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When All the Leaves Are Gone

Nearly a decade after she was rescued from her abductors, Kit "Kick" Lannigan continues to struggle with her feelings about a difficult time in her life. When her rescuer, FBI Agent Frank Novak, approaches her about a new abduction-focused task force he is putting together, Kick finds herself caught up in a difficult situation when investigating a seemingly routine child abduction. The team investigates a new local ride-booking app when college girls using the app go missing. Kick suspects the culprit is app developer Dylan Bender Brendan Dooling , who was suspected of sexually assaulting student Holly Greco Conor Leslie while in college, but no charges were filed.

Thomas Carter. This time she would kill him. A small town in southern California: In the blink of an eye everyone over the age of 15 disappears. Cut off from the outside world, those that are left are trapped, and there's no help on the way. Chaos rules the streets. Now a new world order is rising and, even scarier, some survivors have power - mutant power that no one has ever seen before In the blink of an eye. Everyone disappears. Everyone except for the young.

5 Places to Look When Hope Is Gone

Middle schoolers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Gone, too, are the phones, internet and television. There is no way to get help. Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents - unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers - that grow stronger by the day.

The first in a breathtaking new saga about teens battling each other and their darkest selves, Gone is a page-turning thriller that will make you look at the world in a whole new way. In the blink of an eye, everyone in Perdido Beach, California, over the age of fourteen disappears. Gone too are phones, television, and the internet. As the kids struggle to survive in this new world, the world itself continues to evolve. A sinister creature lurks in a mine in the desert; animals are mutating; and some of the kids are developing dangerous supernatural powers that grow stronger by the day.

A battle between good and evil is imminent, and for some of the kids, time is running out. On their fifteenth birthday, they disappear like everyone else. The first novel in Michael Grant's Gone series is an action-packed thrill ride that will leave readers hungry for more. In the seaside town Perdido Beach , everyone over the age of 15 suddenly vanishes.

The confused children including the surfer Sam Temple , his friend Quinn Gaither , and his crush Astrid Ellison head towards the plaza, where they discover there is a fire in the apartment building. Sam manages to get the little girl out of there, but he discovered that she had the power to start fires. It's the worst possible time: as Buffy opens the door, Dawn makes a comment about the car accident; her arm is in a cast; and Xander is taking her late to school.

The living room is scattered with Willow's old spell ingredients and objects, making a mess and also looking like drugs. Buffy tries to explain, saying "It's magic weed". Doris sees Spike and gets the impression that Buffy has a punk boyfriend who is sleeping over with her, since he has a blanket.

Doris also appears to disapprove of Buffy living with another woman, one who is sleeping during the daytime. Doris tells Buffy that her case does not look good and she will recommend immediate probation, and Buffy might lose custody of Dawn later on. After she leaves, Spikes gets his lighter back from Buffy who had put it in her pocket and as he leaves he calls Buffy "Goldilocks," a nickname she says she hates, and he tells her how much he likes her hair.

In a state of depression, Buffy cuts a lot of her hair off, and then she goes to a hair salon and asks the hairdresser to make her look different. The Trio are just outside, about to make themselves invisible so they can see naked women. However, when they see Buffy, Andrew and Jonathan panic and start a tug of war over who is going to use it first.

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They accidentally overload the invisibility ray and the beam hits Buffy, making her waver and vanish along with a dumpster, traffic cone, and fire hydrant. Anya and Xander are planning their upcoming wedding at the Magic Box.

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The door opens but no one enters. Buffy's voice comes out of nowhere—she is having fun being invisible. Xander worries about it, assuming it was probably Willow misusing magic, and he goes to talk to her. Buffy goes out to have invisible fun in Sunnydale. She then drives off with a parking inspector's van.

Paris Shadows & Trippie Redd - "Gone" (Official Audio)

Buffy drives to Doris' workplace. Using her invisibility to its full advantage, she tricks the social worker into behaving in a bizarre manner and replaces the Summers report with pages consisting entirely of repetitions of "All work and no play makes Doris a dull girl.

It made my coffee dance". The woman's supervisor believes that she is having a mental break with reality and sends her home, saying that he will send someone else to re-inspect the Summers' home the next day.

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  • Buffy then heads to Spike's. Buffy attempts to sexually assault Spike, before he realizes who she is. In the meantime, Xander confronts Willow, but she knows nothing about the invisibility and is offended that she is automatically being blamed. She leaves in a huff to try to figure out what happened to Buffy. Xander ends up meeting up with Willow at the site of Buffy becoming invisible.

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    • Willow keeps being tempted by magic, but uses her brains and deduction instead of magic, and figures out that the perpetrators are the drivers of the black van they've been seeing around Buffy. She gives Xander a traffic cone that was also made invisible, and he takes it back to the Magic Box. Xander and Anya do research, and discover that the Invisibility Ray is causing the structure of the traffic cone to break down. Anya is too self-involved to realize the implications, but Xander realizes that the same thing will happen to Buffy if the invisibility isn't reversed.

      Meanwhile, Warren is trying to fix the invisibility ray but says that Buffy will die from the overload of radiation she is getting while she continues to be invisible. He finds no problem with that, but Andrew and Jonathan are upset and do not want to kill her, and so Warren grudgingly agrees to fix her. Xander then runs to Spike's crypt in search of Buffy, where he finds Spike in bed. He's actually having sex with Buffy, but to Xander's eyes, Spike looks naked and alone, and Spike explains that he's "doing push-ups".

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      Xander has a chat with Spike, wanting to know where Buffy is, and Spike honestly says that he hasn't "seen" her. Throughout the conversation, invisible Buffy gropes and physically teases Spike. Spike tries to act normal, somewhat unsuccessfully. Xander finally leaves, disgusted by Spike's odd behavior, telling Spike that he really needs to get a girlfriend. Buffy wants to continue their physical activities, but Spike tells her that he is tired of being with her and not really having her.

      He says the only reason she came to see him is that she thinks she's not really there, because she's invisible. He asks her to leave if she isn't really going to be with him. He is frustrated with her carefree attitude and doesn't appreciate the way she seems to be using the invisibility as an excuse to escape her real life.