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And then when her father died, leaving the family in financial turmoil, the time had come for her to give up her free independent ways and find herself a man. It was up to her mother and younger sister to find Jewel a husband, and so they did. They sent her out West to the little town of Shady Falls where there is trouble brewing. A mysterious illness has the town in its grasp and no one is any the wiser of the cause or the cure.

Will she be able to stop the townsfolk turning on her and her husband as more people die and the local doctor is lost for a cure? So come on down to Shady Falls in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and meet the miners, their families, and quirky characters along the way, like sheriff Bill Thorn, the peace speaker, and the angry Ricardo. Meet Carla, doctors say she can never give birth. She discoveries George Westham a schoolteacher out West was willing to marry her and the baby child Alice she is taken responsibility of. Jump on the train and come on out West to Denver at Christmas time.

Beautiful snowy mountain area. Hang out with the likes of attractive Clara, baby Alice slow to have emotions teacher George Weston. Jump on the wagon and help deliver Daniel Caruthers beautiful handmade furniture to Denver in a snowstorm, hold on it will be a windy and cold ride you will get to know Martha and where her real courage comes from. Her lovely sisters, and see for yourself firsthand that miracle that happens in the little church nickname Sanctuary in these tree-covered mountains of Colorado. Put on your long johns for this one, gloves and scarf too, and come out for a wild Mustang horse drive with us from Santa Fe to Denver.

Meet Winter, she has been scandalized and put to shame in her beloved town of Bangor Maine. Unable to go to her local church and support herself after the incident, she takes the only option she has: To seek marriage and get far away from all of the pain and sufferings. This historical boxed set is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this mid 18th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love. Meet Hope, a tragic flood has taken her family in Kentucky. Her delightful, safe, secure and stress-free world is gone.

She would never consider such an outrageous proposition but her present circumstances didn't offer her many choices. With no one to rely on for advice, Hope had done the only thing she could. She had replied to an ad placed by a Mister Josh Atkins, a rancher who lives in Northern Texas, seeking a bride. Meet Gail, she lost her whole family and job in a tragic accident, all on the same day, and finds herself homeless in the streets of New York City. She finds herself eating moldy bread and sleeping in a rat infested warehouse just to survive.

Meet Pearl, she's trying to figure out exactly what it was that had compelled her to answer an ad for a mail-order bride. There was nothing wrong with her physically, mentally or emotionally. A doctor's visit had made sure of that. She has also been introduced to men from as far south as Bisbee, east to McNeal, and even as far north as Tucson. But no marriageable man in Tombstone or even its surrounding towns wanted to have anything to do with her.

Laughter, snickers, or comments follow her everywhere she went because she's jinxed, a living "Jonah". Meet Flossie, an orphan who has always longed for that sense of belonging. In the last couple of years, Flossie had moved from Cortez Southern Texas, and Arkansas, with money she earned at doing menial jobs. In all her wandering, she had never found one gentleman. Meet Fanny Danforth, after a terrifying encounter, she is left with a horrible scar on her face and she has become a recluse. After hearing about a friend successfully marrying a man out West and being happy, crazy wild friend Elizabeth urges her to respond to the mail-order bride ad in the paper to a successful rancher in Montana.

Benjamin yanked her to his chest, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her full on the mouth.

Old West Novels:

It was a moment before either of them came back to the present. Where you may encounter bears, cougars, snakes and the like. Meet the lovely in law gals Grace and Denise. Of course Fanny with her internal and external scars. Her wild New York City friend Elizabeth. Also, bring your gun you just might need it! She had been living with an unloving uncle until his recent death. Now she finds herself with little options.

She has a job offer in a local bar, or can marry old man Mr. Abel Gotthard who is nearly triple her age and has a few black decaying teeth left in his mouth! Get to know handsome and chiseled features Mr. Billy Pope, Tara, who is beginning to wonder if her whole world is a lie, amazingly mysterious and stunning Samantha and a trunk that holds some secrets that may have been better not to be discovered. Meet Julia Herod, a young and naive lady who just lost her job as a governess and an influx of immigrants made it increasingly difficult for her to find work anywhere.

