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Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. Charlie Munger, another business magnate with a figure net worth, said this :. I personally set apart at least 30 minutes to an hour of my daily schedule for reading. I promise that reading will help you to do the same with your business as well, whatever it may be.

So without further ado, I present to you 11 of the best books recommended by billionaire entrepreneurs. This book list spans marketing, investing, personal growth, and other genres. The rest of the book relates in exhaustive detail the successes and failures of twelve major businesses during that era. Brooks also takes the time to discuss some of the high-profile lawsuits, business scandals, and tax laws prominent in the time period.

The title of this book is pretty self-explanatory. Landes employs a unique viewpoint by using frequent anecdotes and stories to reinforce his points. For instance, Landes even introduces a theory of how Asian use of chopsticks have allowed them to make such prodigious advancements in manufacturing sectors.

Talk it over in the comments. He describes mimesis as the effect of personal rivalries. Girard argues that humans are constantly trying to differentiate ourselves from each other as unique individuals; however, in doing so our naturally competitive spirits instead makes us grow more and more alike.

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Author: Robert B. Cialdini Recommended by: Charlie Munger.

  1. Beddable Billionaire.
  2. The fabulous life of Spanx billionaire Sara Blakely!
  3. More titles to consider!
  4. Grounded For Life (Grace Erickson Book 2)!

Needless to say, this work provides many insights into marketing and advertising psychology. Cialdini expounds on six unique principles that one can use to become a skilled persuader:.

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How Children Succeed is another interesting book that observes how children succeed and how they fail, and what causes them to do so. The book takes a very modern outlook, pulling in data from current standardized school tests like the SAT. It is also hard to invest in "ground floor" opportunities without wealth - start-ups and venture capitalists want to attract millionaires and billionaires, not regular people who can invest a few thousand or even tens of thousands dollars. Similarly, it can be very difficult to invest in lucrative asset classes like farmland or timberland without a sizable amount of wealth to start.

11 Books You Should Be Reading, as Recommended by Billionaires

Risk aversion is another under-appreciated obstacle to accumulating and building wealth. When many people are first starting to save and invest, they zealously guard that grubstake against risk for fear of losing it all. Although it is understandable, the fact remains that the ties between risk and reward are hard to break - though investors may rightly fear the relatively small risk of "losing it all," playing it safe means that they are earning lower returns and making it all the more difficult to build towards that first million.

Conversely, once people have enough wealth that they feel comfortable and not particularly vulnerable to an economic downturn or bear market, they often take bigger risks.

Leverage (The Complete Series) (Billionaire Romance)

Not all wealthy people invest this way Warren Buffett being a famous example of a wealthy and very conservative investor , but many do. There is no point in minimizing the fact that it is hard to build that first million dollars of wealth. But just because something is difficult is no reason not to try. Try to save as much money as possible, invest that money with a prudent balance between risk and opportunity, and be on a never-ending hunt for ways to work better, smarter, and harder. After all, the rewards are there to be won and figuring out how to make the second million dollars is a problem that is certainly worth having.

Career Advice. Wealth Management. But the more he gets to know Lauren, the more time he wants with her.

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And the more time he gets, the more he wants something he never thought to have…a true connection. Can a jaded reporter open herself up to love, and can a notorious playboy settle down for the right woman? Every book should come with a free fan. I dare you to try them!

I’m over $1 MILLION in Debt (Lessons of Leverage in Business and Real Estate)

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