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The engaging text as well as a hundred full-color and black-and-white photographs reveals the glories of Texas caves, "wild" as well as commercial, showing different types of cave formations, the creatures that live in them, and the people who explore them. Cavings experiences from cave photographer Blair Pittman, cave discoverer Orion Knox, cave developer Jack Burch, and commercial cave manager Jim Brummett bring to life places that house the hidden beauties that lie beneath the surface of Texas. Texas Speleological Association Chair Gill Ediger adds what it means to be a caver and how cavers, cave owners, and the general public are all involved in the conservation of cave resources.

Texas Caves offers a deeper understanding of the underground world of caves and an invitation those who wish to explore another dimension of Texas' natural history. Actualizar estado comentar. Cason Gracias Sra. Camdyn Solo tienes que seleccionar el clic a continuacion, el boton descargar y completar una oferta para iniciar la descarga del libro electronico.

Amber lol ni siquiera me lleve 5 minutos a todos! However, the biggest change may be behind the scenes. The city has adopted Drupal 7 - the latest version of the system used by WhiteHouse. Instead of having communications staff handle updates, each department will be responsible for its own Web presence. CFA is a nonprofit, funded pri- marily by large corporate backers like Microsoft and Yahoo; it partners with cities to find Web-based solutions to previously unrecognized problems. For example in Boston, CFA created an Adopt-a-Hydrant program, through which residents can sign up online to clear the snow from fire hydrants, saving fire crews time and money: The same system has been repur- posed for monitoring tsunami sirens in Honolulu.

On Dec. The original Jan. His team got plenty of comments, many of which were brutal and specific. In total, the team received pieces of feedback, everything from minor typos to incorrect data to spe- cific concerns about readability. Offline, City Hall regulars complained that the changeover was poorly handled, leaving them temporarily scrambling between two incomplete websites - one outdated, one still being built - to find essential info.

The single biggest source of complaints has been the recycling pages, which accounted for one out of every six pieces of user feedback - much of it about missing information. We had to get the high-use content on there, and we had to run it through its paces. The feedback meant that some issues have been fixed, others are currently being worked on, and others have been pulled back onto the development server for a total rethink.

No Problem! MW avants a Dn. In this case, owner Michael Said is not planning to remodel the s home at David St. Rather, his green- lighted plans call for demolishing the well- worn home and replacing it with a rental duplex, with three bedrooms plus a game room and study in each unit. Neighboring homeowners, on the other hand, are already conjuring worst-case scenarios for this narrow street lined on both sides with parked vehicles: They envision a crowded rooming house for students. The project creates yet another town-gown conundrum in an area teeming with new student-oriented apartments and condos, as well as young families dedicated to preserving their neighborhood of single- family homes.

But McHone insists his client is following the develop- ment rules and will build the project accord- ing to code, and provide sufficient parking spaces for tenants in the alley behind the structure. They are simply creating student ghettos. And this erodes support for density by destroying neighborhoods. With no consensus imminent among parties in the redistricting case and a Feb.

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He had previously attempted to split the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus off from the other plaintiffs, offering them a deal that would increase the number of Hispanic opportunity seats. Moreover, Abbott drew new Hispanic opportunity districts at the expense of African-American voters. Texas African-American Congresspersons had their offices left out of their districts. We need to put more people to work building more stuff in America, rather than shipping all that manufacturing off to China. Rather than looking inward, however, they blame America.

First, they wail that American schools are failing to produce the high-skilled workers they need, so they must go abroad. Yet, these very executives constantly demand that govern- ments exempt them from paying the taxes nec- essary to improve schools. Second, they say that the U. Apple, Dell, and the like have the market clout to entice suppliers to relocate anywhere in America.

Indeed, U. Finally, industry leaders blame us, their cus- tomers! Hearts should be filled with love, not worms. Wc offer affordable heartworm disease resting, prevention, and treatment. Thftb Arid her. Doors open at p. Tickets can be purchased online at austintheatre. Just ask the people at the Clarksville Community Develop- ment Corporation. In the midth century, affluent whites began to encroach on the land, and in , construction of MoPac removed one-third of the neighborhood. This month, in celebration of Black History Month, the CCDC has curated 21 photos from the personal archives of its founder, Pauline Brown, who moved to Clarksville in at the age of Brown lost her home to the MoPac construction, so when the city started planning a crosstown expressway that would further gut the area, she became a passionate advocate for Clarks- ville.

People gave her photos for the archive over the years; Reed estimates Brown had gath- ered upward of by the time she died in Which brings us back to the curated collection honoring Black History Month. Eventually, the collection will migrate to a life as a permanent collection on the walls of the Haskell House Waterston , which the corpo- ration is working to restore with grants from the Historic Commission. The current building was built in and is presently undergoing a substantial restoration project. The church was founded in the s by the Rev.

