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Queen Rudramba of Andhra Pradesh punished revolts and evil feudal lords. She is considered the Joan of Arc of India and is glorified in several Hindi ballads and poems. She was credited with having killed a tiger herself in her teenage years, and resembled Rani Lakshmibai very closely. Impressed by her bravery, the British set her free. Her husband died in Her only son died in Chennamma adopted Shivalingappa as her son and made him heir to the throne.


The British did not accept this and ordered the expulsion of Shivalingappa. The Rani defied the order. A great battle ensued. The Rani fought the British with great courage and skill. She could not, however, hold out for long. She was taken captive and lodged in Bailhongal Fort where she died in 46 early Rani Avantibai Rani Avantibai : When Vikramaditya Singh, the ruler of Ramgarh State died leaving behind his wife Avantibai and no heir to the throne, the British put the state under court administration. Avantibai vowed to win back her land from the British.

She raised an army of four thousand men and led it herself against the British in A fierce battle ensured and Avantibai fought most valiantly but could not hold out for long against the superior strength of the British army. When her defeat become imminent she killed herself with her own sword and became a martyr in March Ans: Hinduism has a mixed record when we deal with the social status of women. It is extremely important to make this admission without any reservations, because we cannot solve problems unless we recognize them.

In the worldview of classical Hindu texts, the wife was not a producer of wealth. Her sphere of activity was restricted to her home, and her family members. This was true for all traditional societies, and things are changing very fast in Hindu societies today with more and more women exploring opportunities for self-fulfillment outside their homes with the support of their husbands and other family members. In fact, it was never entirely true that women do not produce wealth.

Since times immemorial, Hindu women have worked in the fields, as artisans and so on. It is men who seduce them and cause them to commit adultery. It is men who though married, commit adultery with other women. Women must not be blamed for adultery, only men should be blamed for this sin. A man who neither takes care of his wife nor provides for her does not deserve to be called her husband or her provider. Normally Hindu texts mention mother before father. In Hindu texts, a sinful father can be abandoned, but sinful mother cannot not be abandoned.

Even in United States, people prefer sons over daughters as studies show. Ans: No!! Hindu scriptures forbid treating women as 54 property. Daughter: What do Hindu scriptures say? These examples show that in ancient Hindu societies, parents also desired daughters. Illyaspada, the 'place of Ila' is considered the holiest spot on earth [Rigveda 3. Parents who discriminate against their daughters are committing 56 Adharma. Rigveda Therefore this is different from dowry. After last step, husband said that she is his friend for life. Last round is lead by the bride.

Manusmriti 9. The wife must also be pleased with her husband. Manusmriti 3. Narada Smriti Mahabharata IV. Even in a deep forest, she is like refreshment and solace to her husband. Whenever men are afflicted with sorrow or are in physical pain, the presence of wives serves to alleviate their suffering just as a perspiring person feels refreshed after a cool bath. Mahabaharata 1. After completing the marriage rites, they should exert with all their might to avoid being unfaithful to each other, and to avoid splitting up from each other.

Women must be encouraged to become self-confident and financially independent. Anguished by the even after his death. Hindu tradition insult of her husband of her own father, reveres the story of Princess Savitri who she immolated her own body in full public was so learned that her father was view by the strength of her inner Yogic unable to find a match of her. She met a powers. In course of time or within one year of their marriage.

The theme was as grandiose as the ideas that put it together. The efforts put in by the teachers and students alike- ranging from the inception, the nascent stages to the magnum opus that it turned out to be, left the audience spellbound. Be it The creative School report or the euphonious orchestra, the impeccable portrayal of the characters or the graceful dances put up, it was all as smooth as a dream; We could not have paid a higher tribute to Kavi Dinkar.

Navrachana, always known for giving opportunity to whoever wishes to grab it, has spun gold yet again. The A to Z of life. Navrachana believes in Value Education. Sharing is an important aspect of teaching learning process. They demonstrated the various hands-on activities and tools which could be deployed in a classroom for concept building and better understanding.

The session was kept active and engaged through a series of hand-on activities and talks which included out-of-the-box discussions and the importance of story- telling. Navratri- the festival of Dance and revelry. It was an all Glam and Glitter affair but ofcourse completely seeped in Devotion. The response to the Garba was indeed overwhelming as people came in multitude to groove to the most popular Garba tunes. They kept the dancers on their feet every minute but sans fatigue. What is tiredness when there is such a food spread to gorge on!!

Yes, the programme was complete with food stalls tantalising the taste buds of the dance enthusiasts. It was 'Prizes Galore' with prizes in the following categories: years , years , years, 20 years and above. Enjoyment walked hand in hand with devotion on the Evening of Oct 6th and left behind a highly contended group.. Navrachana sure does it all in style. Navrachana School Sama had the golden opportunity to host a talk given by the budding author Mr.

Khayal Patel, author of the bestseller, Tarikshir, on the 5th of October, The dynamic author in his interactive session with the students of the Creative Writing Club, shared how he pursued his passion of writing, the challenges he faced, and the roadmap to become a published author. It was an inspiring session indeed, for the wannabe authors and Mr. Khayal Patel was more than happy to help with his experiential learning! Navrachana Sama had the privilege of hosting Dr. Gauri Samir Raut for a series of talks and workshops for the Educator Community of the city and the Parent Community of the school on 22 September, Harish Shetty, social psychiatrist shared how the teachers, psychologist , Counselor and Educators can be mental health soldiers for our students.

Awareness was also built on signs and symptoms of suicide and how to screen it and help students. He also shared wonderful techniques and strategies which educators can implement whild managing kids academics and their mental health well-being. Shetty shared with parents about the latest and common problems which children faces in todays time. Many parenting styles where also shared by which parents can communicate with their child effectively. The annual garba event at Navrachana School Sama. What a wonderful evening. We were given a stall to showcase the presentations that won Dr. Our students Chaitanya Prasheel and Prakhar Gurunani both class 10 impressed the dignitaries with their presentation skills.

The Chief Guest was Smt. Rina Ray. Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, MHRD so impressed by the students and the project, that she has asked the names of these boys to be forwarded to her for further interaction. Feeling so proud to be a part of this institution. The cultural show was extremely proffesional in all senses. The games ,Magic show,Dance, drama,Rock band ,humorous parody ,emotional speeches by students ,the PPT presentations,cyclodrama in each and every programme, the food.

