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Jamais eu de soucis en VTT, mais je ne pratique pas intensivement. La Vivo ne se trompait presque pas! Bonjour Non, pas de mode drill. Quel travail! Ps : Il me faut remplacer ma Polar rs cx. Bonjour Aucune chance de voire une Forerunner avec couronne acier. En savez vous plus sur la date de finalisation du produit et de la documentation? Merci pour ton avis. Rien de bien grave ceci dit. Bonjour Les 2 pourraient te convenir. Je te remercie. Entre musculation et course, je morienterais sur la vivoactive 3 ou la Fitbit ionic.

Laquelle me conseillerais tu? Merci du retour Steph. Ou les efforts du jour sont plus facile a atteindre.

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Cela fonctionne!!! Je parle de la taille des lettres des notifications : la police si tu veux : Passer de 8 en 5. Bref, je dois en racheter une et je me dis que chez Garmin, ils devraient assurer un meilleur suivi de leurs produits. Merci par avance. Je porte la montre tous les jour. Je me demandais laquelle me conseillerait tu entre la vivoactive 3, xt et la fenix 3.

Mais dans une optique triathlon, je prendrais la Forerunner XT. De plus il y a maximum 2 marathon par an. Il faut un widget ou une appli? Merci pour ton retour. Pour y pallier, il faut une ceinture ou un brassard cardio optique. Bonjour, Super test, merci. Bonjour Votre analyse est bonne. De plus la fonction de calibrage manuel qui existait a disparu. Merci pour tous les commentaires. A toi de choisir. Merci encore. Tout fonctionne normalement. Aurais-tu une explication possible? Bonjour Oui elle tiendrait. Si, avec dWMap. Site web. Twitter Facebook Youtube Instagram.

We're leaving in 3 days. I'm leaving from Paris and I' m arriving in Glascow. I'm sad to leave —We're taking a flight tomorrow. I'm stepping out for just a minute. I've just returned from the store. I need to bring back his car today. I'm taking my computer along with me! He called me to ask me if I could bring a bottle of champagne. I do would like to bring some souvenirs from France back to England. Did you bring along your daughter on the trip? At what time you bring the DVD back to the store? You should stop by your mom's and spend some time with her! Can you swing back to my place quickly?

If yes, can you bring over a few vegetables please? Bye honey, I'll be back in a couple of hours! When will you come back and see us? Et qu'est-ce que vous ressentiriez? Vous conduisez et une voiture fait une queue de poisson devant vous. Une bonne amie vous offre des fleurs, sans raison apparente. Quelqu'un vous dit: "Rentrez dans votre pays! On ne veut pas d'Anglais chez nous! On vous annonce le divorce d'un couple d'amis. Une femme vous demande de l'argent dans la rue. Un chauffeur de taxi rentre dans une autre voiture parce qu'il regarde une belle femme marcher dans la rue.

Vous entendez un bruit bizarre dans votre maison au milieu de la nuit. Anna : Hello, Doctor. Doctor : How do you feel exactly? Doctor : Ok, how long have you felt like this? Anna : Maybe 2 weeks. At first, I thought that I was feeling some cold symptoms. Doctor : It sounds as something is depressing you.

Is there anything that improves your mental state? Anna : Yes, I do feel better staying at home than going to work! Doctor : Perhaps your work is the cause of what you are feeling now. Anna : Ah maybe. I feel a sense of dissatisfaction at work.

Everyone is always stressed, and I feel an overall ambiance of frustration. Doctor, do you think that you can give me a note that says that I have to stay home for a month? La Tour Eiffel Les chutes du Niagara sont connues dans le monde entier. Qu'est-ce que vous avez fait hier matin? Des enfants vont au bord de la mer 3.

Je rentre chez moi 6. Une femme sort sous la pluie 9. Je pars pour l'Italie Je fais la vaisselle Nous prenons le temps pour visiter la ville.

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I didn't have time to call you yesterday! I didn't finish my homework. The doctor didn't speak to me. I didn't eat this morning. I didn't pick up the clothes at the laundry mat, I forgot! They didn't ask any questions. I didn't like the movie. You didn't work today?

They didn't travel this summer. I didn't think about the proposition. We didn't talk to the neighbour. We a group of men and women left for Paris this morning. She saw her best friend girl and they went to visit the Louvre. Christine liked her gift; she sent a thank you note. My parents went to Italy, they loved Roma. They a couple received free tickets to go see this movie; they enjoyed it very much. The play that we saw last week was excellent. The flowers we planted are blooming now. She was born 3 days ago; the mother had an easy delivery.