This photo shows members of the congregation under the Rev. Griffin, and includes members of all ages. Note especially the two boys on the far left of the front row: one wearing a three-piece suit and patterned socks, and the other in sleeves too short and pants too long. A woman identified as Aunt Lou Robinson stands in the snow wearing her gingham apron over a partially buttoned coat; this photo likely dates to , when there was a snowstorm in Austin.

Early Clarksville homes relied on fireplaces for heat. We conjecture that the photos may have been arranged through the church and that the church provided transportation to the photo shoot, given that cars were rarities in Clarksville. It's unknown whether the young man owned the car, but it's possible, as some Clarksville residents did own automobiles. Paved roads, along with sidewalks and sewers, made their way to the neighborhood in the s, thanks in part to the efforts of CCDC founder Pauline Brown. This portrait of an unidentified Clarksville man is one of the better- maintained pieces of the collection.

Beyond a few scratches, the wrinkles of his skin and clarity of his eyes are pristinely captured. Some in the neighborhood call this house on West llth Street the Chambers House, after the family that lived there. The original structure, of a board-and-batten construction typical to the neighborhood, still stands but has seen significant additions over the years.

These two men were players on the Monarchs, a baseball team from Monroe, La. Austin's team was the Texas Black Senators, an active Hill Country ball club from the s through the s. The two teams faced off in when the Monarchs came to town. During the long congressional tussle over the National Defense Authorization Act, some legislators actually read the small print and were alarmed by a section permitting the military, at the order of the president, to arrest designated ene- mies without warrants and hold them indefinitely without trial.

Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. How did that happen? Carl Levin, D-Mich. An obscure source for such an important fact? I thought so. Ready to eat my words if I had to, after my column was pub- lished, I went back on the hunt: Google page upon Google page upon Google page, with every keyword I could think of.

I was slow to go for the obvious: a search for Sen. Carl Levin, whereupon, after a time, I found www. It was the administra- tion that asked to remove the very lan- guage which we had in the bill which passed the committee - and then we removed it at the request of the adminis- tration - that would have said that this determination did not apply to U. It was the administration which asked us to remove the very language, the absence of which is now objected to. The Obama White House specifically asked that U. So why did he specifically ask for the power to do exactly that?

And why have major news organizations not questioned White House participation in this travesty? And why should it? Obama asked for the power to violate the Bill of Rights, and he got it. Which brings up another point of interest. The Senate vote on the final bill was 86 to There are only 47 Republicans in the Senate. Democrats enabled pas- sage of this bill. The idea that Democrats are a wall of pro- tection for our rights is, obviously, laughable.

A majority of Republicans went for the bill, some in knowledge, some in ignorance. Mac Thornberry Politico, Jan. As yet, that persuasion is coming only from the collective voice of the Occupy movement and the lone voice of Ron Paul, R-Texas, who immedi- ately introduced a bill in the House to rescind. I suspect only a popular outcry will finally do the job. Phone calls, emails, letters? I suspect a massive email campaign might stir things up enough for change. Better still, a few hundred thou- sand citizens enj oying their Fir st Amendment right of peaceable assembly in front of the Jefferson Memorial would make the point.

Myself, if American citizens are not exempted from the anti-rights section of the NDAA by November, I will not vote for the man who asked for our inclusion and signed the law that makes possible my arrest with- out warrant, my detention without trial, and my disappearance - and yours. Enjoy wine, cookies, and chocolate while you shop for unique, locally handcrafted gifts.

Louis Henna Blvd. As routinely happens now in these situa- tions, the sad news leapt from friend to friend via Facebook posts, first expressing shock over the suddenness of the event, then paying tribute to the talent, spirit, and accomplishments of the dearly departed. Five years later, his slam skills were honed to the point that he made the finals for the very competitive Austin Poetry Slam team. So it was with Esme Barrera, as well as Gerre Hancock, the great organist and choral director, and with Sue McFarland, the house manager and usher whose love of theatre shone through every time you encountered her, all of whom also died in the first weeks of Tracing the history of Aulie in the improv scene is a refresher course in how that community has evolved over the last seven years - the kids who were so green when he first stepped onstage are now the teachers of the form and nationally respected professionals in it.

We often lose sight of those stories, caught up as we are in the struggle of putting one foot in front of the other, just getting from day to day. For more information, visit www. Built in a for- mal language years in the making puddles, drips, pedestals, steps , it at first seems impossible that masses of gypsum and plas- ter could be supported by flat planes of dried paint drips.

From certain vantage points, these seemingly immaterial drip planes cohere into a solid-gray, muddy mass. Walk five steps, and the negative space is suddenly showcased, and the once-heavy sculpture now taking on all the weightiness of the most basic of dog crates, coming close to disap- pearing. This was all thoughtfully planned by Al-Hadid, who digitally rendered the installation before building it, considering the various van- tage points a viewer might see her work from.