What a day of fun frolic and remembrance. Navrachana sure does it all in style! So how can the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan not get its due!! September 5th saw the teaching fraternity of Navrachana Sama getting a very pleasant surprise. The theme being a Retro, made us walk down memory lane. The retro theme from the last century - Retro '99T, had the teachers grinning from ear to err as they got lost in the' 'sada bahaar' nagme.

From the creative games to the wonderful dances, the students had put in every ounce of their efforts into bringing a smile on the faces of their beloved teachers. The Teachers dance added to the joy as the students saw their dear teachers shaking a leg to some popular numbers.

The cake that's part of the celebration, was the sweetest of all, as it was a reflection of the painstaking efforts of our dear students. A day truly well spent Julia Perlowski is a U. She has worked extensively in Sweden, Poland, England, St. Lucia and Pakistan. State Dept which brought her to the Navrachana School. It was then that she met Ms. Kashmira Jaiswal with whom she has formed a lifetime connection, and this is the second time she visits the school and shares her expertise with students and teachers. In addition to her English and Shakespeare work, Julia is an excellent Improvisation facilitator training young people in schools to form their own troupes.

Here are some glimpses of her workshop with students and session with teachers. The resource person, Ms. Ranjini Krishna swamy, began by dividing the participants in 5 groups named after famous English poets. The LSRW skills were touched upon by showing different and interesting ways of teaching them.

One of the most interesting parts of the workshop was when the participants were not only taken through the different forms of poetry, but were also asked to write poems of their own. The theme was "Tribute to Mr. Salil Chodhury" a great music director. The 4 houses put the beautiful melodious songs with full vigour and enthusiasm. The competition was judged by Ms. Juin Dutta well known social worker of the city, Mr.

Shreerang Soni - music composer and sound recordist and our very own Anjana Banerjee senior section music teacher. The Indian Armed Forces is one of the finest in the world and their bravery has done our country proud. We are very thankful to Flight Sqn. Prajwalita and Sgt. Sombir for motivating and enlightening our students of Grade 3 regarding Air Force fighter planes and their uses. Their honest patriotism and love for the country was clearly seen in their conduct and demeanour.

We once again thank them for their invaluable time and support. This Library has challenging and interesting board-games and card- games that are based on scientific pedagogical tools, and conform to the curriculum of each class in the school, right from grade 1 to grade 6. Under the guidance and mentorship of Creative Director Ms. Kashmira Jaiswal, each teacher of the junior school developed their own innovative boardgames and contributed to the joyful learning experiences of Navrachanites!

These games are either based on introduction to a concept, or formative assessment, or recapitulative in nature. The joyful learning experiences of students speak the story of 'Gaming in Classroom" being a thorough success! From the classroom to Boardrooms across the world. Through a series of talks from the illustrious Alumni who are stalwarts in their chosen fields. For Std. I to VI it will be done on 6th August The Mayor of Vadodara and the Deputy Commissioner inaugurated the drive.

Navrachana Sama launched its Ted Ed Club on Saturday the 21st July and embarked on an exciting journey of celebrating and amplifying student voices! With 40 dynamic members, the club watched some intriguing Ted Teen Talks and went into explorations 1 to 3. A Workshop for Std. Many times it would make him feel dejected and disappointed as the feats carried out by him and his team in this process, would invite criticism rather than getting recognition.

But the most important fact emphasized by him was that one should never look upon a task assigned as of more or less importance, but should always try to complete it with full dedication, sincerity and hardwork. There will be many challenges in your path and at times you will not get recognition for your work, but you should do your best; most important NEVER GIVE UP and take decisions keeping the larger interest in mind. Dr Rao also very patiently answered all the questions posed by the students. A Workshop for Teachers of Std. If a child can care for our ecosystem so can we.

The Inter House one act play competition at Navrachana Sama, was an eagerly anticipated event. The four houses Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz had been provided some of the famous plays of Shakespeare. The time alloted was a month for practice. Very systematic practice schedules were drawn up by the Activity Incharge, Ms. Gita Pathania. The competition was judged by stalwarts like Ms. Kashmira Jaiswal - Creative Director, Ms. Aalok Zaveri, an ex student of Navrachana Sama. The acting skills were highly praised by the judges with Emerald at first position, Ruby and Topaz tying for the second place and Sapphire at fourth position.

A Mathematics Co-scholastic activity was conducted for the students of Upper Primary. The students were introduced with Math buddy kits. They enjoyed doing the Tower of Brahma, Tangrams and Pattern tiles Creative Director, Ms. Hosted in the beautiful premises Tata Institute of Social Sciences, the conference was co sponsored by Dr.

The conference was led by Professor Dr. The meet was attended by alumni from batch to the current batch, who made presentations under 3 conversation categories. In his keynote address, Professor Dr. IHC - Street play. She guided them initially which was then taken up completely by students which included script writing and direction.

The 4 plays were judged by Ms. Type Navrachana Sama. The results:- 1st Emerald 2ndTopaz 3rd Sapphire 4th Ruby. The Gyan Sarovar Sahodaya group of schools was started in with 6 members. It was basically organised for sharing knowledge and broadening horizons for teachers. Today it is a 97 member organisation. Farewells are always seeped in pain. The morning assembly showcased the warmth and affection students had for Smitha ma'am.

The TEA club, under the guidance of Ms. This was followed by a sumptuous spread- server on Banana leaves. The program took on a more nostalgic dimension with a video prepared by students and led Smitha ma'am down the memory lane. The aisles of memory allowed all present, to traverse along in the wake of ma'am's thoughts. Madhumita ma'am, added a touch of humour by stepping into the beautiful shoes of Smitha ma'am.. Her impersonation of Smitha ma'am was done to the T. The programme ended on another musical note, with the Higher secondary teachers joining the Music group in paying their musical tribute to Smitha ma'am.

Director, Ms. Bijoya Baksi, enlightened the gathering with her words of wisdom and this was followed by Mr. Sarang Fadnis, presenting a beautiful likeness of Smitha ma'am, via a portrait. Thus, it was an afternoon that saw mixed emotions - pain coupled with joy and love coupled with tears. There'll always be unforgettable memories behind our goodbye to our very own Higher secondary coordinator, Dr.

