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Muir, a Scottish-American who retained his iconic long beard and boyish energy even in old age, was the fiercest proponent of the Sierra Nevada, exploring every inch of Yosemite—its plants and animals, its sounds and smells. He even took Theodore Roosevelt on a visit there in He wrote extensively about the area for The Atlantic during the late s and early s. In our August issue, he gave a passionate account of the new national park, writing :. Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed, I like the Sierra Nevada the best.

Though extremely rugged, with its main features on the grandest scale in height and depth, it is nevertheless easy of access and hospitable; and its marvelous beauty, displayed in striking and alluring forms, wooes the admiring wanderer on and on, higher and higher, charmed and enchanted. Benevolent, solemn, fateful, pervaded with divine light, every landscape glows like a countenance hallowed in eternal repose; and every one of its living creatures, clad in flesh and leaves, and every crystal of its rocks, whether on the surface shining in the sun or buries miles deep in what we call darkness, is throbbing and pulsing with the heartbeats of God.

All the world lies warm in one heart, yet the Sierra seems to get more light than other mountains. The weather is mostly sunshine embellished with magnificent storms, and nearly everything shines from base to summit,—the rocks, streams, lakes, glaciers, irised falls, and the forests of silver fir and silver pine. And how bright is the shining after summer showers and dewy nights, and after frosty nights in spring and autumn, when the morning sunbeams are pouring through the crystals on the bushes and grass, and in winter through the snow-laden trees!

Of this glorious range the Yosemite National Park is a central section, thirty-six miles in length and forty-eight miles in breadth. Nowhere will you see the majestic operations of nature more clearly revealed beside the frailest, most gentle and peaceful things. Nearly all the park is a profound solitude. During the last glacial period, just past, the former features of the range were rubbed off as a chalk sketch from a blackboard, and a new beginning was made. Hence the wonderful clearness and freshness of the rocky pages. Muir knew that the natural wonders of the country could easily be taken away.

At the time of his writing, he saw the coastal redwoods of California and the spruce of Oregon and Washington succumb to the commercial demand for lumber. To Muir, this made the creation of national parks an urgent project. Here is all the lowdown on all of the characters that inspired the heroes you know today!

Be here for a hot time in the dead town tonight! A catastrophe puts The Spider in the arms of lovely Domino Lady. Be here for the first time the Master of Men and the Sexy Avenger ignite the comic pages as they deal with spontaneous flaming zombies! Available in softcover and limited hardcover. Randisi, whom the publishing-industry trade journal Booklist has called "one of the last true pulp writers.

He has also edited 30 anthologies. He has written yarns published under 15 different pseudonyms; as "J. Roberts" he created—and still writes—the long-running Gunsmith series, which currently numbers some novels. We look forward to having Bob Randisi join us in Columbus this July, and we trust that PulpFest attendees will be delighted to have him participate in our celebration of vintage pulp fiction.

PulpFest plans are coming together rapidly and dealers tables are going fast. Pulpville Press - Now available! Smith Another rip-roaring space adventure from the author of "The Skylark of Space". Pulpville Press. Action packed and vividly illustrated, this true story will thrill lovers of comic books, graphic novels, and popular nonfiction. Hardcover, 6. Writer: David Talbot; Artist: Spain Rodriguez Pulp History brings to life the extraordinary feats of bravery, violence, and redemption that history has forgotten!

Devil Dog is the thrilling illustrated tale of Smedley Butler, a Marine who fought across the globe, restored order to Philadelphia, and foiled a plot against FDR. Her pride and skill are put to the test by a new partner in crime. Together they discover corruption deep in the heart of Dah-Disha and in the gamble find each other. Howard : Red Nails - New Kindle edition! Industry heavyweights like Roy Thomas, Chuck Dixon, and Gerry Conway Barry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson, Marie and John Severin, and others to bring you some of the most exciting tales of fantastic battles and political intrigue ever committed to paper!

Beginning the week of Tuesday June 29th and continuing through the week of Tuesday July 20th -- check your local listings for exact times and dates -- four episodes of The Shadow will be aired in their entirety. Both star legendary movie actor and director Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston, also known as The Shadow, the cloaked adventurer with the power to cloud men's minds, accompanied by Margot Stevenson as his friend and companion Margo Lane.

