorothy Ward. One of his symbols was the Rosy Cross. As a Free Mason, he was raised a Master Mason in and in he was admitted to the Metropolitan College of the Societas Rosi cruciana in Anglia as well as a number of fringe Masonic degrees. Colman Smith, W. Yeats, Oscar Wilde but also friend of Aubrey Beardsley. She was also a one time mistress of Edward Bernard Shaw. She converted to catholicism in In , Rosa was appointed Konzertmeister at Hamburg and three years later he visited England , appearing as a soloist at the Crystal Palace.

Among the singers associated with this company: Rose Hersee who toured the USA with the company from to and died in 19 24 , Charles Santley, Blanche Cole , William Ludwig who died in and Alice Esty — the year Lolita was born an American soprano born in Massachussets. In he was sent to Germany to further his musical education.

In he conducted five concerts of the Philharmonic Society of London , and in , on the resignation of Arthur Sullivan , became the regular conductor of that society. Cowen received honorary doctorates from Cambridge and Edinburgh in and respectively, and was knighted at St. He married a woman who was 30 years his junior. Sir Charles Villiers Stanford 30 September september is the 9 th month — 29 March 19 24 was an Irish composer, music teacher, and conductor.

While still an undergraduate, Stanford was appointed organist of Trinity College, Cambridge. In , aged 29, he was one of the founding professors of the Royal College of Music, where he taught composition for the rest of his life. His last symphony was composed in He received honorary doctorates from Oxford and Cambridge and he was knighted in There exists a caricature of Stanford by Spy in Vanity Fair in Emerald p. Notre-Dame de Paris is containing diverse relics, including the supposedly actual crown of thorns of Jesus Christ mockingly called the King of the Jews by the Roman soldiers bought by Saint Louis i.

Louis IX i. He participated to the revolution that overthrew king Charles X. In May , he was named the architect for the restoration of Amiens Cathedral , one of the largest in France. In November , he provided the costs and plans for the medieval ramparts of Carcassonne , which he had first begun planning in His plans for the metal framework he had designed for Pierrefonds were displayed at the Paris Universal Exposition of He became engaged in the planning and construction of the Paris Universal Exposition of His collection of butterflies , collected by him as well as purchased from travellers throughout the world, was one of the largest and most important of his time.

He contributed to and published many works on entomology and ornithology and was an accomplished scientific illustrator. Wilson Saunders and William C. Atkinson, M. Hewitson described numerous butterflies e. Arnetta verones in , Rapala domitia in , etc…. The standard author abbreviation J.

The Lolita Man (Harpur & Iles, book 2) by Bill James

Gray is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. Gray married Maria Emma Smith. There is a photography of Gray with his wife Maria Emma in Species and subspecies named in his honour include: the Ardeola grayii Sykes, , Delma grayii A. Some of his publications are dated and Vanessa Bel l 30 may — 7 April , sister of Virginia Woolf 25 January — 28 March ; an English writer and one of the foremost modernists of the twentieth century their parents were Leslie Stephen and Julia Prinsep Stephen ; she was an English philanthropist and a Pre-Raphaelite model.

They married in March In she had married Herbert Duckworth. She was photographed by Julia Margaret Cameron , she also had two brothers and two half-brothers, George ; knight ed in and Gerald Duckworth the lastname of her mother was Duckworth. His mother was a niece of Julia Margaret Cameron, the photographer , after whom she was named. Frank Baum , and the first book illustrated by Maxfield Parrish. She had become one of the biggest movie stars in the world by the late s, dying at Carmen Miranda February 9 , — , born in Portugal p. By , she was the highest paid woman in the United States.

Miranda made a total of 14 Hollywood films between and In p. Born in Paris , she appeared in 68 films between and 19 Coffee; among the other actress: Alice H. Smith and Dorothy Revier. TAL , a close reflexion of Hayes was an American actress whose career spanned almost 80 years. Alice Grey. The constant reference to chestnuts is also directly pointing to Lewis Carroll. Westhill , which would associate directly Humbert to Carroll.

