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Until now, books addressing Halal issues have focused on helping Muslim consumers decide what to eat and what to avoid among products currently on the marketplace.

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There was no resource that the food industry could refer to that provided the guidelines necessary to meet the Halal requirements of Muslim consumers in the U. Halal Food Production answers this need by summarizing the fundamentals of Halal food production, serving as a valuable reference for food scientists, food manufacturers, and other food industry professionals.

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The conditions and modalities of implementations not only have to be compliant and consistent with the Islamic tradition, but also to be suitable and adapted to a secularized context such as the French one. Among the EU member countries, France has the largest number of Muslim population, which is estimated to reach 6. With much higher income per capita and purchasing power, France has a total Halal food market size of USD There are also independent bodies acting in the field of certification and control.

We have to focus on a few points.

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On the one hand, the religious rules have a value that is symbolic above all. Therefore, they cannot be changed on the basis of contingent speculation.

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On the other hand, the Muslim communities, especially the scholars, have to find and propose by themselves the solutions for realizing an Islamic valid synthesis between the religious sensibility and the normative exigencies of the modern food industry forms. The exigency is to set up the most exhaustive requirements, for products to be exported in the largest part of countries all over the world, from the Muslim world to the non Islamic countries where Muslims live.

The main added-value of these Requirements is to help recognizing and giving access to food products for the Muslim national and international community, according to the widest consensus of Islamic legal dispositions.

Conclusion We have to recognize that, in the current world situation, the general scenario, and not only in the West, is now far from the conscious of a sacred dimension of existence, in the ways of life and in the social activities, because of the preponderance of material and ideological structures that are more influenced by quantity than by quality.

We can say that the Islamic perspective of food is not far away from the European culture, and does not have to become a cause of marginalization or auto-marginalization of the Muslim communities in Europe.

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  • The universality of Islam means both a pure monotheism by a right-oriented doctrine of faith in the Unique One, and a sense of unity in the diversity of the religious community from all over the world. In the labelling, packaging or advertising of a food, the Food and Drug Regulations prohibit the use of the word "halal" or any letters of the Arabic alphabet, or any other word, expression, depiction, sign, symbol, mark, device or other representation that indicates or that is likely to create an impression that the food is halal, unless the name of the person or body that has certified the food as halal is indicated on the label, package, or in the advertisement for that food [B.

    The name of the certifying body or person is required where the claim is being made, whether that is on the label or the package or in the advertisement. Having the name of the certifying body or person on one of these elements does not preclude it from being required to appear on the other elements when a halal claim is made.

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