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Also to be heard are rare interviews from cast and crew reminiscing about their time on the program. Street and Smith introduced "The Shadow" in his own pulp magazine the following year, transforming the narrator figure into a mysterious crimefighter with hypnotic powers. This version of the character made the move to network radio in , and remained a late-Sunday-afternoon fixture on the Mutual network until The Shadow is a trademarked and copyrighted property of Advance Magazine Publishers d. Conde Nast Publications, and is presented under license.

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In addition to stories featuring favorite recurring characters—such as the oddball scientist Dr. MacWhirtle, the lion-taming people of Cathne, cruel Queen La, and the Waziri warriors—Tarzan meets a group of Texan cowboys out to rope lions, a filmmaker documenting African wildlife, and the marsh-dwelling people of Lutor in this volume. Savage Art showcases this period illustration that prefigured and helped create the violent visual language in much of today's aboveground cinema, comic books, and video games. Featuring the original disturbing paintings by Walter Baumhofer, Rafael de Soto, Jerome Rozen and other pulp illustrators, this lavishly-produced full color collection documents Depression-era masculine aggression.

Wildside Press - Now Available! Written mainly by Norman Daniels under the house name G. Wayman Jones, the stories describe the crime-fighting career of former District Attorney Anthony Quinn, hwo became the Black Bat after being blinded and disfigured by acid an idea borrowed a few years later by DC Comics for the creation of Batman villain Two Face. When the city's lights go out, only the Black Bat can keep America safe from "The Patriot" - a diabolical killer demanding millions in ransom!

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Their journey to a new land is filled with adventure and intrigue. Originally published in the pulp magazine "Adventure" magazine in , "The Road of the Giants" is a mesmerizing look into the life and customs of an exotic, historically true people. Tham's last apperance was in January, That's quite a run.

Homeland Insecurity

His first published story was "Zero as a Limit," which appeared in "Astounding" in under the pseudonym of "Robert Moore. A thrilling space opera from the Golden Age of science fiction! But it was also the only way a man could qualify for-The Legion of Lazarus! He was afraid of the thing tagged Reed Kieran, that stiff blind voiceless thing wheeling its slow orbit around the Moon, companion to dead worlds and silent space A classic from the Golden Age of science fiction, originally published in the May issue of Amazing Stories. It was discovered by a farmer in his field near Brookline, Massachusetts, shortly after daybreak on the morning of the 11th.

Astronomically, the event was recorded by the observatory at Harvard as the sudden appearance of what apparently was a new star, increasing in the short space of a few hours from invisibility to a power beyond that of the first magnitude, and then as rapidly fading again to invisibility. This star was recorded by two of the other great North American observatories, and by one in the Argentine Republic.

That it was comparatively small in mass and exceedingly close to the earth, even when first discovered, was obvious. All observers agreed that it was a heavenly body of an entirely new order A tale of a computer so huge and complex, it rivalled a human brain. And then one day it awoke A classic tale from the pulps!

Other historical adventure fiction can be discussed. Hogan Death! What are three men against the forces of hell itself? What price will brave men pay for their honor? The action is fiece, fast and frightening as we hearken to the Wings of Invisible Doom! It involved sending Phineas Pinkham back to training school in his stolen Fokker to teach rookies to fight.

Phineas had an idea, too. It involved taking that stolen Fokker across the lines to teach the Mad Butcher not to fight. Lay your bets, gentlemen! Hoffman speaks; categorically too. You will be interested. For it embodies the first attempt yet made to apply the modern scientific, laboratory method to literary production. As a veteran editor of more then twenty years, Hoffman brings his gifted insight and experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes most commonly found in fiction. A must-have for both the seasoned professional and the aspiring beginner!

Quickly attracting top name authors, it soon became renowned for publishing the type of fiction its name implied. It grew into a powerhouse in the genre fiction field, particularly during the 17 year period from to when it was edited by Arthur Sullivant Hoffman, and was later dubbed by TIME magazine, the "No. Many of its stories were singled out for inclusion in "best story of the year" anthologies during its heyday, or have been reprinted in single author collections. Volume 1 of this series, featuring two dozen stories culled from the 26 issues and over stories published from November through December , will debut at Pulpfest in July , a few months before the th anniversary of ADVENTURE.

Future volumes will continue chronologically. With many more to follow! Episode Pulp Detectives - New! An all new series reprinting classic Red Sonja tales! Featuring a new cover image by the legendary Frank Brunner! Remastered in color for the first time ever! The second in the Clayton Astounding Stories series, G. Howard's tenacious King Conan. Beleaguered by attempts at his crown and sickened by political maneuverings, Conan is the sort of king who takes matters into his own bloody hands.