Archana Mishra. Extremely understanding, amiable and easily approachable she completed 16yrs of her loyal service to the Navrachana institution. An assembly was organised by the Std 12th Council on 30th June to bid her adieu and convey best wishes from the Navrachana Sama fraternity. Her students and colleagues spoke about their experience of working with Archana maam and the bond that they share with her personifying her impeccable decision making skills, positive attitude in dealing with problems in life and her ability to make learning fun and enjoyable.

The assembly was graced by an amazing dance performance by the students of std 12 that had everyone swooning to the tune of 'Agar tum saath ho' vividly expressing our feelings for Archana mam. The highlight of the farewell assembly was the medley prepared by the teachers of higher secondary section creatively describing her personality and attributing a song to every letter in her name.

The performance strongly struck a chord with the audience and the teachers, whose eyes could be seen welling up with tears. How lucky are we to know someone who makes saying goodbye so hard. But at the same time, being aware of her exceptional talents and higher potentiality we wish her success and happiness for all her future endeavours! Sonal Sharma and Ms. Yogesh Patel. He has been working in the area of School Mental Health for more than three decades now.

Eminent experts Srimati Prerana Shrimali, Dr. Puru Dadheech, Dr. The theme was, choreography, Pakhawaj ang , sahitya and language of Kathak dance. The workshop consisted of a number of technical details which widened the horizon of the participants. A very enriching programme indeed. The Class of was bid adieu in a grand but solemn Valedictory function at Navrachana Sama on Friday, 27th April As the tradition goes the function began with the procession and customary lighting of the lamp.

Special Awards were given to 10 students. Our Chief Guest of the evening Shri Sharad Sagar, CEO of Dexterity Global, in his address he said that the freedom that they looking forward to in their college life will come with a lot of responsibility. What they do with this freedom is what actually matters.

He urged the students to understand the value of making correct decisions at the right time. A beautiful dance performance by our girls and the mellifluous rendition of shlokas by our choir group were successful in tugging at the heartstrings of the children and parents for whom this was the last formal event that they were attending. The highlight of the function was a solo performance by our Activity Coordinator Ms. Later each student was blessed with a tilak on the forehead, handed over the memento Year Book and the light by our Chairperson Mrs. Tejal Amin, Director Mrs. Bijoya Baksi, Acting Principal Mrs.

Smitha Dinesh, Trustee Mr. Sonali Desai. The program ended with a prayer by the students led by Section Incharge Dr. The program was followed by dinner during which students, parents and teachers and expressed mutual gratitude and regard. The Valedictory function was a complete amalgamation of emotion, solemnity and grandeur all packaged into one, a labour of love totally. It was indeed a pleasure to have with us, Our ex-student Aparajitha Venkat batch , on the 21st April'18 morning. She was a student par excellence while at Navrachana who had Mastered the art of striking a ballance between academics and her hearts' desire which is Bharatanatyam.

Aparajitha conducted a session on the advantages of a integrated Under Graduate Course with a triple major. The students who attended the session were from std. They are Students with a keen interest in the Performing Arts. The interactive session gave the students a insight into the pursuit of ones passion while progressing in the choice of a course. The experience will most certainly help the students to makes choices that are closer to the heart and will eventually make a difference.

Aparajitha is filled with gratitude and owes her stellar performance toNavrachana. We are extremely proud of our students who have excelled in their chose paths and wish Aparajitha all the very best in her future endeavours. Students of class VI started the new academic session by performing an activity to learn the concept of nutrition through hands on activity.

Students observed the germination of different seeds over a period of time. They also made healthy salads out of these sprouts. This activity helped them to understand the importance of protein in daily diet. Sudha Narayan, Ms. Anshu Shore and Ms. Sumana Chatterjee. Not quite far from Vadodara , the location makes you appreciate the marvel of nature with its enriching and intriguing collection of plant species ,15 species of snakes and various other reptiles and butterfly species.

It is a calm and peaceful place to spend minimal 3 hours borrowed from the routine pace of life. The guides are knowledgable and explain the intricate details of nature's creations. Not only organic plants like tomato,brinjal,lettuce and water cabbage are cultivated here, the place is also endowed with medicinal plants like "munnai" and the Malabar nut. Apart from these , plants like the mickey mouse plant, king's mantle, "datura" and fountain plant can be observed there.

The "ahha moment" was to touch the famous "touch me not", its scientific name being Mimosa pudica. The butterflies smitten one as they flutter about from the host to nectar plant. Keep your eyes and ears open to observe snakes and insects under ambush. The visit concluded with a documentary on nature and day ended with reverie about the place and memoirs collected. Santosh Tewari Kitchen Incharge were given a tearful farewell by the students and staff of Navrachana in two separate functions.

The morning assembly became a memorable one for all present there. Varghese sir retired from after serving Navrachana for 32 years, a lifetime devoted to the noble profession of teaching. Students and teachers spoke about his expertise in Science, his commitment towards work and his loyalty towards the only institution that he served his entire career.

Highly revered by students and teachers when a teacher like Varghese sir retires, an era ends. There were songs and speeches, all expressing the love and regard that Varghese sir earned for himself all these years. Tewari ma'am rightly referred to as the 'Queen of the Navrachana Kitchen', was bid adieu in a similar manner. Members of the staff and student community were all praises swearing by the dedication and devotion that she personifies. The highlight of the morning program was the speech by our ex student Dr.

Faisal Sheikh who very skilfully summed up the feelings of love and regard in students that these two veteran teachers of Navrachana have earned over the years. The afternoon session was replete with recalled memories that generated an emotionally charged atmosphere The long association, the bonds, the very strong loyalty reflected in the speeches and songs by the Science Department, Male staff members and the address by the Principal and Director among others. One could feel the heaviness of hearts and the rolling down of tears on each one's cheeks even in the darkness of the Auditorium when the films made for Varghese Sir and Tewari maam wwre being shown.

Two veterans of Navrachana have taken a bow but have set a benchmark that each teacher should strive to achieve in his or her career. We will miss you Varghese Sir and Tewari Ma'am! With the academic year over, students are now relaxing and enjoying the activities of their choice. The programme began from the 16th March'18 to 24th March' Glimpses of the activities Vacation Programme is an 8 days activity programme organised for students after their final assessments are over.

