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I thought to my self how would it be possible for the government to cover this up something this big, I thought about how many people would be needed to cover up and execute the plan Then I thought about how How Harry S. Truman kept the Manhattan project secret from the entire nation for years, and even from his Vice president. That involved a heck of alot more people. You have to believe that three steel and concrete buildings fell down primarly from fire on the same day when it has never happend even once before.

You have to believe that all three buildings fell at almost free fall speed meeting little to know resistance from the support structures on the way down. You have to believe that the Secret Service failed in executing routine procedure in protecting the President by letting him sit in a school reading my pet goat knowing the nation was under attack. You have to believe that It was fluke George W. Bush Ok'd Invasion plans of Afghanistan on Sept. You have to believe that The removal of authority for Generals to issue shoot down orders of hijacked civilian aircraft was taken away in August by coincidence.

You have to believe that The President and Vice President were both accidentally removed from the Chain of command just long enough for the two trade center buildings and the Pentagon to be attacked. I could go on. These are things You can't find suspicious if you are to believe the official story. Many people in high standing current and former U. The victims families, that had to work soooo hard to get an investigation in the first place, are working harder than ever to get a real, independent one.

We can all have theories hypotheses, more accurately about what actually happened that day. Nobody knows what happened for sure, we know that and everyone who is not blindly ignorant knows that. The truth movement has set its sights on a truly independent investigation; how that is unpatriotic, harmful to the families, or the work of an unhealthy mind, I do not know. Hopefully programs like this will serve to educate the people on what really happened that day. Ya'll know that WTC7 fell down, right? It was not hit by a plane, but it collapsed.

Now I don't mean tipped over to the side or fell down in chunks. It fell right into its own basement, methodically, purposefully. Anyone ever see what happens to a building when it falls down from something OTHER than controlled demolition? Look at the photos from earthquakes, or from any other natural disaster that can knock a steel-framed building to the ground. You'll have to look hard, because there are not many, if any. They caught us off-guard with this, and we all need to understand that. If you truly use your open mind and view what little evidence is left after that day, you'll be surprised.

But don't expect it to be easy. It took me two weeks of hard, introspective thought to come to the conclusion that I had been lied to. It's pain and suffering, almost like when one becomes an atheist. It kinda sucks, even now, but the truth is paramount. I want everyone to know that. I have spent a lot of my life in recent months looking into the claims made by the official story, and looking at those claims in a logical and un-emotional fashion. Logic is something that is easy to achieve for any human some require practice , but after reading the official accounts it is difficult to keep emotion out of the picutre.

Steel in "plane-proof" buildings would not melt or give way, until it reached melting point. Fires burning at very high temperatures produce light coloured smoke. Cool, oxygen starved fires produce dark black smoke. Which did you see on the morning of 11th September ? I have had quite a lot of fire training and I can tell you that fire does not melt steel, or cause it to become unstable unless the melting point is close or reached.

How do I know this? Look at all the buildings with steel frames that had much higher fires and did not collapse. Further, the Underwriters that produced the steel for the WTC buildings sacked the man that spoke out against the official account! Why would they have done that? Stop being so blind as to believe eveything your Government s tell you, that is exactly how the Communists in Soviet Russia wanted their people to behave.

It is how the Communists in China operate. Read Orwell's Why is there an implication that if you do this sort of research, you have some sort of mental afflicion? I have a healthy life, healthy relationships, and I'm not "mentally afflicted" as is being implied by this program and its makers.

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Look at the claimed "facts", then look at all the possibilities, then do a Sherlock Holmes. Eliminate the impossible. Whatever remains, no matter how improbable is the truth. That's what we should ask now. We pay the licence fees. Demand answers. Why was Alex Jones not allowed to discuss operation Northwoods? Why did you waste considerable time focusing on Frank Spotnitz the producer of the X Files , when you have ignored and disregarded legitimate questions? Why was there no focus on the emergency workers at who heard explosions in the building? Why no focus on building 7?

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Why no focus on all the evidence from the twin towers being shipped to foreign shores within a day or two? Why no focus on why Dick Cheny told a military employee to stand down any jet fighter interception. And these questions are just the tip.

