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Branding creates a feeling, an emotional response that is created by both art and science picking up any patterns with these future-proof skills? You can actually learn the science behind branding, which include human perceptions of color , angles, and even fonts. If you want people to pay attention to you, your content, your message, your product, then learning how branding and design work will really give you and advantage.

We are anxious, overworked, tired, and overstimulated. Simple 20 minute mediation, which I started two years ago, has had a profound impact on my life. I strongly recommend making it you own daily habit. I use the website Calm. I added each of the online classes you recommended to my to-do list. Here I was thinking that I really needed to get serious about learning digital marketing, and along came this article. Thank you so, so much! Adwords, Analytics and Facebook ads here I come!

Awesome article, Grant!

Thanks for writing! Love that everything had links to go learn and gain some education from. Almost everything minus coding you have on your list has to do with running a blog. Since we started 8 months ago we have self-taught ourselves almost everything. We agree that these are going to be very important skills within the next couple of decades. Thanks for the link to Calm. I was most interested in learning more and different techniques and perspectives about meditation. Also, hope to learn about the other neat stuff you talk about! Looks like I chose the right career then. Sales and Marketing Digital Marketer, I think it has helped me a lot in creating my blog.

It has only be live for a couple of weeks but I have done my best to transfer my corporate career knowledge into my side hustle. Need to improve my coding skills though. I can fumble my way around but it is trial and error stuff.

This is such a great post, thanks for the links to the different digital marketing courses! Do you think Headspace is worth the cost? Was wondering what the actual paid membership would be like. I like the paid version of Headspace. Try it out for a month and see. Thanks Colin. All I can say is thank you! This post is a treasure trove of information.

I just started using google analytics and Facebook advertising. My wife and I started a photography business. I felt overwhelmed by it all, but this helps to know where to look. Thanks again! This was a great article, Grant. I work for myself and spend a lot of time in cafes. I constantly see people flowing in and out doing all of the above skills other than meditation at the cafe! The point is that these are skills actually get paid. For sure.

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The two that pay the most, in my humble opinion, are coding and sales marketing. You know what else is pretty cool?

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All of these skills are pretty fun to learn and satisfying to deploy. Just found your website, and looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing this great post, Grant. I do agree with you about these jobs of future, glad that one of them is mine profession — digital marketing :. Thanks for sharing this information and keep updating us. Really it was an awesome article. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Since digitalization means consumers can make decisions faster than ever, you need the agility to act on that information just as quickly. Where do you gain that perspective? Silos are the enemies of efficiency. By streamlining that data in a unified environment, you increase the speed at which you can analyze and act on information.

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Digitalization has increased the number of sources for customer data, inflating data volumes. As a result, your business intelligence estate must offer the processing power to support a flood of new information. Your business intelligence function must include capabilities like advanced data matching and consolidation, data profiling and data enrichment to address these concerns.

The need to make faster decisions means there are more stakeholders throughout your business who need to share a single view of your buyer. Consider ways to improve accessibility, included improved data visualization and spatial insight capabilities.

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At the same time, the richer your data, the more robust your reporting must be to increase the quality of your decisions and improve time-to-action. How effectively can your organization analyze and report on customer information?

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Your answer may indicate a need for more sophisticated reporting. With a better perspective on the factors that matter most to your buyers, you could build a customer engagement engine that fosters life-long loyalty. Learn how to successfully leverage data for enterprise-wise customer engagement in the new Forbes Insights whitepaper " Understanding Your Customer.

More data is good - but only if there's a data management strategy.

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With Data Federation, customer knowledge is always at hand. Top 5 Essentials for Achieving an Agile, Single Customer View Tips on how businesses can improve their business intelligence estate and acquire a single customer view. Wed Mar 23 EDT Streamlined Business Intelligence Silos are the enemies of efficiency.