Dancing Tuatara Press - Titles now available and coming soon! Dancing Tuatara Press has been formed as a subsidiary of Ramble House to bring you a whole new series of books that range from mysteries to weird menace to lost race to out and out supernatural horror! The books have a bookplate tipped in to the front endpaper signed by the editor or in the case of the Day Keene series more on that later signed by the series editor and the guest introducer.

You order the books from Fender fender ramblehouse. And just so that you can enjoy being part of the process, you get to tip them in yourself on the inside front board. A bit unusual, but this was the only way we could figure how to make it work Here are the titles currently available: "Beast or Man? Knox classics from the weird menace pulps! The first of five volumes! Masterman his scarce third supernatural novel! John Pelan edits the series and each volume will feature a guest introduction by a modern master of mystery or authority on pulp fiction.

While Keene is best known for his novels from Gold Medal, Lion Library, and Graphic Books, during the s not a month went by without a novella or short story headlining one of the detective pulps. This is the most ambitious single-author project since Dennis McMillan's Fredric Brown project in the s. What seems to be a burglary turns out to be something else entirely different. The only substantial addition that might be coming is more of the variant cover artists for First Wave signing two live in France and John Cassady for the Doc set.

Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X [Tom Swift Jr. #17]

Fantom Press has leads on everyone, and is doing everything possible to get them to participate. Moore is at the printer finally, whoo-hoo! Our thanks to those of you who are patiently? While the autographs for these editions Hugh B. This minute presentation will feature commentary alongside many rare graphics and photos, along with audio and video of one of our favorite writers. You do NOT want to miss it! John L. Originally written as Dr. Carr's doctoral thesis in , this edition adds many discoveries about Leigh Brackett that have been made in the last 22 years.

More news as it develops! Richard Matheson! Additionally, Dr. Garyn G. See you in Columbus! Keep Watching the Skies! Indiana Jones - New feature film in the works? The Stuff reports that the fifth "Indiana Jones" is planned to begin production next year. A source tells the paper "George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have been working on a script and it's almost there Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year.

Shia LaBeouf has a central role again as Indy's son but this will be a blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie. The volume also includes illustrations by Vatche Mavlian and a dramatic cover painting by Richard Clark. Born in the blazing crucible of war, but sworn to fight for peace, the mysterious obsidian aviator known only by the codename Captain Midnight An ace pilot, super secret agent, and astounding scientific genius, the heroic Captain Midnight returns when we need him most, along with his legendary Secret Squadron -- to battle spies, saboteurs and the mercenary armies of the evil warmonger Ivan Shark and his delectably deadly daughter, Fury.

Join the Captain and his elite air warriors in eleven all-new stories by some of the greatest adventure writers in the world, as they battle evil and fight for freedom all over the world! Tired of waiting for either fame or fortune, all Carl Kolchak really wants out of life is a good meal washed down by good Scotch. As you might guess, once again even such modest wishes aren't in the cards. This time around, the man in the pork pie hat is beset by not only an all-powerful horror from beyond, but one that has gained both a staggering intellect and Necronomicon!

Told in "widevision"! A "Return of the Originals" event. He is a ghost. No lock can delay him. No walls can repel him. He is the Phantom Detective. Enter the shadows with the World's Greatest Sleuth, as he takes you on a journey beyond the flickering electric glow of our world, into a universe of psychedelic noir.

And then, Captain Action is caught between Salavdoran ex-cops and a Russian Spetsnaz team, while a woman from his dad's past stirs things up! Child Soldiers, old enemies and dark hallways deep within HIM's castle aren't exactly what Phantom had in mind. But wait until he discovers what's waiting for him deep in the bowels of the bloodiest castle in all of Africa. A dying billionaire induces a brilliant investigator to bring back proof of Life after Death, worth a million dollar reward. She encounters rumors of the legendary Ghost Who Walks, perilously pursuing his secrets into the Deep Woods.

Little does she realize that her billionaire benefactor is playing them both, with a sinister agenda, and a vicious vendetta, against the Man Who Cannot Die! Written by Norvell W. Page and Howard Hopkins, art by J. Anthony Kosar. Part 1: When Bullets Fail.

