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Can we use my second name, Abiodun as the surname for our Children? We want to agree on this before we start having kids. And I want to stay in line with islamic naming customs. We did not put Bint in their names. Does this sound in accordance with sunnah? I have a question relating my firstname, I have two of them, Muhammad Masood, Ahmad is my surname and also grandfathers name.

Assalam-o-alikum, My name is Shahid Rasool Shaikh. I want to name my son Ali Rasool Shaikh. Is it correct to put Rasool with Ali? Please let me know soon. Me and my wife are expecting to have a baby boy by the grace of Allah. But since there is a defined list of sahaba in Islam, we are skeptical whether it is righteous to keep this name for our baby. It would be a great help if you please share your views about this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I recently named my daughter jannah. A brother told me that this is no permissible And I can not think of nor find anything that prohibits this in Islam…..

Let the one who forbade you from it show you what it wrong with it, with evidence. A jannah is a garden, it has a beautiful meaning. In general, names with good meanings are allowed, until there is a specific evidence restricting it.

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As-salamu alaykum Moosaa. Secondly, I have a question regarding my last name. My last name is , derived from the Sikh religion of Hindustan present day India. My great grandfather moved from India to Pakistan during the partition in order to be liberated from the continued discrimination towards Muslims in India. He became a muslim and continued with the practice of high last name to my grandfather and my father.

Instead of writing as his last name in his exams, he wrote a different one. Just for the record, in Pakistan, whatever is written in your board exams is considered your permanent legal name in Pakistan. Meaning whatever name is registered on your board exams must also appear on your passport, id card, legal document, marriage certificate, etc. When I asked him why he changed his last name, he said he made a mistake. Whatever your father, grandfather, and all known ancestors went by are things that you can you to identify with.

What you use on your official paperwork is only one portion of that. I do not think it is even possible to put all lineages and ascriptions in modern paperwork. So use whatever is easy and accurate. I want to do this to avoid confusion of first, middle and last name. If a baby is conceived and born out of wedlock and the father is a non-Muslim.

Is it ok to do this. If my name is Noman Khan and my fathers name is Ahmed Khan. Can my son name be:. Better to phase it out, if it can be done without causing a great deal of harm, as the meaning is terrible in Arabic. Must I keep the names of those before my father [my grandfather and so on]. My own father omitted the name of his father when naming me.

He did that because if not, it will be really long. Is that okay?

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We can omit a name of one of our fathers or grandfathers or more , essentially abbreviating our lineage, in some contexts. Like we say we are the son of Adam, omitting everyone between us and Adam! When it is known, and not an attempt to hide the real father, this is permissible, and Allaah knows best. After marriage I became fatima khan for 20 yrs.

Is that wrong? I will be grateful bro for your answers. May Allah accept your efforts. Jazakallah khairan katheera. What is forbidden is ascribing to other than your father, and it is OK to use a family name. You just cannot claim to be the daughter of someone other than your real father. So ascriptions to people with impermissible names is allowed. Fatima khan?

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His lineage does not become your lineage. His family name does not become your family name, except that it can be said that you are the wife of Fulaan from the Khan family. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. JazakAkkahu khairan for this informative article, however I have some questions :. Almost all of my documents have this new name. PS — Me and my mother are not deviant anymore as Allah swt Has guided us to the true teachings of Islam, Alhumdulillah.

name Tobias

You still ascribe to him with the name he is known by. Salaam alakuim I was born out of wedlock and adultery. I married halal and reverted to Islam. My mother I had 8 children 6 different fathers. I have been using my grandfathers surname an English name. My question is do I keep it or am I able to go by my husbands surname?

Jazakallah Kheir. Taking the family name of the husband is a terrible Western practice, left over from when men would assume ownership of the wife and all her property. When I was born, I was given to my aunt and uncle. In order to avoid paperwork and all, I was listed as their daughter in all paperwork. I did not know that I was adopted until I was 13 since we live in another country. My father, not biological, is named Muhammad Hassan Chaudhary. When he went abroad he changed his last name making his name Muhammad Hassan.

