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January 24, ; Madam Marcelle-Jeanne Colas was born in France on July 28, and passed away on March 11, at years, days. Beatrice Cooper of Michigan, who just turned in February. Louis de Cazenave died at the age of He was born on October 16, Click for more details. Lake Dickson , , was born in North Carolina on January 19, and passed away on January 30, at age years, 11 days. Her father, Julio Fournier Touchard, was born in Barcelona to French parents; he lived to 92 years old. Julia married Luis Balcells in Barcelona on June 5, She died on June 30, in Barcelona at the age of years days.

Cora Gentry, February 24, ; Mr. Cora B. Gentry turned on Saturday. April 11, ; Mrs. Cora Boggs Gentry passed away today three days shy of her th birthday at age years, days. Tuesday, October 6, ; We are sad to report that Mary Lindsey, a family member of Mary Gentry, posted on her blog, that she passed away earlier today at the age of years, 32 days.

Our dear Great Grandmother of years old passed away early this morning of natural causes. Yes, if you are trying to calculate when she was born, it was back in September 4, to be exact. She lived a long, healthy life throughout three different centuries. My Great-grandmother, Mary Gentry, was a woman of faith. She consistently reminded those she spoke with that her best friend was Jesus. She taught Sunday school for over 40 years to kindergarten children and loved singing nursery rhymes.

In these last few years, she has had less cognitive function, but to everyone's surprise, she could recite nursery rhymes as if her memory was perfect The photo above was taken several months before her th birthday when Chris and I were visiting the family in Aliceville, AL. Daniel Guzman-Garcia, March 22, ; We just received the first photo from Mr.

Bart Versieck of Belgium and the last three photos from Mr. Robert Young of Atlanta, GA. Daniel Guzman-Garcia , born February 6, in Colombia, is the first Supercentenarian to be validated from this country. June 1, ; We are sad to report the Sr. Guzman-Garcia passed away of a hemorrhagic stroke on May 21, at age years, days. Pearl Hampton celebrates her th Birthday. Click on the photo for more details. May 15, ; We are saddened to report that Mrs. Pearl Hampton died today at age years, days.

Photo sourced from a Japanese Supercentenarian Forum. March 6, ; Shige Hirooka was born in Japan on January 16, and died in Osaka, Japan on March 29, at the age of years, 72 days. At the time of her death, she was the oldest person ever from Osaka. Her Osaka longevity record was broken by Misao Okawa in She was the wife of a Buddhist priest. July 31, ; Harvey Hite was born in Indiana on November 15, and died in the same state on February 16, at age years, 93 days.

Dorothy Hodgson, September 22, ; Mrs. Toshi Horiya of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan was born on November 8, , but the photo was from September when she was only She is now nearing age February 10, Toshi Horiya went into limbo on March 1, at the age of Ethel Johnson, Ethel Johnson , born September 28, Johnson lives near Toledo, OH; her Mother lived to age July 29, ; We are sad to report that Mrs.

Johnson of Ohio passed away today at age years, days. Click for more details on the Kenton Times Ohio newspaper. February 24, ; We are sad to report that Mr. Kiyoshi Igarashi passed away yesterday at age years, days. May 10, ; Tatsuno Ioda was born in Japan on January 2, and passed away in Nara, Japan on March 4, at the age of years, 62 days.

Never married, she lived to years days before dying in her birth place of Aberdeen. Please click here for an article about her when she was years old. May 6, ; Lois Jones was born in South Carolina, United States on February 7, and died in the same state on April 7, at the age of years, 59 days. Myrtle Jones, Myrtle Jones at her th Birthday Party. Myrtle Jones at Myrtle Jones, born April 18, passed away on January 12, at age years, days.

January 8, ; Kaya Kataoka was born in Japan on April 1, and died in Hyogo, Japan on February 27, at the age of years, days. Claudia Ketcham, June 1, ; Mrs. Claudia Ketcham was born in Missouri on December 1, and died in Iowa on October 20, at age years, days.

