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With a sophisticated and suitably sober design by Laia Abril and Ramon Pez this heartbreaking book is a must have. I think the public and critical success of the book lies in simple reasons but not so easy to shape. From the beginning, Mathieu knew what story he wanted to tell and how to. He exemplified it through the Monsanto company whose arrogance and commercial practices became a symbol of a chemical industry now largely rejected. Also Blaufuks demonstrate how much the medium is a lie when attempting to freeze time. Getting retired from the world, like a modern Thoreau, is also somehow a political act when outside everything was already photographed.

Oliver Hartung — Iran a Picture book We often have stereotyped views of closed countries such as Iran. Hartung uses typologies, each type being subdivided. This reveals a consistent ideology. For example monuments exalting weapons meet others showing the dove of peace. Some statues curiously show a teapot or a gigantic audio tape. Signs of welfare maybe? The murals obviously largely focus on the leaders and the martyrs but also on bucolic landscapes.

Many others aspects of the public space are also considered. The story has been told, then written, later it became an Hollywood movie and even a TV series. Neglecting his professional cameras, de Luigi traveled with only two iPhones considering them as the more up to date tools to tell the stories. Starting from the ancient Troy, he accosted to Tunisia, Italy and finally to Ithaca. This work slightly melancholic is a permanent round trip between past and present and reveals the Mediterranean Sea from immemorial times has always been a crossroad of exchanges of peoples and goods.

The book is printed on Bible paper only on the right pages. So by transparency, and thanks to the thoughtful Studio Safar design, the previous and following images appear.

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Similar principle for fishes, lambs, etc. I like a lot artists dealing with serious questions with great sense of humor. Upon this book he glued black and white photographs typical from the underground. One sees young people having fun, often naked, having sex sometimes. But the most interesting is the relationship created by the author between the kitsch imagery produced by a dictatorship and the claimed freedom to use its body.

La vie après la vie : De l'autre coté de la mort, l'ultime mystère - Raymond Moody

This book seems to me a celebration of the circle of life, will it be human, animal or vegetal. As the seasons pass, a young woman the artist represents herself naked in the snow or under a pale summer sun. Recently died animals or skeletons are seen on black neutral background.

In other images the ice melts slowly. The editing and the design by Greger Ulf Nilson divide these elements into chapters but with always round trips underlining the consistency of the project. The feeling of meditation on life and dead is confirmed when in one of the last images Margot Wallard represents herself pregnant in a spring landscape. Jungle is a useful word for the medias and politicians to transmit the idea of a wild area living outside any human rule. But what reveals Ville de Calais is the migrants built a real town with its shops and districts.

But there necessity knew no laws.

The involvement of the photographer, the strong editing, and the outstanding design by Robin Uleman entirely devoted to enlighten the project make of Ville de Calais an unique testimony about contemporary migrations far from thousand times seen images. Manfred Heiting, Kaneko Ryuchi — The Japanese Photobook For me, very ignorant in Japanese photography, the best comprehensive history of photobooks from this country.

Welcome to the Schaeffler Group.

Fred Ritchin and Carole Naggar — Magnum Photobooks: The Catalogue Raisonne Compared to others authors writing about photobooks the authors are lucky to work on a closed corpus: all the books published by Magnum photographers. This is an absolutely useful tool to anyone interested in photobooks. In terms of content, this was perfectly compensated by a number of enthusiastic moderators and editors.

However, now that the technical infrastructure is also due for replacement to guarantee the security of data, the investment does not outweigh the decreasing use of the forum. The interaction between electronics enthusiasts is increasingly taking place on the Elektor Labs website and we encourage everyone to become a part of this lively community.

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Le pain et la panification. La farine. La fermentation. Si l'on dispose de ferment levure le faire dissoudre dans de l'eau bouillie. Les noyaux. Il est important de maintenir le niveau initial de l'eau. Les huiles. La distillation.

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Quarante-neuf recettes contiennent de l'eau de rose. I, Le Crac des Chevaliers, Paris. DOZY Ch. Le Livre des Avares, traduction de Ch. Terme impropre car l'eau s'offre mais on paye le porteur pour sa course.

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Ibn al Awwam, , t. XXI, art. Travaux de la Maison de l'Orient , 11 www. Notes 1. Avicenne, , vers Deschamps, ,p. Ibn ai Awwam, , t. Gahiz, , p. Mas'udi, t.