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Choose class of service. Please fill all fields. Clear flight details I haven't booked my flight yet. Synopsis Following up on new leads, Wayne and Roland track down a man who left the police force in the midst of the Purcell investigation.

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More Info Audio Languages English. Genres Drama. Episodes No episodes 8.

You may also enjoy WACO ; 60 mins ;. Chief constables and police authorities are required to consult local staff associations before deciding their local scheme. This scheme is about making extra payments to special priority posts in local schemes.

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Forces should put in place a procedure whereby a postholder in a designated post may ask for a review of a decision to exclude him from payment on the grounds that he is not fully competent in and highly committed to the duties and responsibilities of the post, as set out in paragraph 4 of Appendix C. The PNB Agreement requires police authorities and chief constables to target their local schemes on frontline operational officers in particular, and to apply the criteria outlined above.

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The scheme envisages local schemes being tailored to the requirements of local circumstances. The scheme provides flexibility for managers to reward those posts where individuals are required to operate above and beyond the norm for the rank and to enable managers to respond to local management issues and requirements.

In developing local schemes, the PNB Official Side recommends that police authorities and forces give particular weight in their considerations to:. Local schemes should also have regard to the policing priorities agreed in the annual policing plan, which, in England and Wales, must take into account the Home Secretary's strategic priorities for the police service as set out in the National Policing Plan. Local schemes should demonstrate that chief officers and police authorities have correctly applied the scheme criteria and this guidance in finalising their list of qualifying posts; and that the types of posts that were most important in terms of national and local policing priorities have been rewarded.

Finally, local schemes should not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or any other immaterial factor. Forces will have to take account of the National Insurance contributions payable on the payments. The minimum costs for each year of the scheme are intended to include employer's NI contributions. The first payment to postholders, in December , will be based on the number of months, between April and December , that the postholder has spent in a qualifying post. The payment to postholders in December will be based on the number of months, between January and December , that the postholder has spent in a qualifying post.

It is the responsibility of chief officers and police authorities to ensure that their schemes comply with the PNB Agreement of 9 May , as amended by the PNB Agreement of 24 October , and have regard to this Official Side guidance. They will be taxable but not pensionable and will be paid as a single lump sum in December. Amy Schumer believes Meghan Markle will have 'the worst' time at royal wedding Rishma Dosani 17 May 'All of my friends were high and drunk at my wedding. New Isis video shows Ronaldo and Messi being beheaded at the World Cup Tom Usher 17 May The terrorist group have threatened to behead the two best footballers in the world at this years event in Russia.

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