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Also, click for an Obituary. Stefan Gelow has sent us this picture of Mr. June 22, ; Mr. Kimura is now the oldest man in Japan. Click on the photo below for more details. April 19, ; Mr. Kimura is now at the second oldest man in the world, since the death of Henry Allingham on July 18, Click on his photo above for more details from 47 News , providing you can read Japanese. April 19, ; Jirouemon Kimura poses during his th birthday at his home in Kyotango, Western Japan. Click on his photo for more details from Associated Press.

Kimura now at years old is the oldest man in the world. Click on his photo above for more details from ABC News. Jiroemon Kimura was born on April 19, and died on June 12, at the age of years, 54 days. On June 19, , he became the oldest living man in Japan, following the death of Tomoji Tanabe. On April 14, , he became the oldest living man in the world, following the death of Walter Breuning. On October 26, , he passed the final age of Yukichi Chuganji and became the oldest Japanese and Asian man ever.

On December 2, , he became the oldest living person in Japan following the death of Chiyono Hasegawa. On December 17, , he became the oldest verified living person in the world, following the death of Dina Manfredini.

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On December 28, , he surpassed the final age of Christian Mortensen and became the oldest verified man ever. On April 19, , he became the first verified man to reach the age of On May 23, , he became the last known living man born in the 19th century, following the death of James Sisnett.

His case was subsequently double checked by the Supercentenarian Research Foundation who found the case to be fully verifiable. Kimura was born as Kinjiro Miyake in the fishing village of Kamiukawa. At the age of 14, he left school after coming second in his class. At the age of 17, he began working in the local post office. In the s, Kimura worked for some time as a government communications officer in Korea under Japanese rule.

Upon his return from Korea, Kimura married Yae Kimura, with whom he was to have seven children. As his wife's family lacked a male heir, he changed his name to Jiroemon Kimura, becoming the ninth member of the family to bear that name. In Kimura survived the 7.

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Kimura retired in at the age of 65, after 45 years as a post office worker. He then helped his son farm until the age of In the s, Kimura built a two-story wooden house in Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture. He was to live in this house for the rest of his life. His wife died in at the age of In his supercentenarian years, Kimura lived with and was cared for by Eiko Kimura, his grandson's widow.

He woke up early in the morning and read newspapers with a magnifying glass. He also enjoyed chatting to guests and watching live parliamentary debates on television. He enjoyed a good appetite into extreme old age and was particularly fond of red bean cake and rice. Eiko Kimura described him as "positive and optimistic". On his th birthday, when asked for the secret to his longevity, Kimura said "Maybe it's all thanks to the sun above me. I am always looking up towards the sky, that is how I am. When Kimura broke the male longevity world record in December , his nephew Tamotsu Miyake said in an interview "He has an amazingly strong will to live.

He is strongly confident that he lives right and well. He was hospitalized for pneumonia on May 11, He was survived by five of his seven children, 13 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren. His youngest brother, Tetsuo, reached the age of According to a family member, Kimura was actually born on March 19, but his birthday was recorded as April 19, by mistake in when records from neighboring towns were consolidated and re-done.

This claim is not supported by any of the research outlined in the second paragraph above.

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Kimura gave ten recommendations for a long life, namely: regular exercise, eating small portions of food, let adversity make you strong, read the news everyday, eliminate strong preferences, live without attachment, stay close to nature, have gratitude, laugh often and break life up into small parts. Viola Koch, On her th birthday: Photo sourced from her Find a Grave page. May 6, ; Viola Koch was born in California, United States on May 24, and died in the same state on November 11, at the age of years, days.

Delma Kollar, The fourth photo is with her Granddaughter. September 5, ; Dr. Gierman is a Post Doctoral Fellow in Dr. January 25, ; We are sad to report that Delma Kollar passed away on January 24, at age years, 85 days. Click for more details from the Register-Guard.

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February 15, ; Mrs. Suwa Kondou was born November 15, in Japan and passed away on January 22, at age years, 68 days. The first photo was taken at age ; The second photo was taken at age in September February 3, ; Mr. Stefan Gelow sent us this photo of Mrs.

