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These donations also helped us to be able to rotate our teams.

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Our volunteers rotate every 15 days due to the physical and emotional impact of the situation. After the agreement between the UE and Turkey, we are also in the Mediterranean Sea with a rescue and surveillance boat. EMV has the obligation of protecting the personal and private information of each of its interest groups, and particularly that of customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

The requested personal information must be adequate and pertinent for the purpose for which it is required.

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All information received must be safeguarded and only used for the purpose for which it was transmitted, respecting all rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition and all in accordance with current regulations in this area and the internal rules on the treatment and confidentiality of personal data. In carrying out our activity we must consider not only the economic profit, but also the social and environmental benefit.


For EMV dialogue and the sociocultural authenticity of the communities in which it operates and the communities of origin of the passengers is a basic principle, and so it will very positively view all experiences, activities and projects carried out from the Europamundo foundation and Europa Mundo Vacaciones to bring dialogue, their cultures and customs and their uses to all interest groups and especially to all EMV staff, guides and collaborators in direct contact, in order to create a more tolerant, diverse and sustainable world.

Customer orientation. We are the largest circuit operator in the Latin American market, which imposes great responsibility on us.

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The company management also has the enormous responsibility of directing its work teams, involving them in the Europamundo project and transmitting the company values. Europamundo has great capacity to identify, develop and apply innovative focuses for the daily situations and problems in its area of responsibility before its customers and workers. In Europamundo, enthusiasm is what drives us to give the best of ourselves to others, to fulfil the dreams of our workers and customers making them important figures in the business challenge of the Organisation, involving, listening, sharing, helping others, collaborating actively and acquiring the greatest possible commitment to effectively contribute to the goals and results of the Organisation.

We assume new processes, situations, tendencies and resources with a practical and positive sense.

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Our ability to adapt in different situations and with different people and cultures enriches us personally and professionally. We must stress our willingness and capacity to receive and understand any information our customers and workers send to us. We therefore create the necessary technological tools to help us approach their needs. The EMV philosophy, its goal, is the need to work in a team, to combine our efforts, and the importance of each individual worker, of listening to their suggestions, of receiving their ideas and discussing their points of view.

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