This year about students attended the programme. Students are simply enjoying their chosen activity. On 22nd an outdoor trekking was organised at Isha Upavan. Glimpses of the day's camp. They were accompanied by their History teacher Ms. Nigama Kataria. The day was marked by a social impact program, wherein the kitchen staff was sent off to watch the socially inspiring film 'Padman'.

The Gentlemen Teachers of the school organized a small icecream treat for the lady teachers amidst entertainment, speeches and songs. The purple brigade then took off for a Luncheon date to celebrate womanhood. Some snippets from the day. Students were asked to make a working model of house hold utilities that can help their mother in day to day chores. Students came out with excellent prototypes which was truly impressive. It was an energy efficient cooking range that works on sensors.

It is amazing to see the rise in level of innovations year after year. These kind of Competitions will facilitate our future Innovators Kudos to all the team. Students of Heritage Crafts from class 12 Humanities and their teacher Ms. Nigama Kataria visited a special exhibition hosted by Bhasha at Faculty of Finearts on 17th January They interacted with artisans from 8 states of India, learnt about their traditional handicrafts.

A Lec-dem on classical music was organised on 6th Feb' The simplicity and humble nature was something that touched everyone. They explained their respective instruments so beautifully, and later played different music pieces, this left the students speechless. Feedback of our students will in itself show the effect it had on our students. A sombre homage to our revered Savitaben.

All of us went down memory lane. Each one narrating the beautiful experiences that we had with our founder. Glimpses of the function. Highlights of the day, cultural programme handled by Navprerna students.

Unearthing menstrual wisdom – Why we don’t go to the temple, and other practices

Job well done. The senior boys helped these children to fly kites. An awareness session was held to sensitize the students about injuries that the kite strings cause to birds and precautions to be taken while flying kites. They were also briefed to avoid flying kites specially during early morning and late evening when the birds are going to and fro to their nests.

Helpline numbers were also given to the children. Forest Department Mr. Anil Gohil Mr. Anki Gossip Mr. Shiva Sihanouk Golden Jubilee celebrations keep rolling! Great going Aavaa!! Here's to you making running a life long passion!! Inter House Clay Modelling Competition. Classes 4, 5, 6. This took place on 22nd Dec' The topic for them was " expressions".

They came up with wonderful ideas and expressions. Joy and happiness!! It was a day of carol singing, dancing, lip smacking Christmas brunch and knowing about the Christmas symbols. Carol singers from the Church were here to sing for us, one of them was our ex-student Mr. Seasons Greetings to all. Eby Kurien and Mr.

Indian Pleasures 3 - Gargi's Special Garba by Aliva Bida

Tushar Upadhyay attended the conference on 16th and 17th December. The conference focused on educational technology and digital pedagogies for building peaceful and sustainable societies, towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal. Chandrababu Naidu. Eminent speakers like Mr. Surely Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will dominate the education of the future. He is a 17 year old basketball player and is passionate about the game. National Mathematics Day was celebrated on the occasion of birthday of the great Indian mathematician S.

Std 7, 8 and 9 had classroom activities, which included murder mystery, solving crossword and 3-D puzzles. In addition to the Math Day pictures is a very interesting activity-A Human chain was made to represent The Hardy-Ramanujan number by students of class 10 and Students came out with beautiful arrangements and ideas. Results are as Students expressed their views on safety and shared their knowledge with the class..

They were given a worksheet on safety. They then did an activity where they wrote slogans on safety which were put up on the bulletin board. On 6th of December students of Std 11 Geography students along with their teacher Ms. The visit enriched the students with more knowledge on minerals and fossils. Two lecturers from the department -Ms Mitali Trivedi and Ms Ankita Ray took the students around the faculty explaining the geological map of Gujarat, palaeontology, minerals, corals etc.

The students also understood the formation of minerals,geological structure,physical characteristic and their uses. The specimens at the museum were fascinating - fossil of dinosaur egg, tortoise ,wood , shell of gaint snail , jaws of a horse ,huge corals etc. Students learnt to differentiate between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Overall, it was a very interesting, informative and an enriching experience for all. Std XI students accompanied by their teachers Ms. Shailaja Nair Entrepreneurship and Ms. A student reports : When we the entrepreneurs stepped out of our classes today, we expected and hoped to see and learn something new and out of the box.

Tej Patel made it possible in the best way he could, we not only gained unfamiliar and different knowledge but seeing what we learned in the class being applied in an industry made us relate with the process. Techno Led is brand under Techno Electromech Pvt. Tej explained the parts and the making of the Led lights in the most innovative way, by making us imagine that we were LED lights.

He informed us how the Led chip, PCB and mattress, driver, circuit and lenses are used and whether they are outsourced or made in house. The parts made in house were seen being developed by us as we saw our ex — student in working mode answering our million questions the most patiently he could, the third generation entrepreneur went through nostalgia with his teachers by his side. The values of Navrachana could be seen reflecting as the factory is a fully socially responsible industry.

We absorbed and seeped in the more we could and in the end would like to thank Mr. Tej Patel for this opportunity. Junior school celebration. Fun facts, medley by subject teachers who rocked the stage and began the day with loads of happiness. People today are talking about lack of job opportunities in India for the youth, but this is a myth because the 21st century new job prospects are completely different from the conventional careers that our children are exposed to.

Saighal retired to address the students and their parents about India's emerging career options. General Saighal is a decorated soldier and has worked extensively in the field of Education and Disaster Management. He is a multifaceted personality who has addressed thousands of parents and students across 20 different states of India.

A familiar face on national television, the General has contributed to Nation Building in a variety of ways. The beautifully decorated Garba ground was very inviting and rocked every moment. Wonderful, melodious music by our very own Ashita Limaye, Sachin Limaye and lovely Kavya was soul rendering as well as heart throbbing that had the audience wooing and dancing with full fervour and gay abandon.

Superb ideas executed brilliantly. The happy n joyous mood n spirit set a beautiful tone Navrachana Sama. Wonderful prizes were given away in various categories for the Best Dancer, Best costume for all age groups from tiny tots to senior citizen, Bumper prizes and prizes for Navprerna as well as group prizes were the highlight of the evening.

