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I ordered a Large and it was not tight enough order one size smaller than measured and I contact Venom to exchange the product. They replied immediately and they did not have a Medium in stock and told me to keep my Large and they would send me the Medium free once it was back in stock. Sure enough 2 weeks later as described they sent me the other brace free. Fits great, feels great and I cannot state how amazing the customer service is with this company.

See All Buying Options. I've been suffering from tennis elbow for over a month. Not sure how the problem occurred, but it was pretty painful, both lifting things and sleeping. My doctor recommended a brace that goes around the forearm, which would relieve the pressure on the elbow itself. I'm pretty skeptical about these things, but frankly, what did I have to lose for the price? I have to say, it has worked wonders. I wore it for about 3 days straight, sleeping with it as well, and the pain has almost gone entirely, and that is after I've removed it, so whilst it is for pain relief, it also took the pressure off the elbow and allowed it some time to heal.

The relief was almost instant as well after putting it on for the first time.

Just be sure not to over tighten it. I did get a The cure for tennis elbow! Seriously love this thing. I work at a call center and using a computer all day for years got to me. My elbow felt like the joint was rotting away.

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I was in pain for several weeks before I finally had a doctor take a look and he had me wear a band for tennis elbow. I walked around with that on my forearm for about 5 years all day long. If I went more than thirty minutes on a computer without it on my elbow would flare up and hurt and get worse and worse even when not using the pc. I found this and read about the exercises with it and thought why not give it a try? Well I worked with it for about two weeks and really I didn't do that much with it I used it every day once sometimes Nelsen Arkansas. I have an average to skinny adult male forearm and it's almost too large for me.

That said it's very effective for my chronic epicondylitis. Update--when I first applied the device I had difficulty knowing what to do with the closures which ran in to one another.

What I have figured out is that you can put one in place on the velcro then the other one will stick to the back of the first one. Super high-quality and most importantly comfortable.

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The compression sleeve is really soft and has a nice elastic band around the top. You can immediately feel the added support. The fully adjustable forearm band allows you to easily target exactly where you need the support. The band is adjustable on both ends with this really smooth and super strong velcro.

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This is great because it lets you easily adjust the tightness depending on how much pressure you need. The cushion on the brace is just the right firmness, too. Excited to see what else is in store from these guys!! Thanks again! I recently suffer from tennis elbow and golf elbow. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now.

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Buy As Gift. Overview From bubble burst to government bailout, "Going Around My Elbow" recounts the challenges of today's economic impact on the family. Experience one man's journey discovering what it means to be a 21st Century husband and father. And, come to understand the power of unconditional love as a family survives life's obstacles by finding creative ways to maintain their ties and put bread on the table while living miles apart.

Product Details About the Author. Also means to haul ass , go go go etc. The results of a violent, messy collision or mishap involving the entanglement of two or more persons. Alright sweethearts, you heard the man! And you know the drill assholes and elbows! Assholes and Elbows work. A phrase meaning hard work. Typically used by a supervisor to order their subordinates to work harder.

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Originated as a military slang. All I want to see is assholes and elbows! MedFet Concentration camp Frind