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50 Shades of Red, White and Blue comes to Belfast Waterfront!

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    Growing up, he was never a pushy parent, but I believe he helped me to tap into my inner strength to perform at my best. Mum and dad are now both retired and in good health. They are making the most of their days off and enjoying retirement years. As a grandfather, he is pretty much the same - a caring and gentle man, imparting advice where he can and always lending a helping hand.

    The hugely successful book, which introduced the 'tart with a heart' character Maggie Muff, was followed by Maggie's Feg Run and Dirty Dancing In Le Shebeen, which Leesa adapted into a smash-hit stage show. Leesa says:. I remember I was about four years old and I had been stung by a bee in the garden. My mum had rang dad at work and he rushed home to see if I was ok. I was lying on the sofa with my arm in a sling that my mum had made, and a cool face cloth on my head. Drama queen in the making! Dad wasn't really strict.

    My mum was the strict one. If I did something bad, my mum would have shouted, but my dad would have said, "I'm very disappointed. He is extremely laid back. Yes, he got cross if we were bad but it was never a case of "wait until your dad gets home" - more like: "I'm telling your mother! One time, my friend and I said we were staying at each other's houses, packed a bag and got the train to Portrush to go to Kelly's disco. I was only 14 and she was Her mum found out and rang my parents - they were actually out with my uncle from England, who had been staying with us.

    Her parents had to drive from Belfast to collect us so the closest we got to Kelly's was the entrance on the main road. My dad still calls me 'the Portrush Flyer' to this day. Dad used to play a cornet in the Army band and I only found out recently that he was in the band when Vera Lynn sang with them. There is a record of this in his loft and his name is on the credits. He also fell off the cliffs in Dover but managed to pull himself up and to safety - and he was chased by a shark in Cyprus but managed to get away.

    It was a baby one, he said - but even so! He should write a book. I think he was really proud of me when he went to my first play, 50 Shades of Red White and Blue, and saw how popular it was and how many people were actually there. He has been to all of my plays and has thoroughly enjoyed them - even though he is the biggest prude in north Belfast!

    And he always pops in to Easons to look at my books on the shelves. When anything stressful has happened, Dad just says, "Keep it cool. Cool hand Luke," which makes me laugh. He also constantly reminds me to lock my car and keep my handbag zipped up - literally 50 times a day.

    He's very security-conscious, my dad. My mum says if you put a moustache on me, I could be Dad's twin! We have the same smile, for sure. I do have a laid-back attitude at times and I have inherited his dry sense of humour and his work ethic. Dad has just recently retired so he is taking it easy as he worked hard all his life. He joined the Army at age So, it's time he had a rest. But as we speak, he is re-tiling the bathroom.

    Some things never change. He is a great grandad and the children love him. He lets my youngest daughter Lexi put his hair in clips and allows them to climb all over him. He does silly dances with them and sneaks them biscuits when I'm not looking. As a grandfather, he is everything he was as a dad but more.

    So, you can't get any better than that, can you? Over the years, he hasn't really changed at all - or aged. Every time I put a photo of him on Facebook, my friends always say, "Your dad hasn't aged at all!

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    I can't really think of any way that he has changed. I would say that he's older and wiser but then he dances to Gangnam Style. So maybe not! For Father's Day, we usually either go out for dinner or I cook for my parents. We have no plans as yet for Sunday. He is happy with a roast and a few beers - he's easily pleased, Big Gordy! The past six months have been quite the ride for Little Mix, the British band that has reached 50 million global sales and, in maintaining their original line-up since , outlasted their girl group forebears All Saints, Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten and Sugababes.

    It is hard to imagine a young Richard Yarr ever worrying about finding a job that would allow him to indulge his passion and talent for music. Fearing that he would forever remain a student, it was his parents who urged him to apply for a post as director of the There's the planners and the pantsers and I'm definitely a pantser," laughs author Sheila O'Flanagan, somewhat sheepishly. A few minutes in her company and I'm beginning to see why the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to her writing may suit her.

    By Kerry McLean I've said before that it's strange to feel sympathy for a millionaire member of the royal family but it's a feeling that crept up on me yet again recently for Meghan Markle. Currently on maternity By Una Brankin June 18 Little Mix on overnight fame, sexism, cracking America Kerry McLean: I felt sorry for Meghan but my real sympathy is for parents paying big bills Erection of Irish tricolours in Ballymena designed to raise tensions says The Milton: Impossible tour, which calls at Parr Hall on This is The legendary rock band are Red Hot Chilli Pipers, the band who brought us the unforgettable genre of bagrock, have announced a Warrington date as part of their world tour Experience all the hits from The evocative sounds of the 60s are returning to Warrington this month with stunning stage show Bringing on Back the 60s.

    This fast-moving show starring