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No one has been brought to justice for that war crime. Neither Obama nor Biden attended. Instead, the American delegation was led by the local U. Security concerns are no excuse: If the president can go to Pakistan, then a vice president can go to Bosnia. This was indifference, pure and simple. Today, leading foreign-policy writers on the left such as Peter Beinart criticize Obama when, in any small way, he bucks the notion of American strategic retrenchment.

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So why has Obama abandoned liberal humanitarianism? I think there are three reasons. Obama seems to think that American hesitation will force consensus among warring parties abroad. Third, Obama holds that the American-led international order is best sustained by global institutions and mutual economic interests.

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This is why President Obama appears confident that supplicant diplomatic pressure will eventually deter Chinese, Iranian, and Russian aggression. Regardless, the decline of liberal humanitarianism is now undeniable. But in , American foreign policy is largely disconnected from American values, leaving a power vacuum in troubled regions around the globe. There is a moral cost to this retrenchment.

These days, the only foreign-policy issue that seems to inspire passionate moral conviction in Obama is climate change. More articles. Previous articles. Syrian refugees at a Turkish border crossing, June Most Popular. By Kevin D. Conservatives typically have one of two reactions to the headlines in left-leaning publications: Ninety percent of the time, we cringe at the presumption on display, but 10 percent of the time, we wish they were true.

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Read More. By Victor Davis Hanson.

Rather, the current Kat Timpf explains why a year-old Maryland girl shouldn't be charged with child-porn distribution after making a video of herself. White House. By Andrew C. One-quarter of House Democrats publicly support impeaching President Trump. It is an oft-reported talking point in media-Democrat circles. Not much mentioned is the corollary: That means three-quarters would rather see the question go away. This is the challenge that Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to navigate By David French. One would prefer that correct decisions be made according to careful, deliberate plan.

The proposed strike would represent a By Jim Geraghty. The yearlong investigation did an extensive and deep dive into the U. The nearly hourlong By Jack Crowe. PC Culture.

The university ceded to the wishes of one Valentin Lopez. In the field of humanitarian aid policy, Parliament acts as co-legislator with the Council. In addition, Parliament monitors the delivery of humanitarian aid and seeks to ensure that budgetary provisions match humanitarian needs.

Parliament has regularly highlighted the need to increase funding for humanitarian aid and has insisted on closing the widening gap between commitments and payments. Parliament has also been an active advocate of other policy issues, such as resilience, food security and linking humanitarian and development assistance.

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The position is currently held by Enrique Guerrero Salom. He is also responsible for a report on the implementation of the humanitarian aid instrument. Navigation Menu. The EU at work. External relations. Close the navigation Menu. Access to search field. Launch the search. Close the search field. Other websites. Hide other websites. Go back. Humanitarian aid. Load fact sheet in pdf format.