Manual Pellkartoffeln und Popcorn (German Edition)

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Auriez-vous une table de libre? A quelle heure ouvrez-vous? Could you order a taxi for me? Pourriez-vous me faire venir un taxi? What do you recommend? Que nous proposez-vous? What are the specials of the day? Is this the fixed-price menu? Is this fresh? Est-ce frais?

Is this local? Is this cheese made with rennet? Do you have a rennet-free cheese? Useful phrases for people on special diets etc. Est-ce que ce plat contient des noix? Drinks Can I see the wine list, please? Donnez-moi une bouteille de this wine ce vin-ci house red de vin rouge maison house white de vin blanc maison Is this wine? Est-ce un vin? Le vin Could I change this? Est-ce que je peux le changer pour autre chose? The meat is … La viande Pourquoi est-ce si long? Paying Could I have the bill? Is service included?

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Le service est-il compris? Can I pay by credit card? Menus In Germany, menus are usually only split into: Vorspeisen starters Hauptgerichte main courses Desserts desserts. Was empfehlen Sie? Welche Tagesgerichte haben Sie? Ist das die Tageskarte? Ist dies hier frisch? Kommt dies aus der Umgebung hier? Could we have Haben Sie etwas ohne Fleisch? Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

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Haben Sie vegetarische Gerichte? Is there a vegetarian restaurant Ist hier ein vegetarisches near here? I am diabetic Ich bin Diabetiker Does this dish contain nuts? Drinks Can I see the wine menu, please? Kann ich bitte die Weinkarte haben? Ist dieser Wein? Dieser Wein ist Complaints This is not what I ordered Das habe ich nicht bestellt I asked for Ich wollte Kann ich es umtauschen?

Salad with Pear and …

The meat is Das Fleisch ist Warum dauert es so lang? This is not clean Das ist nicht sauber. Was wurde hier berechnet? Ist die Bedienung eingeschlossen?

Wiktionary:About German/Todo/missing n-s

Nehmen Sie auch Reiseschecks? Kann ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen?

Getting to a restaurant Can you recommend a good Potrebbe consigliarmi un buon restaurant? A che ora aprite? Potreste chiamarmi un taxi? Cosa ci consiglia?

List of cabbage dishes

Quali sono i piatti del giorno? Can we see the a-la-carte menu? Possiamo vedere il menu alla carta? Per favore, potremmo avere Useful phrases for vegetarians I am … Sono Avete qualcosa senza carne? Avete dei piatti vegetariani? Avete un formaggio fatto senza caglio? Gustavo Fotolia. Raw pork fillet marinated with pepper, salt, fresh parsley, honey, paprika, cumin Magrig Fotolia.

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Healthy dinner JackF Fotolia. Biscoito de Polvilho Alexandre Fotolia. Minced meat soy and beef ArtCookStudio Fotolia. Pink Himalayan salt in white ceramic spoon on a white background Tatiana Fotolia. Pink massage sea salt background. Close up irenastar Fotolia. Salt on black background zcy Fotolia. Saint-Jacques scallops, carrots puree and biscuit on a slate Redzen Fotolia. Spa concept. White bath salt on the whit wooden background SmeyyeTuba Fotolia. Black background.

First published in Great Britain 2004

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Spa salt and stones aardenn Fotolia. Salt as background taffpixture Fotolia. Slow potato golden chips falling on the table close-up photosiber Fotolia. Roasted almonds on black background kaipong Fotolia. Homemade Crunchy Pita Chips made with whole wheat. Background from salted red salmon caviar slexp Fotolia.

#MicroCook-Kanne: Kartoffeln aus der Mikrowelle mit Kräuterquark

Crispy crouton with spices over wood table bymandesigns Fotolia. Pink Salt Background. Closeup background of brown salt crystals in a heap. Rich Fotolia. Popcorn pile isolated on black Toltemara Fotolia. Background of roasted peanuts Stockfotos-MG Fotolia. Roasted peanuts in wooden bowl isolated on white background.

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Sea salt in a glass with cork lid, black background Angela Rohde Fotolia. Glass bowl with himalaya salt on wooden background Michael Meijer Fotolia. Roasted Chickpea Alexandr Vlassyuk Fotolia. Next page. Are you new to Adobe Stock?