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Unlike archangels and helper angels, guardian angels are yours exclusively. Think of your guardian angels like private detectives, but they only have one case—you! Every guardian angel is like a nurturing mother, an archetypal mother—the "perfect" mother. This mother would always be running after her child, doing her best to keep the child safe.

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She would certainly take an active interest in the child's life, following their earthly journey closely. This is how guardian angels feel about you, the way a doting mother feels about her child. And just like the best of mothers, a guardian angel's love is unconditional. Guardian angels can give comfort, offer guidance and bring people and opportunities into your life. Yet there are also many limitations regarding what guardian angels can do for you.

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This is brought forth by Saint Augustine in City of God :. Book 11, Chapter 9, emphasis added.

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We remain human and if we are granted the Beatific Vision, we will be transfigured and receive our resurrected bodies at the end of time. Angels are spiritual beings and do not have bodies.

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They can sometimes take the appearance of a body and can even influence the material world, but by their nature are pure spirits. It then makes sense that the primary way they communicate to us is by offering to our intellect thoughts, images or feelings that we can either accept or reject. It may not be clearly evident that it is our Guardian Angel communicating to us, but we may realize that the idea or thought did not come from our own minds.

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On rare occasions like those in the Bible , angels can take physical appearance and speak with words. It may happen, but it only occurs based on the circumstance.

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  • The practice of assigning names to the Holy Angels should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture. The reasoning behind this is that a name contains a certain amount of authority over another person.

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    If I know your name I can call you whenever I want and can feel a certain amount of authority over you. We do not have authority over our Guardian Angels.