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I was feeling like this when I recently started my first job as a manager. I was completely lost and I was scared to live my life with all the responsibilities I was given. But I learned with time that I need to breathe and soar because deep down I knew I was made for this. I was made to live my passions. To dream and to have nice fleeting moments that linger in my heart like blood coursing through our veins.

We spend so much of our time focusing on negative energy. When instead we can just lock the door to the negative and enter a wave of warmth and happiness. Every single one of us deserves to live and to smile!

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Sign in Get started. I really don't click with that kind of heroine as you might've guessed - no matter how adorable Jewel tries to make her with her blond hair, her dimple and her tiny everything tiny body, tiny arm, tiny hand - yeah, I got it. She's small. And as usually, all the other characters who are good, not the baddies , are beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. I can't help but roll my eyes at that. I miss the depth the first Bella Jewel books had. I miss heroines who could fall in love but still be strong and stand on their own.

My heart hurts but I think it's time for me to end my relationship with Bella Jewel's books. View all 9 comments. ARC Kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Lucy is married to Gerard and she is expecting her first child. One day will change everything.

Amongst the chaos, she will meet a man, a mysterious man, that will bring her world and her marriag upside down. Hunting for ARC Kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Hunting for a glimpse of the man who saved her, Lucy will put everything at risk to know his identity. Trying to prove that she isn't insane will threaten her already shaky relationship with her husband. The author has created a very intricate plotline with this one. It was elements of various themes and I think that is where the book lost me a bit.

I won't mention the themes but I can say that the premise was very promising and it could have been a solid 5 star read for me if the author hadn't tried to juggle so many things at once. My favorite character was our mysterious Hunter, for sure. He moved like a ghost and at first we never trully knew if he was real or if he only just existed in Lucy's imagination. Deal with it. Still, it made for interesting twists and turns. Overall, I enjoyed the ride and I would recommend it. Jul 15, Shay rated it it was amazing Shelves: top Like the strongest drug, like the most beautiful lie.

It had all I would ask for in a book. Love, angst, heartache, second chances. It wasn't what I was expecting yet had so much more. The story is pulled from current headlines that we see today but we never really see behind the scenes from a victims stand point after a tragic event has occurred. Her family thinks she is crazy. Imagining her h "He makes me feel okay again.

Imagining her hero that helped save her life. This tragic event changes her and at the time you believe everyone but her but then you cannot help but stand behind her from what she saw and what she experienced. The characters had alot of depth and versatility. The secondary characters being so much to the table too. I would just love to see their story.

I'm really trying to keep this spoiler free do all I'm gonna say is this is a must read! You go as fast as you came. Just a moment I can't hang on to. Please let me hang on. I must admit, I didn't expect an outcome like this one, but the story is unbelievable. A little bit hard to read, but that must be just my current mood :.

Jul 23, K. The book.. Life is a series of fleeting moments. Moments that pass you by—sometimes without recognition. We let moments define us and other times we let them destroy us. Those moments can be small, or they can be momentous. They can introduce love, belief, and strength, and they can take away passion, self-worth, and happiness. Every piece of our life is made up of moments To be different to the man I knew so well for so long.

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It picks your moments and it thrusts them upon you. After all, why would my perfect marriage be thrown into turmoil without a good reason? Why would my life and my moments be twisted until I could no longer recognize them? Sound great right? Yeah I thought it was awesome. And I was prepared for the painful and romantic journey ever We had Lucy who was married to her sweetheart, Gerard for 3 years in their 6-year-relationship.

Everything was perfect. Lucy was currently pregnant. They were happy. Gerard was nice. He was actually a perfect husband. They loved each other dearly I just knew that something was gonna happen and that gonna change Gerard Gerard surprised his beloved wife with tickets to watch baseball game which he knew Lucy loved. Lucy was disappointed but understood her husband. She decided to go alone anyway. There, she met a mysterious man who sat beside her in her supposedly husband seat. She thought he was attractive Let just say everything turned down the hill.