'World has to wake up to nuke terror reality'

Your show will just show that the BBC is not capable of reporting what is happening in this world. A sad day. When in the hell did it become unacceptable to want to know the truth? That in itself is terrifying. I totally agree with a point made earlier that all conspiracy theories cannot be lumped together to be either dismissed or given weight, rather the evidence or lack of in each case needs to be examined.

This process is simply a quest for the truth and I don't see how that can ever be an unhealthy thing. It was never presented. Instead a very public myth has been rammed into minds, created by a hand picked commission. The first choice to lead this commission was Henry Kissinger, anybody remember him. That aside, the report lays blame with the government drawing the charge of neglect and complacency. Can anybody tell me which governmental heads rolled for this?

I thought not. The truth movement yearns for peace not global conflict, endless wars, big brother states and racial tension. Peel back state sponsored terror and realise there are clear reasons for the world of chaos in which we live and these reasons are not the over simplified rants of puppet leaders such as Blair and Bush. You only have to look at history to find examples of similar lies and deceptions. Its called propaganda and we are all subjects to is power. We have to change our perceptions of the world and stop ignoring the fact that in a world of plenty, the elite holds the wealth and reigns of power while using fear and systems of economic control ensuring the people are kept in line.

History also points out the good men and women of the past and present who challege these are silenced, ridiculed and murdered. Well, Lets see what this program has in store for us Many people here seem to be missing the big picture. The US government, evil as it is, is not in charge of things. Also visit www.

I have considered all of these allegations long before your hit piece came out. Being honest with myself I have already considered these things after all you have to know where you will be attacked next. I have not seen a program yet that gets experts on to debate the questions of presented at the top of this article. You have also left out may of the documentaries which expose the press for the government front men they have become being owned by 7 major corporations.

Check out some of the free videos on the information war going on in the new century at question dot COM. This is most likely going to be a hit piece. I'm sure it will lump in the vast majority of rational, sane, truth seekers, people who simply want an independent investigation into the events of that day with the loons that think that it was the Lizard Queen and her ilk.

Be prepared for some trumped up shrink explaining that we all suffer from some mild psycological problems because we are still able to maintain a healthy skeptism when being fed infomation from the MSM. The conspiracy is the conspiracy theory! The most effective way to debunk any questionable government activity is to just label it a conspiracy - the masses have been conditioned to switch off and dismiss whatever these 'nutters' have to say.

Why is it that the first few posts on this strand i. I am very pleased the BBC has decieded to to try to tackle this subject.

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As a member of the public we expect to see honest reporting of worldwide events. The TV and newspapers that are the main source to get that information. But what i and most people are realising is the internet is a invaluable source for exchanginging and sourcing every type of information and media instantly.

A look into history further shows this is not the first time this has happened either. Can I suggest that we focus on just a couple of facts surrounding Building seven came tumbling down in a very neat pile, without being hit. Sometimes, I think we British think that "dots" are are all a part of a random pattern that are sown in a confused tapestry of life! Any one trying to connect them is a conspiracy theorist and we don't believe in conspiracies, do we?

Considering that I pay for my licence, I think the least the BBC shoud do is run a fair and balanced expose on If, according to propaganda matrix. The conspiracy theorists are falling victim to some very poor logic. Let me try to summarize some of it. The government wanted to invade Iraq and so they devised a complex and massive scheme that would have to involve hundreds if not thousands of government officials, military, and civilians cooperating to plan, carry out, and keep the operation secret.

This overly complex plan is somehow carried out to perfection. The governement then frames Al Queda - an Islamist organization based in Afghanistan, instead of the target, Iraq, a relatively secular state that is obviously not in Afghanistan. The conspiracy theories seem to require the government to be both incredibly inept and stupid and incredibly well organised and brilliant at the same time. I just hope this documentary is an un-edited and balanced example of investigative journalism when it airs.

To all the single minded sheep out there. Stop going on about the victims families. Most of them do not believe the offical view either. It is easy for us to sit in our armchairs with our remote controls, sucking up the controlled media. We the researchers spend our time reviewing the evidence. I am shocked at how many people here are not buying the official story! Shocked and absolutely heartened. Then the argument will be over, we will know what happened and we can figure out what to do from there.