Since then, a massive renovation revealed Louis Kahn- like cement vaults, transforming the humdrum institutional space into one that artists should be envious of, as well as awed and intimidated by. These young artists - certainly Al-Hadid fits the same bill - all spent time creating their works in situ, employing and interacting with art students at UT. When I was a kid, I would go on class field trips to see the Huntington Collection on the other side of the more-than-Forty Acres.

I would stare incessantly at the plaster casts of Classical Greek and Roman sculptures, them- selves products of 19th century models of art education. Perhaps unsurprisingly headless, this male body is more topographical than narrative. The top of a shoulder becomes a subtle mound akin to an ablating glacier, disconnected from the rest of the body. The handmade is here, too; though the human form is cast or mechanical- ly built up, it is also worked over by Al-Hadid.

Delicate rubbed halfmoons of once-wet plaster cup under the pectorals, making this very classical male look like a post-op female-to- male. Another notable element is what appears to be a large waterfall but is, in fact, based on a representa- tion of a cloak from a Gothic paint- ing Al-Hadid encountered at the Prado in Spain. The image of the cloak became a form for her to obsess over, and by pur- posefully limiting her access to information, she deepened the mystery as well as the stakes and desire to imagine it again.

One of our readers noticed the name Rusty popping up again and again, while another pointed out people seemed to be getting on planes for Paris an awful lot. And, of course, every year we get flooded with sad cowboy types marinating in whiskey. This is Texas, after all. Turn the page and you can read it yourself. There were no angry birds to be found in the second- or third- place stories, but the animal kingdom was still represented by way of, respectively, a disemboweled pig and a sort- of changeling with deer blood in her veins.

You can read both of those prizewinners online at austinchronicle. Those are just three stories plucked from a fine batch of submis- sions this year, and it was - as always - both a pleasure and an honor to sift through so much creative ardor and articulateness. Before mov- ing to Austin, she lived in Spain teaching English to children and adults. This short story is an excerpt from her first novel.

Arrive early for parking. Bar opens one-hour before show. Tyson Midkiff is from West Texas. He has lived in Austin for some time. At the time of this writing he was Likes: Jeff Tweedy, short stories, and short-haired cats. Dislikes: vulgarity, hoppy beer, and Time Warner Cable.

David E. Hilton grew up in the West Texas town of Alpine and has been writing since he was a youth. He currently lives just outside Austin. Michael Hoinski is the culture and arts education coordinator at the 0. Henry Museum, where he manages writing and reading programs for youth and adults. As a writer for children, Kari is known as K. Roaring Brook.

She never sleeps. On TV it is snowing somewhere in the world, cars buried in bright cold light. She kicks and they scatter, crying, shaking their feathers like a wet dog fresh from the creek. My father sleeps. Whoever said roosters cry just to her- ald the morning never met one; for all I can tell they scream until they die.

Soap and smoked meat on her skin, my mother sweeps the layers of loose dirt from the packed floor. He only ate three bites today, she sweeps her pile out the door. Chicken fried. I throw the roosters outside, but they wander back in, sleep by my feet while she cooks, the TV still snowing, someone digging for their front door, throwing the white into white air. Press the veins in wrists and watch the clock. The sick men are dismissed from work. In their beds at night the men are pissing the sheets. In the morning beside their wives or someone younger than their wives, they are not waking up.

The day he was cut from work my father came home drunk with a bird. Gripping the matte-eyed rooster by its ankles. Spent his last paycheck on a scrawny fighting bird; ner- vous, smiling, bastard. Bows when- ever you get close, touches his beak to the ground. Call him Sir, laughed my father. We watched as he greeted us all with this strange courtesy, even the dog. Sir - quiet when my father grabbed him by the foot, pinned his body to the floor, and showed me how to measure the wings.

The heart beat- ing my hand like a hand beating a drum. All of the women want to get away: to Manchester to see the football games, to Miami to see sisters with good jobs and perfume. I would like to go too, but now I just am trying to stay out of the house as much as I can. We take turns going around the class- room, the women squeezed into the tiny desks, laughing and drawing pictures in the corners of their notebooks, they are kids again in school.

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The sun finds its hard way through the windows. What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you? What do you like? It is hard for us, saying the words out loud. Many of the women whisper. I smile in the back row, Sir tied to the leg of my desk. My name is, Wendy, Juana Chevez Gutierrez. La Isla de las Viudas, we do not say, our little houses clustered in the sea of sugarcane, island of widows. Today she will teach us important verbs. The teacher wants to know which ones, to us, are important.