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Haya Kurogi , born January 10, , on the occasion of her th birthday. She passed away on February 2, less than one month later. May 10, ; Hattie Lafayette was born in Alabama, United States on March 30, and passed away in Mississippi, United States on September 10, at the age of years, days. May 10, ; Gertrude Lewis was born in Massachusetts, United States on December 19, and passed away in the same state on January 30, at the age of years, 42 days.

April 10, ; Aurora Lomban-Ares was born in Galicia, Spain on April 26, and died in the same autonomy on June 25, at the age of years, 60 days.

Former teacher remembered with Memorial Scholarship.

Dina Manfredini, April 6, ; Mrs. Dina Manfredini was born in Italy on April 4, and now lives in Iowa. Click on the fist photo for a video. Thomas Coote commented Dina Manfredini passed away today at age years, days. Chrissie Martenstein, Chrissie Martenstein born June 9, is years old.

She has lived in San Francisco her entire life. Briget L is her live-in care giver. Lynn R is her Niece, who lives in Florida. Chrissie is the oldest living survivor of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. A year-old man, reputed to be the seventh-oldest man in the world, died recently at his son's home in Lakewood. Millar was born March 1, , the same year as Walter Winchell, who died in ; Amelia Earhart, who disappeared in ; and author William Faulkner, who died in According to Mr.

Millar told the North Bend Eagle a few months ago, "God has a plan for me. I don't know what that is, and I'm not leaving until I find out. On his birthday last month, he told The Denver Post he was out of new ideas for celebrating. If I fall down once, I can't get up. His son, Richard Millar, with whom he lived in Lakewood, said Millar was "a big, strong guy" with the constitution of someone who had worked hard all his life. He drove a car until he was Richard Millar, who was born in , said: "He used to tell me stories about riding a horse three miles to school with his sister.

He had to get there early to start a fire in the stove and warm up the one-room schoolhouse. He farmed with horses pulling the plows. He also owned a small grocery store in Anaconda, as well as a soda fountain called Town Talk, which had a dance floor. In fact, approaching your own heart with gentleness allows you to know what your needs are, and to have clear boundaries.

A soft kitten heart empowers the toughness and strength in you to feel supported in life and make healthy choices. As a human, the pit bull is both strong and vulnerable. Our perspectives of animals reflect back our self-perspective. The principles of an eco-psychology state that how we treat others, animals and the earth… is how we are subtly, or in big ways, treating ourselves. You can be a great leader, teacher, mother, father, provider and be scared, insecure, confused, or addicted at times.

We are all sinners and saints. We are all human and divine. We are all perfectly imperfect. Opening space in your self-perception that includes your flaws and gifts dissolves that nagging feeling of not being quite good enough and aligns your vision with the already present goodness.

What if your flaws are the very thing that helps you to serve others? This is applicable NOT after you figure it all out… but right now. Everyone, person or animal, has their flaws. Real self-confidence comes from holding a bigger space for oneself which contains room for all of you. You are worthy, and you have a few weaknesses… but this does not change who you fundamentally are. A few brown leaves on the tree still make the tree… a tree. By embracing all parts of yourself, both dark and light, you remember your true beautiful divine self.

An open heart is not weak. Acceptance and unconditional love gives one the power to choose higher and see bigger. Unconditional means to accept all parts… all conditions… this creates space for you to be aware of their issues, and to choose to live and move in a way that is healing and empowering for you both. Every person is a paradox of both light and dark, human and divine. Stop trying to cut away the dark, escape your humanity into the light, or burn away your perceived flaws. Embrace your dark, dank humanity and you will know a beauty beyond your current mental structures. Perfectionism and fear of failure cease to stagnate your life when you allow your perceived flaws to grow you into deeper self-awareness and compassion.

Your vulnerable heart is the healing ointment your friends, family, and community needs. As you stand with an open heart, you allow life, love, and beauty to flow through you, and in your life. Mentoring and healers training are available one-on-one. Workshop February 21, Deepen your capacity to be love, connect with others, and feel life supporting you.

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