I haven taken his name making my name : Aaliyah Hassan. All his biological children carry this name as well. So for instance Muhammad Tariq Hassan, is this right? My mom, not biological, did not change her surname. Nobody knows that I am adopted except family. I actually want to keep this surname but is it permissible?

And what about my father, is it a problem that he changed his surname?

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Try to rectify this matter by amending the official paperwork to reflect your true biological parents. Likewise all of your children should have this corrected as well. May Allaah bless you and give you success. Assalamualaikum Hope ur doing well. Just wanted to confirm with you.. Is it ok to right in passport as Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim. Is there anything wrong with compound names? Like we have two columns Surname and given name in the passport. And for my daughter can I write Aleena bint Nisar Ahmad.

Compound names are confusing and should be avoided. In fact, the first one is the more likely assumption. Thanks for replying. I get your point. In my day to day life, I have always introduced myself as Nisar Ibrahim. My query was for documentation purpose like passport. Like in those two columns. Surname- I leave it blank Given name- Nisar Ahmad. Can a unmarried woman change her last name to an anonymous name like Abdullah? I wanted to get the naming convention right.

If my name is Nayeem Abdul Aziz. Abdul is my middle name and Aziz is my family last name. I noticed middle names were getting dropped and ignored everywhere in conversations, legal. Now if I had a daughter. How would I name her? Say we picked the first name Ayesha. What would her whole name look like? Is Abdul still required in front of Aziz? What would her name look like? If you could give suggestions on this naming convention that would be very helpful.

Please let us know which is first and last and middle if needed. Is the child still attributed to the husband? This divorce happened three years ago. Zinaa is a serious offense and an accusation of zinaa is also very serious. False accusations of adultery warrant almost the complete punishment of fornication itself under Islamic Law. As our scholars have ruled: DNA tests, blood tests, fingerprints, not even video footage is sufficient to prove such a crime.

No less than four competent reliable Muslim witnesses are required to describe the details of the actual penetration they witnessed without doubt or obscurity in order to establish such an offense in Islamic Law. Would this ruling apply if the wife admitted to the act of fornication? Does the biological father have any rights over the child? The case is studied by a judge. Confessions need to be real, not claimed confessions that a person does not hold to.

Even then, we tell someone who confesses to repent privately and we do not encourage their confession. He may repent and show kindness to the child, yet he has no rights or obligations connected to the child.


As salaam alaykum. Should that child last name be changed? His middle name is not his fathers first name. He has just his fathers last name. Do I need to legally change his middle name to be his fathers first name? Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

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Salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Baralatuhu. My name is Ibrahim Khalil Ali. Ali being the family name and also the name of my grandfather. Is it permiddavle that I use my current name i. Khalil is my middle name. My husband is a Chinese revert and kept his fathers last name, but legally changed his first name to a Muslim name. Or should my kids take on the Chinese last name of their father?

Are both fine to do and which one is better? I am not aware of the expectations of the names used on your official documents in your land, and so I apologize for being unable to answer. Salaam I have a question maybe someone on here knows, Salman al-Farsi Ra used to give his name as Salman ibn al-Islam. Also, for further reading on the topic of why we would delete things like Ra and saw in the wording of your question, please read this and may Allaah bless you! Yes, the names of the Prophets are the best names. My name is Mohammed Mahboob Ali Kashif. Mahboob Ali is my Grandfathers name.

I dont know why Mohammed was added to my name. And People call me as Kashif. My fathers name is Mohammed Manzoor Ali. And people call my Father as Manzoor. So do I have to change my name to Kashif Bin Manzoor? This is a common practice in my place. People just select some good meaning words and name their children.

You literally have FOUR names. May Allaah give you success. My mother had reverted into Islam when I was very little and divorced my biological father a hindu and got married to a muslim man who is my step father. I have never met my real father and have been thinking of my step father as my real father since I was little until I was 8 years old when they disclosed this to me. Now I am 19 years old and read this article and was wondering if I still have to change my last name? Please take all steps necessary to correct and amend all erroneous legal records, and may Allaah give you success!