To want, to eat, to buy, to walk, to need, the women say. This is what people do here, sit around talking about what they would have, if only. If only less sun and more money and better women. To love becomes the same as to want, to need. They will tell you they love watermelon when you are cradling a fat one back from the market. Riding the bus back to Chichigalpa last month, I sat behind a woman with a smiling infant; so beautiful, I told her, I love those eyes; and the mother passed him over the seat, and the baby laughed and grabbed my face for the whole two hour ride.

Green streaking the window by our sides. My mother loves my father to eat. My father needs his birds to win. Where do people think the jobs go? He never sleeps, he lays in bed hoping sleep will find him, my mother confesses. This is why she keeps the house dark. This is what happens the doctor says, the kidneys are a filter, the kidneys seize, the blood is contaminated. The men must drink water. The men must wear a mask over their faces. The men must rest. My father is supposed to live without so much salt, cigarettes, meat, rum.

To strengthen his wings, I throw Sir high into the air. Make him sprint for his food. Push my fingers to the back of his throat to get down garlic, gunpowder, the vitamins the doctor brings for my father. He sleeps under my chair, his feathers gleam in the TV light. Maria Ingenio turns her little desk around to face me. And you? Hearts, initials, insults scratched in tiny slanted cursive, Ramon G eat shit.

I ask the question I want to know, not on the list. You father. Do you remember your father? Maria looks around the classroom, rests her eyes on the doorway. He want. Like fish in the beach. I am little, he have, fish, big, my mother to, cook. He like, to wear, blue. Color the sky. Maria squints. The sky an unbroken gray, spitting a light rain. Thought the wet season was through. Gripping Sir by his feet, I lift him over- head like a flag. I try to tug my shirt over my ass, dotted yel- low with flowers.

Brush the water from my thighs, tug jeans up over wet legs. Faint bells on the air and distant bird song, dis- tant firecrackers. The road to the city one long stretch of mud. Just past the gates of the refinery - the clean palm-lined walkway from the gate to the doors must be five miles long; is this the way to heaven, the men laugh - is the church and behind the church, the wood- paneled fighting ring.

Between the church and the fight, women are lined up behind their grills, shining hair, silver tongs. They yell enchilada, empanada, banano, my love, banano. The bleachers are packed tight with men, squeezing their plastic cups of rum. The big man from Candelaria is preening his bird, fluffing his feathers. I do the same.

My father has said, like preparing a man for his wedding. The feathers so soft, the wings so tense with life, I think maybe I love this game. Sir will look regal when he loses. There is a photo of my grandfather in his casket this way, ironed suit, hair slicked to the side. To begin the betting each bird parades around the ring, the announcer shouting his weight and measurements. The men yell for me to bend over. The men laugh. When I throw Sir into the air I close my eyes and listen for the softness of the birds colliding, imagine clouds hitting, or pillows, put my hand to my stomach and think of how sometimes a body with another body is as comfortable as a body in bed.

I stitch his throat. Huge eyes in his naked head. The sun has burned off the clouds and grandmothers scrape rakes down the street, building mountains of chip bags and mud. I wrap Sir in a towel and start walking. At first I think an exodus. Heading to the sea or the States. Men on their motorbikes, bottles of rum bigger than my fat cousin when she was born. Grandmothers in the back, slow and scowling, umbrellas tucked under their arms. Pretty cousins in their church dresses smiling on the wall. Wet smoke on the air from the cane, quick-burned and ready to cut.

The night never cools. Sir bald and tired below the flickering TV Behind the flowered curtain, my father tries to sleep. My mother dipping sheets into the cement sink. I keep waiting for her to say death. If it will sound like coughing or sigh- ing when she says it. Riverside, Through Feb. What have rice pudding, dahlias, and tor- toises to do with Arcadia, that unattainable pastoral paradise? Tom Stoppard, in his masterpiece Arcadia, weaves these seemingly irrelevant objects together into a chillingly beautiful kaleidoscope in which physics, mathemat- ics, sex, literature, history, and landscape gardening merge to create tantalizing, ephemeral action.

Here, the famously inven- tive mind behind the absurdist Hamlet inver- sion Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead sets up a pair of parallel plots in the same Derbyshire, England, country house that take place years apart. In the modern day, blunt writer Hannah Jarvis Liz Beckham seeks the identity of the myste- rious Sidley Park hermit alongside postgradu- ate mathematician Valentine Philip Kreyche and uppity academic Bernard Nightingale Shelby Davenport , who has discovered a tenuous connection between Septimus and the romantic poet Lord Byron.

