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I can totally relate to the whole accidental boyfriend thing. I met my boyfriend a handsome ginger Irishman on a random street corner in Bangkok and it has been love ever since. Sometimes it seems when we are not looking, even trying to avoid relationships they find us. Great site and story, Im definitely gonna keep following :. Thanks Rachel. Are you still living in Goa? I am from North India, near Kolkata.

I hope you enjoyed our festival seasons in the north or south. India is quiete religious. There are different types of people, many are good and many are bad. They are bad since they didnt get proper education due to lack of money or guidance. We are few fortunates but our aim should be to help the community to grow and spread humanity.

I just wanted to you realize that life is beautiful with struggles and chaos. Its extraordinary. Hope you agree and continue spreading the right informaiotn about my country. Take care. Iam reading ur blog for many days, today first time iam commenting on it,I congrat u for finding ur soulmate,u people are so lucky that u come together with each other. I feel so depressed sometimes. Just after reading your blog in dec 13,i decided that i have not visited goa once but now i have to visit anyhow.

I travelled by train from Gujarat to thivim in Jan ,from there i took city bus to vagator and took a room there. I found that this is mini russia now,i visited vagator ,morjim ,ashwem beaches and morjim beach totally in control of russians ,even as an indian u can get feared at these place. I never found any opputunity to make friendship with girl or i was very feared. People were openly smoking hashish and late night parties were going on.

Also why did u choose goa to live and how did u earn money. Also i feel that european and usa girls hate indian guys and dont want to talk to them. Hello Anuj. I can agree there are a lot of Russians here. There are many types of people. Yes, Rachel. Rightly said. I am an indian, living in Chile since 2 years. Its so wonderful to read your posts about my country which is immense soothing to explore. I too have traveled a lot in my country a but realization of life happened when I reached Chile. I met lot of friends who really are helping and friendly. I learnt the respect and humanity. Stating doing partys an I met my ex-girlfriend , a Latina, here in Chile.

It was wonderful but sadly we had to depart. I wish you great life ahead. If you need any sort of help, please dont hesitate to message. I have been helping my many foreign friends to travel India, even if I work in company here in chile. Hugs and regards to your family. Take Care! Looks like a common trend! Contact Hope you are still in Goa.

Expecting an early reply. Thanks for the swift kick in the butt! I have traveled a fair amount and wanted to get off the road and the planes!

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Home was great, and my wife and I were very close. She got cancer last year, suddenly, and was gone! That lasted about 6 months. I finished two books and started on an album of jazz, my third love. This may sound really corny, but a model in Michigan had read part of my story, and she began to pray I would get my mind back. I was a mess, writing because I was hurting from the pain of my wife, leaving me alone.

I was helping her, because her mom died of cancer in the middle of my own recovery of cancer killing my wife. I needed to stay really busy, so was driving myself nuts trying to escape the nightmares. Finally, this friend sent me a picture of herself. She had been beaten the night before, and was sobbing because a bunch of boys had tried to rape her. Someone stopped, seeing them all ganged up on a girl alone and they ran off. Her picture stole my heart that following morning…eyes that were not filled with hate or pain, but forgiveness, yes, some fear, but mostly love.

Here, a model, was praying for me. I melted, and fell in love. Thats wonderful! I have to say, I fell into the exact same bucket. I moved to Amsterdam for seven months, and was having a blissful time by myself. And on the sixth month after not looking or even caring to look , the universe dropped a wonderful man right in front of me.

Its surprising how sometimes what looks like it could be a travel fling could really turn out to be the real thing. Singapore is very friendly to foreigners; large expat community here. I think he has a better job and life here than he did in Amsterdam! I met this South African when he was travelling Penang, Malaysia and I was just making a short weekend gateway where we happened to stay in the same hostel.

We bonded very well which ended up him visiting where I live three times after the Penang trip ends. Unfortunately both of us had to return to reality now. So yes, here we are stuck knowing we have no future together. The entire experience itself, though, was really a sweet one. Well, he does not want to do a LDR. A lot of things happened ever since, we had a fair bit of dramas with each other and now remain just friends. This rules. I love that instantaneous love!

Argh so cute, I love stories like this. Yes I too had sworn off boys, quit my job in England and flew to Asia. Yay Traveller love stories. I left for SE Asia with a similar no boys attitude that fell apart after the first week! I met an incredible man, we traveled together for a bit and 5 months later we got married. Life gives amazing gifts. Hi Rachel, we just saw your house hunters international which aired tonight…and I looked up your blog… you 2 make a great couple—on your blog and on TV as well. I look forward to digging into all the info you have here in the next few days!

Hi Craig, thanks for commenting. Glad to see you two are still together and that you found someone who is just as passionate about travel as you are. Super amazing quotes! I wonder why I have never met someone like you?!? These statements perfectly define myself. I wish if some day I can meet someone with the same mentality. Travelling is a part of my life now : Thanks for the nice write-up, I appreciate your mental viewpoints. Met an irish guy, and am in love!

