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Using the pronominal verb avercela , it becomes very personal and often implies resentment or placing blame. The feeling of anger or resentment has to be directed at someone , even oneself. Non ce l'ho con te. So che non era colpa tua. Ce l'ho con me stesso. I'm not holding it against you. I know it wasn't your fault. I have only myself to blame. I'm mad at myself. When you're mad, you want to be clear! Let's look at the classic word for getting or being angry: fare arrabbiare to make someone angry, to anger , arrabbiarsi to get angry , arrabbiato angry, mad , la rabbia the anger.

If a parent, teacher, or boss is angry with a child, student, employee who did something wrong, then the word arrabbiarsi is the more suitable and direct term. It doesn't normally make sense to be actually resentful in these cases. In the following example, a colleague is talking to her co-worker about the boss.

Guarda che questa volta l'hai fatta grossa. This time you really blew it, big time. Era veramente arrabbiato. He was really angry. Closely related to avercela con qualcuno is prendersela, another pronominal verb! We've discussed this here, and as you will see, in some cases, both avercela and prendersela are used in similar situations. But prendersela contains the verb prendere to take. It might be helpful to think of "taking something badly. I lost it. One last expression bears mentioning. Arrabbiare is the correct word to use for getting angry, but lots of people just say it as in the following example.

We are replacing the more vulgar term with the polite version: incavolarsi to get angry , fare incavolare to get someone angry. E questo l'ha fatto incavolare tantissimo. And this got him extremely angry. But in Italian, its meaning is almost the opposite. Ape is the word for "bee. At the end of World War II, many, if not most Italians were having money problems, and certainly only a privileged few had the financial means to buy a car, much less pay for its fuel and maintenance.

The Ape came to the rescue. Little by little, the model developed to include a cab to protect the driver. Designed as a one-seater, a passenger is often seen squeezed in, as well, but it's definitely a tight fit. There are now doors on either side to facilitate parking right up next to a wall. Although no longer made principally in Italy, the Ape is still in production today!

The motor is strong enough to carry a sizeable load, and to get up the steep hills found in many parts of the country. Given the size of the streets in so many Italian towns, cities, and country roads as well, the Ape is just right for negotiating them. Peppino races around like a maniac anyway, honking at pedestrians to get out of his way.

If you have ever been traveling in Italy, you might have heard an Ape before seeing one. The noise is terrifying especially as it climbs steep, narrow, cobblestone streets in the middle of an old town, where the close stone walls amplify the sound even more. Getting caught behind one on a narrow road can add hours and frustration to your trip. Fortunately, the Ape is so narrow, the driver can hug the side of the road so that cars can pass.

He's putting himself in the killer's place. Because I have to transport something, something heavy. And what is it? It also distinguishes it from ape the insect, and it renders the idea of "small. Yes, your playing is maybe all right, but it's the face, the face. It's this Caption 36, Chi m'ha visto - film - Part 2. They mean the same thing, although the double adjective or adverb is used primarily in spoken Italian. Read this lesson about it! So, we have this word ancora. We've looked at this before and there's a lesson about the different meanings of ancora.

That way, you can understand me even better. Caption 27, Italian Intro - Serena - Part 1. E ancora oggi siamo molto amiche. And still today we're very close friends. Caption 39, Erica e Martina - La nostra amicizia - Part 1. He's not dead yet. Ne vuoi ancora? Do you want more of it? Va be', comunque io ti ringrazio ancora per i biglietti. OK, in any case, I thank you again for the tickets. So this adverb has different meanings that are somewhat related. It means we are on the borderline of something.

Ancora ancora means we're at the limit. We're on the line, even though we haven't stepped over it. Something can pass. Poco poco to mean just a tiny bit. Piano piano to mean really soft, really slow. Appena appena to mean faintly, barely. Quasi quasi is another adverb like this. For more on quasi quasi , see this lesson about it.

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Quasi quasi , ne prendo ancora. I might just have some more. Quasi quasi mi iscrivo a Yabla. I might just sign up for Yabla. It must have something to do with "system," right? Giuliano Terme: Villa Bosniascki - Part 1. A detail to remember is that although it has a typically feminine ending, sistema is a masculine noun. Sistemare might even fall into the category of untranslatable Italian verbs , although it's an easy-to-figure-out untranslatable verb.

When Alberto Angela tells us the fascinating story of a huge underground cistern in the city of Matera, what does he mean by sistemare? Good question. We see from the translation that the piazza was renovated , and we get this from the context of the documentary itself. I'm really sorry, Marika. And I hope everything will work out as soon as possible. Valter arrivava sempre prima per sistemare l'attrezzatura per gli allievi.

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Valter always came early to set up the equipment for the students. Now you have that impression because you're seeing it all in a mess.

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  • When it's fixed up , you'll see Caption 35 - 36, Un medico in famiglia - s. One general way of thinking about the verb sistemare is with "to take care of". You took care of an unpaid bill? L'hai sistemato. You took care of it. Your plumber fixed that leaky faucet? L'ha sistemato. He took care of it. He fixed it. You wrote a draft of an article?

    Lo devi ancora sistemare. You still have to fine-tune it.

    We can also turn sistemare into a noun: una sistemata. In English, we might use a gerund for this, as in the first example below. You don't really want to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning at the moment, but you want it to look nice. With the noun sistemata , we often use the verb dare to give , which can also be used reflexively. As you go through your day, as you take care of one problem after another, try using sistemare when you have succeeded, or when you haven't yet.

