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Henry's short story 'The Clarion Call' recounts the reunion of a detective and a criminal just after the criminal has committed murder. This lesson summarizes and analyzes the story. Henry sets up the meeting of the two main characters in a way that immediately catches the attention of his readers: ''One afternoon two weeks after Millionaire Norcross was found in his apartment murdered by a burglar, the murderer, while strolling serenely down Broadway ran plump against Detective Barney Woods.

William Sydney Porter O. Kernan is Not Intimidated We might have expected Kernan at this point to begin to worry, but he doesn't.

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Woods tries to remind him that he shouldn't be speaking so freely, but Kernan replies: '' Kernan Continues to Boast Once Woods acknowledges that he will not arrest Kernan, Kernan's confidence grows and he decides to brag to Woods about his various exploits: ''He recounted story after story of his successful plundering, ingenious plots, and infamous transgressions until Woods, with all his familiarity with evil-doers, felt growing within him a cold abhorrence toward the utterly vicious man who had once been his benefactor.

Kernan Calls the Paper To illustrate his point, Kernan actually calls the Morning Mars newspaper to confess his crime. The Plot Twist Woods stews throughout the night as he sits with Kernan in the restaurant, wishing he could do something to bring this terrible man to justice. He shows the writing to Kernan: ''The New York Morning Mars : Please pay to the order of John Kernan the one thousand dollars reward coming to me for his arrest and conviction. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Analysis The central point of this story is that people tend to cause their own downfall.

The Clarion Call

Lesson Summary The Clarion Call starts out with a bang, as a murderer and detective meet on the street and recognize each other from years before. Register to view this lesson Are you a student or a teacher? I am a student I am a teacher. Unlock Your Education See for yourself why 30 million people use Study.

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Johnny goes on to speak at great length and in great detail about his various crimes, which makes Barney feel increasingly uncomfortable. Barney warns Johnny to keep quiet about what he has done.

He says that, although he will not arrest Johnny, the newspapers may take up the Norcross murder case. The detective goes on to say that the Morning Mars newspaper helped to solve a few crimes.

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It reawakened public interest in a few cases that the police had been unable to solve. Johnny scoffs at the idea that any newspaper, especially the Morning Mars , could help convict him. He makes sure that Barney can hear him. Johnny taunts the managing editor by telling him that he murdered Norcross. As proof, he says that he knows that Mrs. Norcross had a broken button on her nightgown.

Johnny is pleased to hear the managing editor tell someone to trace the call because it is proof that it is being taken seriously. He ridicules the editor for saying that he will be caught within two days. Barney Woods and Johnny Kernan spend the rest of the evening together, going to the theater and two different restaurants.

Barney can hear the sounds of the city slowly waking up, including "the cries of the newsboys - the Clarion Call of the Press". He asks a waiter to get him a copy of the Morning Mars. After he reads the headline, Barney arrests Johnny. Using Johnny's golden pencil, Barney Woods writes a note, claiming the reward and asking for it to be paid directly to Johnny Kernan, thus clearing his debt.

We understand that attention precedes participation. We are driven to awaken our community to the dark truths of mass criminalization that are conspicuously hidden in plain view and ignored by the masses. Email Address. Watch the Channel. Get Involved. About Our Organization. Advocacy The Clarion Call Advocates to modify, alter, or eliminate existing public policies that bolster mass incarceration, add civil penalties to criminal convictions, and that cripple reentry efforts.