The Spider -- cloaked, fanged nightmare in black -- delivers swift justice with a pair of. First of a three-part Wide-Vision comic book mini-series based on the novel published in the December issue of The Spider magazine. When the young girl she was hired to escort off the mountain is spirited away right before her eyes, Sonja follows, dragging along the town hag.

In the crags above the village, she discovers the Hall of the Lonely King, where folk have disappeared to for years, never to return again. Deadline Zombies :Chasing a headline is just a job for ace reporter Moxie Donnovan, but sometimes those headlines turn on him and bite.

Moxie, along with his sexy better half, Maxi a theater and film actor face a tiger-sized panther, mechanical gunmen who support the master race, Irish Fae with the urge to pay Moxie back for the loot his grandfather took from them, murder and a hypnotist intent on re-filming Ben Hur. In , a treacherous Chinaman created a web of events that culminated thirty years later in a reign of terror and death. An evil mastermind, trained in the deadly mysteries of the Ninja, and a desire to kill! Now Available from Amazon. Thomas Floyd is the Artist Guest of Honor.

Stephen D. Allen St. Paul has recently accepted being a Guest of Honor. The membership rate is yet to be announced. Check www. Adventure House - Coming soon! High Adventure - Ki-gor Double issue! This volume collects for the first time all five Lee Nace adventures from the pages of Ten Detective Aces. The majority of these have not seen the light of day since their original publication nearly 80 years ago!

Only The Avenger and Justice, Inc. This classic pulp reprint showcases H. Scott's classic pulp covers, all the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical commentary by Will Murray. Starring: Antonio Sabato, Jr. The People of the Pit Long before the stories in Weird Tales sent shivers down the spine, far in advance of the groundbreaking Dracula, Frankenstein and similar Warner Bros. Munsey's pulp magazines were thrilling their millions of readers with edge-of-your-seat tales of terror by fledgling authors who would go on to dominate American popular literature.

Collected within these pages are 15 thrillers by A. Included are: "The People of the Pit" by A. Giesy "The Elixir of Life" by C. Fisher, Jr Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie. Cover art by Harry T. Cover art by Rudolph Belarski. In the Grip of the Minotaur In the days when Ancient Crete ruled the seas, drawing tribute from Troy, from Greece, even from the great Pharoah of Egypt, there grew up in the North a great power that threatened the Mediterranean world.

Edited by Doug Ellis. Cover art by Wm. The next volume with be The Doom of the Gods. Other titles will follow in turn. The Best From Adventure Volume 1, — Edited and with an introduction by Doug Ellis Adventure Magazine first appeared in late and soon, attracting top name authors, became renowned for the type of fiction its name implied. It grew into a powerhouse in the genre fiction field, and was later dubbed by Time magazine, the "No.

Culled from its first 26 issues, this collection brings together 30 of the best tales that appeared therein, including rarely or never-before reprinted works by Talbot Mundy, Damon Runyon, Rafael Sabatini, William Hope Hodgson, R. Cover price not set.

Black Dog Books - Also in production! The mysterious mummy that looted a London museum. An "impossible" murder on the English moors. The modern pirates who plundered the idle rich of Southborne. A weird malady that tormented denizens of a country estate. The most fiendish torture ever devised by the devilish Dr. Fu Manchu! These and more thrilling adventures by the incomparable Sax Rohmer await the reader in The Green Spider and Other Forgotten Tales of Mystery and Suspense—including four stories never previously published in the United States!

Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie. The severed hand of a desert sheikh—and its frightful vengeance.

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An old hag damned to misery, until she can acquire a thousand kisses. The mysterious black cat that knew too much. The vampiric young nobleman who terrorized London. A Christmas house party—with Satan himself as a guest? These and more thrilling adventures by the incomparable Sax Rohmer await the reader in The Leopard Couch and Other Forgotten Tales of the Fantastic and Supernatural—including four stories never previously published in the United States!

Flamehair by H. Bedford-Jones Retold from the Norse sagas, this carefully prepared historical novel of Viking days draws upon several historical figures, including the wild, roving, reckless career of King Harald Hardrede, son of the great Olaf. The Nebula of Death by George Allan England Earth's impending passage through a strange cosmic nebula will destroy the ability of all plant life to grow and reproduce, dooming mankind to an agonizing starvation.