Attacking those who don't believe the official story does nothing productive. Join the movement so all the questions can be anwered! The BBC, as well as the other mainstream media outlets need to realize that they are not investigating the questions may people have with regards to the war on terror. Check out the facts and do your own research and you will come to this conclusion. The ongoing polarisation of the population to the Right and the Left while our politicians scramble for the "middle ground".

Roll on the civil war. Well personally i will reserve judgement on this programme until ive seen it. I would however hope that the producers came to the correct conclusion that there was no conspiracy. I worked in Manhattan, but that day by chance I was home in Brooklyn readying for a a. I was one of the lucky ones. The only person I'm aware of knowing personally walked out of Cantor Fitzgerald in Tower 1 at that morning. Everyone he worked with and knew was kileed, over people in that one company. We Americans desperately need the international media to give this a fair look.

Please do not turn this into a hit piece. We get enough grief and attacks as it is just talking about this. Could any collapse completely atomize all the steel, concrete, aluminum, office furniture, computers, HVAC systems, and worst of all, people into a fine dust? Why won't they show us one of the hundreds of videos clearly showing Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon? Who placed the thousands of put options on American, United, Morgan Stanley, Lockheed, Boeing in the three days before ?

Why didn't Bush get up and leave the moment he knew it was a terrorist attack? Why didn't the Secret Service drag him out of there by his elbows? Just try to answer those questions. That would be a fair way to look at the whole "conspiracy" issue. We ask all the time. Now you ask, and answer if you can. Show us we're nuts. It will be interesting to see if the BBC present a fair balanced programme with an emphasis on the facts. These facts, as we all know, point to an intricate inside job. We should all know exactly what caused each of those buildings to fall, and those planes to become weapons.

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Without a full investigation we cannot know, without knowing we risk it happening again. The U. Government hiding evidence and lying about things will not only enrange conspiracies, but will take away the trust of the people. What do they have to hide? If they could do nothing to stop it, then they should have no problem with probes and questions, yet they do.

If they we're not behind it, then answer the questions people have, that's their job. Yet, they hide. We will only know when we can catch the criminals and put them on trial. We must investigate! We must have the truth! We are the people of the world and we have been suppressed by power hungry leaders for thousands of years! No one can deny this! Fighting together for the truth is the only way to combat this tyranny. Anyone watching The Today show on saw the first plane hit just over Katys right shoulder and hear a camera man make mention of that fact over live TV that morning.

Yet to many? I can only hope that a fair and balanced report is done because? Freedom hinges upon the ability of the people to? The press should be the voice that screams the loudest and? I have watched some of the films made about these events and there are a lot of unexplained inconsistencies.

But the thing that really mystifies me is why the editors of "Popular Mechanics" were chosen to see evidence not available to us. When I was a boy I subscribed to Popular Mechanics to find out about the latest thing in motor cars, motor cycles and other such. What's changed so much in the last 50 years at "Popular Mechanics" that they have become experts in these matters and why would they, the most unlikely candidates in my view, be chosen to present the "official" line?

Are there no publications devoted to air travel or manufacture of aeroplanes that would have been a better choice if the truth was to be made available? I spent most of my working life as an engineer, including designing buildings, and the collapse of the Twin Towers could only have happened in the way it did if every rule of design had been ignored and sub-standard material had been used throughout.

This is rather hard to believe. I dont design building or demolish them. I dont nead to be an "expert" to work out whether a plane hitting a building should bring the whole building crashing down. Because I have seen it happen in broad daylight. To put forward the view that the leader of the free world deliberately killed of its own people is compleatly insane. I seriously dont believe even the BBC believe this. One main reason for this is because the BBC have been misrepresenting G Bush ever since he stood for office.

If the choice is trust in the BBC, or the American government? Then I trust George Bush. I prefer to sleep at nights not believeing that the leader of the free world is trying to murder me and my children, just to make a fast buck. The truth will come out in the end and those responsible will be held fully accountable for this heinous crime against their own people and the world. Millions of people are going to die unless this crime syndicate that is in control of the US is stopped. Please be brave and air the balanced version and not the hit version Garth Ancier and others are putting you under pressure to air,.