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From what depth this re-nonsense? What could be more Carrollian than nonsense! The fact that Humbert is coining portmanteau words in the novel e. The poem dedicated to Lolita p. Liddell that went through the Looking-glass, both stricto sensu dream-lands and Lewis Carroll could also have referred to her in such manner. There are several direct and indirect references to the name Alice e. Dodgson: his stories about them, his knowledge of their lives and histories, his enthusiasm about birds and butterflies enlivened many a dull hour.

He is thus possibly to find behind the town of Lepingsville Carroll, the poet that went lepping? Another famous Oliphant was that of Gaston IV. Some instances are highly difficult to realize e. Some might be indirect e. Also, beside being the birth date and death date of W.

Shakespeare and also the death date of Cervantes, author of Don Quixotte , for the latter , and p. Emma and Charles had a daughter named Berthe p. Louise is the cook of Charlotte. Louise is a female version of Louis and Charlotte of Charles. Lewis a book of ! A turning point. Lewis Carroll. He was ordained deacon in We can also add his father, Charles Dodgson and his great-grandfather, Charles Dodgson who has previously said, had been bishop of Elphin.

Dodgson was introduced to Miss Charlotte M. Yonge, whose novels had long delighted him. French Gaston Godin and his pear-shaped head p. The fatidic year for Humbert, when his fate is sealed, when Lolita reappears, when he kills Quilty, when he goes to prison and eventually dies, is As a side note, , the year of birth of Humbert is also the year of death of Lorina Reeve, the mother of Alice Liddell.

Sort of too…. I suspect it is a hidden reference to Lewis Carroll again. In a famous, strange and kind of memorable anecdote, Lewis Carroll replied to someone inquiring about his age, that he was 42 years old 42, his fetish number! She was an English stage actress who became the leading Shakespearean actress in Britain. The Terry was a theatrical family and their mother, Sarah Ballard, was born in Ellen Terry became the most celebrated of her generation of the family, with a long professional partnership with Henry Irving.

She and Irving also toured with great success in America and Britain. During the short time with G. Watts she met many important people, such as Browning and Tennyson. One of the most well-known photograph of Wilde was taken in by Napoleon Sarony. Ellen Alice Terry as painted by G. Ellen Terry married three times and had two children: Edith and Gordon Craig who became an internationally-known theatre designer and director. She had a grand-daughter named Rose mary Craig. Gilbert, Oscar Wilde , Henry James and others.

Gilbert in she was a protege of W. Barrie She also played Mrs. Kate Terry ; photographed by Lewis Carroll in was a very successful actress until her marriage and retirement from the stage in She had a daughter named Mabel Terry- Lewis. Florence Maud Terry — March was also an actress. She married a solicitor, William Morris. George Terry — March was a theatre business manager and treasurer.

Charles Terry was a theatre and stage manager. He was box-office manager at the Lyceum Theatre under Irving. His management clients included Ivor Novello. He and his wife Margaret Pratt had three children, Minnie, Horace and Beatrice , all of whom followed a theatrical career. Fred Terry , who married Julia Neilson — May ; mentionned earlier.

He had a daughter named Phyllis Terry. Ellen Alice Terry as photographed by Lewis Carroll. An atoll. Mischmasch was a periodical that Lewis Carroll wrote and illustrated for the amusement of his family from to In German, Mischmasch, also refers to a disorderly mixture of things, like mish mash. She was not pretty but she was a nymphet.

Probably another wink from Nabokov. Carroll introduced her to Ellen Terry , who gave her elocution lessons. Some are simple discreet cameos, some are real so to speak, as we are discussing a fiction , fleshed character part of the narrative. Since Humbert Humbert is intended by Nabokov as a reflection of Lewis Carroll, this is quite logical to find them, present in his mental world:. She can go as far as she wants i. The name Vanessa Van Ness p. Swift was considered by John Ruskin as one of the three most influential authors for him. A hint is given p. Like the knight, Carroll had shaggy hair, mild blue eyes, a kind and gentle face.

Click to expand. Replay Video. Entertainment Weekly. Tony Hale discusses his new film, 'Toy Story 4,' playing the adorable new character, "Forky," and more! Still Unwritten! See more videos. What to watch next. Full Screen. We look at the bestselling books of all time. How many do have you read? A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens, Approximate number of copies sold: million Based in London and Paris, this novel explores the plight of peasants in France at the hands of aristocrats in the years before the French Revolution, and how the peasantry pays it back in the formative years of the revolution.

