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This, in the original Egyptian theology, of course was not political or racial, but esoteric mythology. Israel is not , and never has been the Chosen nation of God. God does not have a chosen nation or people. The symbolism of Israel as the Chosen people of god is identical to the symbolism of Jesus as the Chosen son of God. Study the bible - and you will find that the promises and covenant that god made with Israel is duplicated, in kind, with Jesus of Nazareth.

Both allegories i. This mythology is derived from the ancient religious, astronomical, symbolism of Egypt - a mythology religion based and formulated on the Cycles of the Sun, Moon, Stars and planets within the Cosmos. Let us briefly review some prominent similarities in the biblical histories of the children Of Israel and Jesus of Nazareth, Keeping in mind, that both Israel and Jesus are symbolic of the sun. Prophecy that Israelites would undergo suffering and slavery - Prophecy That Jesus would undergo Capture, Persecution and death - Israel called chosen and beloved Jesus called chosen and beloved - Israel promised victory and dominion Jesus promised victory and kingship - Israel appointed mediator ruler over all other nations Jesus appointed mediator intercessor between god and all people - Israel tried in wilderness 40 years Jesus tried in wilderness 40 days The Key to understanding this symbolism is found in the recognition of the annual solar cycle of death winter and regeneration Summer.

Death is sometimes represented as the actual death of the symbol as in the case of Jesus or as a severe tribulation for the symbol as in the case of Israel. The promise of redemption as in the case of Israel. Gen And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the LORD. Gen And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.

Gen And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb. Gen And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. Gen And after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's heel; and his name was called Jacob: and Isaac was threescore years old when she bare them.

Gen And Jacob sod pottage: and Esau came from the field, and he was faint: Gen And Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom. Gen And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright. Gen And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?

Gen And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he sold his birthright unto Jacob. First of all, as we pursue an astrological explanation of the preceding biblical text, we must remember - The verses are not historical, but rather pure symbolism. God never talked to two elderly people about having twin babies that were destined for eternal conflict with each other. And think of it, the one that was in line to inherit the world, so to speak, gave it up for a bowl of soup! Read Complete Book The biblical tale of Jacob and Esau is a symbolical representation of the annual solar cycle and the supplanting of winter by the victorious summer.

There is a lot of Lunar mythology in this tale also, but we will explore that facet latter in the book. The nefarious mentality of the Jewish Hierarchy not the common Jew is explainable from the preceding biblical verses also; because they give a Literal interpretation of this symbolism. The Interpretation is a follows, Jacob and Esau are called twins because they occupy twin positions on the Zodiac. The zodiac has 4 cardinal points. Each cardinal point represents the commencement of an earthly season. First , the Vernal Equinox - which is the beginning of Spring.

Second , the Summer Solstice - which is the beginning of summer. Third , the Autumnal Equinox - which is the beginning of Fall. Fourth , the Winter solstice - which is the beginning of winter. See Figure 2 on next page Figure 2 not available in this excerpt Cardinal Points mark the start of Seasons. Vernal Equinox - Mar. Summer Solstice - Jun.

Autumnal Equinox - Sept. Winter Solstice - December 22 , is Winter. But they are degrees apart, in terms of Right Ascension, which makes them diametrical opposites. They are Natural Contenders. Jacob vernal equinox is the natural contender supporting spring-summer, and Esau autumnal equinox is the natural contender supporting fall winter. These two can never be at peace.

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Their struggle is eternal, the war never ends. He is the western horizon under which the sun sets. He also represents the first born Jews begin their day at sunset. Jacob is the Lord of Light - the sun conquers darkness at the Eastern horizon. Jacob is the symbolical Chosen of god because of his position as doorway doorkeeper to the Kingdom, of the Temperate region. An imaginary line drawn between the equinoxes would represent on earth the line of demarcation between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Related Article When the sun is above the equinoxes , in the northern hemisphere, we enjoy warm temperate weather.

