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Worked Over Elder care homes rake in profits as legions of workers earn a pittance for long hours of care For facilities that are violating wage laws, profit margins hinge on the widespread exploitation of thousands of caretakers. Immigration How jailing migrant children became an act of compassion for one Northern California community During the summer of family separation, Yolo County rethought its role in detaining unaccompanied minors.

Texas House unanimously votes to reform rape prosecutions. Hate Inside hate groups on Facebook, police officers trade racist memes, conspiracy theories and Islamophobia Reveal host Al Letson shields man from beating at anti-hate rally Hate on the march: White nationalism in the Trump era. All Work. No Pay. They thought they were going to rehab. She turned them into her personal servants They worked in sweltering heat for Exxon, Shell and Walmart.

Kids on the Line Defense contractor detained migrant kids in vacant Phoenix office building Immigrant children forcibly injected with drugs, lawsuit claims Shiloh had a history of death and drugging. Texas schools keep sending students there. Guns Hate in the homeland This episode surveys the state of the hate movement in America, focusing on how hate groups are spreading their message and winning converts.

The Un Scientific Method To the ends of the Earth We travel the globe, from bottom to top, to confront the growing threats from climate change.

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Inequality Freedom Fighters Three brave women are speaking out against inequality and pushing for equal rights in Pakistan. Make a tax-deductible donation. Our investigative journalism depends on financial support from readers like you. Subscribe to our podcast. Contact Us. Fetal ECG Evaluation.

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Neonatal Management Techniques. Low Level Laser Therapy. Distinctive Species. Engineering Solutions. Wild Narwhal. Laboratory Maintenance. Mycotic Granulomas. Waterfall Bypass. Ounce of Prevention. Recirculating Systems. Common Disinfectants. Emerging Pathogens. Fish Mycobacteriosis.

Fish Vaccinology. Fish Practitioner Survey. Cases of Mycobacteriosis. Opening Session. Animal Welfare. Original Research. Plasma Biochemistry Analyzers. Dental Disease. Pilot Study. Cytokine mRNA. Diplomonad Infection. Spiral CT - Scan. Alzheimer - like Sigma. Spongiform Encephalopathy. Registry of Tumors. Bluegill as Exposure Model. Freshwater Algal Toxins. Lung Function Measurements. Monitoring Stress Reaction. Variations of Cytokine Expression. Population Medicine. Avian Influenza. Signs of Human Interaction.

Dolphin Papillomaviruses. Red Tide Toxicosis. Online Aquatic Resources. Poster Session. Post Mortem Findings. Underwater Stethoscope. Antibody Titers. Blood Analysis. Metabolic Stress Hormones. Disease Surveillance. Brucella Serology. Double Fungus Infection. Estrus Prediction. Evidence of Brucella. Highly Metastatic Neoplasia. Avian Pox in Captive Seabirds. Blood Chemistry Results. Poxvirus Outbreaks. Subcutaneous Steatitis. Radiographic Studies. Environmental Contaminants. Effect of Equek. Xanthomatous Lesions. Zero Prevalence of Salmonella. Student Session A.

Spironucleus Salmonis. Biochemical Parameters. Cellular Immunity. Dolphin IgG. Reproductive Parameters. Pregnancy Diagnostic. Student Session B. Blood Element Concentrations. Cardiac Congenital Abnormalities. Genomic Characterization. Molt Associated Hematocrit Changes. PCR Evidence. Morbillivirus Vaccination. Sea Hare Health. Sudden Mortality. Student Session C. Differential Gene Expression.

Suture Materials. Marine Mammal Strandings. Selective Amplification. Brucella Antibodies. Erysipelas in Cetaceans. Vaccine Efficacy. Erysipelothrix Vaccination. Erysipelas Vaccine. Use of Colony PCR. Anesthesia Monitoring. Anesthesia of Harp Seals. Pain Control in Elasmobranchs. Aquaculture, Environment I. Sea Lice. Aquaculture, Environment II. Aquaculture, Veterinarians. Salmon Food Safety. Clinical Cases I.

