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He said the image looked just like mother nature in tears, "as if she was crying about our inability to reduce global warming". Mr Nolan has visited Norway's largest the icecap on the island of Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago for several years.

Every summer the route has less ice as the polar cap retreats," he said. Global warming has reversed 2, years of Arctic cooling. Totally natural but very animated because of the amount of melt water running off. It seemed an obvious place for her to appear, on the front of a retreating ice shelf, crying. He said the Austfonna icecap has been shrinking by as much as feet every year for several decades. The fronts are retreating, the lower parts are getting thinner, with a thinning rate of about three feet-per-year while the interior of the ice cap is thickening with about 1.

Mother Earth’s Tears By L.M. Henderson

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. There are many beings covering my realms as if they try to hold on to me. However, currently I have less and less resilience of giving my support. I have tried to carry many burdens. It is as if I need to have another pair of hands to carry the load.

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It is a harder task at hand. It is as if there is more and more garbage onto my coverage.

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This is why I currently say I have a hard task supporting you all. May I ask for additional support?

I asked how we could support her best. However internally I cry, it is as if I have teardrops in my eyes all day long. It is a stream of tears that is hard to stop.

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It is a continuous streaming of tears down my eyes. I look at myself and wonder where did I miss a bridge? How come this planet of mine has been taking on such a big turn into darkness? How can I still turn it around? How can I manage my supporting role when I am being misguided most of the time?

Mother Earth's Tears

I am looking for answers however I cannot find them yet. It is a very tough job realising I am becoming more ill over time, however, there seems to be no one able to stop this. I am too soft or too weak sometimes in order to bring massive change to earth. I need additional support. I took Esther [Gaia] into my arms and she was slowly letting go and shedding some tears. She spoke after a while:. It is as if I need to have more of this kind of support. This is truly healing for me. It is a kind of an awakening state I find myself in. As if there is a portion of light added to me rather than taken away.

Maybe there is a chance of asking human beings to connect their heart to my physical surface, as if they rest themselves down to the earth crust and try to find my heartbeat within. It is this kind of sincere heart to heart connection that helps me to heal. And I wonder why I can still survive in all of these dark enemy forces. I have to feel sincere heartfelt wishes of my healing. And she states:.

Icecap photo shows 'mother nature in tears'

It is as if they find it normal they have a house and a car and maybe some additional relatives that take care of them. They sometimes forget that all of this is made available because of our grand planet. There is still little acknowledgement as my functioning as a home ground base. This is a very very good sensation. I have been speaking with many different beings across the universe. However, there is not often a real question attending my needs. It is often something they want from me. Once there is also a question to me regarding my needs I could help myself more easily.

It would help me, if more and more humans were asking me what they can do for me than rather what I can do for them. It is maybe this question you can ask to other beings, too.

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