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Recipe: One-pot roast chicken dinner. Chicken casserole hacks. Brilliant chicken breast recipes.

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Best beef casseroles and stews. Best slow cooker recipes. Recipe: Chicken Caesar traybake. This easy slow cooker chicken recipe has meltingly tender meat. Make sure the chicken you buy is the correct size for your slow cooker! Recipe: Slow cooker whole roast chicken. Our favourite chicken burger recipe includes a delicious honey and mustard topping - tasty either hot or cold! Recipe: Honey mustard chicken burger. Recipe: Summer roast chicken. Recipe: Chicken club sandwich.

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Recipe: Chicken passanda. Recipe: Cheesy chicken and vegetable cobbler. This tasty wholesome soup is delicious, but topped off with spicy chicken wedges it becomes the ultimate dish! Recipe: Sweetcorn soup with quesadilla wedges. Recipe: Healing chicken and ginger broth. Recipe: Chicken and squash gratin. Recipe: Chicken with watercress sauce and rosemary potatoes. Recipe: Teriyaki chicken with noodle salad. We love this coconut-based chicken curry because it can be made in a hurry — in only half an hour! Recipe: Chicken curry.

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Recipe: Creamy cider chicken. Recipe: Chicken goujons with basil dipping sauce. This lighter, quicker version of the much-loved hearty chicken stew will keep you warm on a cold night. Recipe: A light spring stew. Recipe: Chicken tarragon sweet potatoes. Why not make extra for an easy take-to-work lunch? Just keep the dressing separate so the leaves stay crisp. Recipe: Club chicken salad. Make it even quicker by using leftover chicken. Recipe: Cheat's chicken chowder. Recipe: Chicken bacon and leek pasta bake. Recipe: Chicken, sweet potato and pesto traybake.

Chicken thigh fillets remain juicier than breasts. Avoid easy cook rice, or the end result will be mushy. Recipe: One pan chicken and rice. Recipe: Quick chicken korma. Serve with roast potatoes and veggies, or a simple salad to enjoy this classic roast all year round.

Recipe: Classic roast chicken. Recipe: Chicken fajita pasta. Chicken soup is food for the soul, and with added Thai flavours, this version makes an ideal pick-me-up. Recipe: Thai green chicken soup.

Recipe: Baked chicken and buttrenut risotto. Recipe: Chicken and leek filo pie. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. This is why you need purple shampoo. Our top-rated body cream may surprise you. How to buy an iron. Getty Images. One-pot roast chicken dinner. An all-time favourite made easier by just using one pan, this one-pot roast chicken dinner is the perfect family meal Recipe: One-pot roast chicken dinner Like this?

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Summer roast chicken. Feta, olives and oregano give this perfect roast chicken recipe a Mediterranean twist. Recipe: Summer roast chicken Like this? Chicken club sandwich. Serve this simple chicken club sandwich with chips for the ultimate supper. Recipe: Chicken club sandwich Like this?

Chicken Casserole D'Iberville Recipe | MyRecipes

Chicken passanda. Learn how your comment data is processed. Made this meal for my family last night and they all went back for seconds.

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  8. Wish I made more! My husband requested that I make this meal again… soon. It surprised us all how tasty it was. Reminds me of risotto which is also a big hit with my family. How do you cook this with brown rice? Cook it before hand and add it before it finishes cooking? So tasty! Everyone had seconds…even the kiddo! We will definitely be making this again. Thank you!! I sure do!!!

    Thank you!!!! I think…. Oh, I also added a can of cream of ckn soup…I wanted it creamier. Great Recipe! It was perfect in this. I would add the broccoli earlier next time but we are unique in that we like our broccoli a bit over cooked instead of a slight crunch in casseroles.

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    The toasted rice was extra flavorful. I added 2 cloves of garlic to the onion. Fantastic recipe.

    Moroccan Slow Cooker Chicken

    Bazmati rice was perfectly done. I made this dish tonight. It was delicious! My husband and I both had seconds. I followed the recipe as written and it was even better than I thought it would be. Plus I gotta say I really like the idea of beautiful blooms that will stay pretty for months with no extra effort required. Actually, it sucked. By the time I got some of the rice tender, half of it was crunchy, half was mush. Took about an hour, by the way, maybe more.

    Measured everything to a T, even had a food scale out for the chicken. I love preparing the food, but hate using so many pots and pans! This is a favorite- and my hubby normally hates rice dishes. Thank you! These are so useful — thank you! Some rices need less cooking time like basmati while others need more like brown rice. The best recipe I found in a long time!!! I love it! This was great. Would definitely make it again. It worked really well for leftovers for lunch the next day also!

    Any pointers on using cauliflower rice instead of regular rice? Made this for dinner last night and it was a hit! Easy to put together……Will make again! Lol I did this meal for the first time two nights ago after finding it on Pinterest, and immediately signed up to get your emails. This was a very good meal. For my taste buds, I added a little more salt and pepper. I used minute rice instead of the one called for by the recipe.

    Will definitely make this again. So tonight is the first time I actually followed the recipe. It turned out awesome. This is a staple in our house hold. I use Bazmati rice in my kitchen. A few other recipes have come out as the lady stated above, with the rice mushy and crunchy. Anyone else tried this with Bazmati rice? I only have basmati rice do I need to do anything different to make it with this.

    Look delicious delicious! I love broccoli I will try to cook this dish with pieces of tomato cover on the surface of the dish for my husband.