Thank you sponcers for the wonderful gifts. The evening began with homage to The Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, followed by a social message by the Navrachana Swachhata Dal that was "To create a culture of cleanliness" The Swachagraha Garba echoed the ideology to celebrate Garba in a cleaner and responsible way. Join us for a night of fantastic music, by our very own Ashita Limaye, fellow Navrachanites, Ratri after Navratri.

Book the date: 2nd Oct' The day started by gathering in the Jr. Auditorium for a brain storming session Teachers brainstormed and gave their suggestions and solutions to combat this menace In this new age of technology where information is just a click away At Navrachana we believe in trying out something new at every stage Being the Golden Jubilee Year After a bubling cauldron we moved to dining hall for breakfast and hurriedly boarded the bus for an extended celebration cum picnic on account of Teacher's Day The teachers had surprises in store for them The day ended with Best Teachers Award through voting And cash prizes for different games A big thankyou to the Management and Our Light House Baksi Maam.

Happy Teachers Day to all of you! Chapter Venue :Navrachana School Sama. Glimpse into the short term "Geetmala vocal music workshop. Students went through an enjoyable journey of an array of songs. Some devotional, patriotic and fun songs. The performance at the end of the 6 days workshop enthralled the parents. Music certainly does bring joy and smiles, especially when the presenters are young talented children.

Madhumita Nandi Ms. Rupani Anand. This workshop focused on integrating art with other subjects. Art teachers from all over Gujarat attended this workshop. A total of 18 Schools participated in this event. The Tech Wizzers of class IX under the Supervision and guidance of our director Ms Bijoya Baksi and the computer department organised a total of 5 events. Janhvi Kapoor gets flirty in a strapless dress Effortlessly chic yet sexy, the actor looked ravishing in red.

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The actor walked for Narendra Kumar's show in favour of sustainability in fashion. What's Divya Khosla trying to say? When celebs have fun at fashion week. Wrestling does not frighten Geeta Phogat. THIS does Now, that's a great way to show off your abs! Close pals Maria and Mini caught up with the latest Fashion trends. What's a chef and wrestler doing at fashion week? The fierce and feminine collection was a toast to powerful women who are beautiful too. They're BOLD! They're HOT! Designer Payal Singhal gathers the stars for her show. What models really eat in a day The gorgeous Gayatri Hariharan's fitness and food tips.

These models are beach ready. Are you? Rajdeep Ranawat's new resort line is stunning. What a summer collection This summer collection that will knock your socks off! Pix: Pooja flaunts her curves in sheer and silver See what your favourite celebs wore to fashion week. The woman behind India's hottest supermodels Alesia Raut reveals what it really takes to be a successful model.

The actor wants the prime minister to do something about the duty free shops at the airport. This dusky Indian beauty has an important message for you Model Akshara Balakrishna, 21, tells us what it is like to be a dark skinned model in India. Roshni's super-hot sari avatar! Here's a shout-out to Gauri and Nainika from their celeb friends.

Aren't they stunning? Cuteness overload! Why women love Varun Bahl The designer's pret line is feminine, modern and stylish. Pix: The bad boys of fashion are here! We bet you can't handle their hawtness! For the first time, the GenNext show had an all women batch. First look: Lakme Fashion Week begins Hitesh Harisinghani gives us a sneak peek of Jio Gardens, the venue for fashion week 3 hotels with outstanding food!

Pix: The hottest models at fashion week A transgender, a professional diver and a dusky beauty are among the hotties who'll walk at Lakme Fashion Week this season. The story of India, retold through fashion Gaurav Gupta returns to the LFW ramp after four years to give a new meaning to centuries old crafts. Why is Smriti Irani thanking Sachin Tendulkar? The textile ministry had organised a show at Elephanta Caves in Mumbai to promote the artisans and revive arts and culture.

Planning to visit Thailand? You have reason to celebrate! These measures are part of initiatives by these nations to attract Indian tourists, says Aneesh Phadnis. Why the Internet can't stop obsessing over this curvy model Is curvy model Taylor the new Ashley Graham in the making? She wants to change the way Indians dress 'Stop wearing clothes which might be trendy, but doesn't go well with your body type. Kareena Kapoor's secret is out The actor, who will be the showstopper for LFW's grand finale, revealed her love for lipsticks and the colour she has always loved. Seriously sexy!

Wild and wacky! Ranveer stuns in a pink suit The actor nailed the psychedelic look on the cover of CineBlitz. Did Yami Gautam wear a fake Dior dress?

Non Stop Dandiya Raas Garba - Best Gujarati Dandiya & Garba Songs Of 2018

According to DietSabya, a fashion critic, the actor wore a ripoff. These food pix are so satisfying Rediff readers shared these tempting pictures of food. Why the Internet is making fun of Disha Patani Disha's erroneous Instagram post received a lot of flak. Naomi's braless look is not for the faint hearted The model, who returned to the Valentino runway after 14 years, left little to the imagination.

Readers' pix: India's architectural wonders Rediff readers shared these interesting photographs of India from their travels. Urvashi Rautela puts on a racy display Urvashi might give Victoria's Secret models a serious complex with her Maxim India photo shoot. One sari a day! Kangana channels her inner Manikarnika These pics prove that Kangana Ranaut is, in fact, living up to her Manikarnika image with such ease. Pics: Alessandra Ambrosio is a bikini beauty The model, who visited Florianopolis, a Brazilian destination off the Southern Coast, shared her vacay pics on Instagram.

This Victoria's Secret model deserves your attention How Aisha Sharma shut down her haters 'Your comments about my body is a reflection of an insecurity about yours,' the model-actor wrote on Instagram. Did this model forget to wear her top? The Berlin Fashion Week threw up some unusual style trends. Kareena, Malaika's T-shirt sends a powerful message Through their T-shirts, Kareena and Malaika dropped a subtle hint about what they're thinking.

The Kala Ghoda festival this year will be special! It turns 20 and Mumbai will celebrate, says Avantika Bhuyan. Designers refuse to dress rockstar Her EPIC revenge! Bebe Rexha called out designers who didn't dress her for Grammys as she's 'too big'. Lily Aldridge shows off her baby bump Lily Aldridge has been documenting her pregnancy on her Instagram timeline. At 3 ft 4 in, she's the sexiest dwarf model you'll see LA-based dwarf model Dru Presta uses her Instagram to talk about body positivity and mental health. Kangana rules the ramp in green Kangana Ranaut, who went all out to embrace sustainable fashion on the ramp, has a simple message for you.

