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Hence, they emphasized a life of perfect piety. In its third stage of development, both the ethical practice and theory of Sufism expanded. Nurbakhsh, Behbehani, She writes that the development of Sufism within Islam gave women the chance to attain sainthood. However, there were many women both during her time and after her, who also became saints and made contributions to the growth of Sufism.

Smith, Links Rabi'a al-'Adawiya. View my complete profile. A Beginner's Guide to Sufism. Do not think that you can come close to Me without being tried like those who came before you. From the viewpoint of Non Dual Advaita test and trials are the same as affluence and abundance. The fifth principle is implicit faith in the words of the Holy scriptures and teachers Gurus or Cheikhs.

The first level of faith is belief. The seeker must believe in the words of the scriptures and the teacher. The seeker must travel from the level of belief, to the level of certainty. It is at the level of certainty that the fruits of the path come to fruition. In this faith principle we find the subtle implication that the scriptures alone are NOT enough for Self Realization.

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One must find a Self Realized spiritual guide to help guide them on the path. This principle is the end result of Realization. The mind of a Self Realized being is absorbed in God. The mind of a Self Realized being does not see any existence other than God. The esoteric meaning of this zikr is God is the only Reality. Constant repetition of this zikr is one way to bring the mind to absorption in God. The seventh principle is burning desire in the heart for God. This burning desire is a flame in the heart that burns all and everything, leaving only the presence of God.

This burning desire for God is a flame that has the power to burn the negative karma of a seeker, opening the way for the seeker to reach Self Realization. These are the 7 requirements that a seeker must have to journey on the path. So in essence the 1st and most important unstated principle is having a pure heart.

Om Sat Chi Ananda!!! What you see is NOT what you get. Upon finding out that what you perceived to be a snake was actually a rope, did the snake ever exist??? Is the water in the cup taken from the Ocean different from the Ocean? That is the case with you and God. The spirit, God, is omnipresent. When the spirit, God, becomes localized in the body it is called the soul. YOU are the water soul taken from the Ocean-God localized in the the body-heart.


The universe that we see with the 2 physical eyes, is actually the multiple manifestation of the Light and Sound of God, the One-Al Ahad. Hu is the arabic pronoun for God that is gender-less and without form. HU is the transcendental essence of God that is beyond duality. The 1st manifestation of the HU is the HA. Ha is the feminine essence of God manifest on this physical plane. From the HA came HE. He is the masculine principle of Divinity manifest on the physical plane. Leave a comment. Jan 2. Source: The Cane of Wisdom — a gift for the Murid- true seeker of God!

Posted in Uncategorized. Oct Sep Wake Up and Be God!!!!!! Sleep does NOT become Hu. Clouds of darkness and the influence of the 5 gates of hell the 5 senses caused Hu to 4get the Light body of Self.

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The path is a path of Total Re-call. A sleeping person can NOT wake another sleeping person. Hu must find Morpheus Neo.


He is the Eagle of Heaven that swoops down catching the fish disciple close to the surface of the water trying to escape the Matrix. Tags: butterfly , Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba , philosophy , self knowledge , spirituality , sufism. Aug 3. May Your lifestyle of praying all day is not enough for me. We are un-evenly yoked. Yes but its time for me to go live with my family. A man at the gas station selling dvds and cds holds up his beer and says.

You know u had too much to drink when u hold up your beer thinking u are holding up a dvd. Tags: Buddhism , God , Islam , love , mantra , meditation , motivation , philosophy , poetry , prayer , spirituality , sufism , truth , wisdom. Mar So everyone in the home is affected and their spiritual levels drop down, and from this there will be fire in the house between everyone! So we have to be very careful not to carry these bad energies from outside and dump them on others as that is not fair. Even a smile in the face of your brother is from imaan.

Sufi Recitation :The Super Name of Allah : God Healing Frequency

Bukhari To smile in the face of your brother is from imaan. What do you think about a husband and wife who smile at each other? You cannot buy spirituality. Fix yourself first! If you have problems in your house and are teaching people, whoever follows you will receive negative energy instead of positive energy. A nice, beautiful cake. Spirituality has to go hand-in-hand with the Six Pillars of Imaan, and with the main pillar of Ihsaan, Moral Excellence! This is what we believe, and whoever believes differently, that is not our responsibility. There is nothing wrong with lighting a candle to do your awrad in that light; I saw Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and Hajjah Anne do it many times, also using a kerosene lamp, and you can ask Hajjah Naziha about it.

In , when Mawlana Shaykh moved back to Cyprus, he used to light a small candle and perform the night prayers, until he went to the masjid to pray Fajr. Many times I used to stay in his room in Cyprus, which Ruqiyah has now, and when she used to stay in the same room with him, she lit a candle and put it off when it was time to go to the mosque.

Back then, candles did not melt quickly. Allah is the Light of the heavens and earth. The parable of His Light is as if there were a niche and within it a lamp. In old times they used to put oil lamps in the streets, is it not? It is sunnah of the Prophet s to see where you are walking as there may have been scorpions or snakes to avoid. To have a light is sunnah. Spirituality has to comply with teachings of Islam and the practices of Maqaam al-Imaan and Maqaam al-Ihsaan. You can take from Holy Qur'an, hadith of the actions of the Sahaabah r , and then from the teachings of awliyaullah.

When you take from what awliyaullah say, they are responsible. Then you speaking will be like video games that open to one level after the other. Make salawat, not something that will contaminate people with foreign ideas outside the realm of Islam and imaan. Now too many people are falling into that danger. The Qadiri, Naqshbandi and Chisti tariqahs have real awliyaullah that follow this important principle.

Sufism - The True Spirit of Islam

According to a medical report that I read, the unborn child reacts to whatever the mother sees and does in her daily life. For instance, if the mother is reading Holy Qur'an so is the child, and it can feel the energy of the mother. The child is born innocent, meaning it can see and witness. Therefore, why does he have to cry? At age seven, parents of Daghestan came to me and asked which girl should marry their boys. At this point Grandshaykh had a zero pulse and no blood pressure. Out of love, the cardiologist ran to his car, 12 minutes there and back, and he returned with an adrenaline injection.

Awliyaullah are not veiled.