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It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. While most of our site should function with out, we recommend turning it back on for a better experience. If the predicate is the engine of the action we communicate, the subject is the body of the vehicle being driven by it, including parts and accessories. The subject includes at least one noun or noun equivalent, such as a pronoun, a noun clause, or a gerund or infinitive phrase and all its modifiers. We identified those parts as predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, and predicate adverbs.

Combined with our brief study of predicates, this overview of subjects should help with our basic understanding of the most elemental parts of a clause. Simple subject b.

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Complete subject. Simple subject: noun b. Subject complement: noun. Subject complement: adverb b. I tried to but somehow this result wasn't showing up for me--I don't know why.

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That fixed it, thanks! I had this same problem. What worked was to change it to the type tool. For some reason, Illustrator automatically sets it to the right-to-left type tool. The shortcut is also linked to the right-to-left type tool as you can see in the photo. Make sure that when you type, it is set to the type tool, not the right-to-left tool.

You also might want to set the shortcut to the type tool if you use shortcuts. The incorrect example is a broken sentence. The difference is that "You can't go to the movies" could be a complete sentence in itself, but it is followed by a phrase that needs to be incorporated into it. Instead of simply adding more text, the solution to a broken sentence is to combine the pieces.

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The mistake in the incorrect example is comma placement , or more accurately the lack of it. Proper syntax requires at least one comma to separate a list of three items. Either usage is generally acceptable, though specific style guides typically prefer one over the other. There is also the syntactical question of word choice.

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This is the area in which the rules of syntax offer the most leeway , and consequently perhaps the easiest area in which to make mistakes. The issue here is outdated phrasing. By the rules of syntax, "to the movies we are going" isn't technically wrong. It's just archaic. Shakespeare would have been fine with "to the movies we are going," at least once somebody explained movies to him. Modern English, however, expects sentences to go subject-verb-object rather than object-subject-verb. It's a perfect example of how the rules of syntax change with place and time, and that the first priority of any writer should be clear communication.

For further help, read up on subject-verb agreement. Incorrect : Did you ever speak to him? Yes, I was speaking to him yesterday.

The incorrect example uses the wrong verb tense. Specifically, instead of using the past simple tense, "was speaking" uses the past continuous tense. It suggests an act in the past that may still be going on.

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If you "were speaking," you may still be speaking. If you "spoke," you're done speaking now. The latter is appropriate here. Incorrect : Her mother made her to call and thank him for the present.

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Here, "to" is simply an unnecessary word. While many languages require an infinitive "to verb" in constructions like "she made him to verb" or "they told her to verb," English doesn't. Word choice may seem minor, but the selection of just one word versus another can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Correct : I'm getting the car right now.

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I should be there in no time. The problem here is "can" vs. In common usage, "can" frequently substitutes for "should" or "will. Formally, "I can be there in no time" just means "I have the ability to be there in no time. Syntax is everything in writing. Every piece of writing, from a thank-you note to a doctoral thesis, requires syntactical choices.

Learning and using correct syntax is the most important part of good writing.