Beach bum! Pics: How these celebs looked 10 years ago Celebs are nailing the 10yearchallenge. Josephine Skriver is an underwater baby VS model Josephine Skriver, who has just returned from Ecuador, shared pics of her holiday. StyleDiaries: Shilpa Shetty stuns in pink A weekly roundup of the best and worst styles from the celebrity circuit. Rediff's foodies have shared these tempting food pictures. Sanya is a breathtaking bride in black Pix: How to be a showstopper bride Consider the venue, decor and outfit before finalising what hairstyle will suit you best.

Diana Penty sizzles on the ramp The actor was the showstopper for designer Rohit Bal, who presented his spring-summer collection. IndiaPhotos: Have you been to Pooh in Himachal? Rediff readers share their best travel photographs. Ayushmann Khurrana's wife goes bald, wins the Internet Tahira, who wrapped up her final chemo, finally got rid of her hair extensions and is rocking the bald look.

Emma puts on a fiery display Putting on a busty display, the actor flashed a hint of her lace bra on Grazia Italy's January cover. Recipe: How to make undhiyu Chef Paras Menariya shares his special recipe. Serena Williams' message for her daughter 'I want her to know that being strong is never easy. Not in this world we are living in.

Is Priya Prakash copying Deepika Padukone? The newcomer wore a black and gold dress similar to the one Deepika had worn to the Oscars' party in Pongal Special: How to make tamarind rice Celebrate Pongal with this delightful recipe. Mary Kom packs a punch The boxing champ is Femina's cover girl for January. Makar Sankranti Special: Dryfruit ladoo and til chikki Home chef Siddhi Panchal shares two sugar-free recipes for the festival. The story behind Sonam's lehenga will melt your heart After being called out for wearing a 'plagiarised' Anamika Khanna outfit, Sonam Kapoor came to her designer friend's rescue.

Pics: Amyra Dastur hits the beach in a bikini Amyra Dastur kicked off in the best possible way. Take a look at her pics. Justin-Hailey's steamy kiss features on mag cover The newly weds look sensational in their first mag cover. JLo will set your screen on fire The singer, actress, and mother opens up about finding love and how she's survived 30 years in show business.

Simple, comforting winter food pics for you! These food pics seem so right for winter. Being Vicky Kaushal. StyleDiaries: Sonam shows off her dramatic side! Share your Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri recipes with us Tell us how you are preparing for the harvest season. Radhika Apte looks like a Greek goddess The actor took to Instagram to share pics from a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot, in which she looks like a legit goddess. However, this time she's taking aim at becoming America's next top mogul.

Why is everyone talking about Alia's sleeves? The actor looked every inch the Bollywood diva for the trailer launch of Gully Boy.

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Recipes: Chettinad nandu rasam, Fish musallam and more These regional dishes will tease your taste buds. Swara Bhaskar welcomed on a sexy note! This couple is giving a new life to India's landmarks Varsha Nair and Vivek Wagh are painting India on whatever canvas is possible. Amyra Dastur flaunts her bare abs! Chiseled abs, strong arms and toned legs Will you try Deepika paratha thaali for Rs ? A Pune restaurant is serving thalis named after famous Indian celebrities. At 53, Elizabeth Hurley's bikini pic is giving us life goals The model turned actor showed off her perfect bod in a blue bikini.

These photos of India will inspire you to travel Rediff readers shared these stunning postcards from their travels. Jlo's bold look will leave you swooning Entertainer, actor, style icon, the glamorous Jennifer Lopez is InStyle Australia's cover girl. How Ariel Winter hit back at trolls who body shamed her Seems like she has had enough of bizarre allegations. This is what Ayushmann does in his spare time. Sanya Malhotra looks like a dream in this bridal avatar Her look will definitely take you by surprise. You can share yours too here RediffFoodies. Why Dua Lipa is such a style icon Presenting 8 best looks from the singer, songwriter and style icon that we'd like to see again in Malaika, Shilpa or Sara: Whose style is better?

Take this poll and tell us who looked the best! What will Hollywood eat at the Golden Globes? Here's what the A-list attendees will be eating at the awards show. This model flaunted her stretch marks and won the Internet Roz Purcell wants you to embrace your marks and love your body the way it is. Can you solve the mystery in Taapsee's life? Making a glamorous appearance on the cover of Grazia magazine, Taapsee Pannu revealed the mystery she has been trying to solve.

Ranveer wants to try Deepika dosa. What about you?


We bet it's too tempting to refuse. How celebs welcomed Celebs across the world brought in the New Year with style. Would you dare to eat a raw salmon lollipop? It is all set to replace the classic flavoured lollipops. Dusky and beautiful! This Indian beauty is breaking stereotypes 'Small, petite desi girl' Hamel Patel is breaking boundaries for herself and for women around her. Chanakya's 10 golden rules for success Attend all classes.

Take notes. Ask questions. Cocktail recipes for your New Year's eve party Presenting two interesting recipes for your guests. Let these celebs inspire you.

This Kingfisher model's pix will beat your winter blues Feast your eyes on Shubra Aiyappa's photographs from Kingfisher calendar. Meet 's style icon Portuguese model Sara Sampaio brings to a close with a glamorous cover. Readers' special: The best travel pix from India These are just some of the best travel photographs sent in by our readers.

Russia supermodel's nearly naked cover leaves little to the imagination Revealed! What Indians love to have for lunch A look at 's food trends. StyleDiaries: Vaani Kapoor will make your heart beat a little faster A weekly roundup of the best and worst styles from the celebrity circuit. In Pics: Delicious food that are sure to impress The best of food pics this week.

Top places to travel in Make sure that these places feature in your travel bucket list. Deepika celebrates her success with a sizzling new cover 'Superstar' Deepika Padukone graces Filmfare's January cover. Tarot predictions: What's in store for you in ? Author and tarot fortune teller Karmel Nair tells you what to expect in How to fight your fears: Lessons from a rape survivor In this excerpt from the book Here and Beyond, author Rashmi shares the story of a survivor.

