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Do your players? Now is a great time to make sure everyone on your team knows exactly what your team is all about. As a college basketball coach, I learned the importance of having Core Values to guide team culture. As a softball coach, our core values were very simple:.

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When our team struggled, it was easy to look back to our core values and see where we were coming up short. Our players were always aware of these core values and we talked about them all the time. As far as softball specific philosophy goes, each coach is different. With that said, you really should know what you want your team to be about, especially as your division becomes more competitive. Our softball coaching philosophy consisted of:. Almost every time my teams have lost their way, it has been my fault.

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Get back to the fundamentals of good throwing mechanics. Get back to the basics of fielding a ground ball.

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Get back to the basics of hitting and spend some quality time doing some tee work. Please email comments to letters commonwealmagazine. Back to basics.

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Lingering on the Margins. By Mary M.

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By Griffin Oleynick. So why did her book leave me not quite satisfied? By Katherine Lucky.