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One particular disagreement over David's facial hair during the tour turned into an all-out screaming match "hurling obscenities at one another".

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While they managed to make amends, they locked horns again while on the Australian leg of the tour in It wasn't until Matt and David stopped talking for good until they reunited at the late Dale Winton's funeral in May this year. Got a story?

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Little Britain Season 1 Episode 1 Bath of Beans

Except lots of us did. David Walliams and Matt Lucas are very funny, talented performers and it was primetime viewing.

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The show had a profound effect on culture and the zeitgeist. Social media has changed everything.

People who were offended by Little Britain had no outlet for their outrage save writing to Points of View or the Radio Times. Now, you can vent freely on Twitter and get a hashtag campaign going to close something down before the credits roll.

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Satire is synonymous with mockery, derision, scorn and caricature which is code for someone being the butt of the joke and get a good kicking. At a time when politics and society are so divided, we need strong, sharp satire to capture the absurdity on all sides — left and right, remain and leave, old and young. You need to cause some offence to execute good satire. There is a real danger of groupthink in comedy, an industry where most of the proponents tend to share leftwing views.

Is Little Britain the funniest show on TV?

The closest I got was fellow comic, Conservative party member and old friend sorry, Laura Pidcock Geoff Norcott who voted to leave. Why not be the first out and have a decent solo career. Why not be Robbie Williams?

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Little Britain was a product of its time — pretty cruel, misogynistic and a bit racist. His programme just reflected that. Social empathy has improved.