We should expect a balanced and factual documentary, but I'm not holding my breath. Too many past experiences of being let down by mainstream media. Not all that relevant in this internet age though - :O - the cat is not only out of the bag, but through the door, out of the street, and heading for the hills at extreme speed. Over the last few years there have been some serious issues, inconsistencies and conflicts between the government, media and alternative theories alike regarding the events on that terrible day.

I think it is time for the BBC and other media to engage in this subject matter in a mature, rational and scientific debate and to stop trivialising these ignored facts. We can all agree that this is a serious issue it is time therefore to find out the whole truth, for the good of all of us. The "illuminate Mafia" are running the show in the US have have been for several decades, certainly since they took over after they assinated JFK. Those lying "Hollywood" astronauts Amazing what you can learn on the internet.

For one, the steel from WTC was wisked away and melted down on behest of Mayor Giuliani an ex-prosecutor If any individual had removed evidence of such importance they would be convicted in the public arena under suspicion alone. Yet coupled with massive amounts of circumstancial and other evidence this hasn't been looked at as would an investigation into an individual.

Operation Northwoods clearly shows the mindset exists within the US system and yet I understand this won't even be covered in tonights programme I too believe 9 11 was an inside job. I have poured over all the documentation of info from Info wars. And what about the Bohemian Grove ,,Doesnt take a rocket scientist to see whats going on there,Its not an innocent men hanging out together in my opinion ither!

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Wake up , if one is to afraid to Face the truths about 9 11 being un inside job,you best look at the concetration camps in every state of the USA,that have been set up in secret and are yet being built! There is a conspiracy and its in our Government. I have heard that the BBC is getting pressure to air an alternative version of the documentary that undermines the important questions that activists have brought up. The goal is to paint the conspiracy theorists as a fringe cult of fanatics. Here is a great chance for the BBC to expose some important questions to the American audience.

It doesn't need to indulge the alternative theories completely. BBC Please air the balanced piece that highlights and acknowledges the validity of the arguments of the conspiracy theorists. If they have film footage,why not show it and clear this all up. The reason is,is that no plane hit the pentagon. I hope you can have the courage of your convictions! Its time BBC. Set an example for the United States Jesus is watching. Blessings Aura. What s the point of writing you guys if you don t print it. I just don t get it-you people are sad, poor excuse for a news caster no better than fox.

What on earth has the BBC produced? Not a balanced, evidence related account but a propaganda-led piece ridiculing those who dare to ask questions around this farcical horror. For those who choose a lobotomy over daring to question the much-lacking evidence of the official account this unbelievable sweeping under the carpet approach will afford many a Mail reader a wry smile in the suburbs of ignorance.

Am watching it now and it has got to the bit about the Jewish people being tipped off not to go to work at the WTC that day. Really dreadful. BBC really should be ashamed. The BBC is owned! Gareth Ancier got his way then. I hope you can sleep well at night. The Truth will come out in the end. The BBC is continually preaching about the merits and importance of "balanced journalism" - yet strangely with this subject all that is thrown out of the window.

You'd think that with all the tens of millions of pounds the BBC is given in licence fees every year they could have produced a better interviewee to disprove conspiracy theories than one of the men behind the X-Files!!!! This - I am sure - will never see the light of day on the internet - I just hope at least one person at the BBC reads it and stops to think for just one second about how one-sided that programme really was.

I thought this would be a balanced appraisal of the controversy surrounding I was disapointed. Why has the BBC become 'conspiracy de-bunker' instead of 'truth-finder'? The programme attemped to disprove the theories by merely regurgatating U. After watching your documentary, I couldn't find any difference between official answers given by the US government and answers given by your program.

If you think educated people around the world will take yours for answers, then you must have an unfortunate low perception of peoples' intelligence. Why wasn't the clip shown where Bush was informed by one of his advisors about the towers disaster, whilst sitting in a classrooom of a school that he was attending? Why didn't they show Bush totally stone-cold emotionless. Why didn't they touch on the occult activities indulged in by Bush and his cronnies Skull and Bones and The Bohemian Grove Shame on the BBC..

Of course, the Dr David Kelly documentary will be exactly the same High rise steel buildings have never collapsed before or after The concrete was pulverised into fine dust at ground zero. Drop concrete from a ft and see if it pulverises to very fine dust, it doesn't happen. BYU physics analysis on some metal sample showed evidence for themate cutting charges on the molten metal.

