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For Nethergarde!

Heroes are separated based on value and rarity, here’s where each hero falls

Futile Pride. Gar'mak Bladetwist.

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Heroes of Old. How Best to Proceed. Infallible Mind.

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Into the Breach. Into the Mountain. Investigating the Invasion. Iron Horde Invasion. It's All Mine. Kasim Sharim. Kum'isha's Endeavors. Loramus Thalipedes Awaits. Lunatic Lieutenants.

Diablo III - Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise: The Demon Hunter

Mementos of the Fallen. Mission Complete. Neptool's Revenge. Nethergarde Needs You! Nethergarde Reigns. Not Just Any Body. Ogre Combat. Okrilla and the Blasted Lands. Okrilla's Revenge. One Draenei's Junk Onward to the Blasted Lands. Our Fallen Friends. Peeking into the Portal. Petty Squabbles. Pick Your Fate. Protecting Our Rear.

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Rage of Ages. Ransacking Nethergarde. Remove Their Arms.

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Report to the King. Salt of the Scorpok. Snickerfang Jowls. Some People Just Need Killing. Spirit of the Boar. Spiritual Domination. Subversive Scouts. That's Not Us. The Altar of Storms. The Amulet of Allistarj. The Amulet of Grol. The Amulet of Sevine. The Basilisk's Bite. The Charred Granite of the Dark Portal. The Cover of Darkness.

“Heroes Call” is the grand finale of the “Demon Hunter Saga”

The Decisive Striker. The Demon Hunter. The Demons and the Druid. The Disgraced One. The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn. The Dreadmaul Furnace. The Final Ritual. The First Step. The Future of the Rockpool. The Stones That Bind Us. The Sunveil Excursion.

Demon Hunter Order Hall and Famous NPCs - Guides - Wowhead

The Vile Blood of Demons. Time is Short. To Serve Kum'isha. In Seek and Destroy, the lessons learned involve true love and the battles are even tougher. In Heroes Call, Costa once again finds himself with doubts about his path in life. Once again he is called to the aide of those that he cares for, but when he thinks that he has lost everything, he doubts not only his calling, but his own abilities.

He begins to make a new life, only to discover that his old life will not be left unresolved. The opponent he faces this time may not be beaten with fighting skill alone, and he must rediscover his faith in himself and who he is to win. The lesson he must learn this time may be the hardest lesson of all.

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  5. The House of the Dead.
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