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In her fear, Lucy cringed on to the guy next to her who gave her his name, Hunter. Lucy was in panic and ended up bleeding. She told Hunter that she thought she was losing her baby. Hunter, finally decided to get her out of there which he did By this point one could probably guessed who Lucy was gonna ended up to Lucy was saved but she became hysterical and did not want to leave Hunter And this was the part where the book just suddenly turned me off.

Lucy lost her baby and was probably traumatized but guessed what She wanted to know if he was unharmed. After all, he was kinda her savior I thought Lucy loved him so much but suddenly she just could not stand him and was being aggressive toward him I thought with everything that was going on, she should be finding comfort in her husband but NOOOooooo Yeah, HE saved your life Four hours??! Come on A doctor appears, studying me, and then barking an order to the nurse.

I fight against my husband, shoving desperate. Why are they lying to me? Tears soak my cheeks as I desperately try to force my way past Gerard. A needle hits my arm and warmth once again spreads through me. Where did you go. My first thought would probably have been LUCY was not.. I stare at the television screen, my body numb. A religious group. Five dead. Twenty injured. Was one of those people Hunter? Did he get killed?

Is he injured? Is he in this hospital? And while attacking your husband emotionally seemed fair but why again Did they show you that on the news? Did you hear their screams? Did you feel their fear? No, you did not.

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Please leave. I lost my baby. The man who saved me has fallen off the face of the Earth. Of course, experiencing it was totally different than watching it or hearing about it You know, how the love of his life and his unborn child was in danger And Yes Forget Gerard, he did not exist anymore in Lucy's head All those people. Those gunmen. My baby. I gave up I probably knew what was gonna happened. Remember the prologue. I thought Gerard was the one who would change but guess what It was all LUCY!! She was the one who was gonna change Remember this part It seemed to me you were the one who was empty first, LUCY!

He saved your life, yes.. Gerard did not change. Lucy was the one who was traumatized and changed. I totally did not believe that change. Gerard still cared for Lucy. He didn't even blamed her for the lose of their child. He did not act like he no longer care. Gerard deserved so much better so guess what, I DNF you!! Perhaps the book got better afterward. Perhaps Gerard did change later on and became an asshole but Lucy was not the character I liked anymore so maybe next time, I would try to finish it. After all, Ms.

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Bella Jewel writes so many great book. I was sad i was DNF-ing this one. View all 5 comments. Jul 23, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. No action, man or nature, is worth the loss of that. However, Fleeting Moments has been anything but. I feel healed after reading this book. A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post about Life Moments. Heart healing. All of these things only take a moment. One moment in time and we can feel or recognize these emotions coursing through our bodies.

I felt like Fleeting Moments was written for me, to me and maybe even shook something loose in me. It touched a place in my soul. Deep, deep in my soul! Fleeting Moments is anything but fleeting. The impact is powerful and long lasting for this broken soul.

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This book was very interesting. Definitely one of the best books Ms. Jewel has written. I look forward to reading more books from her. Jewel has done it yet again. She sucked me in from the very beginning and I was unable to put this book down until I was at the end. How quickly life can change. It was heartbreaking at times, and yet other times were so full of hope.

If you are watched The Following , it reminded me quite a bit of that, with lots more heat thrown in. I certainly hope that we get some more stories surrounding the other boys in the cast, especially Tank. Thank you for another amazing book, Ms. Jun 18, Catherine Bibby Rochelle's Reviews rated it it was amazing. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having been a Bella Jewel fan for quite a while now, I jumped on a chance to read a book that at first was untitled and had not a line of description. Lucy believes that she knows where her life is leading and has her future planned. That is until a tragic event turns her world upside down and has her questioning her life and leaves others questioning her sanity.

Little does she know that in her quest to answer her questions and discover the truth, she will encounter a love that is incendiary and will lead her into a world full of bullets, fanatic believers, barbed wire fences and unfathomable danger. Lucy shows a tenacity, bravery, and strength that rips her from safety, shows her the depths of evil, and takes her to the heights of ecstasy that she could have never imagined.