The journey of the sun thru the zodiac is counter clockwise, so that the beginning of warm temperate weather starts at the vernal equinox Jacob, March The beginning of cold hostile weather is at the autumnal equinox Esau, September So the struggle between Jacob and Esau, from the Womb, was actually symbolic of the struggle by the forces of Light sun against the forces of Darkness. These were astronomical phenomena that the ancients recorded as symbolical Mythology. The wise never took this message literally. The fact that the Hebrews have interpreted this symbolism literally , as historical, has turned the theology of the world head over heels.

Rev And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Isa In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. It rings abundantly clear, according to the preceding verses, that the Devil , Serpent and the Dragon are synonymous.

The Red Sea represents the celestial sea beneath the equinoxes. See Figure 3 on next page Figure 3 Not available in this excerpt The Children of Israel passing through the Red Sea signify the passage of the sun through those troubled waters. Pharaoh represents the serpent , the autumnal equinox, the Herod type that seeks to destroy the sun Israel , but ultimately is destroyed himself, when the sun Children Of Israel reach the point of safety, i.

The Ancients used the term Red, to describe the celestial sea beneath the equinoxes, as a metaphor for the term Blood. This reference to the Red Sea grew out of Lunar Mythology. Quite frankly , I have never been able to make sense out of the doctrine of Atonement. If that be the case , is the punishment for all sin death? And what about the millions of Victims of sinners , whose lives have been cruelly cut short, or ruined with the lost of Love Ones, Property, Suffering , Mutilation and Handicaps.

What say do they have in this forgiveness of the sinners. Just sitting around or flying around heaven or wherever for eternity. It evolved from the original scientific, astronomical mythology. Ancient Mythology was the rendering of scientific astronomy in a mythological format. Mythology symbolizes the movements of the heavenly bodies within the cosmos.

Of course a Prophecy , when delivered in a personified religious format, seems to be the miraculous foretelling of human events. To clarify my point , let us now define Science. Science Begins with Observation.

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In this case, the Starry Heavens. Secondly , the Scientists Records the patterns , laws, and cycles that they have successfully detected , from their initial observations. Thirdly , the scientists renew their observations, and compare the results of their continued studies with the records of their past observations. When the scientists are successful , in their attempts to identify consistently repetitive cycles , they then, on this basis, record their conclusions as to scientific facts. The original mythology was astronomy rendered as Myth. Evil or Good, Moral or Immoral are not scientific concepts.

But Society Can not sustain itself as a cohesive and organized unit, without a common Belief basis. The Sages recognized this. This Esoteric Truth, when taken literally , is pure idiocy. But , they had little respect for the intellect of the common people.

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Through this system of esoteric symbolism, they preserved their Gnosis, and in tandem provided general society with a belief system , that worked. No morality is involved here. The Human Being , in that He is part Matter physical instinctive nature and part spirit Metaphysical nature , is also , like the opposing forces of universal nature , constantly at war conflict within Himself. The Forces of the Southern Hemisphere represented the negative instinctive natures.

He was Evil, just for the sake of being evil. The Devil became the opponent to morality. The devil was an advocate of licentiousness, materialism, and hedonism, the consequences of which, are Death. The Subject now had to qualify , he had to be Judged. Did he give in to the Evils of the underworld, or did he remain faithful to the Lord of Light Good? His Fate weighed in the Balance. The heavenly region above the equinoxes was viewed as a land of delights, A verdant Garden of Eden.

In some cases the region was viewed as filled with Heavenly Angels nourished with Sweet Milk and Honey. They called this Nourishing river , The Milky Way. This book contains a Huge amount of information on the festivals of ancient cultures. He has documented, in striking details, the ceremonies of various ancient tribes that regularly celebrated the Deaths and Resurrections of Tribal Gods.

See the following verses,. Can you imagine All of these walking Dead , and there is not one smidgen of Secular history to confirm it. There are two Major Mythological, Astronomical Fables that have been foisted off on the general public as historical. It never happened in actual history. Think of it! The actual solar death and resurrection takes place at the Winter Solstice. The cycle of the moon around the earth is measured as a sidereal month about 28 days and as a synodic month about 30 days. The sidereal month is the shorter of the cycles at less than 28 days. The sidereal month represents the time it takes the moon to revolve around the earth, relative to a distant star as the marker.