The firefighters heard secondary explosions. The buildings fell at free fall speed, approx 11 floors per second, which is another signature of controlled demolition. Are planes and there fuel load enough to cause this to happen? Skyscrapers have been engulfed in hotter fires than that of and they never fell. A ww2 bomber plane lost in fog hit empire estate skyscaper in new york into the 79 floor, July 28 yet the structural integrity of the building was not affected so did not fall.

The world trade centres were built to withstand hurricane force winds and were welded and bolted, a massive construction probably able to take multiple impacts from planes. I have just watched this program and i must say it did not answer any questions and to me was a complete white wash. The BBC did do one good show a few years ago called the power of nightmares that was good journalism unlike the rubbish they did with this.

I will tell you why because alex jones is more believable. Why did they not mention that no steal structure has ever fallen due to fire and would never fall at free fall speed. Why did they show the nova simulation but forget to mention that even the simulation does not fall to the flaw in 8. Anyone who reads this please look at all the evidence and do something that the BBC and there producers did not do.

Watching this documentary I have finally lost whatever faith I still had in the BBC's ability to produce unbiased coverage. The programme tried to portray truth seekers as basically being nut jobs, backing this up with a farcical theory about us taking comfort in believing that our own goverements are prepared to murder us! When I first started to discover credible evidence that the buildings fell in a controlled demolition, I barely slept for 3 days, staying up all night doing research!

I did not feel comfortable! Finally I was forced to concede that something was seriously wrong with the official version of events. This did not make me happy. I tried to disprove it. I watched all the "debunk" films that claim to disprove it for you. I read the NIST report. But the facts are out there, and they basically come down to fairly dull and unglamorous physics. So please, don't be a sheep. Do your own research. Loose change is made by young guys who like conspiracy theories, and consequently is full of unprovable "theories" which may well be complete nonsense.

But there are many academics, politicians, military personell and other "respectable" people out there who are also seriously questioning the official story. Don't believe the propaganda. Here's a link to get you started:. This was poor TV. Unfortunately, what the BBC has done is isolate 'theories' that are on the fringe, the ones that are easy to debunk, in order to lead viewers to a false conclusion.

Mmmm, why is this? We all have such busy lives, so questioning the mainstream accepted truth is something very few of us have time for. If you do find the time then what you find will horrify you. I hope you crazy conspiracy people are hanging your heads in shame, now that you have seen the documentary. Do you still think the leader of the free world murders his own people? So which is it? Fear or laziness? Are you seriously trying to tell us that you couldn't find anyone better than some guy from "Popular Mechanics" to talk about the Physics involved in the collapse of the Twin Towers?

And what exactly has the producer of the "x-files" got to do with anything? Have you spent any time at all researching this subject? Even from watching a few of hours of the stuff on "YouTube",anyone with a functional brain can see that a lot of excellent people have legitimate concerns about almost every aspect of the Official Story.

It's not confined to a few "internet crazies". Is Maj. Stubblebine see"YouTube" a conspiracy nut? Or Noam Chomsky? The list goes on and on. There is serious stuff going on here and the BBC is just mucking about. Ok,we're at war,so we can't really expect honesty from the media. You don't want to lose your jobs. You've got your mortgage to think about The more you pretend this stuff isn't really happening or that it's not important,the more contemptible and irresponsible you look.

Essential viewing. Also "Press for Truth",the story of the"Jersey Girls" is well worth watching. I watched it with another conspiricist and two non-conspiricists. Now we are 4 conspiricists. It is that clear cut a case. Nice one beeb, but a truly investigative programme would be good. I have a point that I would like to raise. Larry Silverstein the leaseholder of the World Trade Centre and Building 7 was recorded on television commenting on why building 7 collapsed.

Please remember that Building 7 was a 47 storey steel framed skyscraper that was NOT hit by a plane. Shame on the BBC for presenting the events 0f in such a carefully contrived way. Where was the discussion of the molten pools of steel in the basements of all three buildings which fell that terrible day. Where was the filmed evidence of police and firefighters who were actually in the buildings and reported hearing multiple explosions. Where the discussion on the seismic evidence that recorded seismic shocks before the buildings collapsed.