This Austin Shakespeare production certain- ly looks magnificent, with jaw-dropping scenic design by la Enstera and equally spectacular lighting by Jason Amato. Justin Cox expertly supplies the able cast with mountains of peri- od props, and vocal coach Nancy Eyermann generally has everyone speaking in convincing British accents. The ballet chronicles relations between Matthew, an artist, and Nathalie, a laundress- turned-star of the famed Paris cabaret. Director Ann Ciccolella and indispens- able dramaturge Julie B. For example, in , the butler Jellaby Steve Cruz empha- sizes, with a thoughtful pause and roll of the tongue, the delightful rice pudding awaiting Thomasina.

Rather than the tormented, deformed alcoholic of history, this Toulouse-Lautrec is a solemn, benevolent sprite - a sad little fairy godfather for Matthew. Sundermeier displays a steely soft physique and technique that gracefully carry her through quick turns and lilting pas de deux. But while her legs were expressive, her face was not; save for a few moments in a cancan section, her coun- tenance was alternately vacant and forced.

With the excep- tions of Amanda Green as la Goulue and Emily Grizzell in various roles, blandness of face was, unfortunately, a trend. If you found yourself wearing a voluminous, brightly col- ored skirt and seated on the shoulder of Antarctica City Theatre, D Airport, www. If that sort of gag is what you look for in an evening of musical the- atre, then this show offers those charms. The women of RWB could.

Download Mixing It Up: Multiracial Subjects (Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture) [P.D.F]

The fact that the Austin performance came midway in a five-cities-in-five-days run could have been a factor in the dullness. When Nathalie argues with the owner of the Moulin Rouge, her jutting chin makes clear her annoyance with him but not any passion for Matthew. Once shot by a bullet meant for Matthew, Nathalie continues to dance for 10 minutes, bleeding from her chest.

When she swoons, Toulouse-Lautrec, ever so helpful and ridiculous, offers her a chair. Ridiculousness aside, however, the bal- let has a good structure, and the score - a composite recording including Strauss, Shostakovich, and Offenbach - was effective. The choreography during the cabaret scenes, which drew from the historical dances, was energetic. But I found the possibilities suggest- ed by the setting and history far more interest- ing than the ballet itself. Groups call Jacki Oh and I planned the trip.

I had no idea Gail was going to the museum, too. She was indeed in Dallas and planning to attend the exhibi- tion the next day! My two favorite Austin fashion icons accompanying me to a once-in-a- lifetime fashion event. In addition to being an attorney and judge, E. We arrived late, ate like we were starving, and visited for a while before going to bed, almost too excited about the exhibition to sleep. Upon rising, I called Gail and we met at the museum, she with her hostess, Haven, and Jacki and I with our hostess, E. As soon as we entered the exhibition, the swooning began.

From the Black Swan collec- tion for women, chaps appeared again - traditional pin-striped menswear chaps, topping incredible tooled leather boots that laced up over the knee. The mannequins the one with chaps had hair styled in the shape of a cowboy hat! Though stunning and fascinating, they were also kind of creepy. The mermaid dresses with conch shells over the bust were beaded and sequined in fish scales. Gaultier himself was video-mapped, talk- ing to us about what he was wearing - his ubiquitous horizontally striped sailor jumper over wide-legged pants - noting that he had designed the outfit for an inter- view with Lady Gaga.

Guess the shirt brought JPG luck. Now Gaga can still be Madonna. After the show, Gail invited all of us up to her suite, and Haven ordered an extravagant late lunch for all. I found it interesting that there was a large bowl of choco- late doubloons to nibble on, each one looking like a Kennedy half-dollar. Gail and Haven went shopping at Neiman Marcus, so E. Haven was there, though Gail declined, and at the end of the evening, we were ready for some serious relaxation.

While debating wheth- er to call a taxi or ask E. We slept until noon, and E. Jacki and I still had stars in our eyes as we drove home Saturday night. Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news , and hautey bits: style austinchronicle. Ben White workclothesandmore. Would you like to save money, reduce your risks, and enjoy a free adult movie every day? That is movies every yearl Just scan the QR code or visit our website at for details. The latest hi-tech sex toys for your sexual explorations and fun.

IH 35 5. Blew our minds. Patel created Delysia Chocolatier in a rented commercial kitchen in , and her long-range plans include developing her own commissary kitchen and, someday, her own chocolate shop. The Delysia product line includes fla- vored hot chocolate mixes and solid, mold- ed chocolate bars in dark, milk, or white chocolate that can be customized with everything from the names of brides and grooms to personal messages and corpo- rate logos.

Wines for lovers Love is expressed in so many ways. But this year, I have a novel idea. Love involves com- mitment, promises kept, and generosity of spirit. And just think of the love it will spread around. Remember, your lover is worth it! Lamar : free soup, beer, music, games, priz- es, and a soup pot photo booth. Friday, Feb. Info and tickets at www. Saturday-Sunday, Feb. Saturday, Feb. Saturday, Feb 11, pm. Fed up with Cupid? RSVP to www.