    Maybe you will even have fun taking care of these problems! Let's look at 5 different ways we use accordo agreement in everyday life. I know that you had an agreement for using the milk from her company, is that right? We need to conjugate the verb essere to be. Non metto in dubbio le tue idee, ma non sono d'accordo. Non sei d'accordo? Do n't you agree? Do n't you think so?

    So if the doctor agrees , I'd advise an inspection of the museum. Essere d'accordo can also mean "to be in cahoots. Quindi secondo te erano d'accordo per cercare di incastrarlo e poi ricattarlo? So, in your opinion they were in cahoots to try to frame him and then blackmail him? Non va d'accordo con suo fratello She doesn't get along with her brother.

    Senti un po', ma io e te una volta andavamo d'accordo , giusto?

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    Listen up, but you and I got along at one time , right? Il signor Spada e la moglie danese pare che non andassero per niente d'accordo. Mister Spada and his Danish wife, it seems, were n't getting along at all. So there is no verb here. People who know French will recognise this way of saying "OK. Let's say we need to decide on a time and place to meet, or make a friendly transaction. For more on this read this lesson and watch this video. E poi ci mettiamo d'accordo. La, la chiamo io. We'll set it up later. I'll call you. It's a friendly expression to say that you want to see this person, but can't decide on anything right then and there.

    We might have to switch gears a bit because the word order for negatives is different from what we have in English. We have to think negative. The negative word, in this case non not , generally comes before the verb, and that means it is frequently the first word in a sentence. Problems: We all have problemi problems , but sometimes we have to say "no problem. But in Italian we say, " there's no problem. Yes, no problem. Or we can put both expressions together and say, with the wonderful double negative we can use in Italian:.

    There is absolutely no problem at all! Non ho capito! Puoi ripetere I did n't get it. Can you repeat? Adesso non mi ricordo se era proprio a forma di carciofo. Right now, I can't remember if it was exactly artichoke shaped. And if you need an object pronoun instead of a noun, don't forget to change mi to me to me me :.

    Dovevo scrivere un articolo, ma non l'ho fatto I was supposed to write an article but I did n't do it. Here we have the object pronoun lo it but it is partially buried in the contraction. Speaking of listening, a great way to hone your listening skills is to use Scribe in the games menu in the Yabla player. You can slow down the speech to be able to hear better. Have you tried Scribe? What did you like? What didn't you like?

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    Let us know! Foreigners spend years speaking Italian leaving out the little words, and they get by just fine. It takes one to know one. If you get your word order wrong, people will understand anyway, but now you have a chance to get it right! There are so many situations in which we might hear the noun quadro. Let's look at some of the most common ones. The first meaning of quadro has to do with shape. Un quadro a square has quattro lati uguali four equal sides so we can see the relation between quadro and quattro.

    We use the adjective quadrato to mean "square. With kilometers it's more common to see chilometri quadrati square kilometers. Si sviluppava il castello su una superficie di undici mila metri quadri. The castle was built over an area of eleven thousand square meters. The island of Vulcano, with its twenty-one square kilometers of surface area, is the third among the seven sisters of the Aeolian Islands. Un quadrato is a square, no doubt about it. Un quadro , on the other hand, can mean "a painting," so when talking about art, it's wise to distinguish.

    Paintings are usually on a canvas, and the canvas is usually four-sided admittedly, not always square. I quadri — paintings can be of different types: un ritratto a portrait or a scene. Turandot, atto terzo, quadro primo. Turandot, third act, scene one. Caption 15, La Ladra: Ep. Another very different meaning for quadro is "control panel. Ci sono ancora le chiavi attaccate al quadro.

    The keys are still in the ignition. And someone went around with this car until one o'clock. Check out WordReference for more about quadro.

    IL Desiderio Di Spiare Mia Moglie

    And for more Yabla context, do a search of quadro , quadri , quadrato , and quadrati. This is a grammar exercise, so not necessarily will a new solution be a good-sounding solution. When you use "quale" with its preposition and article, you need to determine the gender and number. The reference noun and article are in boldface.

    Quel porco del dottore visita a domicilio e porta sempre la supposta - vobylusesuje.tk

    His typical character is ineducated, poor, vain, snobbish, selfish, naive, opportunist, edonist, lascivious and generally immoral, although fundamentally good-hearted. Partly because of the radical, naive immorality of his roles, some of his most spicy gags raised much controversy in a society that was both strictly Catholic and ruled by the conservative Democrazia Cristiana Christian Democracy party. Nevertheless, such controversies never affected the love of the Italian audience for him.

    During the s, he started to compose poetry. The best-known is probably 'A Livella , in which an arrogant rich man and a humble poor man meet after their deaths and discuss their differences. One of his lovers, the soubrette Liliana Castagnola, committed suicide after their relationship ended.

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    This tragedy marked his life. He buried Liliana in his family's chapel, and named his only daughter Liliana, born in to his first wife Diana Bandini Rogliani, whom he married in Another personal tragedy was the premature birth of his son Massenzio in The boy died a few hours later. During a tour in he lost most of his eyesight due to an eye infection that he had ignored to avoid canceling his show and disappointing his fans.

    The handicap however almost never affected his schedule and acting abilities. In the artistic milieu he was nicknamed "il Principe" The Prince and was famous for his generous spirit: having personally suffered poverty, he always tried to help and protect poorer colleagues as well as giving discreet, low-profile contributions to charity. Perhaps less known, but not less a credit to his generous soul, was his love for animals, especially dogs, testified by considerable donations and the funding of kennels throughout his life.

    The largest and most famous one, called "Ospizio degli Orfanelli" The Orphans' Shelter , was founded and financed by him personally in Ostia, Rome. Start the radio.