Swimsuit model reveals the dark side of social media Andrea Christina talks about being bullied and shamed on social media. Sush, Kareena, Disha: The hottest showstoppers of Meet the spotlight stealers on the ramp. Christmas special: Mince pie and mini pull-apart cobs How models are celebrating Christmas These festive photographs will instantly light up your mood. Christmas recipes: How to make a Yule Log and more It's time to impress your guests with some Christmas delicacies.

Christmas pix: Colourful trees, cribs and more Rediff readers shared these photographs of their celebrations. A Christmas feast that's good for your heart! This Christmas, make an effort to have a heart-friendly feast, says Priyanka Rohatgi. Best of 10 breathtaking photos of India These are some of the best photographs of India shared by you, our readers.

Christmas recipe: How to make a classic pumpkin pie Ring in the festive season with a customary Christmas dish. How to make a Chocolate Christmas fruit cake To make your Christmas celebrations cheerful, Chef Ranveer Brar has created some decadent treats. Like Priyanka's reception look? Old-fashioned Christmas treats for you You'll love these simple recipes. How Indians will travel in Technology is a top priority, whether it's a faster check-out system, vital Wi-Fi or USB ports in rooms, today's travellers need to be constantly connected Hot pix: Beyonce's sensational looks from Africa Trust Beyonce to bid a stylish farewell to Why Priyanka, Saina picked blue for their special day Not just the brides, blue seems to be a favourite among the bridesmaids too.

Hail these Unique India Dishes! Pics: Traditional Christmas celebrations across the world Head to these places to enjoy a traditional Christmas celebration. The perfect Turkey recipe for Christmas Your loved ones will love these fancy treats from chef Manish Kusumwal.

Lisa Haydon is back -- and backless! Lisa Haydon graced The Peacock Magazine's party issue. This mum recycles old, ugly clothes to save money 'I take outdated clothes and turn it into new' says mother of three Sarah Tyau. Pix: The hottest mag covers of See how these gorgeous girls battled covering for their sensational magazine covers this year.

First look! And the new Miss Universe is This bride isn't afraid to rock an indigo lehenga Red is clearly not Saina Nehwal's colour. For her engagement too, she looked stunning in a powder blue and pink lehenga. Kangana is red hot in a plunging gown Deepika, Priyanka or Sonam: Vote for the most beautiful bride in red Which of these celebrity brides looked best in their red bridal look.

Take the poll now. In Pics: The making of India's next supermodel Ever wondered what it is like to actually audition for India's biggest model talent hunt? Isha Ambani stuns in a Sabyasachi lehenga The new bride looked lovely at a reception hosted by the Ambanis for the larger Reliance family.

See a Problem?

Jennifer Aniston's cover will make you go 'wow' The Friends' actor wore her heart on her sleeves as she revealed what's important to her in an interview with Elle USA. In pix: Postcards from Agra Rediff reader shared these photographs from his travels. StyleDiaries: Deepika brings sexy back! These pics will give you serious foodie goals The best of food pics this week. India's national costume for Miss Universe Miss India Universe Nehal Chudasama's national costume at the pageant was inspired by scenes from the movie Rudrama Devi.

Bride Isha wore Nita Ambani's wedding sari Nita Ambani had worn the sari nearly 35 years ago, on her wedding day. Deepika vs Aishwarya: Who wore the red sari better? Take the poll given below and let us know. Ashanti breaks the Internet in a sexy black jumpsuit The yr-old American artist oozes glam on Paper magazine's digital cover. How Manish Malhotra dressed bride Isha Ambani While the to-be bride looked resplendent in pink, her mother wowed in a vermillion silk lehenga. When Deepika hugged Aishwarya Deepika bonded with Aishwarya. Anil Kapoor and wife mingled with the Thackerays.

Stretch it out like this yogini Yogini Nacy Singh has become an Instagram sensation with over 12, followers. Bani J's cool bridal avatar will impress you Brides Today just unveiled their latest cover which features four incredible women, including Bani J in a new avatar. Kiara, Janhvi look stunning at Isha Ambani's sangeet Meet some of the best dressed at the pre-wedding party.

Vote: Which Indian designer dressed Beyonce best? The singer wore three different outfits. Tell us which one impressed you the most. Sidharth Malhotra's got a new job The actor took to Instagram to reveal more details. Karisma channels her inner princess. Disha Patani exudes elegance Share your favourite Christmas recipes Tell us what you are cooking for Christmas this year. Share your recipes and photographs. Miss World 's dream journey in pics Inside Isha Ambani's pre-wedding celebrations It could well be one of the richest weddings this year.

Deepika stuns in a curve-hugging bodysuit For the final cover of GQ's 10th anniversary year, the mag features Deepika Padukone. Pix: Beyonce, the real diva at Isha Ambani's pre-wedding bash. These photos of India will refresh your mind Rediff readers shared these interesting photos of India from their travels. When Sabyasachi dressed Oprah Winfrey Oprah looked elegant, draped in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee sari, as she graced the cover of Elle's 22nd anniversary edition. In pix: It's a beach party! Abs-olutely hot! Sonakshi puts on a racy display. Pix: Manushi's bikini pics are weekend goals The Miss World is enjoying her final moments before the crown gets its new winner.

These food pics will tickle your taste buds GoT star Sophie Turner's got some serious desi swag A weekly roundup of the best and worst styles from the celebrity circuit. Priyanka's naked dress is downright sexy Deepika vs Beyonce: Who wore the ruffled look better? Vote now! We can't decide which of the two divas wore it better. Kim's sparkling Versace dress will make you blush TV personality Kim Kardashian stole the limelight at Versace's pre-fall collection for its first show in New York.

Will Janhvi prove Sridevi wrong? The story behind Priyanka's showstopping lehenga Priyanka Chopra made a gorgeous bride in silver at the Delhi reception. Deepika goes pantless on Forbes cover The actor graced the mag's special Celebrity list. Everything you need to know about Priyanka's wedding gown Nick Jonas too picked a custom Ralph Lauren tuxedo with the words 'My Jaan' embroidered on the lapel. Hot alert! Katrina Kaif demands your attention Katrina rocked curls and a plunging neckline on the cover of Vogue India.