Bronchoalveolar Lavage. Chronic Fungal Tracheitis. Epistaxis in Walrus. Fatal Toxoplasmosis. Epizootic of Inappetence. Manifestations of Avian Pox. Renal Lithiasis. Respiratory Complications. Clinical Cases II. Seizures in California Sea Lion. Foreign Body Removal. Idiopathic Hepatopathy. Lack of Passive Transfer. Gastrointestinal Anatomy. Permanent I Seed Implant. Reconstructive Surgery. Clinical Fish Practice I.

Captive Nutritional Management. Effect Of Regranex Gel. Erosion Syndrome. Vitamin C Levels. Treatment Factors. Potentiated Antimicrobials. Clinical Fish Practice II. Buoyancy-Challenged Goldfish. Potassium Permanganate. Testing a Refugium. Management of KHV.

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Wisconsin Training Program. Diagnostic Techniques. Clinicopathologic Findings. Dolphin cDNA Microarray. Novel Papillomavirus. IgA Levels in Harbor Seal. Assay for Brucella. Immunological Profiling. Cytokine Expression. Microbiology, Pathology. Chronic Boat Strike. Habitat Quality. Incursion of Leptospira.

Molecular Medicine. Toxoplasmosis in Cetaceans. Effect of Rehabilitation. Electronic Pathologist. Natural Resources. Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus. Interagency Baselines. Role of Veterinarians. Fish Health Survey. Whirling Disease. Co-Management of Harbor Seals. Northern Sea Otter Population. Sea Ducks. Marine Mammal Diagnoses. Pathologic Diagnoses. Captive Environmental Conditions. Stranded Bottlenose Dolphin.

Changes in Respiration. Ocular Secretions. Lactate Dehydrogenase. Baseline Activity Budget. Epidermal Response. Immune Functions. Forensic Methods. Gastric Leiomyoma. Markers of Health. British Columbia Sea Otters. Herpesviral Infection. Immune Potential. Marine Mammal Human Interaction. Herpesviruses in Sea Lions. Ophthalmic Abnormalities. Post-Mortem Evaluation. Serum Electrophoresis. Subsistence Hunting. Cetacean Adrenal Gland. Stranding Responses. Luteinizing Hormone. Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. Semen Collection.

Sea Otters. Unusual Genotype of Toxoplasma. Streptococcus in Sea Otters. Identification of Streptococcus. Obligate Anaerobes. Diagnostic Findings. Life History Transmitters. Multidisciplinary Investigation. Neuropathologic Findings. Non-invasive Monitoring.

Harbor Seals with Brucella. Mechanisms Involved. Metal Impact. Organochlorine Contaminants. Dietary Methyl Mercury. Unique Critters. Coral Restoration. Certification of Aquacultured Corals. Spinal Deformity. Disease Outbreaks. Mortality Event. Pulmonary Function Testing. W — the Whale. Herpesvirus Characterization. Identification of Poxviruses. Serologic Observations. Aquatic Animal Health. Birds, Sea Turtles.

Patterns of Disease. Offshore Hatchery. Necropsy of Sea Turtle Carcasses. Habitat Restoration. Case Reports. Discospondylitis in Harbor Seal. Fungal Dermatitis. Implications of Streptococcus. Doxycyline Phototoxicity. Severe Bilateral Uveitis. Fish Session I. Interagency Approach. Pelleted Feed for Bass. Largemouth Bass Virus. Koi Health Advisor Program. Pyceze in Freshwater Tropical Fish. Koi Herpesvirus. Upflow Refugium. Fish Session II. Chlamydia-like Bacterium. Intestinal Cryptosporidiosis.