The Lord of the Rings J. The Hobbit J. Tolkien, Approximate number of copies sold: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone J. Rowling, Approximate number of copies sold: million The first book of J. Dream of the Red Chamber Cao Xueqin, — Approximate number of copies sold: million This Chinese masterpiece explains in detail the lives of two rich and extremely powerful aristocratic families, the Rongguo House and Ningguo House, who live next to each other in separate compounds. She: A History of Adventure H. Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill, Approximate number of copies sold: 70 million A personal improvement book by one of the fathers of the personal development genre, American Napoleon Hill.

The Catcher in the Rye J. The Alchemist Paulo Coelho, Approximate number of copies sold: 65 million The story of a youngster named Santiago, hailing from Andalusia, who inspired to go to Egypt after a recurring dream about a treasure concealed in the Great Pyramid. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. Rowling, Approximate number of copies sold: 55 million The third book in J.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. Rowling, Approximate number of copies sold: 55 million Rowling's fourth Harry Potter novel: the young wizard is forced to compete in the dangerous Triwizard tournament. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. Rowling, Approximate number of copies sold: 50 million The final installment in J. Lolita Vladimir Nabokov, Approximate number of copies sold: 50 million This controversial yet classic novel revolves around protagonist Humbert Humbert, who becomes infatuated with Dolores Haze, a year-old girl who later becomes his stepdaughter.

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Charlotte's Web E. White, Approximate number of copies sold: 50 million The endearing story of the relationship between a pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte, who tries to rescue the former from getting slaughtered by conveying messages through her web. Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach, Approximate number of copies sold: 44 million A fable written in the form of a novella, this book explores the story of a seagull that learns lessons about flying, life and self-perfection. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee, Approximate number of copies sold: 30 million This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel follows the story of attorney Atticus Finch, who decides to defend an African-American accused of raping a white woman, and the effect of the racial and social divisions on his young children.

The Diary of Anne Frank Anne Frank, Approximate number of copies sold: 30 million The brave and poignant tale of young Anne Frank, who describes the atrocities and travesties experienced by her family during their attempt to remain hidden when the Nazis invade the Netherlands. The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren, Approximate number of copies sold: 30 million A devotional book that offers the reader a spiritual journey and elucidates the purposes of humans during their time on earth.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover William Bradford Huie, Approximate number of copies sold: 30 million A bold book that depicts the story of a young woman who falls into the trap of prostitution after a failed attempt at working in Hollywood and how she goes on to become a war profiteer. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson, Approximate number of copies sold: 30 million A part of the "Millennium" series by Swedish author Stieg Larsson, this crime novel revolves around the story of journalist Mikael Blomkvist and freelance surveillance agent Lisbeth Salander.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle, Approximate number of copies sold: 30 million A picture book that follows the story of a caterpillar who can't satisfy his hunger as he prepares to become a butterfly. Who Moved My Cheese? The Great Gatsby F. Did you find the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I'm already a fan, don't show this again.

A Sailor's Tales. The editor of Yachting magazine has put together a big, fill-canvas collection of narratives, mostly The editor of Yachting magazine has put together a big, fill-canvas collection of narratives, mostly from his own fifty years of sailing experiences. A superb writer and teller of sea tales, Mr. Robinson muses wonderfully on events as varied as An immensely enjoyable read, richly textured and wonderfully atmospheric.

In the dying In the dying days of the Byzantine Empire, Isaak Metochites and his family are entrusted with a silver reliquary carved with the figure of a weeping angel and The Book of Men. Her keen hindsight uncovers Bunker Man. A powerful novel of psychological suspense by a young writer hailed as 'Scotland's answer to A powerful novel of psychological suspense by a young writer hailed as 'Scotland's answer to Roddy Doyle.

Rob's job as Confederate Morale and Church Propaganda. A study of the church's role in bringing on secession and promoting the Civil War, A study of the church's role in bringing on secession and promoting the Civil War, by the author of Mississippi: The Closed Society. In this closely documented study, Professor James W.