My cousin female took her drivers license exam last week. Bisous, Florence. I used to watch everything on TV but now I don't watch anything. I used to go out late on Saturday nights but now I mostly stay home. We used to have a small garden but now we have a huge one. We used to work hard but now we don't work anymore. They used to do well in school and now they don't like studying anymore. He used to play in clubs, now he plays in front of thousands of people. She used to hate vegetables and now she eats everything. They used to love each other and now they don't even talk to each other.

I used to ask many questions in class but now we remain silent. I used to smoke and I now I never smoke. Your parent's habits when you used to live with them: 1. At what time did they use to get up? At what time did they use to go to bed? Where did they use to go on vacation? What were their favourite type of meal? What activities did they use to do? What work did they use to do? Did they use to do dinner parties in their home? Did they use to go to church?

Did you used to play a sport with your dad? Did you used to help them with chores in the house? Que faisaient vos parents? Sortiez-vous tard le soir avec les copains? Faire du sport Lire des livres Manger Sortir tard le soir Ecouter de la musique Danser Quand j Son patron!

Yesterday, I was going to call you but I didn't have time. I missed the train, would it be possible to take the next one with the same ticket? Last week, we were going to stop by your place but we were running late. While driving, I always listen to a French learning language tape.

We were going to go to France on vacation but the weather was too awful. I used to get up at but now I get up at I used to be bored at my job but now it's quite exciting. Yesterday, I took the car out of the garage because I had to get the car ready for the trip. We went out around noon and stayed at the museum until 5pm. Yesterday, it was very hot and today it's freezing. Who has a big influence in your company?

There were lots of birds outside this morning. Usually, there are none. We stopped by your house but you were gone. Where were you? We are going to town during the day; we'll be back in the evening. What did you do last night? I was bored so I wrote a long letter to my cousin. Were you travelling last week? Did you fly? Skype did not work well yesterday; this morning it was fine. Now it is still fine. When Marie was younger she used to ride her bike everyday. Then she lost her bike and bought a car. She does not exercise enough. She has gained a lot of weight.

Xavier Delavigne, a well-known figure in the Parisian quarter of Montmartre, passed away yesterday. He died following a freak explosion in the laboratory of his perfume shop. He was years-old. Xavier lost both of his parents when he was still a child, and was raised by a Polish immigrant who taught the boy the art of perfume-making.

She for S.H.E — Portrait d'Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau, dresseuse de mots

When he was years-old, Xavier married his first love, Clairette Marciano. Although he never received a formal education, Delavigne became a talented chemist and an accomplished perfumer. In , Clairette gave birth to their only son Marc, a jazz musician who now lives with his wife in San Francisco. Clairette died a few years later, leaving Xavier a widower. Xavier is survived by his son Marc and his grandsons Bruno and Felix.

His shop has been left to his beloved grandson, Bruno, who shares Xavier's passion for perfumes. When was the last time you went to the movies? Where is the last spot you travelled to and what did you do? When is the last time you had a fun time among a group of people? Did you ever meet any celebrities? Have you made any friends at your work place? What did you do before working at your current job?

Where did you go last Sunday? What was the last meal you ate? When was the last time you watched the news and what were the subjects? When was the last time you visited a museum? Did you take pictures of your trip in Paris, what did you take? When was the time you experienced an interesting coincidence?

Have you ever surprised anyone with anything? Oui j' y vais avec eux. Est-ce que tu vois le soleil en ce moment? Oui, je le vois. Est-ce que vous donnez souvent de l'argent aux mendiants? Les chats mangent-ils les souris? Regardez-vous vos e-mails tous les matins? Est-ce que vous connaissez Juliette Binoche? Vous allez voir vos amis ce week-end? Et eux, est-ce qu'ils t'en offrent souvent? Tu manges encore des sucettes? Est-ce que tu as des CDs de musique hard rock chez toi?

Est-ce que vous voyez vos voisins tous les jours? Est-ce que vous aviez beaucoup d'amis quand vous habitiez en Australie? Tu fais souvent du camping? Quand est-ce que vous allez faire vos courses, d'habitude? Oui, je la regarde. Do you know how to get to the nearest IKEA store from your house? Can you go to your village without taking the car? Do you speak with the other English people who live in your region? Can the neighbours take your mail to the post office once in a while? Do you introduce your English friends to your French friends? Do you play tennis?

