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Now: Reading comprehension now goes much deeper than simply retrieving and summarising information. In our day: When we were learning to write, teachers would mark our work and if we spelt a word wrong, we were expected to learn the correct spelling. In our day: We had a list of spellings to learn and were tested on them at the end of the week.

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Now: Most children do still have a weekly spelling test, but often they also have to show that they understand the words by writing sentences that include them. In our day: We were taught to write English correctly, but not the terms for the grammatical concepts we learnt. In our day: Many of us had lined handwriting books in which we practised our letter formation. We learnt to form letters individually and then how to join them together. Increasingly, schools are teaching children to join their handwriting cursive right from the start, rather than printing first and then moving onto joined-up writing.

In our day: Watching BBC schools programmes in class was as high tech as it got. Now: Technology plays an important part in teaching literacy. Start your trial for FREE today!

CELT-P (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary)

Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Feeling out of touch with your child's literacy learning? We look at how times have changed in the classroom since you were at school yourself. Subscribe to add to wishlist. Learning letters and sounds In our day: We were taught the alphabet by rote remember the Alphabet Song?

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Learning to read In our day: We brought home flashcards with words that we had to learn by sight. Now: Phonics are the building blocks that children use when learning to read. Reading comprehension In our day: Reading comprehension used to focus on the simple act of understanding what the text was talking about.

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Understanding and speaking the English language is becoming a skill that is required at an ever earlier age.

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This exchange programme teaches you as a trainee teacher what you can do to improve the English knowledge of primary school pupils. You will get input on how to implement methodological language teaching theories and on how to incorporate drama, music and arts into your English language lessons. In this international programme, you will encounter students from different countries with a shared wish: teaching young children English using all possible methods.

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