Buoyancy Disorders. Salmon Farming. Immunology, Patholgy I. IgG in Spectacled Eider. Diversity of Immune Response. Oyster Immunology. Modulation of Phagocytosis. Molecular Cloning. Necropsy of Cuttlefish. Immunology, Patholgy II. Detection of Brucella. Dolphin Morbillivirus Vaccine. Brucella DNA Vaccine. Dolphin Brucella Isolate. Parasitic Disease. Otostrongylus Infestation. West Nile Virus at Seaworld. Encephalitis Infection.

West Nile Virus. Cloacal Inflammation. Persistent Penile Lesions. Poxvirus Infections. Novel Techniques. Digital Reference Atlas. Laparoscopic Ovariectomy. Iliac Arterial Blood Flow. Medical Record Keeping. Medulla Aplasia. High Hydrostatic Pressure. Cutaneous Absorption Kinetics. Manatee Session. Inflammatory Disease. Cold Stress Syndrome. Urinalysis in Florida Manatee.

Watercraft-Related Wounds. Pharmacology, Therapeutics. Enrofloxacin in Cuttlefish. Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. Metronidazole in Brine Shrimp. Dietary Related Fluctuations. Bottlenose Dolphin Ovulation. Holistic Approach. Novel Herpesvirus. FDA-Phish Pharm. Cross Reactivity of Antibodies. Cnidarian Cell Culture. Hemorrhagic Enteritis. Histological Examination. Plasmid DNA. Reconditioning Emma. Stranding Causes. Testicular Growth. Luteinizing Hormone Assay.

Retained Fetus. Vaginal Cytology. Ovarian Cycle. U Reproductive Cycle. Metal Toxicity. Prognostic Index. Sea Turtle Strandings. Utilizing Expanded Diagnostics. Monk Seal. Hawaiian Monk Seal. Free-Ranging Sea Turtles. Hawaii Aquaculture. Coral Reef Ecosystem. Bacterial Flora. Dietary Salt Supplementation. Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin. Plasma Biochemistry. Clinical Case Reports I. Atypical Dermatopathy. Corneal Cataract Extraction. Lingual Carcinoma.

Hemi-Cerebral Agenesis. CNS Lesions. Corneal Debridement. Clinical Case Reports II. Dermatitis In Chinese Alligators. Granulomatous Steatitis. Intestinal Anastamosis. Koi Herpes Virus Dermal Ulcerations. Vertebral Stabilization. Conservation Issues. Unusual Mortality Event. Conservation Plan. Fitness Related Variables. Anthropogenic Sound. Rescue of Killer Whale. Spring Viremia. Update on Southern Sea Otter. Fish, Fish, And More Fish. Intracoelomic Catheterization. Necrotic Dermatitis. Paramoebiasis in Lobster. Shell Lesions. Iridoviral-Associated Disease. Malathion Immunotoxicity.

Necrotizing Dermatitis. Summary of Mortality. Copper Sulfate. Cholinesterase Levels. Immunology, Epidemiology. Assessing Health. Acute Phase Inflammatory Proteins. Epidemiology In Action. Organochlorine Mixtures. Repeated Chase and Encirclement. Lymphocyte Profile. Immunoglobulins of the Seal. Leptospira Serovar Ballum.

Update on Toxoplasma gondii. Genomic Sequences. Infectious Disease Threats. Genital Papilloma. Leptospirosis in Elephant Seals. Outbreak of Melioidosis. Toxoplasma Oocyst Uptake. Acute Necrotizing Keratitis. Rehabilitation of Sea Lion Pup. Environmental Levels. Second Stomach Chamber. Intestinal Volvulus.

Leukemia in Bottlenose Dolphin. MRI of Green Turtles. Parasites in Steller Sea Lions. Parasitic Eye Infections. Pathology of Kidney. Rapid Decompression. Serum Cortisol. Thyroid Gland. Pharmacology, Reproduction. Mobile Endocrinology Lab. Mycobacterium DNA Vaccine. Fish Vaccines. Control Algal Growth. Angiogenic Growth Factor. Cetacean Rehabilitation.