Bella Jewel delivers a poignant tale of a world full of darkness with slivers of unexpected light. Only Bella could give us something so profound with twists and turns and bouts of heat that consume and titillate. I highly recommend for a story full of passion that will tease your libido and wring a multitude of emotions from your heart. Fleeting Moments is a fictional world with a love that is powerful, vulnerable, and unforgettable.

Barely finished it. I thought the story started so strong and was very interesting interesting with the cult, etc. This is a "it was me, but may work for you". Jul 17, Diana's rated it really liked it. What a fantastic read.. Couldn't put it down once I started.. True to it's title.. Jan 14, Berls rated it really liked it Shelves: need-to-write-review-for-blog. So good! I love that this was so different from Amore, which I just finished reading also by Bella Jewel. This time you have a married couple dealing with tragedy striking in the worst way - and the inability to cope together. Plus she throws in a religious cult, a mysterious sexy guy, and some intensity to make this a great read.

Loved the narration as well I'm pretty sure this is the same narrator who narrated Sugar Daddy's female parts and I really liked her then too. Jul 16, Three Chicks rated it really liked it. Review by Lisa Kane Lucy Jacobson is living a good life. She finally is pregnant and even if her high powered lawyer husband Gerard spends more time at the office than he does at home, she's not worried. Once the baby comes she knows that will change. Sometimes it bothers me, but I try to be the best wife I can and just support him. It's his dream, and I'm sure when the baby comes along things will change.

At least I hope they will. I push that thought away and keep my smil 4. I push that thought away and keep my smile. He has a special day planned for them and is taking her to a baseball game and dinner afterward. So she goes alone. Her life will never be the same. During the game a gorgeous guy sits next to her, in the seat that was for her husband. Not long after, strange men take over stadium and start killing people.

They hold them in there for five hours, but Lucy knows she has to get out. She's starting to feel sick and is worried about the baby. The guy next to her is texting someone and she has a feeling he knows more about what is happening than he is letting on.

She's told him her name and he tells her he won't let anything bad happen to her. I won't hurt you, but I do want you to trust me, okay? I'm not going to let you get hurt, but you have to do as I say. He makes good on his promise, he gets her to safety and then he goes back inside. She can't describe it, but she felt a connection for him that she can't shake. But her life changed that day and now things are falling apart.

She can't find any trace of Hunter and no one seems to know who she is talking about. People look at her like she's crazy and her husband thinks she is suffering from delusions and needs help. But she knows what happened and she won't give up looking for him. The more pressure her husband puts on her to get help, the more Lucy pushes back. She feels lost and needs the comfort she feels only when Heath is with her. Things are unraveling and Lucy is looking into things that could get her hurt.

But the more she learns the more she wants to find out the truth. She lives for those moments when Heath comes to her. You can go as fast as you came. Lucy is a woman faces hard truths about her life and her marriage. Shooting with colour got me in a different mindset when looking for subjects.

How do you capture the strange and fleeting moments in your photographs? I always carry a camera with me anytime I go outside. It sounds like such a simple thing to do but it increases your odds of capturing that interesting face or situation, just from walking down the street. I keep two cameras in my bag at all times, one rangefinder loaded with black-and-white and a point-and-shoot camera with colour film.

No matter where I go, I always have a camera loaded around my shoulder or in my pocket ready for an opportunity to present itself. How do you approach photographing people on the street? I try not to approach people on the street; it usually makes them self-aware and snaps them out of the moment I was trying to capture.

How has your style developed? I feel like I have transitioned into more of a colour photo guy. I have a weakness for pops of colour so I find that I am constantly drawn to unique colour combos. My work used to be more character-driven but now I am shooting more composed shots and even some landscape. What role do you see yourself as having in Deadbeat Club? The social organiser, maybe? I like getting everyone together for dinner and hanging out.

What advice would you give to young photographers inspired by Deadbeat?