See the following biblical verses ,. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. The one on the Right Hand is the Vernal Equinox. The one on the Left Hand who bad mouthed the savior is the Autumnal Equinox. The Equinoxes are referred to as thieves, because they are thieves of time. They steal Time from each other. When the Sun crosses the Autumnal Equinox , this thief autumnal equinox repeats the crime theft of time in the favor of increased Darkness. Buy Now! Special Discount Offer. There are two major definitions to the word, Sacrifice , that apply to our subject matter.

On one side, a Sacrifice is a propitiation to a Deity, as an atonement or as a sign of Homage to that Deity. On the other side a Sacrifice is a Forfeiture, whereas one gives up something to Another. So this form of Sacrifice must be held as significant. However the thrust of my definition does not deal with Atonement. My definitions of the term are based on this aspect of Forfeiture , which is clearly Mythological based on Gnostic symbolism. The Atonement aspect, seems to me , to be more culturally and religiously based, rather than Mythological.

Witness the bible verse below,. The preceding biblical verse, attributed to Jesus, represents a Form of Sacrifice forfeiture, Relinquishing of Position or Station. He is telling his followers that a New Comforter Lord can not make himself known so long as He Jesus is on the scene. However, I was able to find a few verses in the bible, that link the Three with the Sacrifice. The Three is important. Astrological Symbolism can only be interpreted, by the use of mathematics.

In fact, astrologers were originally called mathematicians. The term astrologer evolved latter. I have highlighted the references to Three in the biblical verses just quoted. We know that the three is intimately connected with the symbolism of the Winter Solstice. In each of the verses above, the Editors added the Three in order to indicate the symbolism of the Solstice.

Without a doubt, the transitions Passover at the equinoxes have significance as a form of Sacrifice, but I think the importance of the Sacrifice, at the winter solstice has been overlooked. In Book Three, we shall go to great lengths to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this hypothesis is completely accurate and provable. Witness my quote from Book Two:. When the scientists are successful , in their attempts to identify consistently repetitive cycles, they then, on this basis, record their conclusions as to scientific facts.

These Interpretations will be reinforced and substantiated with Fact, not unsupported speculation. My interpretations are mathematically verifiable — this is the proof of their accuracy. Our Bibles, Korans, Vedas and religious scriptures of whatever stripe, were fashioned into Books by the Religious Organizations that claimed these Books as their Inspiration. These Books were, for the major part at least, developed from Ancient Text, Folklore, Oral Myths and Tales that have no traceable origin.

Much of what the general public views as history is actually mythology. It is extremely important that we understand this one Vital Point ; that our modern religious scriptures are, in fact, the Edited Versions of Myths and Fables that originated in what we consider Prehistory. That Motivation was the Need for Correct Timekeeping! Time is Life and Life is Time. Time has no beginning or ending, it is omnipresent — and without Time Nothing that Is would Be. Time is an Expanding Force that cannot Stop Expanding.

Time requires Motion and the Measurement of Time requires Demarcation. We will cover this subject in the First chapter of this Book. The correct measurement of Time was absolutely vital to the survival of Primitive humankind. Whether they lived or died, starved or froze to death was intricately tied with correct Time measurement. Planting had to be done at the proper Time of the year, likewise the harvesting, also migration and hunting and building. Storage of Food stuffs was determined by correct measurement of the seasonal cycles, also the migratory habits of various animals, that were slaughtered to supply food and clothing and shoes etc, were all connected to cycles of Time.

I have supplied, in the aforementioned comments, a cursory explanation of Factors that may have motivated early society to formulate their religious traditions so as to reflect intimate connections with Timekeeping.

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Now as we continue along this line of reasoning, our next Focus should be on the probable methods under which this information systems of Timekeeping was preserved and passed on to succeeding generations. Of course we already know that the chief methods utilized by primitive society to record events and history accumulated knowledge was through Pictures, Tales, Festivals and Gestures coded signs also symbolic Dancing.