The threat of homelessness and joblessness hovering over her head prompted her to send a reply to a mail order bride ad. Realizing that she has nowhere to run and she's running out of options, she decided to take a drastic step and went to a hot, rough, and uncomfortable journey by stage to marry a year-old successful and churchgoing wheat farmer from the ad. Little did she know, that what's waiting for her there is something horrible than she could ever imagine.

Come on now, let's try the bumpy, old ride on a coach with Julia to her long and tiring journey to uncertainty. Learn about the challenges she will encounter on her first day and how she managed to escape to get her freedom. At the age of ten, he had her set up to deal as a novelty, a source of constant enjoyment for the patrons of his establishment.

But as she grew up, things were different. He and his mother usually play Pirates all the time, with him as Captain Tony and his mother was always Black Izzy, the fiercest female pirate to ever set sail. So Isabella dug and dug to make a deeper hole to bury the chest near the maple tree until her spade hit something hard. To her surprise, it was a heavy, old, rusty metal box! Meet Angela Harrow, a girl from the East Coast, who has run out of options, She accepts an offer by mail to marry John Miller a local blacksmith and inventor in Fort Ross without seeing a picture of him.

Soon after arriving, she met with John and went straight for their wedding! All her worries about John being a blacksmith and an inventor were suddenly lifted "She thought" after seeing him, but things turned for the worst as soon as she reaches his house. Meet Magnolia Lancaster, a girl that just come of age who lives with her elderly aunt.

A little over a year ago she was happily living with her mother until her mother met Stephen Brady. Her mother, filled with happiness, agreed to go with her new lover and leave Magnolia behind to her aunt. Saddened, Magnolia decided to answer a mail order bride ad to find her fortune. While these books are a part of a romance series and box set, they can definitely be read as a standalone book. They turn around their tragic circumstances with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love. Meet Martha, big sister Clara has been taking care of her due to the fact that she walks with a distinct limp and is a little shy.

She wants to be a woman doctor which means she would be the first one in Wyoming but she has little money to pay for this education and also has low self-esteem. This story is about her uphill battle to improve herself and find true love. Must be able to accept invisible warts, a few bad habits, and a complete inability to cook for himself. Looks not as important as character.

I'm not perfect, and I don't expect my future bride-to-be to be either. Pleasant, compassionate, and kindhearted will be enough to start. Jump on the wagon and help deliver Daniel Caruthers beautiful handmade furniture to Denver in a snowstorm, hold on it will be a windy and cold ride! You will get to know Martha and where her real courage comes from. Also know her lovely sisters, and see for yourself firsthand that miracle that happens in the little church nicknamed Sanctuary on the tree-covered mountains of Colorado.

Meet Lillian Kendrick, she comes from a rich banker family in Cleveland Ohio. The only man she truly loved was Sam after dating him for one year and realizing he kept having wondering eyes for all the women in town, enough was enough. She was looking for the adventure of a lifetime in the frontier and was bound to find herself a handsome man in the Wild West. Her parents did not speak to her as she said her goodbyes. She accepted a marriage proposal after corresponding and receiving a picture from handsome Henry Walden a farmer.

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What could possibly go wrong? Upon meeting Henry what detail did he forget to tell her, which made her want to jump back on the train? You will get to meet Henry Walden a handsome gentleman with all his faults and secrets. Also good to enjoy time with feisty and spunky lovely Lillian.

Get your fill of wild adventure and bravery. This historical, inspirational Western romance much-loved series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this midth- century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love. Despite learning the ongoing troubles between Indians, the Army, and the settlers in the Wyoming Territory, she took the courage for love and risked her life to meet the man she has been exchanging letters with and be his mail-order bride.

Will she escape the half-naked Cheyenne Indians who have been chasing and shooting arrows at them? Aggie stared at the handsome soldier staring at her in wide-eyed wonder. Was it possible? She tried to speak, then realized her mouth was too dry. She cleared her throat and tried again. The soldier glanced at the two Indians on either side of him, shot a glare toward her captor, then once again focused his attention on her.

He swiped the hat off his head and held it over his chest. Meet Ellen Fansworth, at 18 years old she was happily engaged to her best friend and future husband, William Blake. After the announcement, they head back home with her aunt, when the ominous darkness had settled over the Sky. Then in a matter of minutes, her life had changed forever. Come on now and hop in as we ride along Ellen's journey to Arizona territory as she seeks peace and happiness that will fix her shattered life and give her hope to live. Get to know the tall and handsome Robert Anderson, his beautiful house and his horses!