Tuesday, Feb. Tickets at www. The evening will include food and original music complemented by wine pairings chosen by Sam Hovland of East End Wines. Thursday, Feb. Last Saturday, the busy duo presented a preview of some of the custom cocktails and Interior Mexican street food items from the menu of Rabbits, the tequila bar that will be part of the new Alamo Drafthouse set to open on Slaughter Lane on March Conference offerings include workshops, organic farm tours, a bookstore, trade show, and an organic banquet featuring keynote speaker and food policy expert Mark Winne.

For a complete conference schedule, ticket prices, and registration, go to www. Another upcoming conference of interest to Austin foodies: the Foodways Texas Symposium to be held at various locations around Austin March Chronicle contributor MM Pack will present a seminar on the Texas sugar industry, and award-winning Confituras owner Stephanie McClenny will do a canning demo and discuss the history of preserving fruits and vege- tables that are unique to Texas.

For details and to register, see www. A lightning round of local news: The newest Fresh Plus outlet W.

Anderson opened Friday, Feb. Anderson on weekends from 11am to 4pm Con- gress with pie specials this weekend! This worthwhile event is always delight- ful, featuring heart-inspired artworks created by local schoolchildren, as well as some celebrities and amateur and accomplished artists working in a variety of media.

Creative Creations Catering will be on hand to provide food and drinks, and Sister Sister will per- form. The preview party gives guests an opportunity to nosh while scoping out their favorite heart piece before the bid- ding starts. No danc- ing shoes? Sunday, Feb. Traditional Philadelphia-produced Tastykakes are extra. After the ceremony, the bride and groom can perform the ritual of cutting the cheesesteak and feeding bites to their partners.

Bringing guests, including well-behaved dogs, is encouraged. Is it possible those romantic passions could be fired by food, wine, and film expe- rienced in an atmosphere of absolute sil- liness? Chef John Bullington has cre- ated a five-course feast inspired by scenes from the movie. In honor of the 25th anni- versary of this hilarious swashbuckling fairy tale, the Drafthouse will launch its new sig- nature wine program, The Bottle of Wits, also inspired by scene from the film.

Reservations for the feasts, as well as collectable wine bottles, T-shirts, and die-cut embossed wine glass charms as mementos of the evening are available online at www. Make it a group effort with pals and rent an RV for the night, or make it weirder and get a buddy to drive a pickup and stick a couch or a couple of recliners in the back. Lamar for some organic, artisanal ice cream. Dinner reservations should have been made weeks ago to avoid wait- ing hours for your turn at that cramped two-top, flowers and candy are a reliable but somewhat uninspired option, and an expensive jewelry purchase at this particular juncture could possibly overstate your case.

That a microbrew and cheese fries are eminently prefera- ble to steak tartare and Malbec. Here are two scenarios for a progressive dinner: one casual, one roman- tic. The tone and menu of your progressive dinner depends on your tastes and imagi- nation, of course, but rest assured that your thoughtful creativity will be greatly appreciated, if not rewarded warmly. Keep it Casual impeccable ambience, and sophisticated dishes. For an elegant but affordable start to your evening, enjoy roasted shishito pep- pers and a Paloma margarita while sharing a love seat on the airy, twinkling deck at Paggi House Lee Barton Dr.

Fifth for steak frites or coq au vin and a French While upon first glance the space seems to disallow elbow room, much less the whisperings of sweet noth- ings, the close quarters actu- ally set the scene for a per- fectly cozy, intimate dinner for two. And of course, no romantic dinner is complete without a decadent final act. Set the stage for whatever happens after the eating is done with a Nutella crepe with mixed berry compote and a glass of red wine at Apothecary Burnet Rd.

Francis Edward Abernethy con Libros Texas Caves Gratis

Congress , where the friendly bite of the Stone Wall rum, apple cider, and ginger beer pairs delightfully with the diverse selection of fresh oysters on the half shell. If the weath- er permits, get the blood pumping with a friendly game of shuffleboard on the patio.

First and split a donut the size of a hub- cap topped with anything from bananas to gummy worms. Be sure to drop by Domin- ican Joe S. Congress on the way for a cup of Fair Trade coffee to sip while you and your sweetie linger over the sugary fried treat. Or perhaps you are really looking to make a statement with this V-Day dinner. Lamm, chaqos. Get there early; the last seating is at 9pm. Contigo Not a fan of Cupid? Caterer Stephen Shallcross and chef Chris Chism host beautiful evenings, sometimes with visiting chefs, but the atmo- sphere of conviviality is said to be as much of a draw as the fare.

Seasonal themes have included a Charlie Brown dinner for this past holiday season and a recent Seven Deadly Sins dinner, as well a sexy vampire motif for this coming Valentine's Day. Cocktails and wines are paired for each course. Our chef is preparing a special Valentine's Day dessert: white chocolate bread pudding with piping hot bourbon cream sauce.

