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His awakening came in In Eshowe, South Africa, Moses Hlongwane preaches to his flock during his own wedding ceremony—an event he says marks the beginning of the End of Days.

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Moses says that God identified him as the Messiah during a dream in At the time Moses was working as a jewelry salesman. Moses has about 40 disciples. Dozens of disciples listen to their messiah, Moses Hlongwane, as he speaks at his wedding in Eshowe, South Africa. His new wife is one of his most prominent disciples—a woman formerly known as Angel who now goes by the name Mother of the Whole World. And what would we think of him?

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With these thoughts tumbling around in my head, I decided to start looking for messiahs. I found them the way you find everything these days: through Google. But while many can be called prophets, gurus, or spiritual leaders, only a few meet what I consider the minimum criteria: consistent revelations, years of scriptural records, a following of disciples. Founder of the Church of the Last Testament, he now has at least 5, followers; many of them live with him in several utopian eco-villages in the Siberian woods.

Celebrations start on the 12th, with a daylong pilgrimage through all of the villages.

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On Christmas Day thousands of followers gather and ascend to a mountain altar above Obitel Rassveta, after which Vissarion greets the crowd and delivers a short sermon. In Russia, disciples of Vissarion, aka the Christ of Siberia, walk past the village of Cheremshanka on their annual Christmas pilgrimage.

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Led by priests carrying a lit candle in a glass box, the followers sing psalms, exchange greetings, and indulge in merrymaking. Each of these men is unique. The communities that surround them are too. For most people, belief in a higher power is an abstract thing. They can touch their belief. Wherever I went, I tried to keep an open mind and submerge myself in their reality.

One thing I was struck by is how extremely consistent several of these messiahs are. The New Testament is full of contradictions, but each of these men has a narrative that sort of reconciles those inconsistencies. Bupete Chibwe Chishimba sits on a sofa in his home in Kitwe, Zambia. And year-old Steven Ortiz made headlines by demonstrating the practical wisdom of bartering his way from an old cell phone to a convertible Porsche. The curriculum will include teaching outlines, commentary, group activities, discussion questions, and engaging assignments that will help students to catch the vision for imagining how much they might be capable of.

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Product Close-up. Add To Cart. In this six-week video-based Bible study for teens, Mark Matlock shares stories from the young lives of Miriam, Joseph, David, Solomon, Daniek, and Mary to find why and how they said yes to God while they were young. By looking at these stories in conjunction with modern spiritual role models, teens learn how to break the cycle of procratination and dedicate their lives to God sooner rather than later. This Leader's Guide includes detailed instructions for leading a group, from inserting the DVD to introductory commentary, major points, Scripture Readings, Discussion Points, and Prayers.

Title: Why Not Now?