The various rituals were celebrated with fanatical adherence to Time seasonal cycles and precision was guaranteed because failure to be correct might invoke the wrath of the deities. This was the attitude of the common folk, although the ruling classes knew better. It consist of several separate compositions that were written edited by various authors of diverse demographics. Those who compiled the bible, made their selections of scriptures that were included in the Book, based on the Canons of their church. Several compositions were excluded from the bible for various reasons, but mainly because those excluded Selections did not conform or support the Focus, Belief or Purposes of the Editors.

The various Editors have Included or Excluded information as they saw fit to do. At times, I may refer to other English translations in order to clarify or reinforce a point of scripture. My interpretations shall be to the point, and concise. Some readers may therefore be inspired to seek more detailed information verification from other sources. My desire is to avoid shackling the book with copious footnotes and meticulous details that may be unnecessarily pedantic to the average Truth Seeker.

In my opinion , excessive details tend to obscure the true focus of a book rather than aid it.

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Nevertheless, some Interpretations are Intricate, and may require Rereading, but most are very vivid. A Bibliography is provided for aid in further research. I strongly suggest use of the Appendix. The KJV contains more Information than anyone could properly decipher in a lifetime. I am sometimes bewildered that some reasonably intelligent people have difficulty understanding accepting biblical symbolism, even after it is clearly explained and Proven to them.

I am convinced that this stubbornness is due largely to our Cultural Programming. We have been culturally programmed educated to recognize or discern Truth. The accepted method of analyzing the Validity of a supposition is by Comparison ; that is we tend to compare the Unknown quality supposition with the Known quality accepted cultural opinions. If the Unknown Quality Conforms to the Known Quality , then this supposedly indicates a validation of the previously Unknown Quality; but if it the supposition does not Conform, we tend to reject it.

This method of Comparison works fine, if our Criterion accepted cultural opinions are Valid and Accurate. However , if our Basic Assumptions are Flawed , it follows that any and all determinations that are derived , based on invalid premises that we have traditionally accepted, without critical investigation will probably be the wrong conclusions.

The best Analysis is an Independent analysis, without Preconceived notions. The Best evaluating tool at our disposal is our Ability to Reason. The bible is Not Sacred; it was not written by god and it is not a divinely inspired revelation. A Critical analysis of biblical scripture will not Ring with success unless it is done Dispassionately. If your critique is geared at proving some Preconceived Notion, that you intend to hold on to Regardless of your findings even though the resulting information may contradict your established assumptions — then you may be unreasonably Biased and your results will be skewed , in my opinion.

Fear of the Truth will keep you from recognizing or accepting the Truth. I define Truth as that which is naturally and mathematically verifiable. The Truth tends to be Reasonable in most cases. I must once again call your attention to an issue that I raised in Book Two concerning prophecy. The understanding of this One Vital Point is the Key to the proper deciphering of biblical symbolism. The consequences or purpose of all this is to operate and preserve a System of progressive Calendrical adjustments throughout time.

But actually this adjustment is not accurate ; it is simply closer to accuracy. But before I connect this to biblical prophecy, I would like to interject this point about Festivals. All of these Terms relate to the Correction of Errors , but not errors in ones social habits as the uninitiated think — but rather Errors in mathematical computations that govern proper Time Keeping.

I could go on and on. All of these words have obvious social implications, but in fact the words are codes that indicate corrections and adjustments to the mathematical computations that govern correct timekeeping. This word is not found in the Old Testament; but the idea it expresses is found in Job , in the word "daysman" q.

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He makes reconciliation between God and man by his all-perfect atoning sacrifice. Such a mediator must be at once divine and human, divine, that his obedience and his sufferings might possess infinite worth, and that he might possess infinite wisdom and knowlege and power to direct all things in the kingdoms of providence and grace which are committed to his hands Matt. This office involves the three functions of prophet, priest, and king, all of which are discharged by Christ both in his estate of humiliation and exaltation.

These functions are so inherent in the one office that the quality appertaining to each gives character to every mediatorial act. They are never separated in the exercise of the office of mediator. Source : Easton's Bible Dictionary. This is my Contention, and I think that the facts and Reason support this conclusion better than the alternatives. There are those who believe that we are now entering a new age, an era meant for a New World Order. I have been familiar with this attitude for many years, in that my father was an avid astrologer. The Monotheists are the so-called children of Abraham i.

Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Monotheists are the unwitting masters of political and religious tyranny; they demand that we worship and serve only one god and likewise they insist that ultimately, humanity will be ruled by one theocratic political government, after Judgment Day. This tyranny is expressed in the monotheistic dogma that god will kill all disbelievers on judgment day or torment them incessantly in hell after death.

The religious doctrine of the monotheist i. It follows in their thinking whether openly acknowledged or not that since their doctrine is the only true faith, that likewise their political and social systems must also be superior to all others. Consequently, they are implicitly justified by their deity in imposing their doctrines political, financial and religious upon the lost non-believers of the world. The Muslims and Christians tend to impose their doctrines by direct attack and the Jews act by methods of subversion. So this religious attitude of the monotheists indeed makes them the greatest menace to world peace, and I think that history verifies this.

My focus here is on the underlying effect of the monotheistic doctrine , and the attitude it engenders in those that adhere to this doctrine; which sounds so benevolent at the first hearing, but when thoughtfully analyzed is found to bear the seeds of religious and political tyranny.

The indications are that our Founding Fathers realized this and therefore sought to limit the powers of the monotheists within our government, but the menace is ever-present. The philosophy of the monotheist came into prominence under the sign of Aries witness sect of Akhenaton , which commenced about years ago. The philosophical power of the monotheists was further augmented under the astrological sign of Pisces manifested by the sect of the Christians and later under Islam which commenced about years ago. One thing to say about this: at the end of twelve kings in sharakai, one could get the idea that everything is set and the series is on rails for monster of the week type installments only, it'd be more like king of the year, or something The story grows out of this, and in a way, the characters do so too.

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Elden Ring Game Announced. Talking the Game of Thrones Endgame. Fire and Blood. A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar. Game of Thrones S7 Blueray. The World of Ice and Fire. Recommended Posts. Gaston de Foix. Posted March 21, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 12, Darth Richard II. Red Tiger. Posted May 10, Posted September 3, Nice that he. Errant Bard. Well, all four Gospels affirm that Jesus rose from the dead, but they do not believe it.

So in a sense, this objection does not seem to be all that genuine for most of the people who raise it. Now why is Matthew the only one to talk about this event? Matthew clearly wrote his Gospel to Jewish readers. He repeatedly emphasized the fulfillment of Old Testament passages. He knew his readers were very familiar with the Old Testament.

In the passage in question, Matthew explains an event that took place in Jerusalem. Some of his readers may have even been familiar with it, either through firsthand knowledge or by hearing it from others. But I believe the reason that Matthew mentions it is that the Jews, with the exception of the Sadducees, believed that people would physically rise from the dead. Of course, Jesus had other plans and raised Lazarus moments later. Clearly, first century Jews believed in bodily resurrection—they just thought it would happen at the end of time.

They might be surprised by the timing of such an event, but they would not be appalled by the idea of people rising from the dead. They might view the event as a foretaste of what is to come and confirmation that Jesus was indeed who He claimed to be. Perhaps this is why so many priests eventually came to believe in Him Acts If this is accurate, then why did the other Gospel writers fail to mention the event? I think the reason is that they were writing to audiences consisting largely of Gentiles in a Hellenized world. For the most part, the Greeks abhorred the idea of a bodily resurrection.

An example of the typical Greek reaction to bodily resurrection can be seen in Acts Then he was invited to speak in the Areopagus, and as soon as he mentioned Jesus rising from the dead, many in the Greek audience ridiculed him Acts — When the apostles went around the Roman Empire proclaiming the gospel, the goal was to persuade people to believe in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Christ.

They would not need to talk about a related event that is not essential to the main message and might simply introduce confusion. This might explain why Paul did not mention the event in 1 Corinthians 15, a book written to a church consisting largely of Gentiles. Learn how to defend the historical basis of the gospel. One objection to this proposal is that Mark, Luke, and John all describe Jesus raising at least one person from the dead. John 11 dramatically describes the raising of Lazarus.

If the resurrection of the dead was so offensive to the Greek mindset, why would Mark, Luke, and John include these accounts? This is a fair question, but it does not discount my solution to Matthew being the only one to mention many saints being raised.