Are you taking the umbrella today? Do you take a nap every afternoon? Did you read your horoscope yesterday? Can you borrow your husband's car? Do you read your emails every day? Are there lots of people at your house this week-end? Do you have any fruits in your home today? Are you buying some bread? Are you going to give some things away before you move? Does you husband drink some wine every evening? Would you like to taste a 35 year old cognac? Do your drive your car every day?

Do you like to learn French? Oui, j'y vais. Est-ce que vous apportez un dessert? Mon mari va au club de tennis ce soir, et vous? Est-ce que vous achetez beaucoup de produits bio? I am teaching her some English. I am telling him to listen to me. I am driving him to work. We are calling them to ask them some questions. I am buying this shirt for him. I am going to his place to bring him some wine. He is sitting behind him and he's always talking to her. He is writing to her a letter. He is calling me later to tell me about the project. I am speaking to you, can you please listen to me?

Can you please go with her? She needs your help! I'm taking them to the library and I will choose a few books for them. Did you see them? They wanted to speak to you! These flowers are beautiful, I want to buy them for her! I would like a coffee, can you give me one? The file is in the other room, can you bring it to me? Joe-Bob : J'ai faim! Tex : Tammy, j'ai faim! Bette : Ah? Tammy : Ah? Tex : Tammy m'adore. Je suis un peu perplexe. Voulez-vous du pain? Il voyait maintenant devant lui une salle de bal.

Dear Patrick,. Thank you so much for your letter and invitation! I would be delighted to see you this week-end and we look forward to spending time with you!! I feel like taking a break so this is perfect timing. I will bring you some of my finest bottles of wines! Also it would be nice if you could tell me what I should bring with me towels, sheets, etc..

You've moved recently haven't you? Could you please send it? I will call you before I leave in order to give you an idea of our arrival time! I miss Paris so this is really great! I had a nice time in France. Since I've been back, I've taken on some new habits! Now I take long breaks during lunch time. When I was in Paris, I used to take more than one hour to eat my lunch and I loved it! We didn't eat sandwiches by the computer like I do here in England, I had full meals and I even had some wine. I didn't eat quickly, I actually took my time!

Can you believe it?

I know it doesn't sound like me to take my time! It was exciting and fun to communicate in French but it was also tiring. Pierre wanted me to meet many French people to force me to speak French! He knew I needed to practice. I asked him if he thought that my French was OK and he replied to me that I needed to work on my pronunciation.

I also watched a lot of TV in the evenings and in the mornings to try to raise my comprehension level. I liked the fact that I didn't need a car ; I was able to walk most of the time and I sometimes took a taxi. We didn't take the metro very much. I understand why the French stay thin: they're always walking and they take time to eat!

I think that I should move to France! I hope you had a nice day yesterday! Your parents are having a nice time and I spent most of the day with them yesterday. At the beginning of the day, they didn't want to spend too much time visiting; they wanted to go Christmas shopping. The shops they went into were a bit boring for me so I told them to continue their shopping and to call me later also I had a headache from working all night. It was a beautiful day so after a while I called them to meet them for lunch. We met at Alfredo 's remember that place? They were hungry and tired so we took our time — it was fun talking to them!

I convinced them to go for a tour of the city by foot for one hour with a guide I had already reserved the tickets and they actually loved it! It was interesting and we had a very good tour guide during the reservation, I had asked for the best one. Then we went home for a rest and decided to go out in the evening to go see a play. I couldn't believe the energy they had at that point. Anyway I miss you — if you were there with me right now, I would give you more details of our day but as you can imagine I'm tired and I need to go to bed!

Call me tomorrow morning before breakfast and I can't wait to see you tomorrow evening! After seeing you today, I've decided to start my own business. You motivated me! I have always wanted to create or to launch something but I just couldn't make a decision. I cannot work for someone who is always telling me what to do. I'm going to work on my business plans and goals and I will ask someone to help me with the financial side.

The person I'm thinking of is someone who I used to work with and who I can trust. You don't know her yet but she is a very dedicated person. Before starting the business, I really need to look at every angle but I have to say, I' m really excited! I wanted to say thank you for your support and encouragements! The teacher told me that she listens to her iPod while the teacher is speaking; she reads a magazine when she should be taking notes. She spends her time drawing while the others are doing their wok.

