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Just as Moses before him, Wise would have to learn that our innovations are built upon the foundation that he constructed, but that since then every generation has added its own layer. Just as he sought to balance the economic, cultural, and spiritual realities of his time, Wise would appreciate how we strive to do so today. Some of his challenges in the late s are also our challenges now: technological advancement then, railroad; today, social media ; demographic shifts then, European immigrants; today, our welcoming of community members raised in different faiths or different cultures ; and differences of opinion about issues of theology.

Add questions about the role of Jewish law, how best to use language in the prayer service, and how to engage the next generation in communal and congregational life.

ARR - Central Conference of American Rabbis

While our liturgical publications have contributed to the theological and moral unity of the Reform community and to a sense of connection between one Reform Jewish generation and the next, that liturgy reflects our unity, not our uniformity. Mishkan HaNefesh — our newest liturgical publication for the High Holy Days — maintains the gorgeous, poetic, and often romantic language of our prior prayer books, while offering ranges of theologies, ideologies, and traditions that allow for individual intimacy and communal involvement.

Rabbi Steven A. Since Rabbi Fox took the CCAR helm, the organization has dramatically increased its support services for rabbis, including educational and spiritual offerings to meet the personal and professional needs of the rabbinate and their communities. In addition, under Rabbi Fox, the historic CCAR Press has become the leading publisher of an expanded library of liturgy and resources for the Reform Movement, including cutting-edge e-publications.

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He later served as an adjunct rabbi of Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles where he focused his work on spiritual growth through Jewish meditation, contemplative practices, and study of sacred text. Supplementing his rabbinic training, Rabbi Fox received his Juris Doctor degree to gain additional tangible business and legal skills. As a practicing attorney and managing partner in a Los Angeles based law firm, Rabbi Fox advised religious and secular non-profits, rabbis and cantors, congregations and other Jewish organizations on a variety of issues, such as contract matters, employment disputes, board relations, charitable gifts and grants, rabbinic wellness and other organizational concerns.

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K Kohler and D Neumark. The Table of Consanguinity Walter.

America's first Asian female rabbi (Reform Judaism)

Kosher Kitchen in Military Camps Circumcision Prior to the Eighth. Lapse of Time Before Setting a Tombstone. Exchanging a Tombstone Solomon. The Vandalized Cemetery Solomon.

Kaddish Walter Jacob. Length of Time for Recital of Kaddish. Yahrzeit Walter Jacob. Rabbis Prerogative to Officiate at Weddings. Jewish Marriage Without Children Marriage After a SexChange Operation. Marriage with Brothers Widow Samuel.

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Marriage of Cohen to a Divorcee Prohibited. Reform Judaism and Mixed Marriage Walter Jacob Marriage with a Messianic Jew An Inquiry About Virginity Walter. Masturbation Walter Jacob.

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Birth Control Jacob Z Lauterbach. Artificial Insemination Solomon. Predetermination of Sex Israel Bettan. Divorce of Insane Husband G Deutsch. Validity of Rabbinical Opinions Report of the Committee on Patrilineal. Participation of NonJews in a Jewish Public.

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Even Haezer. Walter Jacob.