Where the report that prior to no steel framed building ever collapsed due to fire but on three did! Remember the hotel in Madrid that burned for hours, the steel superstructure remained intact. Where the discussion on thermate, why no mention of the professors of physics, engineering, chemistry etc who flatly refute the official explanation of Where any comment from Boeing pilots who reject any suggestion that people who could not even fly small light aircraft are supposed to have flown with remarkable dexterity, large passenger planes.

These comments do not even scratch the surface of unanswered questions that pertain to The BBC hit piece was an embarrassment at best. The program was a joke. Nothing moore than a hit piece to make anyone that questions sound like a conspiracy nut. It never looked deep into the facts, depending rather to turn it into an emotional piece of propoganda.

No-one is clutching at something as the programme tried to point out. People want answers to questions they've not been given, that is all. BBC - you only prove that your strings are being pulled by someone else and the programme gave nothing more than tabloid sensationalist journalism, the kind I'd expect of The Sun. Obviously, this won't get ptinted or it will be edited but there you go.

Freedom of speech so long as it's YOUR speech. Originally I joked with friends that the 'documentary' would be aired on a conspiracy nutcase themed evening stuck between 'Did we really land on the moon' and 'Was John Lennon killed by the CIA' programmes. Instead it was wedged between 'Top Gear' that featured their efforts of trying to put a transit van into space! So, I wasn't far wrong! But seriously like David Chadburn pointed out the real solid scientific evidence that throws doubt on the official story was washed over by the Beeb.

And as I first thought was just an exercise to discredit truth seekers. Rather than feature the woman who lost her brother and was obviously towing the offical line, why not feature the case of the widows from New Jersey who continue to be stoned walled by the US government in their quest for the truth behind the loss of their loved ones.

I believe the Beeb had made two cuts of this programme and the one that was aired had been approved by the new head of the BBC's commercial operations in the US, which says it all. The conclusion of the programme was that some people find it more comforting and easier to believe it was an inside job rather than a result of terrorist activity. However, Al Qaeda still manages to conclude the deal for the nuke design.

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A high school and university cadet in Sydney, Barney Greatrex signed up for Bomber Command in , keen to get straight into the very centre of the Allied counterattack. The RAF's strategic bombing missions faced the deadliest and most dangerous fighting imaginable as they attempted to break the will of the German people and destroy its industrial might. On a warm July evening in , a middle-aged man stood on the pavement of a busy avenue in the heart of Moscow, holding a plastic carrier bag.

In his grey suit and tie, he looked like any other Soviet citizen. The bag alone was mildly conspicuous, printed with the red logo of Safeway, the British supermarket. The man was a spy. A senior KGB officer, for more than a decade he had supplied his British spymasters with a stream of priceless secrets from deep within the Soviet intelligence machine.

No spy had done more to damage the KGB. The Safeway bag was a signal: to activate his escape plan to be smuggled out of Soviet Russia. It is difficult to find another soldier's story to equal Captain Darrell Watt's in terms of time spent on the field of battle and challenges faced. Even by the lofty standards of the SAS and Special Forces, one has to look far to find anyone who can match his record of resilience and valor in the face of such daunting odds and with resources so paltry.

In the fight, he showed himself to be a military maestro. After 12 years in the cauldron of war, his cause slipped from beneath him, and Rhodesia gave way to Zimbabwe. From his cage in a putrid, overcrowded Indian jail, Paul Jordan reflects on a life lived on the edge. His childhood, marred by the loss of his father and brother, produces a young man hell-bent on being the best of the best - an ambition he achieves by being selected to join the elite SAS.

The Easy Day Was Yesterday is fast paced, brutally honest, raw and laced with dark humour. The core of Paul Jordan's eventful life, it shows the ability of the human spirit to survive even in the direst adversity. The army does not want you to listen to this book. It does not want to advertise its detention system that coddles enemy fighters while putting American soldiers at risk. It does not want to reveal the new lawyered-up Pentagon war ethic that prosecutes US soldiers and marines while setting free spies who kill Americans.

This very system ambushed Captain Roger Hill and his men.