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  • Obviously my daughter is not motivated by this class and has decided to become rebellious. So I ask myself "why is she acting this way in this class only? Before having gone to see the English teacher, I went to see her French and Maths teachers who gave me some good feedback on her! Before starting dinner, I will ask her about her English teacher and the class and we'll see what she says. I'm just very confused because after having spent time all this time with all her teachers, it doesn't make sense that her behaviour changes during English class.

    Having such an interest for reading, my daughter should love this class! I'm leaving for the week-end but I'm not sure if I should take my computer along. I want to take 2 days off from my emails but at the same time it's difficult for me not to stay away from the Internet. What if I have to respond to an emergency? When I think I used to leave without worrying about work and now it's always on my mind! Thankfully, my family reminds me all the time that I need to learn how to relax. Ok, I've made up my mind! I'm leaving my computer at home! I'll just bring a backpack with the absolute minimum.

    Everyone else can wait until Monday. Actually, I can't wait to spend a week-end doing nothing and just ask questions like "where are we going to eat tonight? Every day I look forward to the evening time when I can relax, sit outside, read a book and have a glass of wine! During the day, I work nonstop — don't think that I don't like what I do because I enjoy my work very much but it is very demanding and when 7pm comes around, I need that special time for myself.

    With my husband, we also look forward to having our coffee together in the morning right after we drop our child at school. It's a really nice way to start the day…Last week, I even took an afternoon off and spent that time doing things that I like to do such as swimming and shopping for some summer clothes. At the beginning of the week, I had taken a good look at my closet and noticed that I didn't have a comfortable and light pair of pants!

    And while I was out shopping, I also bought a nice pair of sunglasses! I'm so excited of the idea of spending more time by the water this year. Why doesn't the government motivate the French to create their own business? On one hand, we have a great social system but we're lacking support when we feel like starting an activity. It doesn't make any sense to discourage these people who have great ideas - they could create new positions and help reduce the unemployment rate. I wanted to quit my job but decided to wait and see if any laws are going to change soon regarding business start ups.

    Unicorn Edition

    After having talked with many people, I've decided that I need to do an immersion programme in France for a few weeks. It's the only way! I'm very motivated and even though my mother is not encouraging me to learn another language — I've made up my mind! After having surfed for hours on the Internet, I finally found a place. It looks serious and interesting. This company places you in a family and before choosing the family, they have an interview with you. After having spoken to the programme organiser, I was convinced about the course.

    In order to finish this project, we need to recruit another person. Even though I love coming to France, I also want to discover other countries… 3. Because of the strong winds, we cannot leave the chairs outside. Thanks to our kind neighbours, we're able to leave our cat home while we go on holiday. Because of the traffic, we are late - we apologise! Thanks to your great and fresh products, I made a fantastic dinner. Before I called you, I was ordering some flowers. Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to come on this trip. My husband is busy. I am going to be very busy today.

    She could not talk, she was busy. My agenda is busy. The road is busy today. We are going to find another bar, this one is too busy. My weekend is going to be busy. The bathroom is busy. This party is going to be busy. We are busy at the office. Don't come in, it's busy! After having eaten his sandwich, he left the room. Telling the truth is very important. Before having a cup of tea, I want to prepare my speech. People writing blogs need to share their lifes. Running is good for health. Before listening to this song, they want to sing it.

    Watching documentaries is much more interesting than watching american movies. Trying to take a glass in the cupboard, he felt on the floor. Crying in order to have what we want is not the best solution. After having written his book, this writer understood that it was a big mistake. After having discovered South America, he changed radically. Before going for a long walk, you need to be sure you are fit. People taking care of the nature understood what is really important for their children. I hope that rich people always running after money realize how pleasant it is to sit down and to contemplate the world.

    How do you feel? Enjoy your evening 3. Smashing, great! Mais comme pour tout, il y a des plus et des moins…. Veux-tu que je te rapporte des produits la Roche Posay? NYC crazy girl.

    Find Places to Stay in Îles d'Hyères on Airbnb

    Salut Linton, Merci beaucoup pour ton message. Je lis chronologiquement ton blog depuis plusieurs semaines soit de longues heures! Et hop, ca nous fait un resto! Moi aussi je ne suis pas mefiante ici, les gens sont honnetes et les vols plutot rares. Mais a Paris je me cramponne a mon sac. Bon week-end. Hi there! I love your observations.