Standing between life and death for the entire planet are scientist Edwin Allison, stenographer Jeanne Ward, and the brilliant but dangerously eccentric Alexis Vroon, who will be humanity's savior—or its willing executioner! The Nebula of Death was named by a People's magazine editor as the most popular serial that ever appeared in the publication. Unfortunately the novel never saw book publication during author George Allan England's life and has been unavailable for the past nine decades.

Black Dog Books is proud to present this thrilling science fantasy adventure to new generations of readers. Nomad's Trail by E. Immediately following the death of his close friend Robert E. Howard, E. Hoffmann Price created Simon Bolivar Grimes, a young naive humorous cowboy, in the tradition of Howard's own popular tales of Breckinridge Elkins. Premiering in the first issue of Spicy Western Stories in , Grimes boasts, brawls, rambles and rolls his way from outlaw to hero, learning a little bit about living and loving along the way. Profusely illustrated with photos of creators and cover scans of the magazine, this in-depth study examines the characters, stories and creators involved in The Shadow magazine.

For any fan of the Shadow, or for someone wishing to learn about pulp history, this new and expanded edition is a must-have reference source. Trade paperback. Spider by Robert Sampson - The illustrated and expanded edition. Profusely illustrated with photos of creators and cover scans of the magazine, this in-depth study examines the characters, stories and creators involved in The Spider magazine.

For any fan of the Spider, or for someone wishing to learn about pulp history, this new and expanded edition is a must-have reference source. Makin Collected for the first time in book form are the complete thrilling adventures of the Red Wolf of Arabia!

Walking a tightrope of fragile alliances, Paul Rodgers, aka The Red Wolf of Arabia, goes up against revolutionaries and foreign dignitaries trying to sway the balance of power following the Arab Revolt. It's little wonder the tales were reader favorites when they first appeared. Inspired by the exploits of Thomas E.

Makin knew the area firsthand having previously held a news reporter position, and authored the travelogue, Red Sea Nights His stories are peppered with intimate color and background drawn from his travels. King Corrigan's Treasure by H. Couzens H. Following a few stories Couzens became a reader favorite author for Adventure, before his life was cut short by tuberculosis in Collected and edited by Doug Ellis. Holt Edited and with an introduction by Doug Ellis. Intrigues of state and bandit roguery set against the backdrop of the Rif Mountains of Morocco and the bustling streets of Tangier bring alive these thrilling exploits of Mohamed Ali.

Floral notes where key to the look. Here above to the left a day suit in blouse and trouser combination fringed with golden piping and fastened at the waist with a golden curl is a simple luxury statement in the theme of opposites of fabric and form. Behind it a Lilac day coat dress is teamed with a bubblegum Pink hat fusing the norms of formal wear attire with the vivid colours of pop art. Coca's innovation seems to be to remove the crown in the millinery pieces of the collection leaving the wide floppy brims that characterised beach wear in the hey-day of Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn.

The accessories in the non-Heritage part of the line explore numerous shapes and themes is anything more connected through their shared exploration of playful pastels above anything. Buckles, scarves wrapped around handles and sensible styles point to a theme of granny and great - granny's wardrobe with a twist. A hint of 's boudoir chic appears in the fluff-edged baby doll dress with a dipped neckline and back-drop detail.

Dropping in an almost tulip shape to the lengths this could be a red carpet dress for colder evenings as it's gently layered to keep out the chill but won't leave you too warm either. A powder blue suit adapts the fluffy fringe motif to a pair of gloves worn as accessories along with layers of pearls at the neck and puts a spin on tradition.

Playful themes of romance and love drift through the collection and put most simply in the form of the classic British Pearl decorated heart-hooped earrings and necklaces are the calling cards of love. Across the collection the sweetness of many of the designs has an undeniably romantic air to it also.

Black Jack Full Audiobook by Max BRAND by Action & Adventure Fiction, Westerns

Embroidered flowers crafted across the canvas of the new season small Leighton bag with it's scarf carefully wrapped continue the journey of looking 'Beyond Heritage' that Mulberry is cheerfully exploring. As one of the best known British fashion Houses in the world, it's a brand that people look to for a touch of heritage if not purchasing iconic legendary House accessories , while finding something new to explore. To the right above a closer look at the rosette detail featured on many of the shoes. Returning to classic dark autumnal shades the plain check design appears in hats and in tailored garments including skirts, jackets and blouses.