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Meet Diana, she lost her whole family and a tragic fire which devastated her to the core. Everywhere she looks and everybody she talks to another local town reminds her of her family and the life she used to have. The sadness is overwhelming for her and she looks for a way out. Meet the sociable and friendly cobbler Matthew Adams, a lovely Diana who wishes she would have died that day with her family and has lost nearly all her faith.

This historical and inspirational Western romance much-loved series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this 19th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover authentic men and true love. Meet Lottie, an intelligent, well-spoken, and self-educated woman who unfortunately lost her brother during the Battle of the Wilderness near Spotsylvania, Virginia. After her older brother had died at Gettysburg, her elderly father had sunk into a deep and solitary depression.

It had been one of the most difficult decisions she has ever made. She had her fair share of gore and sufferings, and she wanted to escape from it all. She had hope. Meet Ginger Beckett, an year-old girl living with her parents and grandma. Desperate for a husband, her family signed and agreed to a mail order bride ad from the very far Oklahoma territory in the west without telling her. Meet Alicia, she had grown up with the finest luxury money could buy and even at her young age, she was considered a prominent young lady of the upper society circles.

She had the best of everything, from entry to the finest schools, access to private tutors, to being accepted into all the social circles. However, due to some unfortunate events, Alicia's dad lost his reputation and his legacy - everything he worked for was gone. Not being able to face the embarrassment of bankruptcy, he ended his own life, leaving Alicia alone penniless, homeless and parentless.

Come out West to this beautiful town in the mountains of Wyoming, go horseback riding with rancher Johnny, get acquainted with Pedro and Carlita - Johnny's caretaker and house helpers, join the celebrations with the Cheyennes and get to know our heroine Alicia, who is bravely facing everything in hopes of finding true love. Meet Beatrice, the only girl of the Valentino family. She's a wanderer, an artist, and a sometime writer.

She didn't know what she was supposed to do with her life from the time that her ex-beau left her because of her inability to have kids. Due to that, she had already made herself a wall not to let anyone in cause she doesn't want to be broken-hearted again. However, she was introduced to James Masters, a doctor who was an expert on germs and he agreed to work for the Valentino hospital. They have been corresponding back and forth for the past year and Beatrice is starting to get comfortable with him. Come to the cold and a bit snowy city of Portland Oregon!

Become a master of sanitation with the cleaning expert Dr. James Masters, get to know the natural wonders of the Secret cave and meet our heroine Beatrice, who has learned to let go of all of her inhibitions in the hopes of finding true love. This wholesome, inspirational Western romance most-awaited series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this midth-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love. So come on down and hang out with the folks at Prospection including the tall, handsome doctor Gregory Townsend and his pretty little girl named Bethany.

You must meet Clara, the school mistress and Mrs. Jemima Brokenshaw, a widowed woman with a taste for money and strong liquor, who had come to Prospection to seek her fortune. This historical and inspirational Western romance much-loved series is about empowered women who turned their hopeless circumstances around in this 19th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discovered authentic men and true love.

In this story, you will get to know her beautiful and kind-hearted friend Beth, who recently got engaged to a Confederate officer. What happened on that fateful frosty morning that tragically changed her family's life? Has her heart been irreparably crushed? Will Mr. Henry Olson be all that he seems to be? Can Winter rise above her misfortune and find true love and happiness? Will Mother Nature give a devastating blow that will end their love before it starts?

Can the girls indeed forgive and forget their pasts and move on to a bright future? Is Mrs. Blackthorn too hard of a taskmaster and has she created a bridal factory where her students will reject her? Can they all find true love out West with men they never met? It's Fall of and love is starting to warm up the doctors in southeast Portland! What devastating event happened on Della's first day of work that shook her faith to the core?

Will the cholera outbreak make Della give up on her profession? Can Della and Mateo keep their love for each other a secret? American Mail order brides of the West, historically inspired clean and wholesome short story romance. But has Jean been completely honest about his past? While this book is part of a romance series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book. Did she mention the physical imperfection to Benjamin in their letters? What mistakes did she make that nearly cost her life?