What if a persons fathers name is mispronounced due to the family being non-Arab- can the child attribute themselves to the Arabic equivalent of their fathers name? For example, the name Sameer is commonly mispronounced as Sameeya in the UK and some Muslims adopt that pronounciation of their name. Jazak Allahu Khayran. Is Hamza Rehman okay? My parents divorced when i was 1 year old. I am now working. What should i do now sheikh? You need to ascribe to your real father, not your step-father. Take all steps necessary to correct any legal documents that inaccurately portray you as the offspring of the step-father, or having his family name.

AS Salaamu alaykum wa rahmahtullahi wa barakatahu this question is similar to the one before in regards to my surname, when I was born my father was not around at the registry of my birth and I was given my mothers family name,it was only recently I found out that I have to have my fathers name,but my mother did name me after his first name, is it sufficient to just have his first name or do I have to go by his surname and also he is an apostate from Islam may Allah guide him back ameen, do I still go ahead and make the changes in regards to having his surname or not to bother because he left Islam and i appologize for the lengthy question.

You are required to ascribe to your father, even if your father was the head of polytheism in your area. I am not sure why. This really causes distress as some of us are trying to understand our Deen and do not have Mahrams that cares enough to help teach us or find answers for us.

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So imagine the discomfort in the heart when we ask questions that we are not finding the answers or may not understand and they are not looked at but yet other comments are looked at. I would like to know if I named my son properly according to Islam. His full name is Bilal Azam Butt. Jazak Allah Khair. Written by: Moosaa Richardson. I would appreciate if you could bring some more light to this issue.

As salaamu alaykum, May allaah bless you moosa. As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, Is it possible for you to clarify the different types of orphans? Salaam Alaykum, May Allah reward you for answering these questions so thoroughly. Jazakallahu khayran. Assalamu Alaikum, What about calling short names or nick names? Baarakallaahu feek. As Salaam Alaikum I have taken my Shahadah sometime ago and have been considering changing my name. Asalamualaikkum, My name in my passport used to be Rizwan Ahmed and my family name is Sattoli.

As-salaamu alaykum. Please advice. BaarakAllaahu Feek. Jazakallahu khayr. As Salaamu alaykum, I am a bit confused by the Fatwaa of the permanent committee: 1. I hope you can help clear the confusion. Asalamu-Alaikum, My relatives parents have kept her name as shujata begum Her father name is shamsu miah The question is is shujata begum a Muslim name? Asalaamu alykum. May Allaah bless you with good Ameen. BaaraakAllaah feek. May Allah reward you with the good of this life and the good of the hereafter. See Quran And Allaah knows best. Regarding your above response; 1 You mentioned that as a result of an invalid marriage consequently resulting in zinaa the children born out of that situation may take an anonymous name.

Baarak Allaahu feek. Wa alaykum as Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu, Regarding the second question from Bilal , I found this around the same time I asked the original question. Please shed some lights on this. Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah Brother Moosaa I need your help on this very urgent issue in sha Allah. Jazakallahu khairan. Asalaamu aleykum waraxmatullahi wabarakatu. May Allah bless you and rewards you with good.

Asalaamu aleykum. As salamu alaikom, I have would like for you to clarify my name change inshallah. Then I read on a website that Persian names that have no Islamic origin should not be given to muslims. But to change his name in Mumbai, India a lot of legal hassles have to be gone through and shall have to be taken care of for the rest of his life. Is it prohibited or will it do if I let his name be Muhammad Shehzar?.. Please guide me. Is it a hadith that ' it is better to name a grandson on the name of his grand father'.. As its said in a hadith we should keep our children names by looking at meaning.

I sthere something with letters too. I mean here when my baby had falllen sick every one was like shez got the sh-souind in her name thats y shez fallen sick though she was fine till the age of 5 months. Her name was Mishal. My main question is that is there.. Can I name my baby boy Only Dujana, kindly answer my question.

And also meaning of the name My question is that I have a very unique name, Ghausia. I know it is derived from the name of the saint Ghaus Bab ul Haq, but I read somewhere that it has a poor meaning. I know that this often results in a bad effect on the person, but I'm perfectly fine.