Haptoglobin in Dolphins. Mycobacterium in Summer Flounder. Fishery Resources. Hormone Levels. Genetic Conservation. Flow Cytometry. Interdisciplinary Training. Maintenance of Manatees. Microcystin Toxicity. Novel Gamma Herpesvirus. Natural Killer Cell Activity.

Pathological Examinations. Manatee Papilloma Virus. Gulf Sturgeon as Sentinels. Wild Fish Health Survey. Work-Related Injury. Anatomy, Diagnostics. Endoscopical Exam of Sinuses. Dolphin Liver. Perforation of GI Tract. Pulmonary Health. Parasitic Mastitis. Blood, Urine, Hormones. Northern Elephant Seal Platelets. Physiologic Stress Response. Thyroid Hormones. Urinary Indices. Venous Blood Gases. Fusarium Infection. Air Third Spacing. Caesarian Section. Congestive Heart Failure. Osteomyelitis in Sea Turtle. Walrus Tusk Wear. Sperm Whale Calf. Transplacental Transmission.

Use of Neupogen. Diversity Of Species. Hortaea werneckii. Porites Ulcerative White Spot Disease. Immune Function. Hemolysis in Edwardsiella ictaluri. Postmortem Evaluation. Use of Methoprene. Fish, Fish And More Fish. Masses in Lookdowns. Submarine Syndrome. Effects of Inbreeding. Laparoscopic Surgery. Mixed Bacterial Infections. Turbidity Measurements. Susceptibility of Bacteria. Plant Chlorosis. Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. Avoiding The Hot Zone. Novel Mycoplasma. Research Projects. Molecular Techniques.

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Microarray Technology. Surface Protein of Erysipelothrix. Monoclonal Antibody. Influence of Pollutants. Mortality, Reporduction. Delivery Prediction Program. Gray Whale Strandings. Effects of Loud Sound. Twin Gestation. Nutrition, Dentition. Feed Pellet for Manatees. Dental Problems. Salt Supplementation. Infected Tusks. Metabolic Hormone Levels.

Arcanobacterium phocae. Demodex Mite Infestation. Haematological Parameters. Horseshoe Crab. Intraocular Pressure. University of New England. Molecular Detection. Echocardiographic Assessment. Postmortem Data Collection. Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Reproduction Control. Progesterone Concentrations. Immunologic Changes. Successful Rehabilitation. Gastric Foreign Bodies. Small Cetacean Liver. Recovery, Rehabilitation.

Asian Turtle Confiscation. Bio-Sonar Functionality. Asian Box Turtle. Lessons Learned. Debilitated Malaysian Turtle. Anatomy And Physiology. Biochemical Profiles. Regional Heterothermy. Piscine Heart. Respiratory Volumes. Thyroid Hormone. Fish Electrocardiograms. Brevetoxicosis in Manatees. Fecal Flora. Manatee Rehabilitation. Rescue of Cetaceans. Neonatal Nutritional Needs. Nematode in Bay Pipefish. Amoebic Gill Disease. Assisted Feeding of Dolphin. Caloric Requirements.

Severe Skull Fracture. CT of Sinus Abscess. Cutaneous Granulomas. Subcutaneous Copepod. Glossobius in Ballyhoo. Neoplasia in a Steller Sea Lion. Severe Renomegaly. Unusual Stranding. Verminous Rhinitis. Erysipelas Workshop. Surveillance Program. Anti-Erysipelothrix Antibodies. Strains of Erysipelothrix. Husbandry Management. Culture Techniques. Isolation of Helicobacter.

Effect of Melatonin. Update on Response Program. Husbandry Nutrition. Fish Out of Water. Feeding Electivity Indices. Electrical Exposure in Flounder. Use of Hydrogen Peroxide.