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For, somewhere along the road to sainthood, Tiger had become a sex addict. Although there is no evidence that Woods is also a gambling addict, he is a frequent high-stakes gambler. But he got caught out in Vegas with Jordan and Barkley. See you tomorrow. At night they would go to the club Light [now the Bank], where Tiger would sit on top of a banquette, and he would stand out. It became a testosterone game: they were surrounded by all these star-banging gold diggers, and Vegas makes you think you can get away with anything.

The early troubles of Tiger Woods surely came in the capital of temptation, not the Las Vegas the tourists see but the Las Vegas of the whales, the biggest high rollers, accessible only through secret doors and hidden hallways. I am walking through them now. Leading the way is a gambler known as Robin Hood , for his charitable crusade to donate part of his blackjack winnings to recession-racked American families. The Mansion looks like a Tuscan villa on steroids, a profusion of ocher-colored terra-cotta walls, Rolls-Royces, hovering butlers, bubbling fountains, and swimming pools—all under a sky-high canopy, beneath which the air is filled with a fresh, pumped-in scent and the resident whales are waited on hand and foot by a battalion of staff.

Each of us sat at our own private table and played big. Tiger plays big.

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And when you post millions in the cage to gamble with, as Michael and Tiger do, every door in Vegas is going to be open for you. Because the casinos will do whatever it takes to keep you there and siphon as much money out of you as possible. He lists just a few of the amenities that might be offered to keep a gambler such as Woods in the house. To prove this, he summons a limo, and we crawl inside, along with his Brazilian-bombshell wife, Lady Greice. When we arrive at the strip club, we enter through the back V. Sure enough, we are quickly surrounded by a group of strippers.

Jungers, a rail-thin blonde in tight sparkly jeans with three silver studs arcing across her face, might seem like an odd surrogate for the coolly elegant Elin Nordegren. She was a Kansas girl who had moved to Las Vegas with her family. But when she met him, she was employed at a construction company while modeling and dealing blackjack on the side. Jungers had an acute antenna for bullshit, which is what she thought the V.

Still, she walked over to his table, where, amid a cloud of cigar smoke, a cluster of liquor bottles, and a group of party boys, the famous golfer was sitting, alongside his friends Jerry Chang and Bryon Bell. She says she enlisted a few of her girlfriends to join Woods and his friends, but after a couple of hours of drinking he chose her. Different positions. It almost seemed like he had known me for a while, like he was comfortable with me already. She takes a drag and blows out the smoke. He can afford to do that! He even had a nickname for her. She says he flew her to his home in Newport Beach, California.

He would pick her up at the airport and take her to his house on the beach, where framed pictures of him and Elin were scattered about.

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Frequently he would meet her in Las Vegas. Charles was playing roulette, and Tiger was playing blackjack. On May 3, , Woods lost his father. Earl Woods had had a quadruple bypass and had been diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife lived in separate houses. But instead of being in Cypress, half an hour away, at the bedside of the man who had guided him to greatness, Tiger was in bed with Jungers.

He went into another room to call. He came home, and I could tell that he was upset. We hung out a little bit longer, then ended up going to bed. They made love as usual. And that was when his mom called to say his dad passed away. He was real quiet. I think he kind of tried to hide his emotion a little bit. You could just see it in his face. She desperately needed to move out of the apartment she shared with her former boyfriend, who happened to be a Tiger Woods fanatic. Holidays, you never bought me cards, flowers— nothing.

She was nothing special. Jungers adamantly denies ever meeting or working for Braun. We want some more girls.

Finding an idle working girl in Vegas at prime time, two a. Junger denies making the call. I got your number from Jamie. What have you got in Vegas?

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One of them was a former Playmate. Woods was far from being her most glamorous client. He always wanted different girls and could go for hours at a time. For him, I think it was just more about his ego. He liked the attention of all these different women. According to Braun, Bryon Bell would usually make the arrangements, but sometimes Woods himself called for last-minute quickies.

You got anybody in Orange County today?

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Braun says she flew to New York, and she and Loredana met the superstar and his entourage at Butter, a pricey downtown restaurant and club. Braun and her prize found Woods and his party of 15 at a table. She is driving in from New Jersey and is an hour and a half late, so while I wait, I reread the e-mail she has sent me. First, I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity that you have given Me, Loredana. She lived there until she was five, when she moved to Italy. She moved back to the states at the age of twelve.

Her modeling career began at the age of 16, starting with bikini contests, and her first career title was Ms Hawaiian Tropic representing Sicily. Founded in , the company started a line of haute couture luxury goods, hand bags, perfume, shoes, rings, cosmetics and more. At this time, she was very happy traveling the states for endorsements, when she met Tiger Woods through a match making agency that later outed her as Tiger Woods 9th mistress.

M iss Rodgers said she filed the lawsuit to prevent other young girls going through her ordeal. But it could get worse. You know, I chose to walk away. What about the ones who don't walk away? Kelly's representatives said they have no comment on Miss Rodgers' allegations or the new lawsuit. In a Washington Post article in April, a representative for Kelly said the singer "categorically denies all claims and allegations.

Miss Rodgers said she is not looking for a settlement and her lawyers say they will be seeking a jury trial. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. My details. My newsletters. Upgrade to Premium. Home News Sport Business. Telegraph News. Topics Students Abby and Libby blog. Sex Sex education Higher education blogposts.

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