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Once you've signed up, I'll get in touch to get all the details. Plus, you receive access to all previous rewards. This tier is for those that want to spoil me a little, or if you want a little bit more. Do you want to be extra nice and make me really happy? You can do that too. I published the first chapter on Medium and a handful of other sites several months ago and it was a significant success.

It was a first person story entirely fictional; sorry for those that thought it was the real deal that told the delightful tale of a young couple introducing cuckolding into their marriage. Recent posts by Becca Bellamy.

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He talked so sweet to me that night and I started to fall in love with him in a major way. As time went on, David and I both were married with kids, but always kept in touch. Coming to town early, I always made sure the first few hours in town, before picking up the kids, was giving David a loving, deep throat blow job. During this time, I started shaving my body hair again and buying cute female skirts and tops to wear for him.

Before long, I was dressing up for him in full sissy bitch attire, and he loved it. One night, by my surprise, he kissed me. I was looking pretty sexy and girly anyway, but this was incredible. Not only did I kiss him as much as I could that night, he also finally put that big dick inside me and made love to me for a long time. Before, he would always cum in my mouth, but got carried away and filled my butt hole, then pulled my panties back over. To this day, even with our normal lives, David and I still get together often.

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I sometimes go to a Hotel and dress up for him, or he has me risk getting caught by driving to meet him in my sissy clothes to suck his beautiful dick. David was my very first sexual experience, and I was his. He recently told me the first time he came, was in my mouth. He is now getting divorced, and told me he will be needing his dick sucked more often now. An intense story about a coven of Vamps With the truth out in the open, what can we expect now? I become Sarah to meet an older couple Upon entering the house the first thing that hit them was the smell. It was a familiar smell.

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I was to busy crying and I would have cried even harder if I knew what was about to come. It's not all about sex. There's a plot, or something akin to a plot invovled.

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Lara wants to become immortal to stay young with Arwen forever and ends up meeting a handsome guy by the name of Steven on the way there I dedicate this part of the story to my boyfriend, Steven, who reluctantly agreed to put him in this part. Thanks Steven! You make up most of this part! Jenny and her friends have a party with a surprise Jordan and Lauren get together again for a lot of pussy and ass play Once the siblings secrets were known, they embark on their business venture.

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Bisexual story. Two women get in love on the road! This happened early 70's when I was More from the time I first met Ricky My experience with my fathers older friend. The experience that changed my life forever.. The continuing adventures of Meg, Blake and Justin Karyn and Laura have terrible problems to deal with after Karyn goes through a bad, bad experience