Regular menu available. The first is Polio Relleno, a chicken breast rolled and stuffed with spinach, onion, and cheese, then topped with a fresh poblano salsa. The second is Cazuela de Mexico, a Mexican casserole dish. Imperia invites you to a romantic evening of Asian specialties. The generously portioned entrees include Korean rib eye, lo mein, and the Imperia Dragon Rib. La Condesa Enjoy the usual terrific menu with the addi- tion of special desserts created by pastry chef Laura Sawicki.

Executive Chef Jeff Axline has created a special menu inspired by the romantic movie with a five-course dinner during the screening. The package includes resort accommodations, a chilled bottle of Champagne in your room, a five-course dinner for two, tickets to the movie, and tokens for a concession stand before dinner.

Dinner will be served pm. Enjoy the regular menu, bolstered by a special Valentine's plate and drink spe- cials. Stephen F. James Polk while you enjoy a special four-course prix fixe menu, complete with a rose for your intended. COM All entrees served over a bed of corn puree with pine nut rice or fideo and choice of mixed vegetables. Wine Pairings by world-renowned wine expert Allyson Taliaferro E.

Be a Celebrity Bartender for your charity. Call Nida Sellers at Shows subject to sell out, change, or cancellation without notice. Farewell, head-butt- ing the table on your way to the restroom. Yup, there are a lot of changes to the classic Alamo experience at its new Slaughter Lane site, but company CEO Tim League says the eight-screen theatre will still provide the same Drafthouse experience, only more so.

Originally planned for and delayed for four years by the recession, construction out at the Circle C site should fin- ish by March 8, when the theatre is set to soft-open, with the grand opening scheduled for March Inspired by the alien invasion mural at South Lamar, League wants a sci-fi theme at each future site: This one also serves as a tribute to the nearby Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, where his wife and mother regularly volunteer. Gone are the old long tables, replaced with a small table for two people to share. With only two weeks between getting the green light to start work and breaking ground, his team decided to split one screen.

One half became Rabbits, the tequila bar named after the Centzon Totochtin, the Aztec gods of drunk- enness, with a cocktail list from beverage director Bill Norris and menu by Executive Chef John Bullington. The rest became a seat microtheatre, dubbed the MiniMo: That will host niche films, as well as provide a launch pad for local projects. The BJ2 buzz has grown steadily since last summer, and fan sentiment seems to have morphed from dread to morbid curiosity, even intrigue.

In , the Geffen Company commissioned two follow-up screenplays: one by Mars Attacks! The latter manuscript is in the archives of the Harry Ransom Center. Skaaren, who died in at the age of 44, served as the first executive director of the Texas Film Commission, had a hand in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and ran a production company in Dallas.

He also associate-produced Top Gun and script-doctored several films, including Beetlejuice, for which he shares a writing cred- it with Michael McDowell. Macor, who is now working on a biography of Skaaren, points out that he was one of the first people to demon- strate the possibility of working in Hollywood without leaving Austin. He scraps the retro-DMV style of the original in favor of something more disturbing: purgatory as a New Age, California-casual-corporate night- mare. The dead are forced to sing in charity- single supergroups and attend anger-man- agement classes.

He was diagnosed with cancer weeks after completing his first draft in , and he died in December of the same year. Writing BJ2 20 years later, Grahame-Smith has a tough task on his hands, and Skaaren could probably teach him a thing or two. Fortunately, archives make it possible to pass messages from beyond the grave. Think of Saul Bass, whose posters for Anatomy of a Murder, The Man With the Golden Arm, and Vertigo reduced cinematic grandeur and the human body to simple geometric shapes and primary color schemes.

Or think of the poster for The Exorcist with its beam of light pouring out of that possessed house like a tractor beam. Or the posters for the Indiana Jones series which managed to dis- till the essence of adventure into a frozen curtain call of nostalgia. His parents, meanwhile, dreamed of their son having a viable career. That felt right for me. Over the course of the next 10 years, Tan shot six more films and became something of a name in the world of gay independent cinema. All the while, Tan worked his paying job as a copywriter for Neiman Marcus, though fate, circumstance, and necessity would soon conspire to change that.

Movies need to be promoted, especially at festivals, where there are a thousand and one other movies competing for the same sets of eyes. So from very early on in his film career, Tan started designing his own posters because there was no one else around to do it. So my approach to it was always as a filmmaker. Before he knew it, Tan had fallen into a side career as a graphic designer, creating posters for some of the biggest names in the small pond of Texas independent film, including Bryan Poyser Lovers of Hate and Heather Courtney Where Soldiers Come From.

