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His position as a Jewish leader means he has to keep himself slightly apart from his own people. Kemelman projects his criticisms of mainstream Jewish-American life early in Friday , and they continue through his final book, That Day the Rabbi Left Town , which was published more than 30 years later.

Sections of the books simmer with disapproval. Witnesses swear, with complete sincerity, that they never laid eyes on a murderer. Yet the Rabbi Small books were also a unique product of their time and place.

Having largely gained acceptance into middle-class America, by the mids American Jews were free to stop and look around. Where they found themselves, however, was not entirely comfortable. The American Dream was finally in reach. Now what? For Kemelman, this was the million-dollar question. That includes a fictional rabbi-sleuth searching for literal and metaphorical resolution. Navigating the past and future, however, can get messy. There will be no rest for this weary Jewish detective. Backed into a corner by his weak-willed, trend-chasing board, Rabbi Small is forced to take a stand:.

Are we to change because there has been a sudden shift in fashion? Would you have us change the traditional Kol Nidre chant because the musical fashion is rock and roll? By the time the first two chapters of Thursday are through, she has cleared the dishes or fetched coffee nearly half a dozen times.

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A generation on, his investigations still resonate. A soft-spoken nebbish could do worse. Adam Rosen is a writer and critic living in Asheville, NC. Cool Characters.

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By Clark C. The Bleak World of Italian Noir. No Big Sleep for Raymond Chandler. By Steve Erickson. Out of the Gutter. By John McIntyre. I had listened to some as a kid but had to get reacquainted with it. Now I love it.


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Matters of Choice : In the 20th century, Dr. Opposing influences complicate the life of Dr. This modern novel is the final book in The Cole Trilogy.

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In the wilderness of frontier Illinois, two generations of Cole physicians befriend the starving remnants of the Sauk tribe, absorbing their culture and learning their remedies, as they become sucked into the bloody vortex of the Civil War. This prize-winning first book of The Cole Trilogy follows Robert Jeremy Cole from his 11th-century boyhood in England, through Europe to an Arab medical school in Ispahan, Persia, where he studies under the immortal physician Avicenna.

In , the Spanish booksellers who attended the Madrid Book Fair voted The Physician one of the ten most beloved books of all time.

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This is the story of Harry Hopeman, a diamond man from a diamond family; of his love for a remarkable Yemenite woman; and of his painstaking search for a valuable ancient diamond whose history is interwoven with the past of the Jewish people. A chronicle of ancient Judaism and modern Israel, The Jerusalem Diamond is at once an exciting adventure, a passionate love story, and an absorbing voyage through history.

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This New York Times bestseller is the story of three brilliant and exuberant young men who are brought together by their ambition and their passionate dedication to the practice of medicine. More info. Read Chapter I. The Physician.