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The other items the blindfolds and items for the senses portions of the ritual are beside or under the altar, covered with another cloth. A damp cloth may also be helpful, and so should be kept nearby. One person will cleanse the space with salt water before the ritual while the other participants stand silently outside of the ritual area. Participants bring in their offerings and invocation cards and they enter the space one-by-one as they are also cleansed with a sprinkling of salt water.

North: Earth - powers of the North - we welcome you.

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Smell of the soil and salt on the tongue; you bless our senses. Blessed be! East: Air - powers of the East - we welcome you. The song of the birds on the winds; you bless our senses. South: Fire - powers of the South - we welcome you. The golden sunshine in the day and the flickering flames at night; you bless our senses. West: Water - powers of the West - we welcome you. Cool waves lapping over skin; you bless our senses. For this ritual, only Dionysus will be invoked. Each participant reads one of these invocations from their card in turn.

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Come to our Circle, Dionysus Kissokomes, ivy-crowned one, and hear our chants. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Charidotes, giver of grace, and dance with us. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Bromios, boisterous one, and celebrate with us.

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Come to our Circle, Dionysus Lusios, liberator, and bring us freedom. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Polygethes, bringer of many joys, and bless us with your presence. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Hagnos, pure and holy one, and feel our pleasure. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Staphylos, lord of the grape, and know our thanks. Come to our Circle, Dionysus Polonomos, many named one, and receive our offerings. Priestess: How shall we celebrate a wild God of pleasure and intoxication?

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We are told that sex can be deadly, alcohol can be addictive, pot is bad for the lungs, and just about everything else is fattening. We are told that excess is dangerous. Priest: But we can still choose pleasure. We say — everything in moderation, including moderation. Priestess: Pleasure and denial cannot be separated from each other. Just as the lack of one sense can heighten the others, so the denial of a pleasure for a time can sweeten it later. Dionysus is a God of indulgence, hedonism and ecstasy. But the denial of nature and bodily pleasure means His power is often misused in our Apollonian world.

He becomes a God of gluttony, addiction and destruction only when we try to control everything and deny our natural urges. After the priestess says each of the following lines, the priest goes to each participant in turn with the item mentioned:. Priestess: We have five senses through which we can experience the world. Focus on each sense in turn as an offering to your own body. We hear…. Priest: Dionysus, we offer You our pleasure in this ritual along with our gifts and our chants.

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Please accept our offerings, freely given. Priestess places the offering dish in the centre of the Circle. She and the priest step into the ring of participants. In turn, each person puts their offering into the offering dish. The priest sets a rhythm for everyone to follow by clapping his hands. After the energy has peaked, the priestess puts the offering dish on the altar.

Priestess: Dionysus is a God of many blessings.

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Among these, He brings to us the mysteries of wine. Priestess: The humble grape is plucked from the vine…. The priest covers the goblet with a dark cloth. The cloth conceals the baggie of red wine which is dropped into the goblet.

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Priest: It is in the dark that it ages and transforms and becomes something more then it was. He removes the cloth, while the priestess is careful to hold the goblet where the other participants cannot see the baggie inside. The priest takes up his athame. If you access WWD. Click here to reset your password. The email address you've supplied is invalid.

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