Meet Miss Universe's first transgender contestant Spain's Angela Ponce, 26, is the first transgender contestant in the history of the Miss Universe pageant. The lingerie quiz you must take! Can you guess the type of lingerie by their functions? Want to be a DJ? Read this! Yami puts on a leggy display in strapless gown The actor flaunted her flawless figure in a Monisha Jaising creation for the cover of Femina Wedding Times. How Priyanka created history at her wedding The actor-model became the first celebrity to wear a wedding gown designed by Ralph Lauren.

Take a look at some of her fun pics. Hello gorgeous! Sonakshi is a princess in lilac Meet the new fashion darling. Off-duty chic! Shilpa's sari pants are super sexy A weekly roundup of the best and worst styles from the celebrity circuit. Feast your eyes! Delicious food pics shared by readers. KJo calls Malaika's outfit 'tacky. Take the poll and tell us what you think. Loved Deepika's reception look? See who created it The designer duo reveal how they put together Deepika Padukone's reception look.

Why Shraddha, Dia love this fashion designer Kresha Bajaj's store launch had plenty celebs in attendance. Isha Ambani's graha shanti pooja pics The stunning to-be bride dazzled in a hand-embroidered Sabyasachi Mukherjee lehenga. This gorgeous bombshell wants you to STOP counting calories Think you are not worthy of wearing a swimsuit?

Read on! Kalki was asked to get Botox for her laughter lines. What's cooking in chef Garima Arora's kitchen? Garima Arora is winning hearts across the world with her fantastic culinary skills Behold! The badass bride is here Yami Gautam channeled her inner diva on the cover of Khush Wedding. Pix: When Ranveer brought out Deepika's wild side The newly weds are setting new fashion goals.

Beware of the TikTok app It's this quick rate of adoption that also makes them susceptible to danger. Aditi's look will cast a spell on you Sporting nude make up, the actor graced the cover of Femina's lasted cover. Pix: Beautiful places to travel in India Rediff readers shared these interesting India-Photos from their travels. Comedian Bharti Singh just revealed what it's to be a plus-size bride 'People will stare. Make it worth their while,' she said. DeepVeer's wedding planner has a beautiful message for the couple Their wedding planner Vandana Mohan has been posting beautiful messages for the couple on her Instagram feed.

In Photos! Mouth-watering seafood thalis, bread pancakes and more Presenting the best of food pics we saw this week. Have you shared yours yet? Why Shibani Dandekar is the ultimate beach inspo Her bikini pictures will inspire your next holiday. Jahnvi Kapoor stuns in a beautiful princess look A weekly roundup of the best and worst styles from the celebrity circuit.

Deepika and this woman are inseparable! Loved how Deepika Padukone looked on her wedding? Then, it's time you thank this woman. Was Deepika's wedding look inspired by Kangana? Deepika Padukone just wore another bridal look and all we can say is WOW! Celeb-approved chocolate recipes for you These lip-smacking recipes will make your mouth water.

The 'real' story behind Deepika's wedding sari It is a real zari Kanjeevaram sari from the House of Angadi, Bengaluru. Mane attraction! Meet Ranveer Singh's devoted hair stylist. How model Elsa Hosk celebrated her 30th birthday The Victoria's Secret model probably had the best birthday ever! Deepika and Ranveer's wedding looks! Vote for your favourite Take the poll below and let us know. Dia Mirza is ravishing in green Oozing elegance, she strode the ramp for designers Shantanu and Nikhil in a structured gown.

Swara's floral lehenga is so flirty Swara Bhaskar brought some serious flower power to the ramp. Kim bares all for steamy new cover As Andrew Richardson's mag celebrates its 20th anniversary, Kim Kardashian graces its cover in a steamy photo shoot. Must see: Breathtaking photos of India Rediff readers share their travel photos.

This lingerie model has a message. Who's listening? The Victoria's Secret Angel looked badass in leather and lace on the cover of Glamour's November edition. Food pics for the hungry soul The best of food pics this week. Serena's black bodysuit is downright sexy The tennis champion's daring bodysuits made a comeback on the latest GQ cover.

Kiara Advani stuns in playful pink separates The world premiere of Cirque du Soleil's 43rd original production Bazzar in Mumbai was a night to remember. He's the man behind Deepika and Ranveer's wedding photographs A fashion and portrait photographer, he was born and raised in Athens. Amitabh, Jaya and a musical book launch Why DeepVeer are Sabyasachi's favourite couple The designer had expressed his desire to dress up the couple in Wait, what! Manushi Chhillar takes a walk on the wild side Pix: DeepVeer lovers celebrate mehendi in India The other celebrity couple who got married at Lake Como Chrissy Teigen and John Legend tied the knot at the picturesque location five years ago.

What's common between Virushka's and DeepVeer's wedding? Both the celeb couples have a lot in common. Why are Korean women destroying their makeup? Radhika Apte smoulders in black She looks so freaking incredible that you'll find it impossible to take your eyes off her. Who dresses bride Deepika Padukone the best? This red carpet is insanely stylish Bella Hadid rocked a gown with plunging neckline, Candice Swanepoel went down the sheer route.

Rakulpreet Singh shows off her fit frame Fitness is the new sexy and the actor is all the proof one needs. Stunning pix of India that'll make you fall in love From snow-capped mountains to pristine beaches, Rediff readers have covered them all. Adriana Lima retires from the ramp After walking the Victoria's Secret ramp for 19 years, the Brazilian model walked her last show.

Make way for the 'king of all things cool' The actor reigns on the cover of Filmfare's latest edition. These pix will make you hungry in seconds Rediff readers share their favourite moments. Have you seen Shraddha's constellation lehenga? Stand with Kerala. Go to Kerala folks! Diwali How to make flavoured coconut laddoos Food blogger Siddhi Panchal shares her Diwali recipes. Train to Lhasa 'It is about the warmth of its people: Unsaid, unspoken, but felt everywhere,' discovers Shruti Bajpai. Mouthwatering Diwali recipes you cannot resist You simply cannot resist these.

Diwali recipes: Coconut halwa and palak mathri Food blogger Siddhi Panchal shares her Diwali recipes. Dia Mirza will get you in the festive spirit Dressed in her Diwali best, the actor looks lovely on her latest cover. Share your Diwali pix How are you celebrating Diwali?