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Amongst the most notorious slave markets at the time was the souk in the walled city of Sale in Morocco.

DNA from 200-year-old pipe sheds light on life of enslaved African woman

Slavery was only practised by Europeans. Africans were only ever victims. Their daily diet consisted of a piece of bread and water. Their matted hair and ragged clothes were riddled with lice and fleas, and they were brutally beaten daily. The manuscript of a Cornish boy from Penryn named Thomas Pellow who was captured at sea in at the age of 11, which Milton quotes in his book, offers valuable insight into the persecution of the white slaves.

He became a personal slave to the Sultan of Morocco, Moulay Ismail, in the imperial capital of Meknes. In at the age of 33, after 23 years in captivity Pellow managed a successful escape.

Enslaved women and slavery before and after , by Diana Paton

The British and European families of the captured slaves begged the church, the crown and associated authorities in their respective countries for help, but often met with a callous lack of concern. The white slave trade continued well into the s when the United States of America , Britain and several European nations finally came together and fought and won two wars against the Barbary pirates.

The Barbary empires went into decline from then onwards but the white slave trade continued, albeit to a lesser extent, even after France took control of Algeria and Tunisia in and , and Britain passed the Slavery Abolition Act of At the same time European governments passed laws granting emancipation to slaves. Italy ultimately took control of Libya Tripoli in and one year later Morocco became a protectorate of France. The people in the coastal villages of Britain and Europe could finally live in relative peace, but not for long.

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2015 Theme: "Women and Slavery"

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Africa is again the world’s epicenter of modern-day slavery

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Cameroon: Migrants tell of Libya's slave market hell

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Introduction The study of women and slavery in the world and in Africa is a relatively new.