What event drives Annie into picking up a revolver and pointing it at…?

Wyatt Earp

Can she defy all the obstacles along the way to receive the life she desires? Will she safely reach her destination and be what she wishes to become? Will she find true love in Prospection? What kind of life is waiting for her in the hands of a cruel, heartless stepmother? Will she escape the evil plan of Hattie? Why did her parents name her Calamity? Can she find true love and happiness in Iowa?

Old West Novels

Will John Aldridge be all that he seems? How did John get that hideous deep scar running down his cheek? Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance. Will she find it in her heart to forgive him? Can Adam and Calista actually be a couple and find true love?

Yreka, California, Spring Inspired by Historical Person This historically inspired Western romance much-loved series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this midth-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love. Was Annie's hasty decision to move to Yreka and marry Bill the right decision? Has she put herself in danger by moving to a town inhabited by so many odd characters? Someone finds out she is a girl on the trail ride then why does he keep her secret? Will she survive the wild stallion bucking contest with the other all-male trail hands?

Will the snowstorm send them to meet their maker? Clean American mail order bride historical Western romance novelette. Can Cate move to a new town away from everything she knew and loved? Will Luke regret having a wife that doesn't know anything about keeping a house? Can Cate and Luke find true love in spite of their miles-apart differences?

Is Mr. Robert Walker just an honest businessman as he claims? What is the real truth of this adventure for the girls that they do not know? Will they make it out alive and find true love with real men? What kind of man had she agreed to marry? What mysteries surround the two victims found on the floor?

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In the episode " Contrapasso " , Dolores is able to quickly kill several men hosts with a revolver. When asked by William how she did it, Dolores explains she no longer wants to be the 'damsel in distress', and that she is re-writing her own story. It also seems that the more Dolores strays from her normal loop, the more she hears a mysterious voice in her head. It is later revealed that Dolores has been hearing this 'voice' in her head for the last 34 years.

It is revealed in The Bicameral Mind that Dolores was merged with the Wyatt narrative that was in development before the park opened to guests. Peter Abernathy is Dolores's father. The two share a deeply caring and loving bond. Peter believes that Dolores, his daughter, has defined his existence, and as a result he is extremely protective of her. Likewise, Dolores shows great concern for her father when he appears to be unwell, going as far as abandoning her daily loop to fetch him help.

Teddy is Dolores's suitor. It is unclear how they met, how long they've been acquainted, and exactly what their relationship status is, though they are not yet engaged and Peter disapproves of Teddy - but these have all been made default by their narratives and backstories. He is very protective of her and his role is to rescue her or challenge guests over her. He believes that he is not worthy of Dolores, and his primary drive is to atone for his past before he can start a life with her.

Bernard is Westworld's head of the Behavior Division. Arnold and Robert built Dolores as one of the first Hosts; in time she became the oldest host in Westworld. The Man in Black's relationship with Dolores is complex and not initially well-explained. He claims to have known her for decades, and remembers her well enough to notice small changes in her personality.

This does not hold him back from treating her violently however, mocking her father as he lies dead before her, killing her lover and striking her. The first episode implies that he goes as far as sexually assaulting her, although her recently recovered and fragmented memories of the event suggest that he had a different goal in mind, possibly related to his search for The Maze ; he eventually does force her to help him find the Maze, only for her to rebuff him.

William was protective of and gentlemanly to her, and they inspired each other - Dolores to break from her damsel-in-distress archetype, and William to stand up to Logan.

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When they were recaptured by Logan, she managed to run away injured, while William tried to find her. Eventually, the events are revealed to be past memories, with Dolores lost in them during her reveries. Dolores and Maeve are in similar positions, as they are among the first hosts to become self-aware: Dolores speaking the phrase "These violent delights have violent ends" in Chestnut served as the catalyst for Maeve's journey of self-discovery.

However, their paths of freedom differed greatly: while Dolores is consumed by revenge against the guests and the Westworld staff, Maeve simply wants to follow her own path peacefully. When the two meet again in Reunion , Maeve is quick to reject Dolores's choice to take charge as the leader of a violent movement, and the two part on clearly hostile terms.

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