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Thursday, Sept. 12: "Wounded, A Legacy of Operation Iraqi Freedom" book signing

The extensive use in armed conflict of cluster bombs, which contain large numbers of submunitions, uniquely threatens the civilian population. June Order this report View Online Civilian Deaths in the NATO Air Campaign Despite precautions, including the use of a higher percentage of precision-guided munitions than in any other major conflict in history, civilian casualties occurred. On the basis of this investigation, Human Rights Watch has found that there were ninety separate incidents involving civilian deaths during the seventy-eight day bombing campaign.

Some Yugoslav civilians are known to have died in these incidents.

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February Needless Deaths in the Gulf War Civilian Casualties During the Air Campaign and Violations of the Laws of War This report applies the rules of war governing international armed conflicts to examine civilian casualties and damage to civilian objects from bomb and missile attacks carried out by the allied forces against Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, and from missile attacks by Iraq against Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. A version of that report, written by Kenneth Anderson and Juan E.

With respect to the United States forces, our report concluded that the tactics and weapons utilized resulted in an inordinate number of civilian victims, in violation of specific obligations under the Geneva Conventions. For March estimates on Iraq, see here. The Brown University project estimated that together, all countries involved have lost a total of 31, uniformed service members and military contractors.

The study, which the authors state is the most comprehensive to date, also notes:. Twelve percent were attributed to car bombs.

The Iraq War's Legacy, 15 Years On

Dawn was approaching and the jet would make a prime target for Iraqi insurgents. Hrivnak was at the Garfield Book Store on Sept. In the end, Hrivnak had to order the C to take off, and leave wounded behind, so those already on board could be saved. Even though it was the right decision, he admits now, 10 years later, it still turns over like a well-worn stone in his mind.

#VeteranOfTheDay Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans - VAntage Point

The book chronicles Hrivnak during his time in the in Iraq, when Hrivnak was a captain and flight nurse in an Air Force medevac unit charged with caring for U. Hrivnak first started writing the book — although he had no idea his musings would end up in newspapers, a documentary and in the New Yorker — by scribbling notes to surgical tape and then sticking them to his flight suit while he was out in the field.

In the first Gulf War, he had memories of a quick deployment and few casualties, but this time was different, he said. This time, the casualties kept coming to overwhelmed nurses and doctors.

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