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Excellent series!

Mastering Magento 2

The author is thorough and well-organized. He maintains a good pace without seeming rushed. The best teachers accelerate learning by being judicious about what to include and what to omit. And unlike some videos tutorials, this is one for frequent pausing rather than the urge to fast-forward.

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So, I am stuck at Section 3. What should I do? You should use Virtualbox and get a VM setup.

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Then follow along with the first section. Video Course: Mastering Magento 6 Replies. Magento Tutorial Videos for Developers Magento development can be hard to grasp. Purchase Now!


Sergii Ivashchenko has been working in a Magento team for more than four years. He took part in the development of both the Magento 1 and Magento 2 frameworks and participated in the implementation of the Magento Testing Framework. For several years, Sergii has been systemizing and sharing his knowledge of the framework and core modules by contributing to official and non-official Magento 2 documentation and development resources, and talking at Magento events and meetups.

Currently, Sergii is working on the implementation of e-commerce websites via Magento 2, developing extensions and integrations, managing infrastructure, continuous integration, deployment, and continuous performance optimization.

Mastering Magento 2 : The Course Overview

Sergii also consults with and trains Magento 1 developers to develop successfully, efficiently, and comfortably on the Magento 2 platform. Your email address will not be published.


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