His work really dabbles in the fine art territory. But Tan came up with the idea of sticking that same face on a chicken, a concept, Liford says, that not only enhanced the aesthetic value and metaphorical meaning of the poster but gave Liford and his producers an iconic image to sell the film with. The chick- en-body character for Wuss is really iconic. It looks amazing on a button. We put it on there without even the title of the film. He goes in there; he actually watches your movie.

And he picks an image. In addition to the posters and buttons and press packets he makes for films, he also designs layouts and labels for magazines, catalogs, and salons, not to mention a boutique in Hong Kong. Well, maybe it would just break me. You have pro- ducers and editors and cinematographers and dolly grips and best boys all lined up and ready to work. Now all you need is money.

Traditionally what you would do at this point is one of three things: 1 ask your parents for a loan, 2 apply for a grant from a group like the Austin Film Society, or 3 get funding from a major Hollywood studio. Or you could step off the traditional path, jump online, and do some crowdfunding. These days, it seems like everyone in the world of independent filmmaking is using online crowd- funding campaigns to raise at least part of their budgets for upcoming projects. So, to combat that malaise and to ensure that funds keep coming in, you will have to get creative with your campaigns and expand your field of potential contributors.

With every fund- raising goalpost the campaign reached, contribu- tors got to see another clip from the film. Of course, it also helps to have the best, most creative, actual, tangible gifts to give in return for money donated. A thousand dollars, meanwhile, got them an offi- cial prop used in filming. COM J. Many of these events require an RSVF?

Go to austinchronicle. Register online. Free, www. Sat, Feb. Zhi Tea, Bolm, Try not to expel any pasta on your date as the performers crack you up. Cool River Cafe, W. Parmer, Perfect for singles and couples. Austin Dance Collective Studio, E. Cannon - 8qq-2qSS inanderlandjhopj. Proceeds go to the Inside Books Project. Spacel2 , E. Green Pastures Restaurant, W. Live Oak , Hotel Vegas , E.

Sixth , Come to its version and get You could do worse. Hotel Vegas, E. Afterward, you can hopefully create a timeless love scene of your own. Bachus Conservatory, Anderson Square, Lee, Two for one admission. We expect some breakups before the winners are announced. Pinballz Arcade , Research , Flowers, chocolate, and thoroughly lampooned Cupid included with admission. The Hideout Theatre, Congress, Call to schedule a time for something a little roman- tic and a little humiliating.

Reservations Required. Chef Clinton Bertrand has put together a three-course, prix fixe dinner, including a complimentary glass of Champagne. Bistrot Mirabelle, Mesa Ste. Sixth, Ill E. Main St. Live Oak. Address disclosed upon payment online. PAGGI HOUSE Guests choose from a selection that includes butternut squash risotto with black truffles, fresh snapper with broccolini, and lump crab and blood-orange buerre blanc that will evoke adoration.

A limited menu of standard items will also be available, as well as wine pairings for any dish. SAGRA Chef Gabriel Pellegrini crafts a collection of options sure to inspire any romantic, so linger with the one you adore over a four-course, traditional Italian dinner. TRACE offers two separate menus to accommodate couples with vegetarian leanings as well as those with appetites that are more carnivorous.

VIVO offers Love at First Bite: an elevated Tex-Mex menu of five courses featuring specialties such as lobster sopapillas and a main course of petit tender- loin. Experience the cuisine of Chef David Burton Sanchez that delights the paiate with a six-course dinner, and an ambiance of upscale casual like no other.

COM austinchronicle. Twist nff the head, and take a sip rtirt advisable with ullici spedes of harts. Both are co-founders of Women in Music Professional Society. Oh yeah - Rose does the mom thing, too. Her daughter Noel Marie Pitts is the newest addition to the Chronicle's promo- tions department. We decided it would be very cool to have a monthly networking lunch for all women in the music biz.

We sent out a few emails, and ta-da! We had 19 attend. We have had as many as 92 attend. Sisterhood is powerful. If the music business offered little support to its female artists then, it offered even less to the women attracted to the nonperformance aspects of it. Can you imagine the brouhaha if there were a music organiza- tion for men only? There was one once. A couple of years ago at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, I copied down all the cool bands she reeled off from her schedule when we ran into each other. And those heirs to the business need not be sad- dled with a joke name.

And these young women need the support of the sisterhood.

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I partici- pated in MEOW because that name is purrr-fectly fine by me. I went to a Driskill luncheon last week in her honor, a fundrais- er for the Austin History Center, and really got to thinking about her. By running down to the street and firing off the six-pound cannon, she woke the citizens in time to chase the Rangers into Williamson County and return the archives to Austin.

By the way, Dec. Viva la Eberly Sisters! No, Captain Chunk! Austin J. Lewis and The Funeral 5 Austin Mr. While they last, they are reserved for Austin area residents only. Find further details and buy yours soon at wristband.