The gentle slouch of the hobo has versatile appeal for the autumn wardrobe and these looks have easy appeal for a new wardrobe look. Also what's often not pointed out about Mulberry is it's cherished place as a leading 'special gift' brand amongst British Houses especially in terms of the bags. Birthdays, Christmas and Easter, exam passes, that new job you were hoping for, Mulberry comes to the top in many wish-lists. Romantic ruching adds a touch of theatrical display to several of the looks through the collection. Above in soft Peach, a dress reaching to mid-calf length and a more daring bodice and mini skirt transform a staple of Victoriana into updated designs.

The two piece look is a perfect outfit for clubbing and drinks as long as dress codes allow a waist to be shown and would be a wonderful look for the party season towards the end of the year. To the right a similar full length sleeveless dress appears in Turquoise Blue that also seemed to be sitting on the rails waiting to be picked up to go to party. Florals dance through the collection with blouses, skirts, jackets and dresses all scheduled to bring colour pops to the darker days of autumn.

Plenty of scope if you're looking for classic tailoring that's remembered it's sense of adventure and fun for the new season. Stepping into Winnie's world we where set for our own big adventure and a reminder of what huge possibilities exist for children in terms of expanding their creative horizons amongst the pre-digital world of stories and ideas. Here they a re encouraged to use their imagination and create new games, explore and have adventures in the outdoors, not in-front of a computer, television or phone screen. I was when litt le and am still, a great admirer of Winnie and his troop of friends and some time to leave the outside world behind and enter their Forest is a huge treat for children and grownups alike.

It's all about the journey and the experience. Time to put on those big boots to join Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Christopher Robin and all their friends out in the fresh air. A cuddly Pooh Bear with his wry, jocular, innocent smile is one of the first things that greeted visitors upon entering the exhibition and his soft toddler like shape made him seem instantly cuddleable. After the early success of the novels an endless series of merchandise has come forth over the past decades of the most happy sort, earning revenue for the Garrick arts club in London and far more importantly filling bedrooms and nursey's across the world with Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends from the One Hundred Acre Wood.

This surely must have been their greatest adventure of all but back to the story of how Pooh Bear came into our lives and collective consciousnesses. The genesis of Winnie-the-Pooh arose from the idea that journalist A. Milne had to create a series of stories around a favourite toy bear that belonged to his small son and so with the help of illustrator friend E.

Shepard he set about creating a series of illustrated stories that celebrated the quiet countryside and also had a gentle but discernable ability, looking from my adult point of view, to teach children many valuable skills for later life. He may be just a little bear but his adventures and his questions, curiosity and desire to help others make him a natural teacher to small children. Above centre is one of my favourite illustrations that see's Winnie wandering through the country taking in all around him. A little bear having an afternoon out.

Above to the right a vital document, the illustrated map of One Hundred Acre Wood. Shepard drawings. This is a world of imagination, stimulating young minds with healthy good activities in the great outdoors. It's widely noted how Milne crafted humour into the language of his work to make his stories enjoyable and also, I think,. The first publication in followed the dark days of the First World War and during the 's and 's as the mood of that nation gradually lifted and life bounced back, for initially British children these stories became a way for them to feel grounded and happy in their home environment and put aside cares that spilled over from the adult world.

One of the most well known part of the Winnie-the-Pooh and friends story is the game of Poohsticks. Out for a walk one day with Eeyore, the little donkey that often needs a cheer-up, Pooh creates a game to cheer his friend. Poohsticks is a simple fun way to send time on a country river bridge.

More titles to consider

Each player finds a stick and drops it over the up-stream side of the bridge and then turns around to run across the bridge be very careful if it's a bridge used by cars to see who's stick comes out first. It's a good idea for sticks to look quite different to make it easy to see which belongs to each player. I have played Poohsticks myself in the past and think it may in fact be an ancient countryside game. Stepping onto the bridge in the exhibition I saw letters of the alphabet flowing beneath the bridge calling to mind the stories.

Poohsticks has stood the test of time and entered the collective conscience and today there are several Poohsticks clubs including a re-awakened one at Magdalen College at Oxford that represents the strength with which Winnie, Roo, Owl, Kanga, Tigger and others are remembered by many as they enter adult life. The game first played in the House at Pooh Corner has been played by millions. Through his stories Milne teaches many lessons and this may or may not have been the intention but I find it fascinating. One of Pooh's friends Eeyore is often a little low in spirits and I find this a device to teach children compassion.