Cannot complain about life, would really like to be with him, but not at the cost of his happiness or mine. Hi Rachel. Thank you for the read. I can really relate to this! I met my current boyfriend. Funny how tiny chance meetings can change your life so drastically! I just found your blog and love it! India is the place! I hope it works out for you guys! I love your post! Totally understand you! My true love is traveling!

My husband is Japanese. I was not abroad when we met, but he was. But we met and knew pretty quickly that it was meant to be. Ten years later, we are nearing out five year wedding anniversary and living in Japan together! Thank you for sharing your story. From your post I get the idea that one of the reasons you started traveling was to meet someone?

And that you encourage others to do so? I am not sure about it. I think the most important thing is to be yourself and live the life you love. Whatever is meant to be will be if you accept it. It happened for me. Rachel, I love your website! I, too, accidentally met my Ecuadorian wife while traveling.

I was studying art in SoCal, and came to Madrid to study in the museums for a semester, and met my wife in a cyber cafe. Our first date was on a Thursday, and by Monday I had moved out of my hostal and into her apartment! Travelling is great and being an expat is even better.

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Thank you for a wonderful site, and amazing stories! Hope all goes perfectly in your new Mexican home I love Mexico and the Mexican people, and the food is my favorite, right along with Indian food. Great to meet you! And even for India prices, medical care at a private hospital can add up. Get My eBook Now! So what happens when you swear them off and really, really mean it?

Then stumbled in Ben … … literally stumbled and dropped a girly drink on my foot.

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I thought about staying in India but knew I needed to go home at least for a while, because you know you work, money, etc… I believe that you can fall in love easy. I knew that Ben was mine within a week. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.


About the Author: Rachel Jones. Rachel Jones left a career in nursing and lived on the beaches of Goa, India for the five years. Her blog, Hippie in Heels, like its name, is a contradiction combining off-beat adventurous places with glamorous and bespoke travel. J in Beijing February 14, at am - Reply. Rachel Jones February 15, at am - Reply.

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Sharell Cook February 15, at am - Reply. We should all get together next time I come up! Sharell Cook February 15, at am.

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Hi Rachel, Interesting post about finding your other half, congratulations by the way. Kaitlyn February 17, at pm - Reply. They chill as fuck.

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Multiple sources confirmed their relationship was reality in November of , after weeks of speculation and the duo posting super cute Instagram pics of each other in the weeks after the Stranger Things Halloween post. They are a couple," a source told E! Wells is proudly introducing her to all of his friends and is really happy that they connected. They are taking it slow but are not seeing other people. One person they never had to worry about being jealous?

Danielle Maltby, Wells's maybe-ex and close friend. I ship this couple SO hard! Try spreading some love instead of knocking down one of the cutest and most genuine coupling I've seen in a long time. Friend and former Bachelor Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti shared their insights as to how the two made things Official on their podcast, Almost Famous. Back lit AF. After becoming Instagram official and red carpet official, Hyland took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to share insight as to how this unlikely pairing came to be. We've since learned a ton about Hyland's kidney transplant and her struggle with endometriosis, but in June , news broke that she was back in the hospital due to kidney trouble.

Adams surprised her with a bouquet of flowers from Nashville, where he was living at the time. On an episode of episode of Wells' podcast, Your Favorite Thing , Adams revealed that he and Hyland were taking their their relationship to the next level, announcing, "I'm straight up moving to L. Should I not have said it? I've got to go! The pair also made an appearance at Sarah's high school reunion , where Hyland shared a fun fact: "You want to know what love is? Love is going to your girlfriend's high school reunion when you've never even went to your own high school reunion.

Hyland and Adams posted about their one-year anniversary on Instagram, and the internet melted down. I mean, it doesn't count if you don't commemorate the occasion on social media. At this time, we even got an the exact start date of this relationship, which was unclear until now. The couple confirms that the beginning of their relationship was September 16, Wells shared a photo of the couple nuzzling noses at a red carpet appearance and wrote,. I kissed this beautiful woman for the the 1st time a year ago today. Best year of my life. I love you to Pluto and back sarahhyland. In that moment you took my heart.

You then gave me my last first kiss. And in that moment you took my breath away. Adams also has a track record of defending his lady love on Instagram. Adams took the opportunity to share photos from a Central Park date to wish Hyland a happy birthday. One involved them smiling at the camera, another one was him kissing her cheek and the third was Hyland kissing his cheek, because a little snow didn't stop anyone from being in love. His caption was the best part, though. You're perfect and I love you most. Now pack your bags, cus baby, we're jumping on a plane and heading down to the islands tomorrow!

Hyland did an interview with Self about her second kidney transplant, dialysis, endometriosis, and living through it all, and gushed about Adams, revealing that he was there for her during the recovery process post-transplant.