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Another way we deny the Spirit is when we shut down the moving of the Holy Spirit in our fellowship gatherings. When the Spirit is ready to move in our midst, our self-made agenda causes us to be insensitive to His leading and we miss out on what He wants to do among us. He may have wanted to give a message through the gifts of the Spirit but we used a water hose to extinguish His fire. He may have wanted us to praise and worship in the Spirit. There are a number of ways He wants to express Himself but instead we put out the fire.

So, by denying the power and move of the Holy Spirit, we quench the Spirit and our actions grieve the Spirit of God. James wrote to the saints that we should be doers of the word and not hearers only James This means that we apply what we learn from the Word of God so that we are fulfilling what it teaches.

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We should be seeking diligently how we ought to live in holiness and righteousness. Both Paul and John teach how we should walk in the light as He is in the light. This means we are doers of the Word. It is when we stop applying the truth to our lives that we quench the Spirit and thereby we grieve the Spirit of God. God has a plan for your life and mine. His will is that we follow the truths in His Word and live them out. We need to trust in Him and when we think we can do life on our own, we are denying His will for us and we grieve the Spirit of God.

When we focus only on ourselves, we grieve the Spirit of God. God wants us to think of others.

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We are members of the body of Christ and when we ignore our Christian family, we are not living out His will for us. God gave us His Spirit to enable us, to be our strength, to give us power in the name of Jesus. When we rely on our own strength to work out the solutions we need, we are not relying on the Spirit of God. Holy Spirit is our source of power but when we ignore His power, we quench the Spirit and that grieves the Spirit of God. We cannot share the gospel or witness our testimony to others without His power, without the Holy Spirit.

We cannot do this in our strength. We need to rely on the Spirit of God. In its wider context, it speaks of comfort, of protection, of counsel, and of guidance. First, we need to notice that the Holy Spirit is a unique person and not simply a power or an influence.

What Does It Mean to Quench the Spirit?

You may even catch yourself doing it. If you do, I hope you will bite your tongue immediately. We have to understand that the Spirit of God, the third person of the Trinity, is personal. As a person, He may be grieved Eph. Second, the Holy Spirit is one both with the Father and with the Son. In theological terms, we say that He is both co-equal and co-eternal. When we read the whole Upper Room Discourse, we discover that it was both the Father and the Son who would send the Spirit John ; , and the Spirit came and acted, as it were, for both of Them.

So the activity of the Spirit is never given to us in Scripture in isolation from the person and work of Christ or in isolation from the eternal will of the Father. Third, the Holy Spirit was the agent of creation.

Ten Steps to Increase Your Spiritual Passion

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. Tangentially, one of the questions of Old Testament scholarship concerns the extent to which we are able to discover the distinct personhood of God the Holy Spirit from the Old Testament. In other words, can we understand the nature of His hypostasis in the Old Testament alone? There is more to being a Christian than attending services, singing hymns, giving offerings, and doing good deeds. We must tell others about God. Almost nothing reignites passion more quickly than starting a conversation about Jesus with an unbeliever.

When we step out of our timidity to talk with neighbors, co-workers, servers at restaurants, strangers on subways or at Subway, or neighbors across a back fence, our spiritual temperature rises.

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Jesus commanded us to go with the gospel into all the world, to the ends of the earth, to every nation, to every creature Matthew ; Mark ; Romans The life pursuit of the greatest Man ever lived was to seek and save the lost Luke George Gallop surveyed 13, people in countries who once attended church but no longer do. God has given us an abundant life to share with others John To be effective at sharing it, we must be living it.

As it is hard to get anyone interested in cold pizza or lukewarm coffee, so it is hard to get people interested in a lukewarm religion. God has given us something better.

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During the Great Depression, an elderly lady walked into a life insurance office. This lady was wealthy, but she did not understand what she possessed. Another sad story about a crippled woman illustrates the point. When her parents died, she had no brothers, sisters, or living relatives. She lived in a cramped apartment and earned money for rent and food by knitting, even though it hurt her crippled hands. For forty-two years she barely squeaked by. One day, an elderly man, a friend her parents, knocked on her door to say hello. When he saw how she was living, he was appalled. When the friend contacted the family attorney, they discovered that a terrible mistake had been made: she had never been notified of her fortune.

For forty-two years, the trust had accumulated so much interest that it was worth millions, but she had lived in poverty. How many Christians live in defeat, spiritual poverty, and depression because they do not know the riches they have in Christ? And the smell filled the whole house. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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House to House Heart to Heart. How do you increase your spiritual passion? Look up and evaluate your relationship with God. Every Christian needs to ask these five penetrating questions: What am I most passionate about? Many are passionate about insignificant things; others are passionate about sinful pursuits Philippians Scripture speaks against following sinful passions at least twenty-seven times.

How will people remember me? People who know you best also know your passions.

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What would your family, coworkers, neighbors, and friends say you are most passionate about? Am I satisfied with my passion for God as it stands right now? Is it trending up, down, or about the same? What needs to change so that God becomes my greatest passion?

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Mathew —9. Think of a time when your spiritual passion was high Revelation What circumstances caused it? Think of a time when your spiritual passion died. What caused that? Learn from the past. Many have lukewarm faith in a world of people with icicles in their souls. Go back and stand under the cross John C. Project yourself forward to the Judgment Matthew — Look inside and reexamine your motives.

Serving God must never be about the following: Money Acts , Our glory 1 Corinthians ; 2 Corinthians Easy living Amos ; 2 Timothy There are three proper motives: Love for the Lord Matthew —