The other animal friends try to cheer him up and in one story Eeyore has a new house built for him at Pooh Corner close to the house lived in by Pooh and also shared later with Piglet. Eeyore belongs and is part of a community. As children grow and discover their own personalities and identity, so their confidence generally grows too. The outgoing curiosity of the animals leads to exploration of vocabulary, ideas and expression and expands their minds. As is becoming obvious by my column here perhaps, I was struck at how the exhibition and the stories of the books offers such good mental and physical exercise for children.

Children just like little Bears need to stride forth and make discoveries and put a sign up to claim the conquest. Alongside these adventures though there is no place like home and Milne goes to great lengths to express the soft comforts enjoyed in the home space based on the cottage that he bought for himself, wife and son in East Sussex. The family home in Chelsea where Milne, Daphne and the young Christopher Robin lived never gets a mention. Soft furnishings and a small fireplace, clock and gently sloping roof all have small echos of the traditional nursery at the top of the house while the place, halfway down the stairs, a spot selected in the way that children sometimes do in their living space conjures feelings of that special childhood space.

Plenty of time for relaxation and enjoying Tea with all important Honey sandwiches. The colours are gentle and soft and the pencil drawing by E. Shepard was made large as part of the scene setting for the exhibition. A Bear will always need Honey and this is a very serious thing for Pooh. It gave Milne ample opportunity to think up witty scenes and phrases of frustration from his leading protagonist during his tireless quest for the golden sweet liquid that was always some-how in the most tricky and out of reach places. It also to me again seems like a lifelong reminder for children to be tenacious when they step into the grown-up world and seek out what they desire.

The illustrations of Pooh climbing the Bee Tree and looking for Honey are some of the most memorable in children's literature. The exhibition has been designed to be interactive in many different ways that required their senses and perception. Children and grown-ups are encouraged to get involved. A table set with drawing pencils and a table cloth that you can write on offers an instant way for children to begin to express thoughts and ideas that they develop as they make their way through the exhibition.

I think Milne and Shepard would have liked this very much for the children to become immersed in the world of Pooh and friends and become a part of it. The walls of the exhibition are lined with dozens of illustrations from the very first tentative sketches of Christoper Robin's childhood toys after Milne got in touch with Shepard to begin the project, to the proofs and early editions of the books that where published. It also struck me that this was a very inspiration exhibition for budding authors too as you can see the journey that Milne took from conception of the idea through the finished series of books and beyond into legend.

Some facts and figures that illustrate more of the story behind Winnie-the-Pooh; Milne and Shepard first met through colleagues at Punch magazine. Both had served in the First World War and Milne was already a successful playwright having produced several plays for the London stage. In Christopher Robin Milne received a teddy bear for his first birthday bought at Harrods and it was named after a bear he met at London Zoo.

Milne started writing down the stories as his wife Daphne played with their son and his bear so the project was born from shared family experiences. The landmarks of Pooh's world where discovered during Christopher Robin's regular trips into the Ashdown Forest near the families country home in Hartfield, Sussex. Shepard visited the forest that became the One Hundred Acre Wood to capture the likeness of the trees. Pooh Bear actually has a closer resemblance to 'Growler' the Steiff bear that was a toy of Shepard's son rather than that of Christopher Robin.

Within three months the publisher had sold almost 44, copies. This initial success started the world wide popularity of the little Bear and his friends that continues to this day selling millions worldwide. As Walt Disney's two daughters were huge fans he bought the film rights from Dorothy Milne and produced the first colour Winnie-the-Pooh feature released on 4th February Curated by Emma Laws and Annemarie Bilcough the exhibition in Gallery 38 of the Museum was accompanied by talks and special sessions for Primary and Secondary School teachers plus interactive art session for children and their accompanying grownups.

It was wonderful to spend time in the world of Pooh and meet his friends once again with adult eyes and see the huge amount of joy that this work continues to give to children and grownups alike. So for now it's a gentle Good Bye and time to fly off with a balloon to the next adventure.

With his thick natural fur, this little bear is proofed against the cold on his winter walk with Piglet. During a cold Spring this was a very apt illustration and still carries the message that we should all go outside and explore and climb that gate unless there is literally a blizzard. Looking at the illustrations above, it's wonderful to see the artistry of Shepard adding the painted detail on top of the draft sketches. Pooh is sometimes described as a doughty Bear which is an old-fashioned word for a bit huffy and easily annoyed but he is determined and a determined Bear finds what he's looking for in the end.

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