Manual Fix Any NICD Bosch Battery GSR 18 V-LI GSR 18 VE-2 GSR 18 VE-2-L

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Buy the right tool, use the best equipment, questions on service - pros helping pros. User Reviews. Pros test the blue power tools from Bosch in tough working. Stone Processing. From concrete to brick: questions and tips for working with stone. Sawing, planing, grinding or milling: use cases and discussions about woodworking. Separating, drilling, grinding and polishing: questions and answers from professionals to professionals.

Professional cordless garden tools. Petrol performance, half the noise. The days of the old nickel cadmium batteries are now numbered, and lithium ion replacements are rapidly taking their place. The advantages of Li-ion are many, and include quicker charging, have no memory effect, and do more work on a single charge. Voltages vary from around The other very important point to take notice of is the battery amp hours.

The amp hours govern the amount of charge that the battery holds, but the higher the amp hour rating, the bigger and heavier the battery will be, and the longer it takes to charge. However, even considering all this, the Li-ion batteries are a big improvement on the old nickel cadmium versions.

Bosch Akkuschrauber GSR 18V-2 LI Professional Motor tauschen Anleitung drill repair

The advantages of thie brushless motor is that having no carbon brushes running on the armature, there is virtually no friction to overcome. The other consideration to take into account is the purpose for which the drill is to be used. For kitchen fitters, for example, a small compact drill is very useful and is ideal for getting into tight spaces.

For a carpenter, however, who may be using longer and heavier screws, a larger machine would have more capacity, and for this type of work, an 18v machine would be better, and indeed, many tradesmen would have at least two machines, to cover all the different kinds of work he may be doing.

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So the choice is yours, and it is well worth the time to consider the type and size of the machine, or machines that will meet your requirements. Below are examples of machines of different voltages and sizes which are considered to be worth the top 10 cordless drill driver drills available today.

Bear in mind, however, that there is a wide range of specialist machines for more specific applications, such as dry walling, drill screws, coach screws and other situations. This is an ideal screwdriving machine comparatively lightweight, but with plenty of power.

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It has a two-speed gearbox, with variable speed trigger and reverse, and comes complete in a kit box complete with two 18v li-ion batteries and charger. This is a very compact machine, and being lightweight, is ideal for using for long periods of time. It has fully adjustable clutch settings to enable screw setting to the correct depth, metal gearbox and chuck, and is ideal for all types of. It has fully adjustable clutch settings to enable screw setting to the correct depth, metal gearbox and chuck, and is ideal for all types of screwdriving and drilling.

Dewalt is a very popular make and is well respected in the industry so it is no suprise this drill has made it into our top 10 cordless drill driver drills. This makes it ideal for assembling kitchen bedroom and flatpack furniture, and for working in confined areas. Being 12 volt, gives it plenty of power, and variable torque gives full control, and protection from over tightening.

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The whole kit, which includes two 12volt. The drill is equipped with an LED light, very useful when drilling or screwdriving in dark corners, and also LED indicators showing battery charge level.

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  6. It has a 2-speed gearbox, and forward and reverse, which means that it can be used for taking screws out, as well as putting them in. All in all, this is an ideal tool for assembly work.

    Bosch 3.0Ah 18V BAT181 BAT026 Ni-MH Rechargeable Replacement Battery

    This professional tool is a much more powerful machine, with 18volt 4 amp hour batteries giving an amazing run time between charges. The Kit comes in a plastic case with a charger and two 18v 4ah batteries. These coolPack batteries, are very powerful and are manufactured with Bosch Electronic Cell Protection to protect against overloading and overheating. If it is a powerful screwdriver you are looking for, with continuous hard work in mind, then this drill is definitely worth a consideration.

    Makita is another well-known and respected power tool manufacturer, with a very extensive range of cordless machines and certainly one of the brands you would expect to see in our top 10 cordless drill driver drills. This The drill has a 2-speed gearbox, and a variable speed trigger, incorporating forward and reverse.


    This is a very useful little machine, with a surprising amount of power for its size. This drill, however, comes in a kit complete with a Add to Basket. Normally despatched within 10 working days. Can't find what you're looking for? Brought to you by. Manufacturers' names and numbers are used for reference purposes only. Prices subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted. Calls to contact centres may be monitored or recorded.